MIMA13 - Social Mobile Cloud
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MIMA13 - Social Mobile Cloud

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How will your organization navigate social media, mobile devices, and cloud computing and adapt your business models, operating models, organizational structures, go-to market strategies, and......

How will your organization navigate social media, mobile devices, and cloud computing and adapt your business models, operating models, organizational structures, go-to market strategies, and partner ecosystems change and thrive in the new computation economy?

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  • 1. Business Models for the Social Mobile Cloud Ted Shelton, Vice President Cognizant Business Consulting •MIMA Summit •October 15, 2013 © 2013, Cognizant | All rights reserved. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
  • 2. Stuart Elliott reporting for the NY Times October 6, 2013 At the Association of National Advertisers annual conference ENTERPRISE | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 3. A few of the comments… “You either innovate or die” – Roger Adams, CMO United Services Automobile Association “Differentiate or die” – John Costello, President for global marketing and innovation at Dunkin Brands Group “…we need to be bold, be disruptive” …risk taking must become second nature… – Joseph Tripodi EVP CMO at Coca-Cola | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 4. Everyone in this room will become customer-centric (While holding up a magazine cover with the headline “Change or Die!”) “We as marketers have never had to face this before… a new era, a customer era.” One in which “…the consumer is in control… This is a painful transition for us but it is going to make everyone in this room customer-centric.” – Stephen Quinn EVP and CMO Walmart – US division of Walmart stores | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 5. The Social Mobile Cloud: Our new operating reality Why do we need “…project management strategies and new ways of thinking for all stages of content and platform creation…” ?? SOCIAL – Changes who we work with MOBILE – Changes how we work CLOUD – Changes where we work And big data/analytics changes the nature of the work itself | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 6. SOCIAL connects employees + partners + customers “…in today’s completely transparent world, where no pile of sand is big enough to bury one’s head in and where consumers are completely in charge, CEOs need to realize the importance of “being out there” among those who ultimately control their fate.” -- Steve Olenski writing on Social for Forbes (12-18-12) | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 7. MOBILE combines communications + sensors + applications | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 8. CLOUD provides speed + flexibility + consumption pricing | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 9. BUSINESS MODELS Every organization will be challenged to reformulate existing business models, rethinking how and where – value is created and monetized awareness and demand are generated sales are made products and services are delivered innovation occurs There is a new customer agenda for every business | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 10. Three Imperatives 1 OUTSIDE IN – Your customers’ expectations 2 INSIDE OUT – Your employees’ behaviors 3 DIGITIZATION – Your product/service | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 11. OUTSIDE IN – Your customers’ expectations | © 2013, Cognizant 1
  • 12. OUTSIDE IN – Your Customers’ Expectations 1 Cisco's command center manages an average of more than 5,000 mentions a day (more during events). 240 employees engage customers and triage conversations. Cisco has placed kiosks and dashboards in the CEO's and CMO's offices so executives are aware of social trends and listening strategies on an ongoing basis. | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 13. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE STRATEGY • INTEGRATED CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION: – multi-channel/multi-function • CUSTOMER JOURNEY MANAGEMENT: – experience design for every step in the journey • CONSISTENCY OF BRAND NARRATIVE: – relevant, meaningful reinforcement | © 2013, Cognizant 1
  • 14. INSIDE OUT – Your Employee’s Behaviors 2 Organizations have been designed around metrics, responsibilities, objectives, and resources limited in scope to single functional areas – but the customer agenda demands that we implement new approaches to connecting processes across functional silos... SOCIAL COLLABORATION TOOLS CONNECTED WORKFLOWS SHARED INFORMATION SYSTEMS Marketing | © 2013, Cognizant Sales Service
  • 15. INSIDE OUT – Your employees’ behaviors • MASTERCARD’S Andrew Bowins: | © 2013, Cognizant 2
  • 16. ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION 2 • BREAK DOWN SILOS: – collaboration between functions and with partners • ANALYTICS AND EXPERIMENTATION: – scientific method applied to business • NEW BUSINESS MODELS: – shift in value creation and economic models | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 17. DIGITIZATION – Your product/service 3 Customer Processes Consider Purchase Enjoyment Complaint Advocacy Marketing Sales ?? Service Marketing Company Processes | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 18. DIGITIZATION – Your product/service | © 2013, Cognizant 3
  • 19. DIGITAL ENABLEMENT 3 • INSTRUMENTED WITH SENSORS: – data collection from the product or service transmitted wirelessly and processed in real-time • ENRICHED WITH INFORMATION: – increasing customer value through added information from sensors, the community of users, and other sources • UNDER REMOTE CONTROL: – new interfaces through mobile and web applications to access and control products and interact with services | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 20. CHANGE OR DIE! Every enterprise must address these three key imperatives 1 2 3 OUTSIDE IN INSIDE OUT DIGITIZATION to develop new business models for the social mobile cloud | © 2013, Cognizant
  • 21. Ted Shelton, Vice President Cognizant Business Consulting • linkedin.com/in/tshelton • twitter.com/tshelton • ted.shelton@cognizant.com | ©2013, Cognizant