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VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 MAY 15, 2013 Page 3TROY’S HOUSE COMMUNITYThank You to The HistoricSanta Maria Inn!Walk-a-thon Winner, Je...
VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 MAY 15, 2013Page 4Shop Troy’s House!Visit our web store today! www.troyshouse.orgThank you for your loya...
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Troy’s house family and friends newsletter may 2013 final print


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Troy’s house family and friends newsletter may 2013 final print

  1. 1. Help FamiliesVisit HospitalsHTTPS://WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/TROYSHOUSEINC/APP_106171216118819WWW.TWITTER.COM/TROYSHOUSE22’S HOUSE SOCIAL HUBToday’s WordThank you Father God for giving us all the characteristics that you have. Thankyou for giving us LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GENTLENESS, andSELF CONTROL. We honor your power to FORGIVE, HEAL, REDEEM, TRANSFORMand BLESS us. We pray for those that are lost to be saved. We praise you forTroy’s House, a hospital house. that shall help people in need of housing whilevisiting hospitals. God bless hospital patients to be healed today! Amen.TROY’SHOUSEANON-PROFITORGANIZATIONHELPFAMILIESVISITHOSPITALSVOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 MAYMay 15, 2013NEWSUCCESS STORYAfter 6 years,JACOB’S HOUSEGETS A HOUSE!SEE MORE : www.troyshouse.orgTROY’S HOUSE CARESTROY’S HOUSE FACEBOOK “HOODIE”CONTEST. $5 DONATIONWINNER,WILMA GREENWOOD!
  2. 2. 2HOTEL VOUCHER PROGRAMSPECIAL EVENTS Poetry CornerJacob’s House Gets a House!Thank You!TROY’S HOUSE FAMILY AND FRIENDS NEWSLETTERBecause of our own experience,Troy’s House shall support the needof hospital housing on the CentralCoast of California. We supportfamilies visiting hospitals who can-not afford hotels or motels. Our goalis to secure a lease or deed to a homeby 2015. Thank you for yourcontinued support to help familiesvisit hospitals. God Bless.Troy’s House Party!You are invited, and we areexcited to meet you at ourupcoming event. This event is anindoor/outdoor affair to minglewith our special guests, and toenjoy a complimentary dinner,deserts, and smooth jazz. Thisevent shall benefit our hotelvoucher program to help familiesvisit hospitals.When: Saturday, July 6, 20135:30pm to 8:00 pmWhere: Santa Maria, CAFor more information,Call 561-907-7787Out of the earth, the RoseOut of the night, the dawnOut of my heart with all the woesHigh courage to press on.(Laura Lee Randall)Troy, we see this in you each dayYou are an inspiration to all of us.Your perseverance,Your amazing smileis like a RoseRising out of the mistYou give us courage to press on,in spite of.You are a beacon.Troy, you are highly favoredA child of the most high God!!I love you, Aunt RoseAt Troy’s House, we have joined with localhotels to offer an interim hotel voucherprogram in Camarillo, CA.Troy’s House shall be known to exemplifysocial responsibility by providing hoteldiscounts up to 75% off for families thisfall. Your gifts are in action, and localhotels shall provide additional discountsfor Troy’s House families.For more information, call 561-907-7787.Similar to a Ronald McDonald House, Jacob’s House will be a home away from home for families who have a lovedone in a medical crisis situation at the Temecula Valley Hospital. Our mission is to help and support those fami-lies in crisis. While we cannot change the destiny, we can impact the journey for those families. On behalf of theBoard of Directors of Jacob’s House, we are honored to announce an important milestone for our nearly 6-year-old non-profit organization, which was created through tragedy, but is built on the strong foundation of hope,comfort and inspiration. Jacob’s House is now the proud owner of a 3,800 square foot residential home on 2.3acres of land located in the Santiago Estates, only 0.6 miles from our new Temecula Valley Hospital. (read more)Relay For Life withTroy’s HouseWhen: June 29, 2013Where: Santa Maria, CAElks Unocal Event CenterVisit www.troyshouse.orgto learn more.
  3. 3. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 MAY 15, 2013 Page 3TROY’S HOUSE COMMUNITYThank You to The HistoricSanta Maria Inn!Walk-a-thon Winner, Jerry Banks, (right)enjoys Bed and Breakfast Girl’s Night Out!Discover tranquility amid giant palm trees, arose garden and an antique fountain .... Rejuve-nate in our sparkling pool, heated spa and fit-ness center, or...Sit in the Historical CoachRoom where Hollywood legends Rudolph Valen-tino and Clark Gable lounged ... You can too. for JaquilleOur cousin, Jaquille Tidwell Johnsage 16, was allegedly beaten by WillieMason, age 61, in November 2011.Please sign our online petition.Jaquille died, and Mason has notgone to trial? Read more Joben’s Blog: Life in aSub Acute Unit I V E ! L I V E !T H R I V E !Want to automatically donate amonthly gift Online?Go to www.troyshouse.orgWords of WisdomMake it a habit to examine whatyour thoughts are chasing after,and what your words aregathering to you.Dr. Myles MunroeTROY’S HOUSE BABY!RAEVYN ANNALISE FREEMANBORN FEB 2, 2013Parents, Marcus and RikishaOur hearts go out to all 3 families that experienced theterrible loss of their loved one. We send our deepestcondolences. May God give you strength.Photos provided by: Debbie Mastroddi-PhilleyRemembering ERHS ClassmatesGratia Greene Robinson,Steve Hartman, and Mike Starnes.May They Rest In Peace.How well do you know yourfamily members?Write name here:________________________
  4. 4. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 2 MAY 15, 2013Page 4Shop Troy’s House!Visit our web store today! www.troyshouse.orgThank you for your loyalty.We acknowledge your commitment, andappreciate your generosity.Please continue to donate,$10, $20, $50. Donate today!Your gifts are making Troy’sHouse become a reality.We can help hospital patients,like Troy, and their families.Sign up for automatic monthlygiving to keep us going!www.troyshouse.orgJoin Troy’s Circe!Visit our website and becomea V.I.P member today!PRAYER FOR TOMORROWWATCH TROY’S 30 secondVIDEO!’s House, Inc., Corporate Office: 3501 S. 38th Street, Box 56, Tacoma, WA 98409 (561) 907-7787 troyshouseinc@gmail.comVolunteer / ParticipateYour time is greatly appreciatedat Troy’s House. There areplenty of ways you can help getTroy’s House on the map! Youcan share stories about a situa-tion when a hospital house was aneed; share a photo of Troy“back in the day”, offerthoughtful opinions; organize aparty or event; post on oursocial media sites; collaborateas a business; help us with dataentry; attend events; spread theword! Contact us!We would love to hear from you!561-907-7787TROYS HOUSE T-SHIRT."CALLED TO DUTY" $20.All items are promotional or donated items for sale Troy’s House VIPmember discounts do apply. Some items are original, homemade;one of a kind. We add new items weekly. www.troyshouse.orgTroy Banks— pray for his respi-ratory system, vision, ulcers, bloodpressure, heart and entire body to betotally restored.Giving GOD the glory.A MESSAGE FROM TROY!From devotional, Jesus SpeaksYou must live within life’s boundaries.I knew what I was doingwhen I divided time in 24 hour segments.I understand human fragility.and I know that you can bear theweight of only one day at a time,Don’t worry about tomorrowor gets stuck in the past.There is abundant life inmy presence, today.Have a blessed day. Love you guys. Bye, bye. TROY BACK IN THE DAY!SHOPTROY’SHOUSEPRODUCTSONPINTERESTTOO! SUPPORT TROY’S HOUSE BECAUSE WEKNOW THAT IT IS GOD’S WILL FOR OURLIVES TO HELP FAMILIES VISIT HOSPITAS.TROYS HOUSE "HOODIE".$55 (free shipping)