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  1. 1. Design + Planning Resume Tara Salmieri, AICP Senior Associate Education Tara Salmieri is a Senior Associate leading work on local Bachelor of Arts, Urban Growth Management, Planning and Politics: Rollins College (1999) government land development codes that are based on sustainable design principles with an emphasis on Professional Registrations illustrative development codes that rely on understanding Conflict Resolution, July 2000 American Institute of Certified Planners, #0200636 the design of the community to better code the context of Form Based Code Certified, 2008 the built environment. Tara is also Form Base Code certified and has led the code writing for Florida cities including Affiliations Florida Planning and Zoning Association Eustis, Lakeland, Jacksonville Beach, Leesburg, Sanford and American Planning Association Sarasota County. City of Orlando Board of Zoning Adjustment, 2004 – Oct. 2009 Vice Chairperson, 2007 – 2008 Chairperson 2008 2009 Project Experience - Small Area Studies Publications + Technical Papers US 17/92 Corridor Strategy Plan, Sanford, FL “Revitalization of Suburban Corridors and Strategies for Redevelopment,” American Planning Association Urban Design Publication The US 17/92 Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Plan was updated to outline the financial strategies for the Presentations remaining 10 years of the CRA. Three corridor strategy plans “Codes on the Road,” interactive course for multiple cities in Central Florida,April – September 2009, Local American Planning Association were created by sub districts established in the original CRA. “Aging Corridors,” Florida Redevelopment Association, 2007 Each district was a little over three miles in length. The “Ideas about the Future of our Cities Form Based Code,” October 2009, Corridor Strategy Plan’s focused on both private and public presenter Florida Redevelopment Association Conference “Is there a Place for Placemaking in Planning’s Economy,” panelist, October investment for the corridor identifying key locations for 2009, Urban Land Institute redevelopment and key areas for additional public investment. October 2006, The Redevelopment Planning Professional History Agency and the Community Redevelopment Agency Board 2009 – Present Design + Planning at AECOM A unanimously approved the strategies that were developed Senior Associate for the corridor. Tara served as the Project Manager and Planner that led the creation of the strategic plans for each 2000 – 2009 Glatting Jackson Kercher Anglin, Inc. Orlando, Florida subdistrict. Senior Associate Broward Boulevard Corridor Study, Fort Lauderdale, FL 1999 – 2000 Herbert Halback Inc Two phases of the Broward Boulevard corridor study were Planner completed that focused on light rail and bus rapid transit. One of the primary objectives along Broward Boulevard was 1999 to encourage and shape future development and land use City of Belle Isle General Services Coordinator, patterns. To support this objective, the Broward Boulevard station area identification and planning was conducted within a corridor-wide planning effort with a focus on redevelopment. Tara was the project manager and planner for both phases of the project.
  2. 2. Tara Salmieri Resume Project Experience - Design Guidelines/Policies district.. All of the block prototypes were tailored to downtown Sanford’s current block dimensions and historic City of Lakeland, Citywide Design Framework and Form building pattern. Transitional blocks were created to protect Based Code, Lakeland, FL the surrounding single family uses that bordered the study Creation of a citywide form based code is currently being area. The block typology was meant to serve as a guide to developed that includes 16 building types, parks, landscape how infill development of complete blocks and single parcel standards and block layout. Tara is the project manager and development should fit within the existing fabric of the creator of the land development code. downtown. Tara was the project manager and creator of the ordinance. City of Eustis, Form-Base Code Land Development Regulations, Urban Design, Eustis, FL Route 9 Integrated Land Use and Transportation Plan, In July of 2008, the City of Eustis adopted a new form-based Ocean County, NJ. New Jersey Department of code developed in response to concerns by the City Transportation commissioned a study to look at the 30-mile Commission and local stakeholders who were interested in stretch of Route 9 between South Tom’s River and Tuckerton creating a new land development code that would function Boroughs and how land use, transportation, and community to streamline the approval process, create clear design design and planning can be better integrated. The study led standards consistent with the City’s vision, reinforce the to a corridor partnership agreement and several key character of each community district, and implement the implementation items, including the redevelopment of a City’s downtown Master Plan. The City of Eustis’s form brownfield/old shopping center into a mixed use community, based code provides design regulations for the entire the development of alternative roadway network, a model transect, as opposed to traditional form-based codes that ordinance, and roadway redesign. Tara led the creation, provide regulations only for the urban areas. Tara was the lead planner and creator of the design and form of the land development and workshops for the model ordinance. development code. Rock Hill-York County-Charlotte Model Ordinance, Rock Hill, SC – Lead Planner, developed two model ordinances for City of Jacksonville Beach Downtown Vision Plan, corridors and station areas that addressed street Jacksonville, FL framework, uses, building types, basic architecture The vision plan provided the framework to create form based standards. land development standards that were adopted in 2009. Tara was the project manager and creator of the adopted Sarasota County, 2050 Land Development Regulations standards created from the vision plan. Village, Hamlet, Conservation Subdivisions, Economic Riverside Avondale Zoning Overlay District, Jacksonville, Development Overlays, Sarasota, FL FL Glatting Jackson created Land Development Regulations Riverside/Avondale Area is approximately six square miles of and Zoning Code amendments to implement portions of the historic neighborhoods with neighborhood serving retail Sarasota County 2050 Resource Management Area (RMA) located throughout the area. A zoning overlay for the System Amendment to the Sarasota County Comprehensive Riverside/Avondale area was created to protect the historic Plan. These revisions included revisions to their current character of the area, provide flexibility for redevelopment Zoning Ordinance to provide for a series of zoning districts while protecting the stable existing single family historic and design standards to implement the county’s Village, residential community. A series of graphics were created to Hamlet and Settlement Area land use designations that help guide the overlay and provide a form based application Tara helped develop. for the historic area. Tara was the project manager and creator of the ordinance. Historic Villages of Goldenrod, Orlando, FL Design guidelines created, provided additional language that Sanford Downtown Riverfront, Sanford, FL would supplement Orange County's Land Development Code A zoning overlay with three districts was created for the through the development of an ordinance specifically created for the Historic Village at Goldenrod. Tara was the Downtown/Riverfront Area which identified the existing project manager and creator of the guidelines. street network and how buildings should orient to each street designation and the appropriate heights permitted by
  3. 3. Tara Salmieri Resume Lee Road Neighborhood Design Guidelines, Orange Brandon Main Street Land Development, Brandon, FL County, FL Implementation of a vision for a town center utilizing Design guidelines that identified the issues and constraints traditional neighborhood design standards. The town center within the County’s current Land Development Code for concept was developed through an interactive design consideration of modifications to the current Land process that created four mixed-use zoning districts (Town Development requirements. The tools utilized during this Center I and II, Neighborhood Services and Gateway) that process were 3D modeling of a site within the corridor and would regulate the vision for new and infill development photo visualizations to help translate the Land Development through development blocks. Tara was a planner that Code to a more user friendly application and understanding created pieces of the ordinance adopted. of the categories to regulate. Tara was the project manager and creator of the guidelines. City of Leesburg, Leesburg, FL 2004, A unified land development code was adopted in the city of Leesburg. The new code provided for both traditional building patterns and suburban building patterns that understand the community character vision as expressed within the adopted comprehensive plan. Four of the ten chapters in the Unified Land Development Code were completely y revised: Zoning District Regulations, Site Design Standards, Signs and Technical Standards Six new zoning districts were created - one additional single-use district and five new mixed-use districts. The new mixed-use districts included design standards with a range of urban and suburban standards that would complement specific areas within Leesburg. Access management and street sections were crafted along with the addition of landscape standards for commercial properties. City of St. Pete Beach, St. Pete Beach, FL A vision plan was created and identified specific standards to be created four (4) new zoning districts including permitted uses for the new districts, as well as a new bulk standards table that also addressed density, intensity, and height limitations. In addition, these regulations also addressed general design standards and requirements for the City of St. Pete Beach Land Development Code that will be consistent with the sub-districts of the North Redevelopment District as defined in the proposed amendment to the City's Comprehensive Plan. Tara created the ordinance and provided necessary support for the vision. Pasco County Update to the Land Development Regulations, New Port, Richey, FL A Planned Unit Development Ordinance was created to support Traditional Neighborhood Design that included parameters for street design, building position, landscape standards, sign standards and basic architectural guidelines. Tara created the ordinance, public engagement approach, task force review and adoption.