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Mcl Presentation Rusnano Forum 2009


Светодиды, упаковка

Светодиды, упаковка

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  • 1. Micro Components Ltd. (MCL) Rusnano Forum 10/2009 MCL ALOX™
  • 2. Electronic Packaging
  • 3. LED Supply Chain Light Engine Luminair/ Lighting fixture - MCL
  • 4. The Problem - Thermal Management Note the high portion (56%) of temp. related failures Note how critical is thermal performance on The LED overall performance
  • 5. What is ALOX™
    • ALOX™ is a new technology, based on the nano porous structure of anodized aluminum, for fabrication of substrate products and packages used for packaging of high power semiconductor devices and modules
    • The technology is based on an innovative concept of anodizing aluminum, creating nano-porous structures, to build multilayer metal substrate products combining aluminum and aluminum oxide in the structure
    • Innovative nano technology concept, Patent protected
    • Key advantage of ALOX™ is its high thermal performance and it is especially fit for packaging of High Brightness (HB) LEDs
    ALOX™ : Nano structures for electronic packaging applications
  • 6. The Packaging & Substrates World Cost Performance ALOX™ : A Disruptive Nano Packaging Technology Laminate substrates Ceramic HTCC/LTCC substrates ALOX TM substrates Highest Cost/Performance value
  • 7. High Power Multilayer ALOX (BGA, LGA, attach to heat-sink) 200-350µm Mostly Aluminum Heat Sink Area Heavy Aluminum Layer
  • 8. ALOX TM - Nanotechnology Internal Aluminum Layer – Ground / Power Aluminum via Al 2 O 3 modified Copper Metalization Solder mask CORE Typical 0.1- 0. 3 mm Blind Via/ Thermal via Multilayer Interconnect Substrate Nano Porous Composite
  • 9. Aluminum Blind / Thermal via Aluminum Oxide (ALOX) Cu plating Cross Section Photo
  • 10. The Heart of the Technology - ALOX™ Anodizing process: (Nano Pores SEM Photography) ALOX™ genuine Nano-Technology Need control of Pores Critical for ALOX properties and performance
  • 11. Selective Oxidation of Aluminum Substrate ALOX™via Formation Concept 4. Anodize unprotected aluminum (conversion to non - conducting aluminum oxide) 5. Strip Resist 1. Aluminum Layer 2. Mask 3. Pattern the Mask -
  • 12. ALOX™ Thermal Advantage
    • MCL unique ALOX structure provide for:
    • Direct metal thermal path from die to heat sink
    • Path is in form of large thermal via composed of aluminum and copper
    • In contrast with standard approaches typically incorporating thermal blocking materials in the structure (polymers) or using ceramic materials of inferior thermal conductivity compared with Al
    Al ALOX Cu/Ni/Au Solder Mask LED site Bond pad Isolated line ALOX isolation Aluminum Thermal Path
  • 13. ALOX TM LED PKG - Integrated Reflector - Embedded Heat Slug (Al) - Discrete / COB type Metal PKG
    • Features
    Thermal Resistance - Lead Frame : 8~12K/W (@3W) - Ceramic PKG : 4K/W (@10W)
    • Low Thermal Resistance
    • High Thermal Reliability
    * ALOX TM PKG * Conventional PKG Thermal Resistance - < 5K/W(@3W) - < 4K/W(@10W)
  • 14. RGB Strip Lighting-Up
  • 15. BLU Coupon Lighting
  • 16. Main Area of Application: Substrates for High Power Modules Such as various DC/DC converters for mobile electronics 10mm
  • 17. ALOX™ Substrate Solution
    • Excellent Thermal Performance
      • ALOX substrate conductivity 5X better than standard solutions
      • Allows for significant better power utilization and higher reliability of high power devices
    • Low Cost
      • Large Panel Production
      • No via drill process
      • Simple - Fewer number of process steps
  • 18. ALOX™: Wide Application Platform Technology ALOX™ Enhanced CSP: Thermal, Higher density & Performance BGA / FC & W/B High Pin Count Thermal Our Focus application area: Power LEDs, LED Arrays Power Modules , Boards RF modules, CPUs
  • 19. HB LED Forecast HB-LED Substrates market (est.) : $600 mil. (2009)  >$1.5 b (2012)
  • 20. High Brightness (HB) LED Market MCL strategy is to focus first on the High Brightness (HB) LED Business
  • 21. Corporate Summary Business: Microelectronics Packaging Technology Products: Special Packaging Solutions; IP Technology Licenses Major Applications: HB LEDs , High Power Electronics ; Portables Primary Market: High Power and HB LEDs devices and modules Technology : ALOX™ ; Innovative Substrate Fabrication Technology Patents: 24 patents; 8 patents families; 7 Granted US and International, Key Attributes: High Thermal Performance; High Density and Better Form factor; Low Cost
  • 22. Major Achievements and Status
    • Technology validation by Samsung
    • 1 st High volume manufacturing facility established in Penang, Malaysia
    • Ongoing Projects with Major Corporations
    • Financing - Equity Investment from Samsung ventures (SVIC)
  • 23. High Volume Manufacturing
    • Manufacturing License granted to High Volume Manufacturing plant in Penang, a leading LED hub be operative June 2008
    • Initial annual production output rate of 28,000,000 square Inch of AMS products
  • 24. Technology Recognition
    • MCL is engages in various projects, directly or through its licensee company with several leading LED manufactures, including: Lumileds, Avago, Samsung, Phillips, Nichia and others
  • 25. Thank You Micro Components Ltd www.mcltek.com Dr. Uri Mirsky, CEO Tel:        972-4-644 2666 Fax:       972-4-644 2665 mobile:  972-52-2477629 [email_address] Direct Contact : Disclaimer This document may contain some forward looking statements which involve known and unknown risks, delays, uncertainties and other factors not under the Company's control which may cause actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from the results, performance or expectations implied by these forward-looking statements. The Company gives no warranty and accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or the completeness of the material, and reserves the right at any time to make changes, as it deems appropriate. This document is MCL confidential