Social Customer Service Worksheet


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21 questions to gauge your social customer service readiness. This document is intended to be a self-assessment tool for organizations looking to offer social media customer service. As you design your strategy, use this document.

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Social Customer Service Worksheet

  1. 1. 21 QUESTIONS TO GAUGE YOUR SOCIAL CUSTOMER SERVICE READINESS Overview: Your Company, Your Team ● Why are we interested in providing social customer service? What is the business value we are after? ● What is our greatest obstacle to providing exceptional customer service? ● Do we make Products, Services, or both? Speed ● What do we need to ensure that our staff can handle the volume of customer service needs? ● What technologies are we using to avoid duplicating our efforts? CRM, internal communications, project management, open and closed support tickets, forums, FAQs, etc? ● Does our CRM enable us to quickly access a customer’s information? ● When was the last time our social communications policies and procedures were reviewed and updated? True Voice Media | 215-948-2012 |
  2. 2. Listening ● What social listening software are we using to uncover customer complaints, branded mentions, non-branded mentions, mentions of competitors? a) Pro level product (Radian6, Sysomos, Brandwatch, etc) b) Free product (Twitter search, Google Alerts, etc) c) Combination pro and free products d) We are not running any searches ● What is the most commonly asked question from our customers/clients? ● What is the most commonly asked question from our leads/prospects? ● What sites do we need a presence on? Personality ● What is the “voice” of our company like? ● Who is accountable for ensuring that we maintain a consistent voice across all public-facing employees? ● What are some companies that have a voice and style that we would like to emulate? ● Are we more likely to use “canned responses” or personalized responses? True Voice Media | 215-948-2012 |
  3. 3. Problems ● Is our company ready to publicly acknowledge mistakes? ● How important is customer feedback in the way we design and update products and/or services? Do we have the systems in place to pass that feedback along? ● Which would our company be more likely to do in the event of a customer service problem: a) Sweep it under the rug and try to keep the issue quiet. b) Listen to the customer, acknowledge their issue, work to resolve the issue for the customer, and deliver feedback and learnings to the company to ensure the problem does not happen again. ● What is our most frequently cited problem from customers? Specificity ● Who are our subject matter experts? ● Are we able to provide specific responses to customer questions on social communications channels or are we bound by compliance or regulatory restrictions? True Voice Media | 215-948-2012 |