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Be a Goodee, Not a Bully!
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Be a Goodee, Not a Bully!


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T. S. Bradshaw's characters, The Goodees, talks to us about bullying.

T. S. Bradshaw's characters, The Goodees, talks to us about bullying.

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  • Whenever you come to know that, your child is being bullied, whether at school or some other place, it is very important for you to take necessary action in this regard. In fact, as a parent, it is your responsibility to teach your children how to tackle the problem. We need to teach our children how to identify a bully and practice them how to deal with bullying, with your child, at home. This will help your child a great deal in combating the fear of facing humiliation and also prepare him/her to face and handle such a situation. Build the self esteem of your child not just through behavior, but also through words. I've been reading articles that talk about ways in helping kids against bullying, and luckily, I read something about a safety app for kids which gets you connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. Check it here:
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  • 1. The Goodees™ Presents… Be aBe a GoodeeGoodee, Not, Not aa BullyBully!!™™
  • 2. Hello, I’m Wollie the Goodee Frog. Can you say, Hello?
  • 3. Hola, I’m Alex the Goodee Dog. Can you say, Hola?
  • 4. Bonjour, I’m PePe the Goodee Pig. Can you say, Bonjour?
  • 5. NiHao, I’m Stuie the Goodee Bear. Can you say, NiHao?
  • 6. And we’re The Goodees! With a message to you about…..
  • 7. What is Bullying? Goodee Frog says, “Bullying is when someone is always not being kind to you.” Goodee Dog says, “Bullying is when someone is always not saying kind words to you, too.”
  • 8. Someone that is bullying someone else is called a Bully. Can you say, Bully?
  • 9. In Spanish, a bully is called Maton (mah-tone’). Can you say, Maton?
  • 10. In French, a bully is called Brute (broot). Can you say, Brute?
  • 11. In Mandarin, a bully is called Qifu (chi-fu). Can you say, Qifu?
  • 12. When I see bullying I hop away and tell someone, says Goodee Frog. Can you show me how you hop?
  • 13. Goodee Dog says, “If you see bullying what should you do?” • EAT ICE CREAM • HAVE A PARTY • TELL SOMEONE!!
  • 14. SO……. Be aBe a GoodeeGoodee, Not, Not aa BullyBully!!
  • 15. Message from the Author Bully actions are never fun for anyone. If you or someone you know is not being treated fairly by someone else please notify your teacher(s), parent(s), or nearby adult(s). The Goodees will thank you for it. Be a Goodee, Not a Bully!™ Created By T.S. Bradshaw ©2010 T.S. Bradshaw. All Rights Reserved
  • 16. FUN… EDUCATIONAL… INTERACTIVE… MULTILINGUAL…TM To Learn More About The Goodees Visit Or Join The Goodees on Facebook