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Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. Project Brief Playground Reform and Upgrade Project
  • 2. 1 | P a g e CONTENT # Title Page Cover Content 1 1 Project Introduction 2 1.1 Background 2 1.2 Objective 2 1.3 Output 2 1.4 Benefits 2 1.5 Success Criteria 2 2 Project Definition 3 2.1 Deliverable 3 2.2 Budget 3 2.3 Schedule 4 2.4 Constraints 5 2.4.1 Time 5 2.4.2 Financial 5 2.4.3 Resources 5 2.4.5 Technical 6 3 Project Plan 7 3.1 Site Analysis 7 3.2 Output 8 3.3 Authorization Procurement Procedure 9 3.4 Alternative Plan 9 4 Project Assumption 10 5 Project Risk 10 6 Project Organization 11
  • 3. 2 | P a g e 1. PROJECT INTRODUCTION 1.1. BACKGROUND With the newly-built Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus, the residential area around the campus has turned to be an opportunity for the owners to rent out their properties to the university students. As a result, the community comprises mainly of students and other residents. The park was initially built for the benefits of the community. The condition is still fairly good. However, the playground is almost abandoned mainly because the emergence of a better playground in the vicinity and the low attractiveness of the playground. The playground is too small and unattractive for teenage or adults. Consequently, the user of the playground is limited to the children or young-age students. The playground is also old and unsafe after all the damage it suffered over the years. 1.2. OBJECTIVE • Increase the utilization of the playground area • Provide a safe recreational space for all age • Increase the attractiveness of the space • Provide a comfortable space for rejuvenation 1.3. OUTPUT Utilize the empty area around the existing playground to produce an upgraded playground with higher complexity, safety level and attractiveness. 1.4. BENEFITS • Provide a recreational space for the nearby community of all age • Provide a space for the community to get closer to the natural environment • Provide a large space for social gathering and free activity • Provide a space that can invoke the creativity of the users 1.5. SUCCESS CRITERIA • Defined Specific objectives • Excellent verdict from project manager • Project team complete assigned task • Proper and conducive planning of project • Skill level of human resource • Time allocation of project • Sufficient budget • Constant communication between client and project team • Repetitive review of project • Efficient change management from project team • Prompt identification and mitigation of risk
  • 4. 3 | P a g e 2. PROJECT DEFINITION 2.1. DELIVERABLE • A better and upgraded playground complex with rubber flooring to provide a safe space for higher level of playing while minimizing the risk of injuries. • Four 2 metres wooden benches surrounding the play area • Installation of drinking water fountain to provide the users with refreshment after playing and exercise. • Evergreen flower bed at the surrounding to provide a fresh natural environment with visual attractiveness. • 2.2. BUDGET Item Estimated Cost (MYR) Hard Construction (Budget within 100,000 MYR) • Foundation, Framing, Flooring 6,861.00 • Fixtures, Furnishings and Equipment 17,581.00 • Water piping 1,000.00 • Landscaping services 30,866.00 • Site Work 20,500.00 • Material cost (Wood for benches, concrete, sand/soil, etc) 4,000.00 Sub Total Hard Cost 76,812.00 Permit and License Cost 3,845.00 Soft Construction (Budget within 50,000 MYR) • Architect, Engineers, and Quantity Surveyor 30,000.00 • Playground Planning 15,000.00 • Landscaping Designing 15,000.00 • Legal Fees 10,000.00 • Fees 6,000.00 Sub Total Soft Cost 76,000.00 Contingency 15,000.00 Total Estimated Cost 171,657.00 Total Construction Budget : 171,657.00 MYR (Within 200,000.00 MYR)
  • 5. 4 | P a g e 2.3. SCHEDULE # Phases Jul 2013 Aug 2013 1 Apply for Permits 2 - Submission to Local Authority through OSC 3 - Obtain Development Order (DO) from Planning Dept 4 - Obtain Water Approval 5 - Obtain Hoarding & Signboard Approval 6 - Obtain RORO Bin Approval 7 - Request Water Clearance 8 - Water Inspection 9 - Water Report 10 -Deposit G1-G21 Forms and F Form to OSC 11 -Deposit G1-G21 Forms and F Form to Board ofArchitect/Engineer Malaysia 12 -Obtain Water Connection 13 -Obtain Landscape Approval 14 -Obtain Building Plan Approval 15 Site Layout of pathways and Play Areas 16 Excavation of Pathways and Play Area Sites 17 Installation forms of concrete pathways 18 Installation forms of perimeter curbing 29 Supply and installation of granular base 20 Installation of piping for drinking machines 21 Place concrete on concrete pathways 22 Place concrete on perimeter curbing 23 Installation of drinking machines 24 Installation of Playground Equipment (See- Saw, Swing, etc) 25 Installation of rubber surfacing 26 Installation of sitting benches 37 Finish landscaping around perimeter & Plantation
  • 6. 5 | P a g e 2.4. CONSTRAINT 2.4.1. Time Tasks Milestone Approval from local authority obtained 5th August Project planning and design completed 10th August Execution 12th August Completion 24th August 2.4.2. Financial Minimum wages Workers minimum wages is MYR 900.00 Funding from government Government can only give 20 % subsidy of the total cost 2.4.3. Resources Human resources Working hour All workers can only work maximum 8 hours, any more is decided by the workers’ own will. Material Concrete, bricks, or comparable hard surfacing material Not allowed if the fall-height is more than 60cm or more for equipment which causes a forced movement of the user’s body Pressure-treated wood Does not contain CCA, a chemical used to preserve wood, which possess harms towards health Equipment Usage time of electric power tool, chain or circular saw, gas or air compressor, pneumatic power tool, hammer and any other impacting tool or grinding equipment. Monday to Friday: before 7 am and after 8 pm. Weekends and public holidays: before 9 am and after 8 pm.
  • 7. 6 | P a g e 2.6.4 Technical Sharp edges and protruding objects should be protected. - Edges that are accessible during normal use shall be rounded with at least a 3 mm radius. No parts may be sharp enough to cut. - If the head of the fastener or thread bar is not protected by other means, it may not protrude more than 8 mm from the surface. Easily accessible platform - it can be accessed by stairs or ramp from the ground or from another easily accessible platform. - ladders with the lowest rung less than 40 cm from the ground or from another easily accessible platform. - it is tiered less than 60 cm from the ground or from an adjacent easily accessible platform. Falling protection - Easily accessible platform • At a height of less than 60 cm, no guardrail or barrier is required. • At a height of more than 60 cm, a barrier is required. - Non easily accessible platform • At a height of less than 100 cm, no guardrail or barrier is required. • At a height 100 - 200 cm, a guardrail is required. • At a height of more than 200 cm, a barrier is required. Requirements for guardrail and barrier - Top of the guardrail shall be at a height between 60 – 85 cm. - Barrier shall be at least 70 cm high. - There shall be no elements that can be used to climb.
  • 8. 7 | P a g e 3. PROJECT PLAN 3.1. SITE ANALYSIS Site Condition Site Activities Site Problem 1. Visual • Dry Grass • A lot of dead leaf 2. Sound • Plane • Lorry • Police Siren 3. Smell • No Foul Smell • No Smoke 1. Joggings 2. Simple Stretching 1. Court unused (Scratched) 2. Play ground build for children (Not many children)
  • 9. 8 | P a g e 3.2. OUTPUT • Upgraded the existing playground • Install a drinking water fountain. • Utilize the existing spotlight directed onto the playground. • Create soft flooring for safety purpose. • Plant evergreen flower bed
  • 10. 9 | P a g e 3.3. AUTHORIZATION PROCUREMENT PROCEDURE No. Procedure Time to Complete Associated Cost 1 Submission to Local Authority through OSC (One Stop Center of the Municipality of Subang Jaya) Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya (MPSJ) 1 Day MYR 480 2 Obtain Development Order (DO) from Planning Dept 28 Days No charge 3 Obtain Water Approval Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 14 Days No charge 4 Obtain Hoarding & Signboard Approval Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya (MPSJ) 7 Days MYR 1,514 5 Obtain RORO Bin Approval Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya (MPSJ) 7 Days No charge 6 Request Water Clearance Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 1 Day MYR 1,000 7 Water Inspection Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 1 Day No charge 8 Water Report Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 11 Days No charge 9 Deposit G1-G21 Forms and F Form to OSC Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya (MPSJ) 1 Day No charge 10 Deposit G1-G21 Forms and F Form to Board of Architect/Engineer Malaysia Agency: Board of Architect/Engineer Malaysia 1 Day No charge 11 Obtain Water Connection Agency: Water Authority SYABAS 1 Day MYR 30 12 Obtain Landscape Approval Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya (MPSJ) 7 Days No charge 13 Obtain Street Lighting Approval Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya (MPSJ) 7 Days No charge 14 Obtain Building Plan Approval Agency: Municipality of Subang Jaya (MPSJ) 17 Days MYR 1,301 3.4. ALTERNATIVE PLAN • 3 gazebo and a toilet • A water fountain to enhance the park and for recreational. • A mini library for the students to revise or study in group or individually. • A partially-sheltered platform • An artificial water stream
  • 11. 10 | P a g e 4. PROJECT ASSSUMPTION Assumption Confidence Impact Priority Approval from local authority are obtained High High High Project Sponsor will fund construction High High High Sufficient skilled human resource will be provided Medium Medium Low Project milestones are reached in time Medium Medium Low Supplier will supply material and equipment High High High 5. PROJECT RISK Risk Probability Impact Mitigation Approaches Failure to complete Low High Project plan has key milestone dates, which are reviewed by the Project Team each week. Insufficient budget Low High Quantity surveyor will have to give us the latest budget planning each meeting to avoid this case to happen. Hazy climate which causes the workers become sick and the progress stall Medium Medium Each worker will be given a mask and they will be encouraged to wear the mask along the day to prevent falling sick. insufficient skilled workers Medium High Our worker are all skilled workers and they are all chosen through interview Insufficient supply High High Cooperate with other sub-con as a backup if the current sub-con did not provide sufficient supply
  • 12. 11 | P a g e 6. PROJECT ORGANIZATION Project Requestor: Majlis Bandaraya Subang Jaya Project Sponsor: Majlis Bandaraya Subang Jaya Project Owner: Majlis Bandaraya Subang Jaya Project Manager: Lee Joyee Team Members: Contractor – Tsang Hao Ren Architect – Chia Wee Min Quantity Surveyor – Melvin Engineer – Wong Voon Yin Landscape Architect - Eugene Challenge Members: The residential community of PJS 7