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  • 2. Project Scope and Plan • defining both a voice and vision for Smith Street • engaging with local government stakeholders (City of Yarra, Destination Melbourne, Tourism Victoria), traders, and other Business Associations and community groups (Gertrude Street, Johnston and others) • Integrate research and outcomes with further participation with the Smith Street Business Association and associated committees such as the Smith Street marketing committee and Christmas Committee • vocalize and integrate results in a workshop demonstrating results of the Smith Street Business Association in the marketing and promotion of the precinct with a workshop • Research and report on both offline and online possibilities for the street given the growth of social media and online video and its importance for Smith Streets future in the next five years • consult with others to tell a Story-Retailing strategy for the Smith Street precinct (which could include other precincts i.e Destination 86)
  • 3. 1. Orientation 3 rd October 2012 Read and revise major government and tourism strategic documents as provided by the City of Yarra 24 th September 2012 . Completed2. Preparation 5 th October 2012 Initial consultation with internal and external stakeholders. Meetings and introductions. Completed3. Engagement 15 October 2012 - 20 Research and engage with other individual November 2012 (Revised) traders and organizations relevant to the Smith Street precinct to gain insights into their short, medium and long term goals. Ongoing.4. Compilation 15 November - 20 Use the research to identify what are the key November 2012 (Revised markets, opportunities and gaps. Compile results and tabulate into skeleton draft of primary research. Also conduct research on the future of social online media in the Smith Street precinct. Ongoing.5. Stakeholder 21st November 2012 Host a workshop to engage with TradersEngagement capturing the voice and vision for Smith Street and report back to the Smith Street Business Association about the progress and results of the consultancy. Today!6. Strategy 25 th November 2012 Begin developing the 1st year Action plan and five year working plan from the workshop.7. Draft Plan to City of 30th November 2012 Deliver a draft plan to the city of Yarra.Yarra8. Stakeholder 10 th December 2012 Finalise the plan in consultation with majorCompilation Stakeholders such as Street Business Association, and the Collingwood Football Club.10. Delivery & 15th December 2012 Delivery and presentation of final report toPresentation Smith Street Business Association and the City of Yarra and launch the results in association with the Smith Street Stroll for Christmas.
  • 4. Engagement
  • 5. 1. Smith Street in words “Authentic” “mysterious” “Eclectic” “intelligent and dangerous” “madness” “Homogeneous” - What Else?
  • 6. Where have we been? BOSS Smith Street Business Plan 2008-2012 Vision: “To make Smith Street an active, vibrant and diverse activity centre, maintaining its unique range of goods, sevices and facilities. To establish the Smith Street brand as a ‘household’ name and the first choice for shoppers, for local commnity and beyond” BOSS Achievements -> production and distribution of newsletter -> Building an email database to communicate with key stakeholders and business owners -> Building a website presence for Smith Street: -> Representations to Council ‘ re public behaviour I.e Safety -> Smith Street Photographic competition -> Instrumental in City of Yarra Parking Policy Review
  • 7. Where are we now? • Destination 86 Pitch to Tourism Victoria 25 July 2012 Showcasing traders from Smith Street including The 86, Oonkas Boonkas, Five Elements, Agent 284, The Property Oracle, True Blue Production ‘Uli Mass Business Development Manger ‘one of the best we’ve seen’. • Smith Street Marketing and Christmas Committees Established 27 August 2012 great ideas generated for website, social media, smith street stroll, sweepstakes, music festival, loyalty card, partnership development including meetings with NMIT, Circus Oz, and the Collingwood Football club. • Smith Street Traders Research Report November 2012 Profiling of business, data collection and database including support for the Smith Street Stroll. • Smith Street Marketing Strategy devised September - December 2012 ongoing engagement with internal stakeholders (City of Yarra) and external stakeholders (Destination Melbourne, City of Yarra, Australian Retailers Association, Time Out, PBS, RRR, Right Angle Stuidos and more) • The Wood - NMIT Colligwood November 2012 Recorded last week with Joe Accuri and Dianne Harris November 2012 • Smith Street Stroll: Running from Friday 30th Novemebr, Friday 7th, 14th and 21st December 2012 encouraging late night trading on Smith Street.
  • 8. Where are we now? • Destination Melbourne Discover your own backyard Association August - December 2012+ Encourage local residents to explore gems within the City of Yara and share with friends and family Partnering with Yarra Trams – Tram Wrap #86 fliers and posters Photo competition 4 x full page adverts in Melbourne Weekly 4x local interviews with the local ambassador 3 -4 minute video ‘Yarra by Day, Yarra by Night’ DYOB website Eol for business to submit a seasonal offer exclusive to local residents Ambassadors: Adrian Richardson, Gwendolynee, Anderw Maher Calendar of events co branded with DYOBY programme Australian Open 2013 Dining promotion Melbourne Food and Wine festival 2012 – city of yarra tram stop dinners
  • 9. The Future • Smith Street Traders Association Streetlife Funding. Outcome January 2012 proposal submitted by Joe Accuri for the creation for integration of social media platforms alongside a more uniform website presence to tell Smith street Stories includes 3 month moderation of platforms and engagement with key stakeholders. includes three key workshops to educate traders, artist and communities on their use including Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIN and Youtube. Engaging with artistic communities to help populate these platforms. A great way to commence the future digital marketing strategies for Smith Street.
  • 10. A Voice and Vision for Smith Street What is your vision for Smith Street?1. What are three words to best describe Smith Street to you?2. What is your Smith Street Story?3. What would you like to see Smith Street become in the next five years?
  • 11. Outcomes: An overview to date “There is a tension between the intelligent and the dangerous and a Smith Street story needs to embraced this. Opposites attract” Chris Buckingham, CEO Destination Melbourne “ A storytelling approach is integral to the future of Smith Street. The history of dispossession needs to be balanced with the needs of the migrant population to create a unifying theme incorporating its different races and faces” Daniel Ducro, Special Projects Officer City of Yarra “Leveraging off existing digital media assets may help to tell Smith Street Stories” Dylan Reid, Marketing Manager, Tourism Victoria. “Building a story in the strip can be beneficial to Smith Street in building a Storyretailing strategy” Sue Anderson, Australian Retailers Association
  • 12. Results and strategy: Feedback Current objectives: (6 - 12months) * Continue work with City of Yarra and key industry bodies such as Destination Melbourne and Tourism Victoria and work within their initiatives. * Develop the loyalty card and sweepstakes prizes based on outcomes of survey. • Develop an Aboriginal History project or Koori Night Market (I.e Getrude street) • Leverage off existing festivals and events in Melbourne to promote Smith Street as destination I.e Getrude Light projection festival, Movember, NADOC week, Australian Open, Formula I, International Comedy Festival, Grand Final. Work on a calendar of events. • Continue great relationships with community groups I.e NMIT, Circus Oz, Collingwood Football Club. Partner with their events. • Communicate! • Develop social and online media possibilities for Smith Street (I.e Streetlife funding) • Embrace and StoryRetailing strategies, partner with the Australian Retailers Association to educate traders on contemporary practices and develop a ‘Story of the Smith Street Strip’.
  • 13. Results and strategy: Feedback Medium objectives: (1- 3 years) * Packaging the Precinct: preparing for tourism * Encourage mentorships between mature and emerging businesses (I.e Mammor Chocolates, Oonkas Boonkas) • Encourage local visitation through a local destination branding strategy to Smith Street: I.e Destination 86 or Eat, Stay and Play on Smith Street. • Leverage off existing campaigns I.e Discover Your Own Backyard, Tourism Victorias ongoing Tourism Victoria Play Melbourne Campaign • Leverage off the Visit Victoria web page to encourage local visitation. • Continue to leverage off existing festivals in Melbourne to promote Smith Street for domestic visitation I.e Australian Open, Formula I, International Comedy Festival, Grand Final explore interstate tourism possibilities • Work with and partner with bodies.e NMIT, Circus Oz, Collingwood Football Club developing strong and ongoing communication and community ties. • Develop an online tool kit and resource for Traders to promote themselves to domestic and potentially using social and online meida (I.e Tourism Queensland) • Showcase successful StoryRetailing strategies, partner with the Australian Retailers Association and continue the Story within the strip initiative. • Offer mentorships for tourism accreditation .
  • 14. Results and Strategy: Feedback Long Term Objectives: (5 years) • Develop a Destination branding strategy for domestic visitors • Embrace the National Broadband Network: Digital Marketing • Leverage off existing campaigns I.e Discover Your Own Backyard, Tourism Victorias ongoing Tourism Victoria Play Melbourne Campaign • Develop Tourism Ambassadors for the precinct • Partner existing festivals in Melbourne to promote Smith Street for domestic visitation I.e Australian Open, Formula I, International Comedy Festival, Grand Final and second time visitors. • Communicate! (online and offline) • Develop and encourage socialpreneurship endeavor along Smith Street (I.e The Hub Melbourne) • Embrace sustainable development, business and enterprises on Smith Street working with City of Yarra’s urban planning department • Battle gentrification by further promoting the community, socialpreneur and artistic hubs of Smith Street • Ensure that owner operators stay and remain landlords and tenants in Smith Street
  • 15. A Vision for Smith Street 1. Heritage - preservation and unification 2. Embrace Diversity - between multicultural and indigenous, gay and straight, residence and visitors. Bring the opposites to attract. 3. Sense of Adventure - embrace the undiscovered gems and sense of mystery that beholds Smith Street Let the rough diamonds shine!
  • 16. Smith Street Marketing Strategy: Your Voice, Your Vision! Strategy delivery December 2012 Further Feedback I’m waiting for your call! 0416 779 163