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Channel Letter Light
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Channel Letter Light


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LED base channel letters. Glow sign display.

LED base channel letters. Glow sign display.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. True Light Regd Off: 6, Ameya Apartment, Samarth Nagar, Mahatma Nagar, Opp. Sachi TVS Showroom, Nasik 422 007, Maharashtra, India (Mob) 0-9225101350 / 0-9371678418 (off) 0253-3043350 / 0253-6618876 Mail: [email_address] / LED and Fiber Optic Light Energy Saving Lighting System
  • 2. CHANNEL LETTER LIGHT True Light LED Channel Letter - Key Feature: • Super bright with normal sign. • Absolute 100% waterproof and corrosion prevention, enabling their normal working in all bad conditions. • Modules connected without intermittence or socket, ensuring a constant and stable system voltage. • Low quantity of heat, no toxicant produced. • Low voltage, low power consumption. • Free of maintenance within 5 years and the working life of the modules lasts 100 thousand hours. • Working temperature:-20 degree to +70 degree. • Storage temperature: - 30 degree to +80 degree.
  • 3. LED Light Bars - An easy safe alternative to fluorescent tubes and neon for sign illumination, back lighting, channel lettering, logos and accenting. LED Light bars have many advantages, including up to 80 percent energy saving (very low power consumption). Longer life span (up to 50,000 hrs). LED light bars also have the advantage that they can be linked, making them suitable for all types of application. The possibilities are endless! And now all light bars utilize super bright superlux LEDs for increased brightness and wider angle light dispersion. LED Modules make installing LEDs on channel letters Fast and Easy. LED Channel Letters System will illuminate most 8 inch stroke channel letters by using a single row without creating "hot spots" and will illuminate most channel letters with depths as low as 2.5 inches. True Light CHANNEL LETTER LIGHT
  • 4. NEON SIGN RETROFITTING Flexibility and ease of installation makes it ideal for existing box channel letter lighting systems. There is no need for sign removal or sign replacement. EXTENDED LIFETIME The combination of ultra high brightness, ease of installation, a single power supply and few components needed for installation, results in the low cost competitive alternative to all sign lighting systems available. ENERGY EFFICIENCY With a power consumption of only 0.8 Watts per linear foot, LED System is the most efficient sign lighting system available today. It is hard to believe that you can build two or three average LED channel signs to match the power consumption of a single 100 Watt incandescent bulb. Further, with the photovoltaic solar system and windmill you can power your sign independently without direct connection to any outside power source. INEXPENSIVE SOLUTION The combination of ultra high brightness, ease of installation, a single power supply and few components needed for installation, results in the LED being a cost competitive alternative to all sign lighting systems available. True Light
  • 5. Why LED and not NEON True Light Yet another reason to use LEDs in your signage rather than neon. LEDs are low voltage with no risk of arcing which can cause fires in high-voltage neon signs. By Evelyn Yamine - Daily Telegraph - March 13, 2008 12:00am CITY workers watched in amazement as balls of fire fell from the sky last night. Staff at accounting and law firm PricewaterhouseCoopers were forced out of their Sussex St office after the neon sign on the top level burst into flames just before 9pm. Workers who converged on the footpath below were moved on as the letters began to melt and balls of fire rained down 27 storey's. Firefighters unable to reach the blaze were forced to stand and watch as the fire burnt itself out. Surrounding streets were blocked off, causing traffic chaos in the city. PwC worker Michelle Chew was one of the 26 people evacuated from the building. She said she was working late with four colleagues when she saw "flake-like" debris and then fire embers falling past the level 13 window. "They were just falling down the building," she said. Onlooker Lusiano Afeaki said: "There was just balls of fire coming down from the top. It was like a waterfall of fire." A Fire Brigade spokesman said an electrical fault was believed to have caused the fire.
  • 6. True Light
  • 7. True Light
  • 8. True Light Children Garment Showroom At Surat.
  • 9. True Light “ Solution Pvt. Ltd” is with colour changing. Total power consumption is only 136watts.
  • 10. True Light Slim Box, Channel Letter, Power consumption 80watts.
  • 11. True Light
  • 12. True Light
  • 13. True Light LED base Outdoor Display Board Replacing NEON Light,
  • 14. True Light LED base Outdoor Display Board Replacing NEON Light,
  • 15. True Light
  • 16. True Light EDGE LIGHT / SLIM LIGHT
  • 17.
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