Best Practice Strategies In Government


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Best Practice Strategies in Government - A European Perspective was the speech I gave today at StrategyPark Central Government, 2008, held at Sopwell House, St.Albans, UK on 4 November 2008. The feedback from participants was great, really encouraging!

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Best Practice Strategies In Government

  1. 1. Best Practice Strategies in Government A European Perspective Trond Arne Undheim, Ph.D. & Author StrategyPark Central Government, 4 November 2008 The opinions expressed here are the author’s only and do not necessarily represent those of his employers past or present.
  2. 2. Daughters and Leaders My two-year old knows a thing or two about best practice… • Gets what she wants. • Builds relationships. • Shows no fear.
  3. 3. Daughters and Leaders • I know a thing or two about best practice, leadership, and childcare…
  4. 4. Together • She brings me down to her level. • I have no choice, really. • I am better for it.
  5. 5. My Daughter’s principles 1. Be persistent. 2. Build an unbreakable bond. 3. Make your way the natural way. 4. Push your point, but move on. 5. See yourself as an equal.
  6. 6.
  7. 7. The EU seen from Britain Britain France Germany Rest of Continent Berlusconi Costa del Sol Polish workers
  8. 8. The EU seen from Brussels France EU Presidency Italy Germany United Kingdom Spain Rest of EU Rest of World
  9. 9. Good Practice Community eGovernment-eHealth-eInclusion Expert assessment: Nice public procurement (FR) [case] European Awards 92 (0-100) A great solution for all public procurement in France. eGovernment Pilot results from Health and Transport show €90 m Community savings/year. A huge Innovation because 10 tons of assessment eInclusion paper eliminated. A €1m/year operation it should **** (1-5 stars) eHealth givelding €100 m yearly savings once fullly Discuss operational. The project started in 2005 and ends in Discussion: 2010. [100 words] “Great, but I miss In-depth more details on Origin: France, Interior Ministry technology” Personalize (Herman, 47) Domain: Health and Transport services Search Case Analysis About us Huge track record of sharing – 100 speeches across - EC project finds Share good Europe – 10 visits a year from foreign dignitaries NP cool [attachment] practice Lessons Learned: Find an expert • Hierarchy buy-in Cool EC Efficiency • User always involved Find a speaker France eID Speaker Technology Innovation Find a product Interoperability Products Transport Procurement
  10. 10. No! You cannot do that!
  11. 11. FUD* • We’ve never done that before. • We have tried it before. • It will never work. *Fear, uncertainty and doubt.
  12. 12. Yes, I can. (It might work).
  13. 13.
  14. 14. • 15000 members. • 700 percent growth. • 1000 good practice cases ( € 1 bn). • Participants from 46 countries. – Online communities with hundreds of members. – Monthly workshops. • Renewed for three years (€10 mn).
  15. 15. Yes, we did. (It worked).
  16. 16. Best Practice Puzzle Motivate Learn Innovate Impact Available Converse Contribute Create Information Know-how Knowledge Insight Strangers Contacts Colleagues Partners
  17. 17. Nonsense I could have used Motivate Learn Innovate Impact Motivate Learn Innovate Available Converse Contribute Create Available Converse Contribute Information Know-how Knowledge Insight Information Know-how Knowledge Motivate Learn Innovate Impact Motivate Learn Innovate Available Align Contribute Create Available Converse Contribute Information Know-how Change Insight Information Know-how Knowledge Strangers Contacts Align Partners Contacts Create Partners
  18. 18. Bad Practice Puzzle Deadlines Tired Stress Impact Unavailable Crunch Fight Conquer Rumor Media Public Outcry Hierarchy Orders Loss Crisis
  19. 19. Realistic Puzzle Motivate Learn Stress Impact Available Converse Contribute Crisis Information Media Knowledge Insight Hierarchy Contacts Colleagues Partners
  20. 20. Social Media and Leaders • Don’t ignore technology • Don’t let it rule your life – Make your cell phone, TV, DVDs, email, online communities your own – Put them to use – with specific goals in mind • Do make use of your networks – and make sure to build new ones.
  21. 21. European e-tax experiences • Who? – Denmark, Finland, FYR of Macedonia, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, • Where? When? How? – Daily on or monthly workshops. • What? – Experiences, Pitfalls, Success factors.
  22. 22. Leadership From Below • Not only for wannabe leaders. • Not only for emerging leaders. • Successful with CEOs, Directors, Royalty. • Across sectors (public, private or NGO)
  23. 23. The Premise • Most management books miss the point. • Leadership is unrelated to hierarchy. • You can lead without being in charge.
  24. 24. How? (Really)
  25. 25. Three Things Count • The Internet generation. • Scandinavian equity. • Asian philosophy.
  26. 26. The Internet Generation • Navigate hierarchies and networks. • Take charge of technology. • Shape their surroundings. • Your peer-to-peer attitude defies hierarchy.
  27. 27. Scandinavian Equity • Maintain work-life balance. • Master mobility. • Respect others. • Your choice is to be on top but have a life.
  28. 28. Asian Philosophy • Tap into Ki – presence. • Lead by Ba – shared understanding. • Be grounded – martial art of management. • You don’t have to be Asian to use Asian principles.
  29. 29. Leadership From Below • Change your attitude, not your position. • Exploit policy windows. • Nobody will know. Nobody is threatened.
  30. 30. The Five Principles 1. Be persistent. 2. Build an unbreakable bond. 3. Make your way the natural way. 4. Push your point, but move on. 5. See yourself as an equal.
  31. 31.
  32. 32. Join in Start a new life – lead from below Leadership From Below is available at Contact me on: