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How to Increase Hosting Company Profits and Capture Market Share



Increase Profits, Capture Market Share and Reduce Churn by Integrating SEO Tools - Workshop at cPanel Conference October 5th, 2010 by Troy McCasland

Increase Profits, Capture Market Share and Reduce Churn by Integrating SEO Tools - Workshop at cPanel Conference October 5th, 2010 by Troy McCasland



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  • There’s a tectonic shift happening in search today that changing the way search results are displayed creating a Tsunami wave of new business coming online. It’s obsoleting the yellow pages, and creating a huge opportunity for everyone in this room. The change I’m talking about is local search search. Local search on the desktop, and more importatly local search on mobile devices. It’s giving small business who aren’t yet online a reason to have web site like never before.
  • To understand Why 3rd party services are so important NOW we have to look at the market from 10K foot point of view
  • As the market shifted to the Growth Stage we saw sales increase at an increasing rate, and a flurry of acquisitions by Viero, Inerliant, and Interland.
  • As we approach the Mature stage of the shared hosting product life cycle prices had dropped dramatically. No longer can we charge $50/mo. Hosting is a comodoity. Product differentiations is paramount. Finding new and innovative additional services becomes critical to success.
  • Ok, so now everyone should be convinced we need move beyond selling disc spaces, bandwidth, the number of POP accounts and shopping carts. There a many 3rd party services we can offer
  • Still not convinced, you need to add SEO tools, then let’s look at what the big boys are doing..
  • Ok, so now that you know you need to make your hosting SEO friendly and differentiate your services to grow and increase profits the question becomes where do I start? The first thing you need look for is a tool provider who provides ethical, White HAT SEO Toots that doesnt violate anyone's terms of service…Black Hat not good
  • XML Sitemaps are an important part of SEO and should be part of hosting infrastructure just like e-mail, disc space and backups. The protocol is relatively new.
  • Last year, Google and UCL authored a white paper on Sitemaps, titled Above and Beyond the Crawl of Dutty. What they found, is ….
  • This is what a sitemap looks like. Pretty simple to create for a web developer, working on small site, you need a tool if you are inexperienced or working on a large database driven sites….. Google makes python Sitemap creation tool, but it’s difficult to install and use and doesn’t have a revenue model you can capitalize on. Sitemaps are submitted in one of two way
  • Every site you host should have Robots.txt file using the Sitemap directive. This an abreviated version of Google’s robots.txt file. All the big sites have robot.txt files that look like this, that use the sitemap directive. How many people know if their own site has a robot.txt file? That’s OK, you are not alone. Most site we look at don’t. Ok, of those who have robot.txt files, how many are using the sitemap directive? Again, very common. Most people don’t but this a an easy thing you can automate using cPanel plug ins make your hosting SEO enabled.
  • Local SEO is impacting more than just local businesses and local consumers….
  • Using cPanel Plugins to deliver 3rd party SaaS tools helps your customers. It….
  • One of our partners spent 9 months and six figures integrating our tools. How long do you think it takes make your hosting SEO friendly using a cPanel Plugin……? About 9 seconds? How much do you think it costs? Not only is it free, but it pays. It generates immediate revenue.

How to Increase Hosting Company Profits and Capture Market Share Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Increase Profits & Grow Your Hosting Business In Today’s Competitive Market
    Troy McCasland, VP Business Development, Attracta
  • 2. Partner for Growth and Profits
    Small business is where the action is
    Grow and profit by tightly integrating SaaS 3rd party aplications using cPanel Plug-ins
    SEO Tools are one of the best choices
    Your Hosting + cPanel Plug-ins + ISVs = Synergy
    Time to Market Advantage
    Costs Savings
    Higher Profits & More Customers
  • 3. Small Business Impact on Hosting Industry is HUGE
    Represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms*
    In the U.S. there are 29.6 million
    In 2008 there were 627,200 new businesses,595,600 business closures and 43,546 bankruptcies
    Over half don’t yet have a website**
    *Source: U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy, September 2009
    ** Ben Fisher, Hosting News, 2010
  • 4. More Than Half of Your Customers’ Sites Have 20 Pages or Less
    * Source : Attracta.com; sample of over 45,000 customers
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Growth Stage
    • Sales grow at an increasing rate
    • 7. Large companies may acquiresmall, pioneering firms
    • 8. Many competitors entering market
    • 9. Profits are healthy
    Toward end of stage
    Promotion Emphasis
    • Prices normally fall
    • 10. Dev costs have been removed
    • 11. Profits reach their peak
    • 12. Sales volume has createdeconomies of scale
    • 13. Heavy brand advertising
    • 14. Integration of value-addedservices a key goal
    • 15. Differences between brands
  • 16. Maturity Stage
    • Sales continue to increase but ata decreasing rate
    • 17. Increased product differentiation
    • 18. More value-added services; product lines and widened or extended
    • 19. Heavy promotions to both resellers and end users are required
    • 20. Marketplace approaching saturation
    • 21. An emphasis on product style rather than function
    • 22. Marginal competitors begin dropping out of the market
    • 23. Prices and profits begin to fall
  • 24. Value-Added Services
    Merchant Accounts / Payment Solutions
    Shopping Carts
    Website Design
    Content Management
    Messaging / Collaboration – MS Exchange, VOIP
    CRM – SugarCRM
    Back up services
    Marketing Services
    • Website Submission – SubmitIt.com
    • 25. SEO Tools
    - PPC
    • E-mail Marketing – SendGrid.com
  • 26. SEO Tools Are One The Best Value-Added Service for Hosts
    Huge Market Demand
    Internet Advertising Projected to be $51 billion by 2012*
    In 2009 The Entire Hosting Industry generated only $18.3 billion
    Can Be Tightly Integrated using Plug-ins
    Low Price Point
    Best Way to Generate Affordable Traffic
    Reduces churn – sticky, makes customers more loyal,less likely to go out of business, switch hosts.
    Low Hanging Fruit
    *Source – IDC, 2008
  • 27. Most Website Traffic Comes From Search Engines*
    * Source: 2008 Velvet Blues case study
  • 28. 98% of All Searches Begin at Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask
  • 29. 75% of Users Click Organic Search Results vs. Paid Listings*
    * Source : 2008 article in SEOMOZ
  • 30. The Giants Are Just Starting to Offer Integrated SEO Tools
    Network Solutions
  • 31. Google’s SEO Guidelines
    Can Be Automated Using Tools
    May Be Difficult to Automate
    Accurate, unique Page Titles
    Accurate, unique Meta Description Tags
    Utilize current XML and HTML site maps
    Notify Google of mobile sites
    Use Robots.txt correctly
    Promote your website in the right way
    Back links from content relevant sites
    Social Media
    Use good anchor text – internal and external
    Optimize Images
    Use H1 Tags
    Use Free Google Webmaster Tools
    Include Keywords in URLs
    Create simple directory structures
    Avoid deep nested sites /dir1/dir2/dir3
    Use descriptive directory namesexample: /maui/condos
    Provide one version of a URL to reach a document
    Intuitive navigation
    Be aware of and use rel=“nofollow” on some links
    Have a useful “404” page – load HTML sitemap
    Target content at users, not search engines
  • 32. XML Sitemap
    Protocol Created by Google in 2005 and adopted by Yahoo and MSFT in 2006
    www.sitemap.org - Protocol 0.90
    Provides search engines with an easier way to crawl the web
    Sitemaps files are XML files with a list of URLs
    Six types of specialized Sitemaps
    Code Search
  • 33. XML Sitemaps Above and Beyond the Crawl of Duty*
    Sitemaps Solve two problems
    Coverage / Deep Web
    Case Study involving Amazon, CNN & Pubmedcentral.nih.gov
    About half of the sites pages were indexed by Sitemaps the other half through discovery
    Sitemaps help large sites get more pages indexed quicker
    Sitemaps help new sites get indexed immediately
    Google Search Main Pipeline Architecture
    *Source: Google, UCLA White Paper, 2009
  • 34. Sample XML Sitemaps
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  • 35. Robots.txt
    • Use the Sitemap directive
    • 36. Proper use of disallows
    Example: www.google.com/robots.txt
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /images/
    Disallow: /search
    Sitemap: http://www.gstatic.com/s2/sitemaps/profiles-sitemap.xml
  • 37. Local SEO
    Tectonic shift in search
    Impacting many businesses and consumers not just local
    Huge opportunity for you to enhance brick & mortars’ online presence
  • 38. cPanel Plug-in User Benefits
    • Saves time with auto registration
    • 39. Improves users experience with auto installation, robots.txt
    • 40. Install multiple domains at once
    • 41. Automatically detects redirects and sub-domains to properly configure account
    • 42. Single-sign-on allows access to Saas Application from inside cPanel without having to setup and maintain separate login/passwords
  • 43. cPanel Plug-in Host Benefits
    • Time to market advantage – SEO Enable every website in just 1 minute.
    • 44. Cost savings
    • 45. Higher adoption rate
    • 46. Higher revenue per user
    • 47. Lower support costs
    • 48. Increased customer satisfaction
    • 49. Lower Churn
    • 50. Increased Profits
  • 51. The Time to Act is Now!
    • Leverage your investment in cPanel using Plugins
    • 52. Integrate 3rd party SaaS tools
    • 53. Make your hosting SEO enabled.
    • 54. Grow you business and become more profitable
  • 55. Thank You
    Contact me anytime:
    Troy McCasland, VP Business Development
    (619) 804-3028 cell