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As you grow and build your audience-base, the focus on privacy management and consumer privacy becomes critical to your organization. Privacy management is equally important with the growth of mobile applications and digital editions. Visit for web, mobile and ad privacy solutions.

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  • Thanks …As, this is Robin Andruss, Director of Privacy Solutions at TRUSTe and I’m going to talk to you more about mobile privacy.
  • TRUSTe is global leader in certification for mobile apps, websites, data collection and for cloud service providers. We provide a comprehensive suite of services including technology solutions and products related to privacy. Our customer base includes many of the top Fortune 500 companies but we provide solutions for companies of all sizes.
  • We have conducted a lot of research and studies around mobile privacy. Surveys have shown consumers are highly concerned about what types of data is being collected from their device and who has access to that data. It's important to effectively communicate what your data collection practices are. As a business, you are probably trying to extend consumer engagement of your brand, however your customers may not be ready to engage with you yet through mobile. One reason for this is your customers have privacy concerns. Privacy is important to consumers when using their mobile device as the device highly personal, ability to collect lots of data - such as contacts, texts, photos, etc.Today I will show you a couple of ways how to effectively communicate your privacy practices to your customers that will help you build trust based upon privacy core values of transparency, choice, and accountability.
  • There are inherent challenges to communicate privacy in a mobile device. Normally, privacy would be communicated by a privacy policy at the footer and on pages where personal information is collected, as well as just in time notices. An example is when you enter your email to obtain a newsletter and see the link to the privacy policy.Thisis a challenge to do in a mobile device due to real estate constraints, etc. For example, how many times are you not able to see an ad or read an article correctly on a mobile device?What about if you wanted to review how your data is collected and how your privacy is protected on a mobile device?
  • First thing you can do is make sure your policy is easily accessible...both within the app store listing and when the user is using the app, ideally when personal information is being collected and/or in a spot where the user would think to look for the policy. Examples include on the log in page, change my account page and then info section of the app.
  • Best practice is we recommend the privacy policy be at least 2 clicks away...from the app home page. This is so you can easily learn about the privacy practices of the application you are using but don’t have to dig through pages and links to find this.
  • Through our research results, we have found that 7 our of 10 end users, like yourself indicated they are more likely to read a privacy policy that is easy to navigate & read. Utilizing Privacy by Design concepts (for example, building privacy into your application during the development stage) is critical in the mobile spaceThis will also help to increase trust in end users (both prospects and customers) so they will engage with the application and feel comfortable providing their information to the app they are using.
  • The privacy policy should be optimized for display within a mobile device.For example, on the first screen, the user is creating an account.They click on the seal which brings them to a mobile optimized privacy policy.Information is easily discoverable via clearly labeled topic heading communicated with a combination of icons and words But the user can easily navigate to other sections of the policy within each sectionback button easily allows consumer to return to the appFor example, the user can learn more about tracking and ads on this application easily.
  • In summary, The goal is to provide effective meaningful timely notice to the consumer when its relevant and do it in a way that does not detract from the consumer experience ...Now I will hand it off to Vicki to talk about how Sprint provided effective, meaningful, and timely notice to educate its customers about their new ad serving platform...
  • The amount of time U.S. consumers spend using mobile devices will increase by more than half this year, increasing to 82 minutes a day, from 34 minutes in 2010, according to an eMarketer report72% of business marketers expect to increase their mobile ad spend over the next 2 years. (Marketer Perceptions of Mobile Advertising, IAB study conducted by Ovum, July 2011)Smartphone adoption, the bell weather for mobile spending trends, projected to continue upward growth trajectory. 2013 expecting to see 138M smartphones in the U.S. ( interact with their phones more than 50 discrete moments per day- Its Moments that Matter-
  • Marketers taking mobile seriously U.S. annual mobile display ad spending to grow over $8B from 2012 to 2016Investments in mobile display expected to grow rapidly over next four years, topping $10B in 2016Total category including display, search and messaging-based advertising expected to reach $20B in 2016 eMarketer, December 2012By any source, and by any measure, there is tremendous opportunity and ad spend growth potential in this space. Mobile ad spending on Mobile is not keeping up with Time spent on Mobile.
  • Pinsight Media+Advertising more personal and relevant to customersMobile ads more generic to their interest vs random ones that they don’t wantChoice and controlA mobile carrier with unique targeting capabilitiesA provider with over 15 years of mobile experience and exclusive knowledge about our customers, enabling us to deliver meaningful advertising experiences and better resultsʻPinsightʼ has an obvious connection to ʻinsight,ʼ while also conveying precise targeting through ʻpinʼThe plus on the modifier is a very simple, modern way of communicating that NewCo’s offerings are more than just mediaThe tagline “mobile smart, people wise) speaks to our expertise in mobile and our insights into consumer behavior.Nod to “the pin drop”Sounds fun, friendly, upbeat
  • Unlimited
  • Sprint takes a pro-consumer stance on customer privacy, transparency and choice. Received certification for its Pinsight Media+ mobile advertising program from TRUSTe, a leading online data privacy management solutions provider. Working with TRUSTe, Sprint completed the TRUSTe certification which includes ongoing monitoring. The TRUSTe Privacy Seal also indicates that the program includes a professionally reviewed privacy policy.Verifies that we are doing what we said we would. The key to Pinsight Media+ is that customers have the freedom to opt in to receive relevant brand messages. Customers can be confident that no personal information is shared. The TRUSTe certification validates that Sprint is transparent and accountable for responsible management of the customer’s choice of privacy preferences.”
  • A view on the opportunity isnt unique but we have the capability to act on the opportunity. One of the gaps in mobile is driving relevant messages for moments that matters.Targeting drives more value for publishers. It makes publishers make their inventory more efficent and compellingOver 100 communications for our customer today and each one of them is an opportunity for an advert to deliver unique and relevant messagingValue exchangeThe new advertising service offers unique targeting that combines anonymous information about the use of customers’ location, mobile web browsing behavior and demographic information.  Targeting. We offer exclusive, in-depth audience data to drive advertising that is timely, relevant and effective.
  • On mobile device all the time in discrete moments. “MOMENTS THAT MATTER” is the key in mobile. It’s unique to mobile due to the growing intimacy we have with our mobile devices. Mobile has created a new, unique media that brings relevant message to brands or “moments that matter.” At least one of these moments are uniques in terms of context and location for advertisers to engage their audiemce in a personal way and personal situationSprint has been a leader in bringing smartphones to customers. Pinsight Media+ is the next evolution in delivering the content consumers want on their devices. With Pinsight Media+, brands are able to deliver relevant messages in the moments that matter.
  • Unique placement options - Custom campaigns. Advertisers can leverage the best of mobile (ex: Sprint Zone), online (ex: and offline channels (ex: Retail Store Demo Phones) to deliver tailored, premium campaigns.Promoting Apps:Priority placement on suggested apps for GooglePlay™ and Sprint Zone offers one of the highest conversion rates of Sprint propertiesPublishers can access in-app advertising opportunities by utilizing visual voicemailSPRINT-OWNED PROPERTIESSprint Web: Tailor message with multiple content sectionsBoost Web: Target Hispanic demographicVirgin Web: Captivate prepaid A springboard for all consumersAnd many others
  • Consumer Privacy Concerns – TRUSTe and Mobile Marketing Association Webinars

    1. 1. Are Your Audience-Building Efforts SufferingDue to Consumer Privacy Concerns?May 16, 2013MMA Webinar Series Sponsored by:
    2. 2. OverviewAs you grow and build your audience-base, the focus on privacymanagement and consumer privacy becomes critical to yourorganization. Privacy management is equally important with thegrowth of mobile applications and digital editions.Hear experts, Robin Andruss, Director of Privacy Solutions atTRUSTe, and Vicki Ryan, Head of Marketing for PinsightMedia+ mobile advertising at Sprint, as they share insights onhow to best manage your customer privacy, while increasingtrust among customers.
    3. 3. Today’s AgendaKey Learning Objectives:• The effects of consumer mistrust on your ability to capturesubscribers and data• Privacy issues with the advent of mobile apps and digitaleditions• Tactics you can use to protect and alleviate your audiencesconcerns over privacy• The importance of creating and communicating privacypolicies, for all platforms, including mobile, that can actuallyhelp your audience-acquisition efforts
    4. 4. Today’s SpeakersVicki RyanHead of Marketing, Pinsight Media+ Mobile AdvertisingSprint New VenturesLeo ScullinGlobal Industry InitiativesMobile Marketing Associationleo@mmaglobal.comModeratorRobin AndrussDirector of Privacy SolutionsTRUSTe
    5. 5. Q&ADon’t forget to Tweet about this sessionusing hashtag: #MMAWeb
    6. 6. CONFIDENTIAL 6Are Your Audience-BuildingEfforts Suffering Due toConsumer Privacy Concerns?May 2013
    7. 7. CONFIDENTIAL 7Global Leader in Privacy Management Solutions 15 years of privacy experience #1 privacy brand & trustmark Robust technology infrastructureComprehensive Solution Suite All online channels Leading global DAA-Approved AdChoices provider(Serving 1B/Day+ Impressions) Technology + Services + CertificationsLarge / Loyal Customer Base Over 5,000 clients Over 90% renewal rate Cross industry solutionsTRUSTe Overview
    8. 8. CONFIDENTIAL 8Privacy is important when using a mobile device
    9. 9. CONFIDENTIAL 9• Space constraints• Inaccessibility• Poor user experienceChallenges in communicating privacy in a mobiledevice
    10. 10. CONFIDENTIAL 10App Store listingAccessing the privacy policyWithin the app
    11. 11. CONFIDENTIAL 112-clicks away
    12. 12. CONFIDENTIAL 127 out of 10 people indicated they are more likely toread a privacy policy that is easy to navigate & read
    13. 13. CONFIDENTIAL 13Optimizing the mobile privacy experience
    14. 14. CONFIDENTIAL 14• Provide relevant information• Make informationaccessible at a relevantpoint in time– User making a decision• Deliver the notice in a non-intrusive way• Do not overwhelm the userexperienceEffective policy Summary
    15. 15. Vicki Ryan, Pinsight Media+, Sprint NextelMaking the most of mobile:Driving Revenue in the Digital Age
    16. 16. Trends& Gaps
    17. 17. The majority of businesseswill increase their mobileMARKETING INVESTMENTSvia: iab, 2011The mobile outlookFOR 2013Americans will spend119 MINUTES A DAYon their mobile devicesvia: InMobi, 2012U.S. Smartphoneadoption will growTO 138M DEVICESvia:
    18. 18. Growing over$8B$10.8BIndustry by 2016Mobile ad spendingIS GROWING EVERY YEAR
    19. 19. Introducingmobile smart. people wise.™
    20. 20. 61%We have access to an audience of over55 MILLIONHighest smartphonepenetration of majorcarriersPowered by Sprint78%Highest penetration ofadvanced data users29%More likely to engagewith advertisingmobilecustomersSprint customers:
    21. 21. CUSTOMERS ‘OPT-IN’to receive targeted messagesOUR COMMITMENT TO CUSTOMER CHOICEmeans a more receptive audience for marketersTRUSTe certification for the PinsightMedia+ mobile advertising serviceensures ourpro-consumer stance on customerprivacy, transparency & accountability
    22. 22. SmartTARGETINGDemographicsBehavioral attributesLocation
    23. 23. HighlyPERSONAL MESSAGING& immediate actionin moments that matter.THE POWER OF MOBILE
    25. 25. CampaignInsightsDetailed analytical reportingallowsyou to measure campaigneffectiveness and optimizecreative or placements mid-stream.
    26. 26. Q&AModeratorVicki RyanHead of Marketing, Pinsight Media+ Mobile AdvertisingSprint New VenturesRobin AndrussDirector of Privacy SolutionsTRUSTeLeo ScullinGlobal Industry InitiativesMobile Marketing
    27. 27. Q&AModeratorLeo ScullinGlobal Industry InitiativesMobile Marketing
    28. 28. Upcoming Events & Programs• Cannes Lions Festival, June 16-23• CEO & CMO Summit (Park City, Utah), July 21-23Visit for more details on future events and webinarsPlanning for 2013, contact Michael Becker at to getinvolved
    29. 29. Thank YouADDITIONAL RESOURCES• Learn more about TRUSTe at• Contact TRUSTe at up for the for partners or get listed at theMobile Marketing Industry