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Online marketing



Digital Marketing - A Guide through the Battlefield of Internet and Social Media.

Digital Marketing - A Guide through the Battlefield of Internet and Social Media.



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Online marketing Online marketing Presentation Transcript

  • Digital Marketing – A Guidethrough the Battlefield of Internet & Social Media Cologne 2011 1 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • 2 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • The Internet Market• Worldwide Presence: This is the biggest advantage of conducting business online. A company engaging in e-business can have a nationwide or a worldwide presence at minimal costs.• Cost Effective Marketing and Promotions: Using the web to market products guarantees worldwide reach at a nominal price. Advertising techniques like pay per click advertising ensure that the advertiser only pays for the advertisements that are actually viewed. Firms engaging in e-business have managed to use cost effective online advertising strategies to their advantage.• Developing a Competitive Strategy: Firms need to have a competitive strategy in order to ensure a competitive advantage. Without an effective strategy, they will find it impossible to maintain the advantage and earn profits. The strategy, that the firms can pursue, can be a cost strategy or a differentiation strategy.• Better Customer Service: E-Business has resulted in improved customer service. 3 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Internet users worldSource: World Bank 2010 4 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • The Global BattlefieldSource: NetMarketShare 5 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Social Media Facebook use in the world will continue on a solid growth track over the next three years, as the site Cements its place at the epicenter of internet activity. As more users of all ages flock to the popular social network, marketers will find new opportunities to tap into an engaged, demographically diverse audience.Source: McKinsey/eMarketer 2011 6 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Social Media PowerSource: Gary Hayes 7 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Facebook Users by RegionSource: Facebook Reports 8 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Financial Professionals using Social MediaSource: IBM/financial Planing 9 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Global advertising expediture• Internet is rapidly increasing its market share• Rise of video and social media push internet advertising• New opportunities in paid media• Newspaper and magazines fall and readers migrate to internet• Expanded brand abilities to talk to customers: social media, business communities, twitter, ...• Importance of internet advertising is understated by the following figures ... 10 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Advertising Expenditure by MediumSource: Zenith Optimedia 11 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Internet Advertising Year Total 2009 54 2010 62 2011 71 2012 81 2013 92Source: Zentih Optimedia 12 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Online MarketingIn its simplest form, the term onlinemarketing refers to using the power ofInternet advertising to generate a response(Leads) from your audience. Also known asInternet marketing or web marketing, onlinemarketing is used by companies selling goodsand services directly to consumers as well asthose who operate on a business-to-businessmodel. 13 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Online Marketing Instruments OnSO SEO SEM OffSO AdWords Online Marketing Internet Marketing 1 Internet Marketing SEA 1.1 SEM - Search Engine Marketing SMM YSM 1.1.1 SEO - Search Engine Optimization OnSo - On Site OptimizationOnline Marketing OffSO - Off Site Optimization AM 1.1.2 SEA - Search Engine Advertising AdWords - Keyword Targeting YSM - Yahoo Search Marketing 1.2 SMM - Social Media Marketing 1.3 AM - Affiliate Marketing 2 Newsgroup Marketing Newsgroup Marketing 3 Email MarketingEmail Marketing 14 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • OM-Definitons• SEM: Internet marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in search engine result page through the use of paid placement• SEO: Process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via the ,natural‘ or un-paid search results• SMM: With the emergence of Web 2.0, the internet provides a set of tools that allow people to build social and business connections, share information and collaborate on projects online 15 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • SEM: Google AdWordsSource: google.com 16 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Google AdWords ...• Googles main advertising product and main source of revenue. The total advertising revenues were USD $28 billion in 2010• ... offers pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, cost-per-thousand (CPM) advertising, and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads• The program includes local, national, and international distribution• ... is a realtime bid/bet on keywordsearches• Advertisers select the words that should trigger their ads and the maximum amount they will pay per click 17 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • SEO: Organic searchSource: google.com 18 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Optimizing for your Keywords• First page at organic google search = big traffic, ,a must‘• Top five at first page = very big traffic• Number one = very much money !• SEO ist a longterm project with a lot of ,knitting‘• SEO can be done only for some major Keywords• SEO works best in combination with AdWords, SMM, AM, Linkbuilding as a part of the digital Marketingmix 19 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • To be found 20 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Strategy ,Dentaltechnik‘• Longterm OnSo, OffSo, Content, Linkbuilding, AM, SMM• Looking for other Keywords-Combinations, with less Competitors• Checking Keyworddensity at the Google Keyword Tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal• Alternate Optimization for phrases like: dental dampfstrahler or dental werkzeuge ... 21 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • More SEO Tips ....Title Tag - the most important header tag of a pageDynamic Pages into Descriptive URLsProper Use of Heading Tags (<h1>, <h2>, …)Alt Attributes on ImagesTitle Attributes on LinksXML SitemapRelevant ContentLink BuildingSocial MediaWatch Keyword Density 22 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • SMM: Social Media PrismSource: Brian Solis/JESS3 23 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Advantages for Companies with SMM ...• New Marketing Channels with active Users• SMM encourages two-way communication (A ⇆ B)• Microblogging (Twitter) is customer communication• Social Media is viral (eg. Share-Button, Re-Tweet-Button)• SMM improves the SEO Performance (eg. Linkbuilding)• Facebook improves better Listings in Google Searches• More Traffic via Google Organic Search 24 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Facebook Fanpages 25 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • SMM: Things to consider when workingSMM is digital communication, take care of the communication processin a highly regulated market I. Educate everyone involved on the importance of social media for the company II. Stay in close contact with your legal team III. Stay on label and create options for sharing risk information in multiple formats IV. Create strong internal guidelines for social media objectives V. Tell human stories 26 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • The digital galaxy 27 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Webanalytics and DataminingDetermination of ROI and Conversion Rate I. Sneak preview at google analytics III. Facebook Insight V. Datamining and Datawarehousing 28 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • Targets of digital MarketingImproving the Brand, Improvement of Traffic and Leads,Customer Relationship and Customer Acquisition, global Linkbuilding1. Permanent Ranking on the first Page of Google organic Search11. Google Adwords Campaigning111. Affiliate MarketingIV. Social Media Marketing, e.g. Facebook FanpageV. Business Community Marketing, e.g. LinkedIn and XINGVI. Digital/Social PR and Press Releases 29 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • A lot of knitting for you ...• Research & Analysis: Your digital Standing, your Competitors, Website Ranking, Opportunities ...• Concept & Strategy: Conception of Online Marketing according to your Business, longterm Strategies for Adwords, SEM, SEO, SEA, AM, SMM• Projectmanagement: Creative Website Boosting, AdWords, Reports, Market Observation, longterm Internet Business Development, Leadgeneration,Tools, Webanalytics, … 30 © TSC Consult Cologne
  • ME …TSC Consultby Thomas SchmidtMail: info@tsc-consult.deWeb: www.tsc-consult.deCV: www.cv-2011.deMob: 0049 170 28 59 751 31 © TSC Consult Cologne