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Securely sign, send and archive electronic documents.

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Truecopy Omnisigner

  1. 1. What is Truecopy - OmniSIGNER?Companies issue several documents such as offerletters, increment /promotion letters, experiencecertificate, relieving letters, pay-slips, etc to their employees.Other documents are issued to business partners / third parties.Our cloud-based Truecopy – OmniSIGNER is a convenientsolution for digitally signing, issuing and archiving electronicdocuments which saves companies significant time andresources
  2. 2. Problem # 1 Forgery and Modification of documents is commonLetters issued by companies need to be secured. There shouldbe no way to modify or alter them.
  3. 3. Problem #2 Large amount of paperwork is generated. This is time consuming and inefficient. Printed Paper lying around could pose a security risk. Printing paper is not eco-friendly.
  4. 4. Problem # 3Employee / Candidate verification takes considerable time Calls have nuisance value. Anyone from mid-management to CXO gets these calls. Significant amount of time and resources are spent attending to verification calls. No central / uniform process for providing feedback on ex-employees No visibility into inbound verification calls.
  5. 5. Problem # 4 No visibility into ex-NetworkCompanies hardly have any insight into their ‘Alumni Network’ and certainly have no actionable intelligenceCompanies are unable to leverage their alumni network for business development.
  6. 6. What We Do• Truecopy-OmniSIGNER is a secure cloud-based system that allows you to quickly generate, sign, send or store digitally signed documents from your account.• Template driven document generation• These digitally signed documents can be issued to intended recipients• Access-controlled, online verification of a particular document for third- parties.• Document-access is tracked.• Intended recipients can make paper-copies when they wish.
  7. 7. Features• Backups of all documents• Cryptographically secure, and based on Digital Signatures (same technology used for signing IT returns / ROC returns)• Monetization of credential verification possible• Analytics CAN BE USED TO SIGN AND ISSUE ANY DOCUMENT
  8. 8. Benefits to Corporates Documents issued by you cannot be forged / misrepresented; your position is protected. Save time and money spent in printing and posting documents. Go Green. Setup a formal channel for verifying old records. Save time & costs involved in certifying previous records and in issuing duplicate certificates. Monetize verification. Actionable Intelligence about Alumni – channel for sales opportunities
  9. 9. Benefits to Employees / Recipients Never ‘lose’ a document. Easily forward documents to third parties Print as many ‘true copies’ as needed any time, any where
  10. 10. Benefits to Verifying Entity Save time in repeated follow-up for verification Access to single point of genuine information
  11. 11. Key Highlights Cloud-based, highly secure system with data protection, redundancy. Scalable, reliable, high availability. Access based on authorization Integrated payment gateway Embeddable widgets Based on 2048-bit, standards-compliant Digital Signatures
  12. 12. ContactEmail: support@truecopy.inMobile: 9766456506WWW: