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  • SIEM - Security Information and Event Management
  • ISO – Standards of International Organization for StandardizationMOF - Microsoft Operations Framework- delivers practical guidance for everyday IT practices and activities, helping users establish and implement reliable, cost-effective IT services.MSF - Microsoft Solutions Framework. A set of principles, models, disciplines, concepts, and guidelines for delivering information technology solutions from Microsoft. MSF is not limited to developing applications only, it is also applicable to other IT projects like deployment, networking or infrastructure projects.CMMI - Capability Maturity Model Integration. A process improvement approach that helps organizations improve their performanceRUP – Rational Unified Process. An iterative software development process framework created by the Rational Software Corporation, a division of IBM since 2003.Agile software development is a group of software development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.
  • ScienceSoft presentation

    1. 1. ScienceSoft Overview<br />Copyright © 2011, ScienceSoft Inc. <br />
    2. 2. Contents<br />CONTENTS:<br />COMPANY & SERVICES<br />CUSTOMERS & TESTIMONIALS<br />BUSINESS MODELS<br />2<br />
    3. 3. Company & ServicesScienceSoft’s Identity<br /><ul><li>A mature international IT company
    4. 4. One-stop IT vendor</li></ul>WHO WE ARE:<br /><ul><li>High quality deliverables
    5. 5. Competitive prices
    6. 6. Flexible business models</li></ul>WHAT WE OFFER:<br />3<br />
    7. 7. Company & Services What We Do<br />WHAT WE DO: <br />Custom Software Development<br />Specialized Services<br /><ul><li>Technical Support
    8. 8. Testing Services
    9. 9. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Consulting and Implementation
    10. 10. MS Technologies & Business Platforms consulting
    11. 11. Database Migration
    12. 12. Java, .Net, C++, PHP solutions
    13. 13. SharePoint Portals
    14. 14. MobileApps
    15. 15. Database Solutions</li></ul>4<br />
    16. 16. Company & Services Quick Facts<br /><ul><li>250 full-time IT experts and a pool of 100+ developers
    17. 17. HeadquartersinMinsk, Belarus, EU office in Helsinki, Finland
    18. 18. Customers in 24countries including Fortune 500 companies
    19. 19. 200+ successful projects of various scope
    20. 20. IBM Core supplier for technical services, IBM PartnerWorldmember
    21. 21. MS Gold Certified Partner, Oracle Partner
    22. 22. ISO certified, CMMI3 pre-assessed</li></ul>5<br />
    23. 23. Company & Services Our Team<br /><ul><li>90% of staff have 5-year academic education in computer science in addition to high school
    24. 24. PhDs and MSc’s experienced in knowledge-intensive projects
    25. 25. Creativity and flexibility allowing to meet any IT challenge
    26. 26. Average age – 28
    27. 27. Average work experience – 6 years
    28. 28. Average retention at ScienceSoft – 5 years</li></ul>6<br />
    29. 29. Company & Services Specialized Services <br />Technology consulting:<br /><ul><li>.Net
    30. 30. MS SharePoint
    31. 31. MS Dynamics</li></ul>Wireless/mobile applications development:<br /><ul><li>Development
    32. 32. Testing
    33. 33. Consulting
    34. 34. All major platforms covered</li></ul>Database migration:<br /><ul><li>Unique tools
    35. 35. Database Migration
    36. 36. Application Migration
    37. 37. BL Conversion</li></ul>Manual and automation testing:<br /><ul><li>Functional testing
    38. 38. Performance testing
    39. 39. Security testing
    40. 40. Test automation
    41. 41. Consulting</li></ul>7<br />
    42. 42. Company & Services Technical Expertise<br />8<br />
    43. 43. Company & Services Domain Expertise<br /><ul><li>RETAIL
    45. 45. CONSTRUCTION
    47. 47. BANKING & FINANCE
    49. 49. HEALTHCARE
    51. 51. EDUCATION</li></ul>9<br />
    52. 52. Company & Services Types of Applications and Solutions<br />Types of Applications and Solutions <br />10<br />
    53. 53. Company & Services Quality Management<br />ScienceSoft Quality Management System<br /><ul><li> ScienceSoft QMS is based on classical methodologies RUP, MSF, CMMI;
    54. 54. ScienceSoft specialists actively apply modern approaches: Agile (Scrum based model) </li></ul> and DDD (Domain Driven Design);<br /><ul><li> Quality Management System is based on ISO 9001</li></ul>11<br />
    55. 55. Contents<br />CONTENTS:<br />COMPANY & SERVICES<br />CUSTOMERS & TESTIMONIALS<br />BUSINESS MODELS<br />12<br />
    56. 56. Customers & TestimonialsOur Long-Term Customers<br />an American technology and consulting multinational<br />a global marketing and research company headquartered in NYC<br />a software maintenance company, Italy<br />a knowledge and information management solutions provider, Germany<br />a cheminformatics software and consulting company based in the US and UK<br />a consulting, software and informatin management services provider, Germany<br />a leading provider of mobile music entertainment services to operators and media companies worldwide, France<br />an independent software vendor, Sweden and the UK<br />an innovation software and services provider , the US<br />a healthcare management system provider, the US<br />An enterprise software provider, Norway<br />a medical imaging software provider<br />13<br />
    57. 57. Customers & Testimonials Customer’s Geography<br />14<br />
    58. 58. Customers & Testimonials Testimonials<br />“It has to be said that I find all the staff at ScienceSoft a pleasure to work with. <br />“ScienceSoft have done an excellent job in developing handset applications to our specifications and have in many instances innovated with ideas and suggested improvements over and above what was expected. Multipartytalk is very pleased to be a ScienceSoft customer. We remain impressed.”<br />"ScienceSoft quickly took on a complicated heterogeneous project (UNIX, Windows, mainframes)... Overall, ScienceSoft has proved itself to be a trusted partner for proceeding with a long-term relationship.”<br />“ScienceSoft has attracted top talent in its local area to work on our projects resulting in products we can market and sell to our clients. ScienceSoft has shown innovation when creating solutions to complex problems that result in cutting-edge ideas and results.”<br />You are all very dedicated and eager to see that the work iscarried out to the highest standards. I hope that we can work together again in the near future and I very much look forward to that opportunity!”<br />15<br />
    59. 59. Customers & Testimonials Success Story<br />ODT FOR CONSUL RISK MANAGEMENT, AN IBM COMPANY<br />Customer wanted to augment the development of Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager through establishing a highly qualified dedicated offshore team within a short period of time.<br />CHALLENGE<br />Within two months ScienceSoft built an offsite team of 19 highly experienced software and QA engineers with an extended set of skills and experience.<br />SOLUTION <br />RESULT<br /><ul><li>A stable and growing offshore development team with the current size of 55 experts.
    60. 60. Increased stability of Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager product with 5 successful main releases.</li></ul>16<br />
    61. 61. Customers & Testimonials Success Story<br />BOT FOR TIETOENATOR<br /> Realization of Tieto development strategy toward cost-effective solutions and provision of high-quality services to its customers through establishing of ODT.<br />CHALLENGE<br /> After thorough review process and negotiations with shortlisted Eastern European candidates, ScienceSoft was chosen as Tieto's partner in Belarus. <br />SOLUTION <br />RESULT<br /> ScienceSoft has helped Tieto to establish its presence in Belarus. For over a year joint venture Tieto Belarus brings expected benefits to its parent company in Finland.<br />17<br />
    62. 62. Contents<br />CONTENTS:<br />COMPANY & SERVICES<br />CUSTOMERS & TESTIMONIALS<br />BUSINESS MODELS<br />18<br />
    63. 63. ScienceSoft Business Models<br />Our Business Models <br />19<br />
    64. 64. Business ModelsOffshore Dedicated Team<br />Offshore Dedicated Team (ODT)<br /><ul><li> ODT Model gives you maximum control over the development process
    65. 65. ODT is an extension of your in-house team
    66. 66. Members of ODT are hand-selected by you from our database of IT specialists according to your criteria
    67. 67. The ODT complies with all your corporate practices and development methodologies</li></ul>20<br />
    68. 68. Business Models Fixed Price<br />Fixed Price (FP)<br /><ul><li>Choose FP Model if you want no-brainer approach to your project
    69. 69. FP Model is a pre-packaged all-inclusive solution
    70. 70. ScienceSoft commits to deliver according to pre-set deadlines and budgets
    71. 71. Best for projects with well-defined deliverables</li></ul>21<br />
    72. 72. Business Models Time and Material<br />Time and Material (T&M)<br /><ul><li>T&M Model balances flexibility of ODT Model with no-brainer approach of FP Model
    73. 73. You can dynamically add extra tasks and resources to your project while maintaining control over budgets
    74. 74. You will receive end-of-the-month invoice according to the work actually done during the month</li></ul>22<br />
    75. 75. Typical Fixed Price Project<br />NDA is signed to properly protect customer’s confidential information.<br />Technical proposal along with cost estimates and risk management plan is delivered.<br />Contract type: fixed price with defined budget, milestones and deadlines.<br />Dedicated project manager is assigned; regular reports and scheduled deliverables are provided. <br />Software, source codes, project documentation are delivered after they meet the acceptance criteria. <br />We are happy to offer our maintenance and support services for the after-warranty period.<br />DETAILED PROPOSAL<br />AGREEMENT<br />DEVELOPMENT<br />ACCEPTANCE<br />MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT<br />23<br />
    76. 76. Typical T&M/ODT Project<br />NDA is signed to properly protect customer’s confidential information.<br />ScienceSoft’s staff CVs are provided and pre-selected employees are interviewed.<br />Work starts with a pilot project.<br />Upon trial period completion the Customer evaluates ScienceSoft’s team performance.<br />In case team’s performance, work quality, and communication meet customer’s expectations, long-term Time & Material/ODT project begins.<br />24<br />
    77. 77. Value Proposition<br /><ul><li>Pilot projects to build trust. Start small – think big!
    78. 78. Cost-effective solutions as a result of skills, price and domain knowledge combination
    79. 79. High-quality development team – our biggest asset is our people: experienced, certified and English-speaking professionals
    80. 80. State-of-the-art methodology and tools in the product development processes – whether customer is looking for a classic development approach or is interested in Agile methodology, we will provide the needed option.
    81. 81. The ability to ramp up quickly </li></ul>25<br />
    82. 82. Our Responses to Concerns related to Outsourcing <br />ScienceSoft has over 20 years of successful history, our customers from 24 countries will be glad to share their experience with you.<br />All our experts are English-speaking professionals able to easily communicate both written and verbally.<br />There is only a 1 or 2-hour difference with major European cities. For more geographically distant customers we offer flexible timetable of our team availability. <br />Belarus is situated in Europe, we are close in culture and mentality to our customers. <br />ScienceSoft coordinators and PMs keep the customer abreast of the project status by providing regular reports and organizing status meetings. For some projects we offer Agile approach to allow the customer even more control over the project development.<br />26<br />
    83. 83. FAQ<br />27<br />
    84. 84. Summary: Why ScienceSoft?<br /><ul><li>Founded in 1989, constantly growing
    85. 85. Large, flexible and highly competent pool of resources
    86. 86. Englishis the official company language
    87. 87. Clients from 24 countries
    88. 88. Catering for SMEs and start-ups
    89. 89. Competitive prices
    90. 90. State-of-the-art methodology and tools
    91. 91. One stop IT vendor</li></ul>28<br />
    92. 92. Contact Details<br />SCIENCESOFT, INC.<br />4th Floor, 2 Bedy Str., <br />220040 Minsk, Belarus<br />Phone: + 375 17 293 3736 <br />USA phone: +1 619 822 2935<br />USA Fax: +1 617 249 0477<br />Email:<br />Web:<br />SCIENCESOFT OY<br />Porkkalankatu 20 A<br />00180 Helsinki, Finland<br />Phone: +358 50 388 3000<br />Email:<br />Web:<br />29<br />
    93. 93. Thank you!<br /><ul><li>One stop IT shop
    94. 94. Top talent
    95. 95. Attractive wages
    96. 96. Flexible business models
    97. 97. State-of-the-art methodology and tools</li></ul>30<br />