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MarCha2011_Official Norms MarCha2011_Official Norms Document Transcript

  • 2800019-155050-460016-282271 <br />RULES AND REGULATIONS<br />
    The MARKETING CHALLENGERS 2011 is organized by RMIT Vietnam Business Club and sponsored by Toyota Motor Vietnam. The winner will be chosen by an expert jury including RMIT Vietnam Lecturer, Representative from the sponsor and industry marketers. <br />
    The Competition161524957982RegistrationFrom June 6www.marketingchallengers.com2Information SessionJuly 5Melbourne Theatre, RMIT VietnamRound 13Marketing QuizJuly 11 – July 17www.marketingchallengers.com4ProposalJuly 18 – August 7marketing.challengers@gmail.comMarketing Tour5RegistrationTBAwww.marketingchallengers.com6The TourTBAToyota Motor VietnamRound 27Top 5 Round 1 AnnouncementAugust 13www.marketingchallengers.com8Final Round (Presentation)August 19Melbourne Theatre, RMIT Vietnam<br />
    Participants<br />
    • Participants in the MARKETING CHALLENGERS 2011 must be undergraduate students.
    • Participants must not participate in the 2010 edition of MARKETING CHALLENGERS 2011 (which is Marketing Competition 2010) finalists or winners.
    • Post-graduate students or MBA students or higher degree cannot enroll in the MARKETING CHALLENGERS 2011.
    Participation Team<br />
    • The participation will take place in teams, who will settle for a minimum of three and a maximum of five. Members of the team can come from different universities or college or other business school and organization.
    • Each team shall appoint one member as "responsible" to receive and send any information regarding the contest generates.
    • Participation team can ask one lecturer in team’s university for official advisor. The name and contact of this advisor must be submitted to the MARKETING CHALLENGERS 2011 together with the proposal.
    Registration<br />
    • Registration must be done online through from June 6, 2011.
    • All the information must be provided in details and accurately.
    Acceptance of Bases<br />Participants should have accepted these rules and each of its terms, including privacy policy. If an entrant enters to the competition as a member of a team, the Entrant understands and agrees that, in order for a team to be eligible to participate, all of the members of the team must agree to these Terms and Conditions. By entering, Entrant warrants that he/she has obtained the appropriate agreement and/or approval by his team members. In addition, an Entrant that is a member of a team understands and agrees that if the team is selected to receive a prize, the team is responsible for ensuring that the prize will be appropriately distributed to each member of the team and each member of the team must agree upon the payment method. The eligibility of an Entrant is tied to the eligibility of the team. So if one member of a team does not comply with these Terms and Conditions or is disqualified, the team as a whole will be disqualified.<br />By participating, Entrants agree to these Terms and Conditions and to the decision of the Judges, whose decisions are final and binding in all respects. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions, you are not eligible to participate in the Contest.<br />1121979-354133<br />
    Marketing Quiz:<br />
    • The quiz must be taken online via the official website:
    • This Marketing Quiz weights 10% of the total mark for the first round (including Marketing Quiz and Proposal)
    • The Marketing quiz can be optional. In case the team did not finish the Marketing Quiz, the team can continue working on their proposal.
    Marketing Tour of the competition<br />
    • Registration of the Marketing Tour is only for the team that completed the Marketing Quiz.
    • Registration must be done online via the official website
    • All participants to the Marketing Tour must be responsible for themselves, any incidents happened during the marketing tour is not responsible of the organizers.
    • Participants must ensure that there are no illegal activities or objects carry during the tour.
    Proposal of the competition<br />
    • The proposal must be the IMC Plan for the case study given. There is no format or template for the proposal. Each team can develop the plan based on their creativity and ideas.
    • Submit soft copy to from July 18 to August 7
    • Proposal must be within 15 pages and the content must be written in Times New Roman, size 12
    Final of the competition<br />The final MARKETING CHALLENGERS 2011 character will face, and governed by the following structure and rules:<br />
    • The order of presentation will be random.
    • The maximum length of exposure will be fifteen (15) minutes per team and ten (10) minutes for questions asked by the board of judge and audiences if so required.
    • The presentation of the team and any documents related (the slides, videos, documents …) must be submitted to 24 hours before the Final Round.
    • Teams may use the computer or visual means they deem appropriate.
    • Champion: 10,000,000 VND
    • First Runner-up: 5,000,000 VND1274379568522
    • Second Runner-up: 3,000,000 VND
    • Consolidations: 500,000 VND
    • An certificates from the organizer (Marketing Challengers 2011 and Toyota Motor Vietnam)
    • If for any reason outside the organization had not planned availability of prizes, the Organization reserves the right to substitute others of equal or higher cost.
    • All taxes and fees related to award of this competition is responsibility of the winners.
    The contestants authorize the MARKETING CHALLENGERS 2011 to reproduce and use your name and other data, and its image in any related activity, without such use remuneration right conferred or any benefit with the exception of the awards obtained. <br />
    In addition to the already established on the limitation of liability, the MARKETING CHALLENGERS 2011 is not responsible for:<br />
    • By the use of the prize that the winners can do.
    • By the late winner in the withdrawal of the prize according to the instructions provided by the organization.
    • The help of lecturers (advisors) or people outside the group must be limited to general information. If the organization deems excessive aid will consider the expulsion of the team.
    • Team members are not allowed to contact journalists/media without the express permission of the organization. Otherwise, the organization will consider the expulsion of the team.
    • Teams registered for whatever reason cannot continue in competition, they should email to 24 hours prior Marketing Tour’s deadline and 72 hours (3 days) prior Final Round.
    • The MARKETING CHALLENGERS 2011 is very proud of the quality of its competitors, institutions, organizations and other community members involved in the event.
    • To make the competition an enjoyable experience for everyone, organizers require that competitor’s adhere to a set of guidelines known as the Code of Conduct.
    • The purpose of this code is to clarify expectations and identify actions that are regarded as violations and thus assist the competitors in the understanding of the consequences of their actions.
    • These standards apply to all the competitors:
    • 14267791082237
    • Competitors are expected to abide by the rules and bases of the competition and accept the decisions it takes according to the organizing committee.
    • Competitors are expected to show respect for other participants (face‐phase), staff, volunteers and other members of the organization, displaying the necessary decorum at an event in this category.
    • Violations will be considered abusive or profane language, or try to cheat, signs of bad character or disrespect to other competitors (for attendance phases), staff, volunteers and other members of the organization and any other behavior deemed detrimental influences the best interests of the competition.
    • The use of mobile phones, pagers (for people), radios or other means of communication with the outside are prohibited in the face of the competition stages.
    • Participants must agree to the disposal in any stage of the competition, with dignity.
    If any violation occurs during the event, the participant must comply immediately with the code, rules and /or bases of the competition. This must be done without delay and the code must be maintained thereafter.<br />
    The first offense may warrant a warning or disqualification, the second will result in immediate disqualification of the participant.<br />
    The Project Manager of the competition will be the final authority in disciplinary matters or disqualification. Its decisions are final in all cases.<br />On behalf of Marketing Challengers 2011<br />Project Manager <br />Pham Minh Dung (Mr)<br />