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  • 1. Áàÿíç¿ðõ дүүргийн Шавь цогцолбор сургууль
    • Англи хэлний багш М .Цэвэлмаа
    • 9 в анги
    • Улаанбаатар хот 2 010 он
  • 2. Greetings
    • Good morning everybody
    • Good morning teacher
    • What is date today ?
    • What is a day ?
    • Who is absent today ?
  • 3. Warm up activity;
  • 4. Banana song Peel banana peel peel banana
  • 5. Slice banana slice slice banana Mash banana mash
  • 6. Mash banana Eat banana eat eat banana
  • 7. Today lesson Topic ; Unit 6 Modern technology
  • 8. Aim ; * Words related to the Internet and mobile * Increasing new words knowledge
  • 9.
    • Lesson 1
    • The internet is cool
  • 10. Today lesson’s grammar ; Gerund as a subject
  • 11.
    • We use gerunds (-ing forms) to express our opinion or something list activities. In sentences subject gerunds replace nouns (subjects).
    • For example; Getting information from the Internet is faster.
  • 12. Choose 3 advantages and 3 disadvantagesand complete the chart . 1.Advantages 2.Disadvantages
  • 13. Today lesson’s grammar ; Past continuous tense
  • 14. Past continuous tense - Өнгөрөн үргэлжилж байгаа цаг
    • Past continuous – form. Өнгөрөн үргэлжилж байгаа цаг нь “ Subject + tobe + verb + ing “ гэсэн бүтэцтэй байх бөгөөд монгол хэлнээ ингэж байсан, тэгж байсан тэгж байлаа гэх мэт утгуудыг илэрхийлнэ.
    • Subject was/ were base-in
    • They were watching
    • Тэд нар зурагт үзэж байсан.
  • 15.
    • Example ; to play
    • Affirmative Negative Interrogative
    • I was playing I was not playing Was I playing?
    • You were playing You were not playing Were you playing ?
    • He she it was playing she was not playing Was she playing ?
    • We were playing We were not playing Were we playing ?
    • They were playing They were not playing Were they playing ?
    • Хэрэглэгдэх байдал ;
    • Өнгөрсөн тодорхой нэг хугацаанд дуусаагүй үргэлжилж буй үйлийг илэрхийлнэ.Үйлийн эхлэл төгсгөл нь мэдэгдэхгүй буюу бүрэн дуусаагүй байдаг.
    • Аливаа нэг богино үйлдэл болсон тэр үед үргэлжилж байсан үйл явдалыг илэрхийлнэ.
  • 16.
    • When my husband came in I was cooking.
    • Нөхрийг орж ирэхэд би хоол хийж байсан.
    • I was having a bath when the telephone rang.
    • Намайг усанд орж байхад утас дугарсан.
  • 17.
    • Өнгөрсөн цагт удаан алгуур болж байсан үйлдлийг илэрхийлнэ.
    • The sun was rising. Нар мандаж байлаа.
    • It was getting darker. Бүрэнхий болсоор байлаа.
    • Хоёр буюу хэд хэдэн үйл нэг зэрэг болж байсаныг илэрхийлнэ.
    • At this time yesterday we were staying at home and everybody was doing something.
    • Өчигдөр энэ цаг мөчид би гэртээ байж хүн бүр л янз бүрийн зүйл хийж байлаа.
    • All day yesterday- өчигдөр өдөржингөө, all day long- бүх л өдөржингөө, the whole morning – бүх л өглөөжингөө гэх мэт үгстэй хамт хэрэглэгдэж болно.
    • They were playing chess all day yesterday.
  • 18. Please say me negative , positive , questions forms next sentences
    • 1 st group
    • I was making a salad.
    • We were saving money.
    • He was singing at the concert.
    • 2 nd group
    • They were studying for the exam.
    • She was doing her homework.
    • They were dancing at the party.
  • 19. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.
    • Mike......... / ask / a question when Tom ....... /watch/ footbool.
    • Mike........./ask/ question when Mum........./arrive/ .
    • When......../come/ home Dad ......./read/ a newspaper.
    • When Grandma......../come/ in Mum and Dad ........./have/ tea.
    • When Tom and his friend ....../listen/ to music Grandma .........../come/ in.
    • When Kim ......../do/ her homework Mike ........./ask/ a difficult question.
  • 20. Correct sentences ;
    • Mike asked a question when Tom was watching football.
    • Mike was asking questions when Mum arrived.
    • When Mum came home, Dad was reading a newspaper.
    • When grandma came in, Mum and Dad were having tea.
    • When Tom and his friend were listening to music , Grandma came in.
    • When Kim was doing her homework, Mike asked a difficult question.
  • 21. Evaluation - Divide students into 2 groups - The group which collect more smiling face will win
  • 22. Homework
    • Learn by heart today lesson’s new words
    • Do exercises 1 – 5 from activity book