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If you or your loved one is suffering from alcohol or drug addiction, and you currently have Cigna PPO coverage, it may be a significant cost savings to you and or your loved one. Substance Abuse treatment programs are covered by Cigna PPO Health Insurance through their behavioral health coverage.

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Alcohol Rehab Philadelphia (855) YES-REHAB

  1. 1. The definition of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence recovery, means to maintain sobriety, while learning new cognitive-behavioral skills and changing your attitude. The first step is to change yourself, how you think and view the world you live in. Then you learn the techniques to cope with problems, while abstaining from drinking alcohol, and last, you learn how to properly interact with your loved ones, and maintain relationship with other people. Addiction, is a life time disorder, that cannot be "fixed" either quickly or forever. The recovery process allows the person to learn how to maintain their life, without using alcohol, and embrace a productive and healthy life style.
  2. 2. Alcohol addiction causes the brain function to change, so the person is unable to stop drinking or reduce the amount of alcohol intake. Dependence to alcohol is a mental health disorder, and it has nothing to do with the person's will power or character flaw. The addiction causes physical and psychological dependence on the substance of abuse, and it should be treated properly by a Substance Abuse Professionals, in the residential or outpatient settings.
  3. 3.  There are several main key elements to a successful and effective recovery:  1. Make a commitment to stay sober upon completing a full alcohol rehab treatment. Make attainable goals, and follow them. Keep yourself busy with healthy and productive actives, and stay away from places that may trigger alcohol drinking or drug abuse.  2. Continue with counseling and support groups to help you to maintain your sobriety. The support groups will allow you to be among those who are also recovering from alcohol, and who can share their experiences and help you to stay alcohol-free.  3. Family support. Having a strong family support is vital in the recovery process. Your loved ones can be there for you to encourage you to continue your healthy life style.
  4. 4. 4. Plan for relapse. During your aftercare counseling, you will learn how to identify and manage cravings and possible triggers to avoid relapse. It is not uncommon for addicts to have setbacks, even if the significant amount of time passed by. Many people who have undergone alcohol rehab treatment may have to repeat their stint at the Alcohol Rehab Facility several times, before they can get better.  Seeking professional help from a certified and licensed Substance Abuse Professional is crucial!  Start your recovery journey with us today!
  5. 5. Stop Your Addiction !!!! Visit http://www.alcoholabusehotline.or g/