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Open house presentation rev 09 11
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Open house presentation rev 09 11



KMS Open House 2011-2012

KMS Open House 2011-2012
6a Social Studies Presentation
Thomas St. George



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    Open house presentation rev 09 11 Open house presentation rev 09 11 Presentation Transcript

    • Welcome to Team 6A Social Studies
    • Assigned Texts
      • World Cultures and Geography
      • This text book will be used in both 6 th and 7 th grade. Some of the chapters we cover in 6 th grade are:
      • United States
      • Economy
      • Government
      • Cultures
      • Canada
      • Economy
      • Government
      • Cultures
      • Europe
      • Both Modern day and early Renaissance
      • Middle Era
      • Ancient Greece
      • Ancient Rome
    • Other work  Culture and Economy through PBIS - 3B’s Be Respectful - Be Responsible - Be Safe - Fill a Bucket & Have You Filled A Bucket Today by Carol McCloud - How Full Is Your Bucket? by Ph.D. Donald O. Clifton - The Golden Rule , by Ilene Cooper - Cougar coupons and a menu to shop - Kidblog.org - Goal to produce PBIS videos for next year’s 6 th grade and other schools http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=244328&title=PBS_at_KMS_2011_2012
    • Bucket Filling Sites: http://www. monroetwp .k12. nj .us/Radix/ BucketFilling / http:// myfunteacher .com/ bucketfillers . htm http//www.bucketfillers101.com/ http://www. bucketfillersforlife .com/ http://strengths. gallup .com/114595/Welcome- Bucketbook -com-Users. aspx http://www. teachingheart .net/bucket.html http://www. teacherweb .com/IN/ NorthwesternElementarySchool / MrsDill / bucketschool . pdf http://www. kleinspiration .com/2011/03/are-you-bucket-filler.html http:// polk . schooldesk .net/Links/ BucketFillosophy / tabid /2362/Default. aspx Videos: http:// thumannresources .com/2010/08/09/a-non- techie -resource-bucket-fillers/ http://www. teachertube .com/ viewVideo . php ?video_id=68895 http://www. teachertube .com/ viewVideo . php ?video_id=192266&title=Bucket_Fillers http://www. schooltube .com/video/c4a04c15736b010b144a/Have-You-Filled-a-Bucket-Today http://www. schooltube .com/video/4e878046e3ab31bc96bd/Have-you-filled-a-bucket-today http://www. schooltube .com/video/a8c73950921945f49040/A-Bucket-Filling-Moment-episode-one http://www. schooltube .com/video/5d652ef206564e9db4ef/A-Bucket-Filling-Moment-episode-2 http://www. schooltube .com/video/0cd25ec65abe44f89445/A-Bucket-Filling-Moment-episode-3 http://www. schooltube .com/video/3c714208758a684356fa/A-Bucket-Filling-Moment-episode-4 http://www. schooltube .com/video/547fa8648b36a9e45d5a/A7-Bucket-Fillers http://www. schooltube .com/video/4a9ca348e29b205ad383/How-Full-is-your-Bucket
    • Other work, continued
      •  Current events with Time for Kids
      •  Teachertube.com & Schooltube.com
      • ex: The Second Day by Brook Peters
      • http://theseconddayfilm.com/
      •  United Streaming from Discovery Education
      •  SSR/DEAR: The Power of Reading ,
      • by Stephen D. Krashen
      •  Fluency Assessments University of Oregon DIBELS
      • (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)
      •  Collaborative unit presentation using Web2.0 technology
      • ex: Voice thread, Animoto, Prezi, Slideshare,Wordle
      •  New Literarcies – UCONN Dr. Donald Leu http://www. slideshare .net/ djleu /
    •   Excerpts from thesis on Technology in Education Dr. Donald Leu of the University of Connecticut is trying to make a case for increased technology in education to better prepare our students for the economy of their future.  Leu contends that reading skills are changing and so should our reading tests. "Students aged 8-18 spend more time reading online than reading offline, 48 minutes per day vs. 43 minutes per day" (Leu, slide 17).     A longitudinal study conducted by Isabelle Archambault (2008) has found a significant correlation between student engagement and reliably predicted school dropout rates.     Researchers have also reported positive correlations between active student learning and student achievement and have concluded that student engagement is frequently the key determinant.  (Kidwell 4)
    • Homework & Grading
      • Homework is assigned at random. Students are required to pass in homework the next day, unless specified
      • Grades are calculated during the middle and at the end of the marking period
      • Tests, quizzes, projects, and presentations represent most of, but not solely, student grades in Social Studies
    • Helpful Information
      • My email address:
      • tstgeorget @norwichpublicschools.org
      • My physical address:
      • Room 603 (Down stairs in the new wing by the elevator)
      • My phone number at KMS:
      • (860)823-4211 x1603
      • KMS Homework Website:
      • www.norwichpublicschools.org/kellyms/hworkweb.html
      School Governance Council