Content Marketing: An Integrated Approach


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Content marketing has become widely popular in 2013. But is content really King? Does content matter if it doesn't reach and convince your target audience? Read more on

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Content Marketing: An Integrated Approach

  1. 1. Content MarketingAN INTEGRATED APPROACHTruus Heremans@trooogle
  2. 2. 2013: The year of content?
  3. 3. Today, consumers aresavvier than ever
  4. 4. Carrying out extensive research… before making onlinepurchase decisions
  5. 5. Today’s consumerPromotionalmessagesTraditional one-waycommunication
  6. 6. Today’s consumerWants to beeducatedMarketing that‘does’ somethingInformation discoveryand sharing
  7. 7. Traditional marketing talks atpeople. Content marketingtalks with them.(Doug Kessler, Creative Director & Co-founder ofVelocity)
  8. 8. Google Updates! Genuinely ‘earn’ attention and visibility! Adding value for your visitors = Google’sGolden Rule! Highly relevant and useful content, thatanswers their problems/needs
  9. 9. By helping your visitors meet their goals,engaging them in a way that they would behappy to link to and share your content
  10. 10. What happens online….
  11. 11. Today’s Internet world! Ever-growingamount ofinformation! Continuouslyincreasing numberof channels andtechnologies
  12. 12. How do we attract and keepusers’ attention?
  13. 13. We need to…
  14. 14. What is Content Marketing?≠ simply creating more content≠ not just another SEO tactic≠ poorly informed blogger outreach
  15. 15. What is Content Marketing?
  16. 16. What is Content Marketing?meaningful and customer-orientedinformationuseful and engaging for your specificaudience groupsencourages them to consider you over acompetitor
  17. 17. Quality > quantityContent marketing goes beyond writing a blogpost and publishing…How do you get anyoneto read your content?
  18. 18. What is ‘quality content’?
  19. 19. Why users stop following brands online…Source: ExactTarget, 2011
  20. 20. To effectively reach your targetgroups, your content should be…! Relevant and useful! Add value! Unique! Have a clear business purpose! Simple/easy-to-understand! Engaging! Personal! Easy to find/share
  21. 21. Content is an important part ofevery online campaign
  22. 22. But is Content ‘King’?Well, not exactly…
  23. 23. Content is an important tool to tell yourstories, reach your customers andconvince them of your
  24. 24. But what is your content if nobodyknows of it, if nobody is able to find it, orif they manage to find it also share it?
  25. 25. Content isn’t the goal
  26. 26. We need to tear down theMarketing Silos
  27. 27. Reach and engage yourtarget audience
  28. 28. An ‘Integrated Approach’
  29. 29. Make sure all content isoptimised for SEO
  30. 30. Social Media! To identify key influencers! To identify content needs! To increase reach of your content messages! Set up Google Authorship! Make all content shareable
  31. 31. Focus on visually engaging content“90% of informationtransmitted to the brain isvisual, and visuals areprocessed 60,000X faster inthe brain than text”(source: 3M Corporation and Zabisco)
  32. 32. PR! Creative content isyour best PRoutreach! Leverage PRagencies
  33. 33. Analytics! Identify your mostpopular content(liked, shared,traffic)! Seasonality! Social referrals
  34. 34. PaidUse paid search to drive traffic to apiece of content
  35. 35. The Digital TeamAn integrated whole is bigger than asimple sum of all its parts…
  36. 36. Get in touch! Twitter: @trooogle! Google+! LinkedIn:! Pinterest: