Social Link Building: An Integrated Approach


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Certain SEO techniques are gradually disappearing while Google Penguin continues to mature. With a focus on ‘earning’ links, more than ‘building’ links, social media is the perfect tool for link building today. Therefore the term 'Social Link Building'.

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Social Link Building: An Integrated Approach

  1. 1. Towards an ‘Integrated’ Approach Social Link building July 2013 – Truus Heremans
  2. 2. Biston Betularia The peppered moth (Biston Betularia), once white with black spots, faced a strange challenge in London during the Industrial Revolution. Buildings and trees, stained with soot, turned black. The light colored moths could no longer hide against this backdrop, and were eaten up by birds. But some peppered moths survived – by turning black themselves! To survive, you must adapt and change with your environment. Otherwise, you’re dead.
  3. 3. The times they are changin’ Tactical SEO games are coming to an end Isolated on-page and off-page SEO tactics are no longer enough SEO is now true marketing. It’s also about social media and PR
  4. 4. A new search landscape Correctly uncovering searcher intent and understanding their problems Identifying real and trusted people, using ‘signals’ that are tough to cheat Gaining authoritative links from trusted authorities
  5. 5. “Think of any networking event you’ve been to. We’ve all met that one person with the business cards, right? You know, that person who boldly walks up to you, hands you their business card and starts speaking at you about how fantastic they are and why their business is so brilliant.” (Laura Hampton) And it’s annoying… Because you don’t know that person and they haven’t taken the time to get to know you either. A new search landscape
  6. 6. It’s exactly the same case online. You can’t expect to receive a link from somebody by asking for it straight away It’s about building relationships and earning links, providing unique and highly relevant content A new search landscape
  7. 7. And social media is perfectly designed for that…
  8. 8. Social Media can produce both direct and indirect links Direct links • Link connectivity via profile links • Link connectivity via shared links Indirect links • As a result of increased visibility • By leveraging social media channels and tools for research and outreach
  9. 9. Profile links Pinterest and Google+ profile links are – for the time being – followed Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profile links are no-followed Establishing your brand Optimal combination for a natural link profile
  10. 10. Shared links Google+ influences crawling Twitter links
  11. 11. Building an active, engaged social presence Choose the right platform(s) Optimise your profiles Maintain your social presence Post regularly around relevant industry topics Link back to your site
  12. 12. Use Social Media for Research Identify key influencers • FollowerWonk • Linkdex • SocialBro
  13. 13. Linkdex Integrated features for SEO, social media, content and PR Linking authors to content: great for your outreach efforts Detailed link profile insights
  14. 14. Linkdex
  15. 15. Use Social Media for Research Gain real-time insights into popular content • Audience needs and interests • Discover unnoticed trends and insights through interaction and observation • SocialMention • Topsy • MentionMapp
  16. 16. MentionMapp
  17. 17. Topsy Activity Discovery Influencers
  18. 18. Make your online content easily shareable by adding social sharing buttons • Gain insights into most popular content • Current trends and interactions • Identify potential link partners Don’t build a brochure website, build a ‘Social Site’
  19. 19. Leverage Twitter To find opportunities • Anyone following you who isn’t linking to you? • See what is popular and conversations you can tap into • Getting your content in front of people who may link to it • Twilert • Twitter Advanced Search To engage with influencers • Follow industry leaders & engage around the content they post • Stay top-of-mind
  20. 20. Leverage Twitter Help people
  21. 21. Leverage Twitter Curate stories
  22. 22. Use Pinterest what-is-pinterest-and-why-does-it-matter/ • Pinterest is a great traffic driver • Builds brand awareness and engagement • Amplifies your existing content • Can help you find new link building opportunities
  23. 23. Social media offers a quick way to see that you’re a legitimate source with an active interest in the field And you’re not just out to spam any email address or Twitter account you can get your hands on Be personal
  24. 24. Make your message stand out Email Social Media • Use short and natural subjects • Do not mention ‘link request’ • Send emails as an actual person • Use names • Include a natural salutation • Converse with context • Do not just tweet a link • Brief and to-the-point • Participate in conversation • Relevant hashtag
  25. 25. Simply don’t, dot Don’t send the exact same message to everyone You will be perceived as a spammer
  26. 26. Build and leverage connections Connect with key influencers • Get on their radar • Give them a reason to link to you • Leverage their contacts and social networks Also consider virgin sites • Blogs that have few outbound links and are more likely to be approachable Build a network of bloggers • Aim for bloggers that are active on Twitter, Retweet others often, and engage directly with other bloggers
  27. 27. Maintain relationships After you have secured a link, continue to engage with your link prospect Add them to private Twitter lists or Google+ circles This will keep opportunities open for the future
  28. 28. A few closing notes…
  29. 29. We need to tear down the silos All channels can effectively work together to get your message across successfully
  30. 30. The ‘Digital Team’ • To effectively reach and engage your target audience • Don’t let your digital experts work in ‘silos’!
  31. 31. It takes time… Effective Social Link building doesn’t happen overnight It is a long-term strategy, so stick with it consistently to see the results
  32. 32. Any questions?