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Question 6 Question 6 Presentation Transcript

  • Q6.What have I learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  • Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Word was the programme in which I used for many written work such as my article, questionnaires and front cover, contents page and double page analysis in my planning and research.
    This software was helpful because it had the tool ‘Spell check’ where I could easily write the text and the spelling would be checked. Writing everything on word also allowed me to easily copy and paste whatever I needed onto Photoshop or onto my blog.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
    This programme helped me to create power points on a particular topic or question. I have used this software throughout my whole coursework. It made everything look very organised and easy to read as I kept things simple by using bullet points. This was the most useful when showing how I created my front page, contents & double page spread as I would just paste the print screen onto here. Also, It helped throughout answering my evaluation questions. I could add arrows and text box’s to develop my answers.
  • Microsoft Excel
    I used this software when I was creating my graphs for my questionnaire results. This is a spreadsheet which was easier for me to create my graphs as I just inserted the information and right clicked it to make a graph. I was familiar with this programme so I found this easy to use. There were many options for me to make my graphs look attractive. This made my data legible and easy to compare.
  • USB Stick
    My USB stick was the device which I used
    throughout my whole coursework. It
    helped me to store everything when
    producing my magazine. It also helped me
    to transfer documents from one place to
    another easily by ‘copying’ and ‘pasting’.
    Without my USB it would have been hard to
    save my productions which were on
    Photoshop because it would be very time
    consuming if emailed to myself as it would
    take too much memory.
  • Blogger
    Blogger was a website I never used
    before. I used this blog to upload all my
    work in a quick and easy way. I could
    upload power points, documents
    ,audiofiles and images. Blogger made
    things look very organised and posted
    everything in date order in which I had to
    change some things to make it
  • Slideshare
    Slideshare was very helpful as it allowed
    me to upload power points easily and
    all to upload it to my blog, I had to
    embed the link. It was a quick and easy
    software to use.
  • Adobe Photoshop
    I used adobe photo shop to make the
    production of my magazine. It was
    very useful in editing pictures and
    making them look more professional.
    I didn’t have experience in using
    Photoshop before however by
    messing around with different tools
    on this software, it is simple to use.
  • Adobe Photoshop; Tools used
    LASSO TOOL; This tool was to crop out a rough outline of the picture that can be edited properly after. It cropped out neatly with the use of the magic wand used.
    MAGIC WAND; This tool allowed me to select elements which were not needed in the image. I could change the tolerance of this tool which was very useful in cutting out little and big parts of the image.
    BRUSH; The brush allowed me to smoothen the edges of the picture. I could change the size of the brush and make the hardness between 0-100.
  • Edirol
    I used this device to record audience
    feedback and interviewing people by asking
    questions. This was a handy device because
    it was quick to record people.
  • Adobe Audition
    I used the edirol to
    produce this audio file. I recorded
    what I needed and uploaded it onto
    Adobe Audition. This software
    allowed me to cut out any parts which
    I didn't need or any pauses in the
    recording. I was unfamiliar with this
    software before therefore I had to try
    and figure out how
    to use it.
  • Divshare
    This software allowed me to upload any
    recordings in mp3 format in which I could
    just embed the document onto my blog.
  • Scribd
    This was another site where I could
    upload documents which them
    would be laid out on one page
    when embedded onto my blog. It
    was a very easy software to use.