New dev math approach for nro cmath posted-nov2013


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Overview of the Pedagogical Approach of NROC Developmental Math - both standard and pre-assessment versions

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New dev math approach for nro cmath posted-nov2013

  1. 1. An Overview of the Pedagogical Approach NROC Developmental Math Standard and Pre-Assessment Versions
  2. 2. Adaptable in Your Learning Management System Self-Paced Version with Unit Map & Pre-Assessment Instructor-Paced Version without Pre-Assessment Topic + Activities Unit + Summative Activities
  3. 3. Pre-Assessment Version: Unit Home Students click on the Unit Map & Pre-Assessment link from the Learning Management System to arrive at the Unit Home, with instructions for taking the Pre-Assessment, which will determine “My Learning Path.”
  4. 4. Pre-Assessment Version: My Learning Path Based on performance on the Pre-Assessment, a personalized learning path is created. My Learning Path shows only those Topics that require additional study for mastery.
  5. 5. Topic Level Study The topic home page orients learners to the objectives and different learning modalities they may use to master the concepts and procedures within the topic.
  6. 6. Presentations offer a media-rich conceptual introduction to each topic with illustrated examples, and real-world applications. Closed captions in English and Spanish are available.
  7. 7. Worked examples, created by Sal Khan of Khan Academy (, walk students through step-by-step examples (one for each objective) pointing out recommended strategies and procedures through the use of a virtual blackboard.
  8. 8. Practice problems - symbolic and word - are designed in adaptive sets tied to learning objectives, and offer students immediate feedback. Problems may be one of nine different types.
  9. 9. Reviews test students mastery of a topic and the summary points students to the Topic Text for further review as needed.
  10. 10. An integrated, open textbook (Topic Text) provides comprehensive coverage of topics with additional explanations, manipulatives and examples. These pages may be printed by topic, or as a complete textbook for off-line studying and note-taking. Available in both Spanish and English.
  11. 11. Pre-Assessment version: Unit Map - Updated The Unit Map shows student performance on each topic – those assigned, those they passed out of, and those they mastered through study.
  12. 12. Unit Concluding Integrative Activites Collaborative Projects Tutor Simulations Unit-level Assessments Simple Puzzles
  13. 13. Pre-Assessment Version: Cloud-based Gradebook The cloud-based grade service allows the instructor to edit Pre-Assessment settings and to view progress by student or class.
  14. 14. Imagine the Possibilities... Open Resources for Personalized Learning independent, selfpaced study contextualized career and technical programs emporium model flipped classrooms placement exam labs college placement exam prep HS/college bridge programs summer credit recovery accelerated learning alternative and adult education