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The Virtual Trip presentation at the CHOReOS kick-off meeting

The Virtual Trip presentation at the CHOReOS kick-off meeting



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  • BULLET NUMBER 2 - building on VTRIP expertise in the area of “security scalability
  • BULLET NUMBER 2 - building on VTRIP expertise in the area of “security scalability
  • Following the requirements analysis and specification, all services and related choreographies will be designed and implemented. State of practice tools (model validators, simulators, service emulators) Unit testing, entire system (functional and non functional requirements) All actors (people, things and services) of the DynaRoute scenario will be assigned on some hardware and software platforms, where they will eventually be deployed and executed. Moreover, in debugging mode, each component will record statistical information (e.g. service execution times, invocation successes and failures, communication delays, data loss/drop ratio, etc.) as well as a complete action log, in order to post-determine the behaviour of the network and the implementation efficiency of various components of the pilot. As a result, recommendations for improvements and optimizations will be provided
  • Awaited outcome
  • Middleware and framework

Vt cho re_os_ko Vt cho re_os_ko Presentation Transcript

  • Dimitris Tsigos Founder & CEO Virtual Trip Group Virtual Trip in CHOReOS
    • VT_CHOReOS_KO.ppt
  • Summary
    • Virtual Trip is an EU-based Entrepreneurial Ecosystem currently consisting of 13 companies which publish cutting-edge technology software platforms and provide specialized consulting and integration services in demanding ICT projects
        • 1 Consulting, development & integration services in Greece
        • 9 start-ups in Greece
        • 1 International “Antenna Office” in Spain
        • 1 s/w distributor in Akron, Ohio, US and 1 in Greece
  • Background
    • Virtual Trip Ltd founded in September 2000 at the Science & Technology Park of Crete
    • Initially focused to consulting, development & integration projects
    • Started a s/w vendor activity in 2003 and spawn products out as subsidiary companies
    • Created a central business unit for common strategy, business development and administrative tasks
    • Virtual Trip Holdings SA became a gold member of EBAN in 2009 as an “early stage investor”
  • The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Entrepreneurial_ecosystem
    • “ An entrepreneurial ecosystem is a group of non-competing companies, including start-ups, established companies and one or more coordination entities, which share the same vision, values, culture, strategy and business processes and decide to form an organization in order to explore economies of scale in business functions such as business development, financing, market analysis, marketing communications, IT / MIS infrastructure, human capital management, legal support, financial & accounting management ”
  • Our Vision
    • “ The Virtual Trip Entrepreneurial Ecosystems aims to be recognized as a leading international start-ups incubator in the ICT sector.”
    • Materializing Innovation
    • “ Our start-ups create value through high technology for their Customers and their socioeconomic environment”
  • Our Values
    • The key values of our people are:
      • Entrepreneurship
        • We love setting targets and achieving them!
      • Usefulness
        • The results of our work address real problems & needs of our Customers and their socioeconomic environment!
      • Innovation
        • We are constantly looking for new ways to address our Customers needs
      • Quality
        • We may negotiate everything but quality!
      • Commitment
        • Things may be proven more difficult than expected. We shall work harder than planned!
  • Ecosystem Figures
    • Financial growth
      • Revenue | 2001: €100Κ – 2010: € 8M
      • Profits | 2001: €12Κ – 20 10 : € 70 0Κ
    • Personnel: 5 -> 45
    • International presence
      • Antenna office in Madrid, Spain since November 2008
      • Subsidiary in Ohio, US since September 2009
    • Broad spectrum of markets, products & services
      • Products: SOLO Gateway, eFront e-Learning, mVision, Insurance Manager, Diagramma, OpenVote, S4Trips, Verita
      • Services: S/W Engineering, Systems Consulting, GIS, e-Learning, Mobile applications
      • Markets: Mobile and Fixed-line Operators , Small & medium businesses, Infotainment, Advertising, Education & Training, e-Government
  • International Presence
  • Virtual Trip Group Members
    • Virtual Trip Holding SA, www.vtrigroup.com
    • Virtual Trip Ltd, www.vtrip.net
    • Epignosis Ltd, www.efrontlearning.net
    • MVNS SA, www.mvns.mobi
    • SOLO Gateway SA, www.sologateway.com
    • Insurance Manager SA, www.insurancemanager.net
    • Diagramma Ltd, www.diagramma.in
    • S4Trips Ltd, www.s4trips.com
    • Actech LLC, www.actechco.com
    • Virtual Trip Spain SA, www.vtrip.es
    • Verita Ltd, www.veritadv.com
    • StudyBox SA, www.studybox.gr
    • Syndesis Ltd, www.syndesis.in
  • Management Team
    • Non Executive
      • Prof. Christos N. Nikolaou, Non-Executive President
      • Vangelis Zeginoglou, Non-Executive Director
    • Executive
      • Dimitris Tsigos, Group CEO,
      • Dr. Evangelos Kotsovinos, Group CSO
  • Strategy
    • 2000 – 2010
      • Internet Technologies
    • 2010 – 2020
      • Cloud computing / Software-as-a-Service
      • CHOReOS perfectly fits our strategy
  • Human Resources
    • The Virtual Trip start-ups currently employee 45 persons
      • All of them with university degrees, most with postgraduate studies
      • Most the IT technical team members hold postgraduate degree in computer science / engineering with research experience in major Greek or European institutions
      • Java is the core development technology
        • Most of our technical personnel is certified by SUN Microsystems
    • Cooperation with a large network of specialized freelance IT Consultants
    • Our HR strategy focuses to inspiring creativity values and entrepreneurial culture
      • We count on the commitment of the team
      • We apply personnel selection, training and evaluation procedures
        • Extensive usage of HRMS and e-Learning
      • Creation of a “personal vision” for each of our personnel compliant with our ecosystem vision is a key-objective for our HR policy
  • Research Grants
    • Virtual Trip Group companies have participated / participate to 30++ industrial research projects funded by EU- and National programs
      • 26 of these projects have been implemented by the R&D Division of Virtual Trip Ltd
    • The Group strategy is to commercially exploit research projects
      • Explicitly, through direct product development as project deliverable
      • Implicitly, through know-how transfer to commercial products
    • We actively explore opportunities for new grants
      • 7 th EU Framework Program
        • Already two FP7 projects
          • CS-ORION
          • CHOReOS
      • 4 th Hellenic Framework Program – “ESPA”
        • S-PORT
        • SPHINX
      • 26 EU and national R&TD projects
        • PLASTIC, implementing security middleware libraries and services, demo applications
        • NoAH, honeypot-based intrusion detection and prevention systems
        • METATRO, a fleet-management and cargo-monitoring information system, utilizing RFID technology, sensors and mobile networks
        • SecSPeer, designing secure and scalable peer-to-peer computing and communication systems
        • mVISION , video streaming and surveillance services
      • 9 high tech start-ups
        • … and many more in the pipeline, both spin-outs and “external” start-ups
        • We have a very good record of commercially exploiting cutting-edge technologies
          • We’ll try to do the same for choreographies
    Expertise brought to CHOReOS
      • In WP1 focusing on the requirements and architectural style for services and choreographies in MANETs and VANETs (3 pm)
      • In WP3 contributing in the development of security middleware with emphasis on scalability and performance (26 pm)
      • In WP5 contributing in the integration and assessment of the middleware within the CHOReOS IDRE (13 pm)
      • In WP9 contributing to the development of the courseware and to a variety of dissemination actions and open-source community activities (4 pm)
      • In WP10 participating on the technical assessment of CHOReOS results and leading the development of an exploitation plan and a related business plan for the project's exploitable results (7 pm)
    Contribution in CHOReOS
      • In WP8 leading the WP tasks (28 pm)
        • Elaborating on use case scenario and requirements analysis (T 8.1) [lead by MLS Multimedia]
        • Architectural design and implementation of all services and related choreographies (T 8.2)
        • Testing, Verification & Validation of implemented services and choreographies (T 8.3)
        • Pilot Demonstration and Assessment (T 8.4)
    Contribution in CHOReOS (cont.)
  • Initial itinerary Delayed departure from hotel Modified itinerary Wait for a taxi Set Route to Airport Modified itinerary Set Route to Caf é Set Route to Site-Seeing Check-In Set Route to Airport Traffic-Jam en route Resume itinerary Flight delayed Boss nearby calls for coffee-meeting provide route to navigator provide route to navigator ad hoc MSN Traffic Monitoring provide new destination to navigator Pick up more luggage MICE-to-MICE comm. Tourist density threshold reached taxi-customer is notified set MICE beacon ON set MICE beacon ON set MICE beacon ON A CHOReOS use-case about the FUTURE INTERNET of … Select brief info version tourist receives info DynaRoute Trigger, initiating a distributed choreography action Short/mid-range, local, bi-directional communication … PEOPLE … … THINGS … … & SERVICES MICE navigator tour-info Check-in for a flight is called for 3G SALES 70% OFF SALES 70% OFF
    • Virtual Trip leads the following Deliverables
      • D.8.2 “DynaRoute” architectural design, M18
      • D.8.3 “DynaRoute” implementation, testing, V&V, M30
      • D.8.4 Assessment of the “DynaRoute” pilot deployment and demonstration, M36
      • D.8.5 The “DynaRoute” pilot implementation, M36
      • D.10.1 Exploitation Plan, Preliminary version, M6
      • D.10.2 Exploitation Plan – Year 1, M12
      • D.10.3 Exploitation Plan – Year 2, M24
  • Awaited Outcome What can Choreographies offer for a start-up entrepreneur?
  • Awaited Outcome
    • Exciting possibilities…
      • Materializing the dreams of business consultants
        • … and the nightmares of “bits-n-bytes” programmers
      • A universally accepted method for describing and discovering web services
        • Ease of composing new services
      • Next generation social networking
        • Meaningful (businesswise) interconnection of services and things
          • Not only persons
  • Awaited Outcome
    • Barriers to overcome
      • Need for standardization
        • Official Vs de facto / industry
      • Need for efficiency
        • Both in business and technical level
      • Need for a new culture
        • Trust management
    • Our main goals
      • In our cloud-enabled applications
        • Via developing know-how on choreographies we shall design our next-generation applications
      • In our Security – oriented development
        • we will strengthen two of our strategic directions
          • specializing in Security and Secure Services
          • Developing specialized secure and scalable mobile applications / services
      • In our VANets – related applications/services
        • We will develop based on “Future Internet” principles
          • by providing improved mobile performance and service scalability to our VANets applications
          • by improving the security and SOA of our targeted services
          • by differentiating from other (competitive) solutions
    Exploiting results
  • Choreographies in business
    • S4Trips
      • Integrated & personalized travel services
    • StudyBox
      • Personalized e-learning services
    • Syndesis
      • Homecare for chronic illnesses
    • SOLO Gateway
      • Cloud-based unified ICT infrastructure
  • Software products & choreographies
    • “ Does the notion of a s/w product change in a choreographies environment?”
    • “ Are these changes different than those imposed by the SaaS model? By the web service orchestrator model?”
    • “ Who is going to make money out of choreographies?” ( thinking of them as distributed web services orchestrations)
  • Thank you !
    • W: www.vtripgroup.com | http://blog.vtripgroup.com
    • E: [email_address]
    • LI: www.linkedin.com/companies/virtual-trip-group
    • Tw: http://twitter.com/vtrip
    • Postal address
      • Heraklion, Greece
        • 10, 1770 Str, Gr – 711 10
      • Athens, Greece
        • 40A Katehaki Ave. GR – 115 25