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Twitter: What and how? by True Digital
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Twitter: What and how? by True Digital


Published on

A beginners guide to Twitter. …

A beginners guide to Twitter.
Find out what you can really do with Twitter, then find out how to get started.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Twitter What you can do and how you can do it
  • 2. What is Twitter? Image: business-strategy-innovation ?
  • 3. What is Twitter?
    • Twitter is not just about people telling other people what they had for breakfast
    • But it can be if you want
    Image: Display it
  • 4. What is Twitter?
    • Being on Twitter doesn’t mean you’ll automatically be friends with celebrities
    • But you can try
    Image: BBC
  • 5. What is Twitter?
    • Twitter isn’t going to take up all of your time
    • But it might if you let it
    Image: Twitter
  • 6. What is Twitter?
    • Twitter is a social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets (Wikipedia 26/03/08)
  • 7. What is Twitter?
    • Like other Social Media tools (facebook, youtube, blogs) twitter works two ways
    • 1. You can view content created by others
    • 2. You can create content for others to view
    • On Twitter this ‘content’ is made up of 140 character tweets (vitally these characters can provide links to images, video, and WebPages)
    • Like other Social Media tools you can just use it one way, but it works best if you do both
  • 8. What is Twitter?
    • So…
    • Twitter is a service or a tool
    • It’s up to you what you do with it
    • What is actually possible is dependent on the users of the service
  • 9. What can I do with Twitter? ? ?
  • 10. What can I do with Twitter?
    • Be Entertained
    • Follow updates from celebrities such as Russell Brand, and Britney Spears
  • 11. What can I do with Twitter?
    • See what your friends are doing
    • See where they are
    • Find likeminded people
    • Be Social
  • 12. What can I do with Twitter?
    • Get the Latest News
    • Don’t wait for journalists to write up the story, get the latest from the people at the scene as it happens
    • News of the Mumbai terrorist attacks, and the US Airways Plane landing on the Hudson River, both appeared on Twitter before anywhere else
  • 13. What can I do with Twitter?
    • Get Information
    • Follow people who share the information you need
    • e.g. follow people in Digital and get a constant stream of the information relevant to you
    • Of course you could look for it all yourself, but why waste hours searching when there are thousands of people doing it for you?
  • 14. What can I do with Twitter?
    • Get more specific Information
    • Use twitter search to find tweets on the specific topic you want
    • e.g. Search: augmented reality
  • 15. What can I do with Twitter?
    • Get Even more specific Information
    • Ask the people of twitter a question
  • 16. What can I do with Twitter?
    • What can Brands do?
    • See what people are saying about the Brand
    • Broadcast messages to their audience (but ensuring not to spam)
    • Speak directly to the audience
  • 17. How do I get started? Image: share brain
  • 18. How do I get started?
    • Simple, just go to
    • Pick a username
    • Fill out the info so people know what to expect from your tweets
    • Now you have a Twitter account
  • 19. How do I get started?
    • Now you need to find some people to follow
    • You can search for people you already know by searching their names and by importing email lists
    • Then there are various way you can find people who are saying things that interest you
      • Search your interests at Twitter Search
      • Twitter Directories such as WeFollow
      • Find someone talking about things that interest you, chances are they will be following similar people, so check out who they follow
      • Twitter recommendation services like Mr Tweet
  • 20. How do I get started?
    • View Tweets
    • Now you’ve picked some people to follow, every post they make will be delivered in your Homepage feed
    • See someone talking rubbish? No problem you can simply click a button to unfollow
  • 21. How do I get started?
    • Send Tweets
    • Now it’s time for your contribution
    • Share what you want with the world but putting your 140 characters in the box at the top
    • If what you put is worth reading people will start following you
    • Want to Share a link? Be sure to shorten it at somewhere like so you don’t go over your 140 limit
  • 22. How to use the features
    • That’s the basics
    • But to really interact with Twitter you need to learn a few more things
  • 23. How to use the features
    • Reply to Tweets
    • You can reply to any tweet you see on Twitter, just click on the reply arrow located bottom right of their tweet
    • Your reply is public and identified by having ‘@username’ at the beginning on the tweet
    • If you don’t want it to be public you can send the user a Direct message
  • 24. How to use the features
    • Re-tweet
    • See a tweet you like, then you might want to tweet it yourself
    • This is called re-tweeting, and convention is to credit the user by starting your tweet with ‘RT@username’
  • 25. How to use the features
    • You can see any replies to your tweets in the @Replies section
    • If you want to see if anyone has Re-tweeted any of your tweets you need to search ‘@yourusername’ in Twitter Search
  • 26. What else should I know?
    • When people are sending tweets about or from certain events or about specific topics they put ‘#location’ or ‘#topic’ at the end of their tweet. This saves on characters and helps people find information via Twitter search
    • There are various ways you can Tweet and view Tweets
      • Via the Twitter website
      • Via various Twitter clients
      • Via Text message
      • Via Phone application
    • Twitter clients can improve the Twitter experience
      • Login to several accounts at once
      • Re-tweet with a click
      • Create various feeds to help filter content
      • Get stats on who follows your links
      • Shorten URLs automatically
  • 27. What’s next for Twitter?
    • Twitter needs to find a way to transfer its success into financial success
    • Brands need to experiment to see what can be done with Twitter
    • The uses of Twitter are all dependent on its users, as new and different users join the service new and different possibilities will arise
    • As more people use the internet on their mobiles, the possibilities will expand. Geolocation could be incorporated into Twitter (this is already available on iphone applications such as Twinkle)