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Google presentation ilf 2011
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Google presentation ilf 2011


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Oodles of Googles: ILF presentation 2011

Oodles of Googles: ILF presentation 2011

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Oodles of GooglesEverything you wanted to know about Google and more!
  • 2. Oodles a superabundance ofanything; a mass of things; a heap; a great quantity.
  • 3. That’s a lot of Google!
  • 4. What’s on the menu?• Google +• Search• Gears• Talk• Calendar• Gmail• Site• Knol• iGoogle• Talk and so much more……
  • 5. Before we start let’s think about what Google is doing.
  • 6. We are in the age of cloud computing and Google is creating application stacks.
  • 7. Cloud Computing Stacking Apps in the cloud Google Search Blogger Youtube Picassa Google docs Android Google Calendar Google Reader Google Images Get the idea
  • 8. Which is awesome unless….
  • 9. FRIENDS
  • 10. Who am I to you?EmployeeMotherFriendRelativeGamerWriterCookMovie FanReaderSister/Brother
  • 11. Google has created circles Work friends Relatives Acquaintances
  • 12. This gives you PRIVACY
  • 13. My circles
  • 14. Who can see my profile?
  • 15. Hint about +1
  • 16. Photos
  • 17. Streams and newsfeeds are the same
  • 18. Sparks
  • 19. Sparks and comments
  • 20. Hangout
  • 21. Mobile apps
  • 22. More Mobile
  • 23. Even more mobile
  • 24. Chrome
  • 25. Google+ and Facebook
  • 26. Privacy andyour rights!
  • 27. Facebook’s privacyagreement is 5830 wordsU.S. Constitution is 4543 words
  • 28. Breaking news 11.11.2011 future-privacy-changes-opt-in.ars
  • 29. Google changes how it searches. search.html
  • 30. Search (Tips and Tricks)• Try the site: operator to limit the search to a specific site.• Example oil
  • 31. Search (Tips and Tricks)• Use Google as a calculator.• Use it as a world clock
  • 32. Search (Tips and Tricks)• Currency conversion• Area code finder
  • 33. Search (Tips and Tricks)• Word definition
  • 34. Search (Tips and Tricks)• ~ Helps you find related terms.
  • 35. Search (Tips and Tricks)• Explicit Phrase: “What is Happiness?” An easy way to narrow your search.
  • 36. Search (Tips and Tricks)• Date ranges: Search Term War 2000..2008
  • 37. Google Books
  • 38. Google Books
  • 39. Google Books
  • 40. Google Books
  • 41. Gears formerly Google Gears• This is a piece of software that is offered by Google that enable powerful applications and new features to work in your web browser.
  • 42. Gmail• Gears allows you to use Gmail while you are offline.• You can read mail, label it and compose messages this is all synchronized the next time you connect.
  • 43. Gmail (Get driving directions)• If you enter the address into the email a map link will appear in the right hand column.
  • 44. Gmail Tasks• You can use Gmail to create a task list.
  • 45. Gmail Tasks
  • 46. Gmail Tasks You can create multiple lists.You can edit details and add notes.
  • 47. Gmail now has a new look and feel
  • 48. Gmail (All work and no play…)• You can have some fun and play with themes of your Gmail account.Before
  • 49. Gmail (All work and no play…)How to …1. Go to settings -> Theme Tab.
  • 50. Gmail (All work and no play…)• After.
  • 51. Gmail and labels• Label are just folders where you can organize your email massages. Go to settings and pick the labels tab to create a new label.
  • 52. Did you know you can search only blogs? This is found under the “More” menu item in Google+ and then click on even more link at the bottom.
  • 53. You can search patents.
  • 54. You can search by product.
  • 55. Results of e-book reader search
  • 56. Google calendar• Before
  • 57. Google calendar• After
  • 58. Google calendar (Customize your view)• Settings -> General Settings -> Custom View Before AfterYou can customize the time period you would like be visible. One week or two
  • 59. Google calendar (Show weather on your calendar)• Settings -> General -> Show weather based on my location and enter zip code.
  • 60. Google calendar shortcuts
  • 61. Google Buzz (Built into Gmail and looks like this ) Buzz works as a kind of social media integrator. I am going to add Twitter, Flickr and other stuff.
  • 62. Google Buzz• Your Google profile is where you add your other Social Media. Ok so I fiddled with it for 30 minutes and could get it to do anything helpful.
  • 63. Not a fan of Buzz• I use my profile post section to review and comment back
  • 64. Google site (
  • 65. Google Accounts• There are some really helpful tools that use all the time in the accounts section.
  • 66. Google Account Google alerts are emails that are sent to you when Google finds a new search result that match your search term. These could be web pages, blogs, twitter comments. I use them to alert me to what people are saying about the library.This is another great tool that we use to analyze our web traffic.
  • 67. Knol
  • 68. Bonus Material
  • 69. ThanksBlog: www.tscrobinson.comEmail: