PMBOK 4th. Edition Processes
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PMBOK 4th. Edition Processes



Visualizing the 42 Processes, and each of their corresponding phases and knowledge areas. ...

Visualizing the 42 Processes, and each of their corresponding phases and knowledge areas.

PMBOK 5th. edition has grown from these 42 processes to 47. They also expanded the Knowledge Areas from 9 to 10. Details here:



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    PMBOK 4th. Edition Processes PMBOK 4th. Edition Processes Presentation Transcript

    • 19. Perform 20. Perform 21. Plan Risk 22. Plan Qualitative Risk Quantitative Risk Responses Procurements Analysis Analysis PRM PRM PRM PPC 15. Develop 17. Plan Risk 16. Plan 18. Identify Risks Human Resource Management Communications Plan PRM PRM PCM PHRM Planning 11. Develop 12. Estimate 13. Determine 14. Plan Quality Process Schedule Costs Budget Group PTM PCstM PCstM PQM 20 Proc. 9. Estimate 10. Estimate Activity 8. Sequence 7. Define Activity Durations Resources Activities Activities PTM PTM PTM PTM PIM 3. Dev. Project 4. Collect Management 5. Define Scope 6. Create WBS Requirements Plan PSM PSM PSM Initiating Process 2. Identify 1. Develop Stakeholders Project Charter Group Title: Visualizing PMBOK 4th. Ed. Processes 2 Proc. PCM PIM Author: Joseph Hurtado
    • Closing 42. Close 41. Close Project Process Procurements or Phase Group 2 Proc. PPM PIM 40. Administer 39. Monitor & Procurements Control Risks Monitoring & PPM PRM Controlling Process 35. Control 36. Control Costs 37. Perform 38. Report Schedule Quality Control Performance Group 10 Proc. PTM PCstM PQM PCM 32. Perform 31. Monitor & 34. Control 33. Verify Scope Integrated Control Project Scope Change Control Work PSM PSM PIM PIM 29. Manager 27. Manage 28. Distribute 30. Conduct Stakeholder Executing Project Team Information Expectations Procurements Process PHRM PCM PCM PPM Group 8 Proc. 24. Perform 23. Direct & 26. Develop 25. Acquire Quality Manage Project Project Team Project Team Assurance Execution PHRM PQA PQA PIM