How to Exhibit in a Different Economy: 17 Strategies to Leverage Your Tradeshow Success (That Work)


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Do you know that cutting back on exhibit marketing in a tough economy can cripple your business? To survive a tough economy you want the best tools to boost exposure without increasing dollars spent.

In this fast-moving, high-content webinar, you'll discover how to take your exhibit marketing program to a brand new level of expertise.

In particular, you will learn how to:

Create new marketing programs using short-term tactics that stimulate activity before, during and after your show
Understand and target your market so that you put your effort into segments that want what you have to offer
Zero in on fast-growing market segments so that you take advantage of new and exciting opportunities
Spend smarter and create a clear-cut justification for your investment to top management
Double down on your current customers so that you provide more value and take care of their needs
Outsmart your competitors with savvy marketing techniques
Discover social media marketing tips and techniques from the pros – companies who are getting results
Master the "Don't Do Everything - Try Something" Technique

For more tradeshow tips and articles by Susan Friedmann, CSP, The Tradeshow Coach go to

This webinar was hosted by TSNN and sponsored by Email Data Group

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  • Nice slideshow. I like that you encourage melding new and old ways of marketing to find what works for you and your customers. Tradeshows are still a great place to meet potential customers and the face to face interaction can't be beat. The key component in any marketing plan is following up with your contacts whether they are generated from tradeshows, social media or referrals.
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  • How to Exhibit in a Different Economy: 17 Strategies to Leverage Your Tradeshow Success (That Work)

    1. 1. 17 Strategies to Leverage Your Exhibiting Success (That Work!) Presented by Susan Friedmann, CSP The Tradeshow Coach Sponsored by
    2. 2. Realize the Landscape has Changed 1 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    3. 3. The Changed Landscape
    4. 4. Monologue Marketing the Old Way
    5. 5. Marketing the New Way Dialogue
    6. 6. Leverage Your Exhibiting Success Tradeshows perfect forum for dialogues!
    7. 7. Understand the New “Social” Economy 2 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    8. 9. Tools The Right Tools
    9. 10. Learn The Tools 3 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    10. 11. Twitter Blogs LinkedIn Facebook YouTube Top Social Media Tools
    11. 12. #TSNN @tradeshowcoach 3.5 – 4.5 million users worldwide
    12. 14. Corporations Who Twitter
    13. 15. Corporations Who Twitter #1
    14. 16. Blogs
    15. 17. 40 million registered users spanning 170 industries.
    16. 20. Mobile Marketing New kid on the block! Text: TSCOACH at 74700
    17. 21. Understand the Rules of the Game Leverage Your Exhibiting Success 4
    18. 22. Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    19. 23. Leverage Your Exhibiting Success Chris Brogan
    20. 24. Books Worth Reading
    21. 25. Pinpoint Your Target/Niche Markets 5 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    22. 26. Available August 2009
    23. 27. Identify Where Your Customers Go for Information 6 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    24. 28. Leverage Your Exhibiting Success Traditional Marketing Still Works! 7
    25. 29. Social Media Not the Holy Grail Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    26. 30. Know and Understand Your Customer’s World Leverage Your Exhibiting Success 8
    27. 31. Leverage Your Exhibiting Success Know and understand WANTS and NEEDS
    28. 32. Leverage Your Exhibiting Success Marketing & Sales Must Work Together 9
    29. 33. What marketing needs from sales… Information #1 Marketing Focus
    30. 34. What sales needs from marketing… Quality Lead Generation #1 Sales Focus
    31. 35. Lead Generation 50-90% of collateral prepared by Marketing is not used by salespeople in the field American Marketing Association
    32. 36. Get Top Management Support 10 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    33. 37. Accountability Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    34. 38. 80% Leads not followed up!
    35. 39. Use Social Media Tools to Outsmart the Competition 11 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    36. 40. Marketing dollars spent during slow times are the best investment a company can make. Your marketing dollars work harder in slow times. If your competition is less active, this is a time to steal market share. Just because your customers are not buying at recent levels does not mean they have stopped reading, thinking, or formulating opinions about the companies and brands they buy from. Josh Gordon, Sales Training Expert
    37. 41. Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    38. 42. Tryvertising
    39. 43. Brand Butlers
    40. 48. Think Long Term 12 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    41. 49. Leverage Your Exhibiting Success Plan to invest time and money
    42. 50. Destroy the Myth: Leverage Your Exhibiting Success 13
    43. 51. Be Nimble 14 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    44. 52. Human Interaction is Still Human Interaction 15 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    45. 53. “ Human interaction is still human interaction, and what it takes to be successful with it has not changed. What has changed are the places where it happens.” Brian Solis
    46. 54. Don’t Do Everything: Practice the “Try Something” Technique 16 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success
    47. 55. Leverage Your Exhibiting Success Chris Brogan
    48. 56. 17 Leverage Your Exhibiting Success Re-Think Re-Focus Re-Tool
    49. 57. Wishing you much tradeshow success!
    50. 58. Contact Information [email_address] Twitter: @tradeshowcoach