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10 steps to a successful website redesign - Presentation created by Truly Good Design (trulygood.com) for NELBF's Spring Has Sprung Gathering, May 4, 2012.

Based on information from hubspot.com

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10 steps to a successful website redesign - Truly Good Design

  1. 1. 10 steps to asuccessfulwebsiteredesign05.04.12NELBF Presents Spring Has SprungCreated by Truly Good DesignFor more visit:trulygood.com/more
  2. 2. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has SprungTruly Good Introduction›  Why are you redesigning your site? “It’s been a while” or “We want to look bigger” aren’t great reasons The ultimate question you should be asking… HOW WILL THE SITE SUPPORT AND IMPROVE OUR OVERALL MARKETING EFFORTS?›  Got it? Awesome, let’s begin!
  3. 3. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung1. Measure Current Performance›  Traffic›  Bounce rate / Time spent on site›  Number of Form Submissions / New Leads›  Popular Pages & Documents
  4. 4. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung2. Establish Clear Goals›  How does your site currently WORK?›  Name specific things you want to improve›  Tie goals to measureable results›  Be prepared to analyze the data
  5. 5. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung3. Keep Current Assets Safe!›  ID what’s been working on current site ›  Most viewed/more shared content ›  Best performing keywords›  Now, protect that content! ›  Use“301 Redirects” ›  Keep it where it is
  6. 6. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung4. Analyze The Competition›  Visually review your competitor’s sites ›  Aesthetically, how are things looking? ›  Functionally, what’s happening out there? ›  What do you like/dislike?›  Use tools like HubSpot’s “Marketing Grader”›  Goal is not to copy, but to improve›  Create an Action List: areas you can improve
  7. 7. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung5. Identity Unique Value Proposition›  Immediately answer your visitor’s question, “Does this site have what I need?”›  Convey quickly why they should stay›  Be clear and ‘human’ with your language ›  Not flowery or technical›  YOUdefine how the world communicates with your site
  8. 8. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung6. Design Around Personas›  Your site is NOT about you ›  It is about your BEST customer(s)›  Determine who that is, then segment by demographics (age, sex, location, industry, interest)›  Identify their needs, problems, desires›  Develop behavior-based profiles
  9. 9. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung7. Optimize for Search›  Do some keyword research to establish target keywords ›  For entire site ›  For individual pages›  Include keywords in all the important areas ›  “Header” tags (h1, h2, h3) ›  “Title” tags (text on top of browser window) ›  “Meta Description” tags (invisible to users, crawled by search engines) ›  Throughout content
  10. 10. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung8. Identify & Include Calls to Action›  Drive visitors to take an action›  Offering FREE content or services is a great motivator ›  E-books, whitepapers, contests, free shipping, email newsletters, free trial or consultation›  Theultimate goal is for your new visitor to engage with your site and share their information with you
  11. 11. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung9. Create an Ongoing Content Strategy›  Include a BLOG on your new site ›  A 100 page website will outrank a 10 page website 95% of the time!›  Utilize Press Releases & In The News pieces›  Consider outsourcing/purchasing content
  12. 12. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has Sprung10. Include the Extras›  Blog›  Promotion-specific Landing Pages›  RSS Feed (subscribe to blog updates)›  Share Buttons!›  Analytics
  13. 13. 05.04.12 NELBF Presents Spring Has SprungTruly Good Summary›  Can’t afford to do all 10 (money/time)? ›  No worries! You can still attain website redesign Nirvana. Just focus on… ›  Establishing clear goals ›  Identifying and protecting current assets ›  Identifying and clearly presenting your UVP ›  Optimizing for search (site wide) ›  Identifying and including CTAs ›  BLOG, BLOG, BLOGFor more information & resources visit trulygood.com/more