The Social Web at UWGB (part 2 of 2)


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The Social Web at UW-Green Bay (Part 2 of 2)

-Where we are
-Where we're going

Presented at the December 6, 2011 Leadership Council at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

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  • Scenario 1: Posting to Facebook via an RSS feed from a news websiteScenario 2: Posting to Facebook via a native/original post
  • So What?The switch created a 1433% increase in amount of posts to Facebook and a 98% increase in the amount of monthly active users.Outcome 1: Athletics averaged 3 post a week and 1,069 active monthly usersOutcome 2: Athletics averages 46 posts a week and 2,119 active monthly users
  • Scenario: A video goes viral but not sourced from your websiteOutcome: received 8,956 referrals in four days and Phoenix Flix received 8,556 referrals in five days. A total of 17, 512 referrals from the viral video
  • Scenario: A video goes viral on your website or shared via an embed from your websiteOutcome: received 12,229 referrals in two days and Phoenix Flix received 46,086 referrals in 13 days. A total of 58,315 referrals from the viral video
  • The viral video hosted on Yahoo! and not shared from had over 1.3 million views and aired on ESPN, NBAtv and local TV.The Viral video shared via and Phoenix Flix have over 800 thousand views on sites like Yahoo!, CNN, FOX, etc. Some of these sites posted the video file to their own video server while others embedded the Phoenix Flix video playerAlthough both videos were viral, near or surpassing 1 million views each, the video sourced from resulted in a 233% increase in amount of referral traffic to
  • Social web callouts
  • Blogging, facebook, twitter.Announcing job/internship opportunities.
  • Social web callouts + embeds
  • The first office to drink the kool aid.Natural fit for the social web.Doing a great job.Live tweeting events, sharing photos.Proving there is stuff to do (even on weekends)
  • Social web callouts and embeds
  • Content not as fun as Student Life, unless they change how they communicate it.Build interest, appeal to students. Become more welcoming. Change perceptions.
  • She’s an adult and is aware of her financial responsibilities.Bio and background show a love for penguins.Ben Matlock + Jessica Fletcher = a child who’d love being a community manager.She wants to be heard.
  • Thanks Cookie the Penguin! --
  • 1st step.Get comfortable.Take it in.Learn a lot.
  • Next stage is to find your voice.Better than being silent, begin to see value.Broadcasting.
  • Something magical happens.Conversations begin.Relationships are formed and nurtured.People hand out hors d’oeuvres!
  • Once you learn the tool. It will either change or go away.Can’t be happy to be on the top step, the social web is an escalator.Location-based services are the current future (for now). Changing daily. Facebook bought Gowalla. Foursquare is growing. Google owns SCVNGR.Tomorrow it will all change, change with it.
  • We can win. We’re the perfect size. Social is hard to scale.Need to invest the time. Take the risks.Creation of my position is great first step… but remember, it’s an escalator.
  • Know your community. Know what works.UW-Madison strives for “intelligent goofiness”I call that smart humor = being witty.Our community is respectful. We’ve been in the news, they haven’t heckled.Remember: Without our community, it’s pointless.
  • Community = awesome
  • Packers selling a $2 piece of paper for $250.THAT doesn’t happen overnight. They have a strong community built over time.Do good.Create memories.Strengthen relationships.They’ll be there for you when you need them.Example: Fancy new car for FREE* = #MBteamS victory in the Tweet Race -- *FREE took a lot of community building, engaging, loving, sharing, relating, caring…
  • Students don’t see our silos, they see us.We are ONE to them. Not a shattered organization. Admissions requires happy alumni to spread love on facebook to prospectives or around the campfire up north (some people call it word of mouth). Advancement needs a great college experience to make the “ask” call easier (and more effective).A parking ticket CAN ruin a relationship. Especially a weak relationship. We must nurture and strengthen relationships.Not just prospective students, but prospective faculty/staff.Come together, organize our efforts, share successes and failures. Grow stronger.Secret facebook group of faculty/staff/students to learn and share the secrets of the social web. We need to incentivize to build momentum, must engage and prove value (every step of the way) to grow our relationships.It takes a village. It takes a campus.
  • The Social Web at UWGB (part 2 of 2)

    1. 1. Where we are: Alumni and NewsOffice of Marketing and University Communication Kelly McBride Kimberly Vlies Coordinator, Video/Audio Web/Graphic Designer News and Media Relations @vliesk @KellyMcBride
    2. 2. M/UC uses for Social Media to… • propagate news. • generate traffic to our website. • cultivate brand awareness. • connect with UW-Green Bay friends and alumni. • monitor and track news media reports.
    3. 3. M/UC Social Media Accounts• UWGB Alums Facebook Page Created March 2008• UW-Green Bay News Facebook Page Created December 2010• @uwgreenbaynews on Twitter Created August 10, 2009• UWGBnews on YouTube Created June 2008
    4. 4. Incoming Traffic from Facebook Nov 29, 2008-Nov 29,
    5. 5. UWGB Alums Page• 1,852 Likes• Created March 2008• Alumni news, benefits , events promos
    6. 6. UWGB Alums Page• Predominantly aged 25-34• 63% Women
    7. 7. 30K Grads Giveaway Promo
    8. 8. UW-Green Bay News Page• 150 Likes• Created Dec 2010
    9. 9. UW-Green Bay News Page• Age spread is more diverse• 61% Women
    10. 10. @uwgreenbaynews UW-Green Bay News on Twitter• 572 Tweets• 78 Following• 417 Followers• 29 Listed• Created Aug 2009
    11. 11. TweetDeckAllows us to post toand monitor multipleaccounts.
    12. 12. UWGBnews YouTube Channel• 141 Videos Uploaded• 7,742 Channel Views• 228,955 Total Upload Views• Created: June 4, 2008• 79 Subscribers• Stores videos embedded in the Inside News site
    13. 13. Where do we get the content? UWGB Cofrin Library UWGB Student Life Weidner Center UWGB AIC Green Bay Phoenix UWGB Union Events and Promotions share or re-tweet other accounts UW-Green Bay Inside News in the media UWGB Press Gazette WBAY, WFRV, WLUK Alums Horizon League and News
    14. 14. Raji Video• 131,008 views• 1/27/2011• 4,276 visits in 2 days (300% increase)• 1,121 referrals in 2 days from social media
    15. 15. Where we are:Green Bay Phoenix Athletics Athletics Marketing and Communication Adam Halfmann Andrew Gavin Director of Athletics Director of Athletics Marketing and Promotions Communications @adamhalfmann @GBGavin
    16. 16. Posting Content to Social MediaScenario 1: Scenario 2:Posting to Facebook via Posting to Facebook withan automatic RSS feed manual updates via afrom a news website native or original post
    17. 17. Posting Content to Social MediaSo what? 2,119The switch created a 1433%increase in amount of posts toFacebook and a 98% increasein the amount of monthlyactive users. 1,069 Scenario 1: RSS Feed Scenario 2: Manual Updates 46 3 Posts per week Active monthly users
    18. 18. Viral VideosScenario 1: Outcome:A video goes viral GreenBayPhoenix.combut not sourced receivedfrom our website 8,956 A total of referrals in 4 days 17,512 Phoenix Flix referrals from the received viral video 8,556 referrals in five days.
    19. 19. Viral VideosScenario 2: Outcome:A video goes viral GreenBayPhoenix.comon your website receivedor shared via an 12,229 A total ofembed from your referrals in 2 dayswebsite 58,315 Phoenix Flix referrals from the received viral video 46,086 referrals in 13 days.
    20. 20. Viral Videos Scenario 1 Scenario 2So what? 1,300,000Although both videos wereviral, near or surpassing 1 millionviews each, the video sourcedfrom 800,000resulted in a 233% increase inamount of referral traffic 58,315 17,512 referrals viral views
    21. 21. Where we are: Student Affairs Todd Sanders Social Media Specialist @tsand