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2011 11-9-converting online-leads-wagner-download


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Tips for Converting an Online Lead

Tips for Converting an Online Lead

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business
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  • So here’s today’s agenda: We’ll be coveringAgenda1. A basic overview of Trulia and why it’s valuable2. Ways you can use Trulia to Show You’re an Expert3. How you can use Trulia to Market property4. Trulia as a Lead Generation ToolAnd we’ll end with a few links to get you more info on some of the tools we’ll talk about and a short Q&A session for those of you looking for more info.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Lead Strategy: Converting Your Online LeadsJovan Hackley Mariana WagnerContent Manager & Agent Trainer Lead Conversion Specialist & Technology Trainer
    • 2. Who are you? POLL: How are you engaging with your leads ?
    • 3. Agenda Definitions | Lead Conversion Converting | Lead Research Converting | Lead Capture Converting | Lead Nurturing Q & A | Your Questions about Conversion
    • 4. Defining Lead ConversionLead = Potential sales contactGeneration = Publicity to get lead’s attentionCapture = Getting Lead InfoNurturing = Handling leads and their infoConversion = Turning a lead into a client/customer
    • 5. Lead ResearchConverting Online Leads into Clients
    • 6. Lead Research: What You Need to Know• Who is your lead?• Where did your lead find you?• What are your lead’s primary interests?
    • 7. Lead Research: Your ToolboxIDX Must Haves• Forced Registration• Control Mechanism• “What” Reports• “When” Reports
    • 8. Lead Research: Goal Goal: Intelligent conversation that results in a quality conversion.
    • 9. Lead CaptureConverting Your Online Leads Into Clients
    • 10. Lead Capture: Why CaptureCapture Benefits• Save time• Create custom experience• Start of Service/exchange
    • 11. Lead Capture: When to Capture?You Decide: Options• Property Info• Photos• Statistics• Reports Note: Your carrot must motivate -Image: Grant Cochrane /
    • 12. Lead Capture: What to Capture?Always capture At some point you have to shake hands• Name• E-mail• Phone Number Image: Ambro /
    • 13. Lead Capture: What to Capture?Always capture At some point you have to shake hands• Name• E-mail• Phone Number Image: Ambro /
    • 14. Lead Capture: Understanding LeadsGood Information & What does it mean?• Name• E-mail• Phone Number
    • 15. Lead Capture: Understanding LeadsBad Information & What does it mean?• Name• E-mail• Phone Number
    • 16. Lead NurturingConverting Online Leads Into Cllients
    • 17. Lead Nurturing: Follow UpWhen to follow up:• Within 5 minutes• No more than an hour Conversion Likelihood After 10 x’s 1 Hour -LRM Study, 2009
    • 18. Lead Nurturing: Follow-UpHow to Follow Up• Be Human• Be Persistent• Be Actionable
    • 19. Lead Nurturing: Follow-UpWhat to include• Who are you?• Property/area reference• Contact info• Why should they call?
    • 20. Lead Nurturing: Follow-UpWhen to give up on a lead• All Bad Information• “We’ve purchased/sold”• Lead says “Stop”• Signs of incompatibility
    • 21. Lead Conversion: Goals & expectationAverage Results• Visitors to Registered Leads: 1 – 3 %• Leads to Closings: .5 – 1 %• Closing Goal: 3%
    • 22. Q&AWhat do you want to know about Online Lead Conversion?
    • 23. Find Out More