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How ready is your organisation when product recall incident happens? Will your crisis management plan protect your organisation when it strikes?

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Product Recall and Crisis Management_Trueventus

  1. 1. 1 How ready is your organisation when product recall incident happens? Will your crisis management plan protect your organisation when it strikes? 23 - 24 February 2011 | Parkroyal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur TRUEOFFER! * Book and pay Before 30 Nov USD1495, save USD500 per delegate From 1 Dec, full price USD1995 per delegate Strictly limited to 25 delegates per session! WHY YOU CANNOT MISS THIS EVENT Company boards and senior management are now paying increased attention to their risk profile and their ability to respond effectively in the event of an incident. Many senior managers now realise that being prepared for incidents is a key management capability. In addition, regulatory authorities around the world are increasing their level of oversight of product-related incidents and requirements for companies have effective quality management and product recall programs in place. Large companies now expect their suppliers to have effective processes and systems in place for preventing and investigating potential incidents and working with them to prevent contamination and product defects that could lead to a recall. New international standards for product safety and product recall – supported by Standards Malaysia, are being developed and compliance will increasingly be required for consumer goods companies that want to be seen as responsible, high quality providers. Importantly, compliance with international standards supports Malaysian manufacturer’s competitiveness in export markets as well as domestic markets. Effectively establish systems and processes to prevent, manage and resolve product recall incidents Book and Pay before 30 NNov - USD1495, save USD500 pper delegate Follow us on KEY BENEFITS Participating in this course will: Enable you to develop effective product recall and crisis management programs for your company Reduce the risk of your company suffering major financial or reputational loss Enhance your company’s reputation as a high quality supplier, manufacturer or retailer of consumer goods Comply with regulatory requirements, international standards and industry best practice Develop your problem solving skills and make you an invaluable member of recall or crisis management team • • • • • Product Recall & Crisis Management The Cadbury chocolate recall in the UK in 2006 led to senior managers being criminally charged and chocolates being recalled in a number of countries around the world including Malaysia – even though none of the affected product was in this market. A recent study by the University of Melbourne of 55 corporate crises in Australia indicates that crises generally cost around $10m with 25% of them costing more than $100m. A quarter of those companies that experienced a major crisis did not survive! With the speed of communications and the media, bad news travels around the world very quickly. An increasing number of companies (and their senior management) are exposed when managing a crisis. This has significant reputational risk for the company’s brand among customers, stakeholders and in the wider public domain. The rise in the levels of extortion and mismanaged product-related incidents makes manufacturers and retailers of consumer goods amongst the most crisis- prone industries. Many consumer goods companies conduct “mock recalls” as required by many international standards but these have been found to be close to useless in preparing companies for actual incidents. How confident are you that your company would manage and survive a major incident?
  2. 2. 2 Register Now T: +603-2711 0701 F: +603-2711 0703 E: Steve Hather Steve is Managing Director of an Australasia’s leading product recall and crisis management training and consulting company. As part of the global group, his company is involved in preventing hundreds of incidents and product recalls escalating into crises every year. The company has operations in over 90 countries and currently assists some of the world’s largest and most prestigious multi-national consumer goods companies to better manage product risk and build capabilities, processes and systems for preventing and managing incidents. Before joining the management and consulting company, Steve was Director, Strategy Development for The Coca-Cola Company. One of his roles was the design and delivery of the global incident management and crisis resolution for The Coca-Cola Company and its bottling partners. Steve trained hundreds of senior managers in processes and capabilities for managing incidents and preventing crises. Prior to joining Coca-Cola, Steve worked for the Australian government and was involved in national security including planningpreparatoryexercisesforAustralia’snationalcounter- terrorism program. He was also seconded to the FBI in Atlanta, USA to assist in preparations for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and went on to develop operating principles for the 2000 Sydney Olympics security program. Steve has been involved in risk management, crisis management and security preparations in 4 summer Olympics, 4 Winter Olympics, 2 Soccer World Cup and 2 European Football Championships. Steve is currently the Australian representative on the International Standards Organisation Working Group developing the new International Standard for Product Recall. Steve is a teacher by training and a qualified corporate trainer and assessor. About Your Course Leader Product Recall & Crisis Management TESTIMONIALS “Subject matter expert and good communication skills”. “Very experienced risk management practitioner. Gives very practical examples ....” “Steve ... has a wide knowledge of subject matter. He can be considered as an expert in this subject” “(Steve) is very experienced and knowledgeable in this field.” “Very clear in his explanations”. WHO SHOULD ATTEND • CEOs • COOs • VPs • Directors • HODs • Operations Managers • Marketing Managers • Risk Managers • Technical and Quality Managers • Corporate Communications • Human Resource Managers Anyone that may be called on to serve on a product recall or crisis management team! Book and Pay before 30 NNov - USD1495, save USD500 pper delegate
  3. 3. 3 Session One Principles of Product Recall and Crisis Management • The Resilient Organisation – the relationship between governance, risk management, crisis management and business continuity programs • Definitions – Risk, Incident, Recall, Crisis - Activity: Examples relevant to your industry and company • What causes incidents to escalate into crises? - The characteristics of crises - Escalation factors - Case Studies in effective product recalls – and not so effective crises • Why you need product recall and crisis management programs - How certain key activities prevent escalation – and how to prepare your people effectively to carry out those activities Activity: Case Study in Crisis Management Session Two The Industry and Regulatory Environment • Consumer Protection legislation in Malaysia (and other selected countries) - Key provisions of The Food Act 1983, Consumer Protection Act 1999 and relationship to recall planning • Key Malaysian and International Standards • New International Standards for Product Safety and Product Recall • Implications for Malaysian consumer goods manufacturers and retailers Activity: Gap Analysis for your Company Session Three Identifying Product-related Risks • Overview of ISO 31000 – the International Standard for Risk Management, and its application to consumer goods • Principles of Product Risk Management - Product Risk Management as a key part of the company’s overall risk and corporate governance framework - The importance of Context in analysing the business environment and key stakeholders Activity: Identifying your Product Risks Session Four Preparing People for Incidents • Personal and professional attributes for incident managers and facilitators - Most companies select recall and crisis teams only on functional roles – a range of personal attributes should also be taken into account • Roles and responsibilities for key staff - Key responsibilities of the Recall/Crisis Coordinator - Key Functional areas and their roles in recall situations - Use of Consultants and Advisors • Team management in crisis situations - Team dynamics in crisis situations - Personality types and their effect on team management - Managing conflict Session Five Key Components of Effective Recall and Crisis Management Programs • Prevention programs - Overview of pre-requisite programs – risk management, quality management systems, HACCP • Incident Investigation and Analysis - Managing customer and consumer complaints - Non-conformance reporting and investigation - Investigation tools and methodologies - Conducting a Hazard Analysis • Activity: Conduct a Hazard Analysis • Risk Management and Decision-making - Risk management concepts in crisis management - Decision-making tools and processes • Recall Strategy and Communications - Developing key performance objectives for product recalls - Recall/Crisis Management strategy - Key stakeholders and management of their expectations - Developing key messages 1) Reflecting strategy in messages 2) Audiences 3) The message house - Constructing communications 1) Holding statements 2) Media statements • Implementing Product Recalls - Recall resources 1) Resources required for locating, retrieving, replacing, repairing, modifying product in the market place 2) Product disposition, disposal and destruction requirements • Information Management - Information management processes for crisis teams - Data collection and analysis - Reporting systems and processes • Monitoring effectiveness • Continuous Improvement - Reviewing Incidents and Near Misses - Improving Processes Activity: Recall Simulation Participants will be involved in a realistic product recall simulation where they try to prevent an incident escalating into a crisis . DAY 1 DAY 2 Register Now T: +603-2711 0701 F: +603-2711 0703 E: PROGRAMME SCHEDULE 0830 Registration and coffee 0900 Morning session begins 1030 Morning networking break 1300 Networking luncheon 1400 Afternoon session begins 1530 Afternoon networking break 1730 Course concludes Book and Pay before 30 NNov - USD1495, save USD500 pper delegate Develop Your Program! All participants will be provided with a template to use as a starting point for preparing your Product Recall and Crisis Management Programs
  4. 4. 4 Product Recall & Crisis Management REGISTER NOW Dillon Yong Tel: +603-2711 0701 Fax: +603-2711 0703 Email: EXHIBITION OPPORTUNITIES Limited packages are available. For further details, contact Aravind Menon +603-2711 0701 1 COMPANY DETAILS Name Industry Address Postcode Country Tel Fax ATTENDEE DETAILS 1 Name Job Title Tel Email 2 Name Job Title Tel Email 3 Name Job Title Tel Email 4 Name Job Title Tel Email 5 Name Job Title Tel Email APPROVAL NB: Signatory must be authorised on behalf of contracting organisation. Name Job Title Email Tel Fax Authorising Signature COURSE FEES □ Kuala Lumpur Book and pay before 30 Nov - USD1495, save USD500 per delegate From 1 Dec, full price USD1995 per delegate All options inclusive of course papers, luncheon and refreshments PAYMENT DETAILS Payment is due in 5 working days. By Signing and returning this form, you are accepting our terms and conditions. Please debit my: □ VISA □ MasterCard Card Number □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ □□□□ Security Code □□□□ Card Issuing Country: Cardholders Name Card Issuing Bank: Expiry Date / / Cardholders Signature 23 - 24 February 2011 | Parkroyal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur - MKT01 TERMS & CONDITIONS 1. The course fee is inclusive of the event proceedings, materials, refreshments and lunch 2. Upon receipt of the completed registration form, invoice will be issue. Trueventus request that all payments be made within 5 working days of the invoice being issued. Full payment must be received prior to the event. Only delegates that have made full payment will be admitted to the event. 3. Substitution & cancellations policy. Should the registered delegate unable to attend, a substitute delegate is welcome at no extra charge. Written notifications of all substitutions is required 5 working days prior to the event. Trueventus contracts carry 100% full liability upon receipt of registration. Non payment does not constitute cancellation. A 50% of cancellation fee will be charged under the terms outlined below: Due to limited event seats, Trueventus agrees to reserve the seat for the client upon issuance of invoice. Upon signing of this contract, client agrees that in any case of dispute or cancellation of this contract Trueventus will not be able to mitigate its losses for any less than 50% of the total contract value. If a client does not attend the event without written notification at least 5 working days prior to the event date, he/she will be deemed as no show. Trueventus does not provide refunds for cancellations. When any cancellations are notified in writing to Trueventus 5 working days prior to the event, a credit voucher will be issued for use in future Trueventus events. 4. Trueventus will at all times seek to ensure that all efforts are made to adhere to meet the advertised package, however we reserve the right to postpone,cancel or move a venue without penalty or refunds. Trueventus is not liable for any losses or damages as a result of substitution, alteration, postponement or cancellation of speakers and / or topics and / or venue and / or the event dates. If force majeure were to occur Trueventus accepts no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage caused by events beyond their control, including, but not restricted to strikes, war, civil unrest, flight delays, fire flood, or any adverse weather conditions. 5. Upon receiving this signed booking form, you the client herby consent to Trueventus to keep your details for the use of future marketing activities carried out by Trueventus and third party organisations & partners. 6. Copyright and Intellectual Property. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form in connection to this event is prohibited without prior written consent by Trueventus. 7. Client hereby agrees that he/she exclusively authorizes Trueventus charge the credit card with details listed above for the amount provided herein; this registration form serves as a contract that is valid, binding and enforceable. He/she at any time will have no basis to claim that the payments required under this Contract are unauthorized, improper, disputed or in any way. Book and Pay before 30 NNov - USD1295, save USD500 pper delegate