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Economic issue of 2008
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Economic issue of 2008


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Economyc Issue Of 2008 (Indonesia) Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1
  • 2. Says :Free Powerpoint Templates Page 2
  • 3. "With see the condition as now will be a lot people thatwould travel in the country. So we see it as an opportunitythat should be pursued in 2009 by adding a domestic flightpath. " Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3 Emirsyah Satar (CEO Garuda Indonesia)
  • 4. "A focus on core categories where we havecompetence. Many errors happened if we are tooexperimental, too out of our core competencies.While also waiting for an opportunity to exportUnilever products to Free Powerpoint Templates Lalisang (Presdir PT Unilever Indonesia)4 neighboring countries. " Maurits Page
  • 5. "All the projects as much as possible use financing fromdomestic sources, and is not dependent on overseas.We need to raise funds from the domestic savings so as Free Powerpoint Templatesnot to depend on the foreign exchange. " wardojo (Dirut Bank Mandiri) Page 5 Agus Marto
  • 6. Crisis Impact on Business in 2008 Decreased demand 63,64 High company 57,58 expenses. Going down the 30,3companys liquidity. Delayed payments 24,24 from buyers. Difficult to find 9,09sources of funding. Price increases due to Increase in dollar 6,06 exchange rate.Have not impact at all 3,03 Telco software expenditures 3,03 is abroad risingExpansion / Dinvestment 3,03 was delayed The company be careful 3,03 Free Powerpoint Templates Sumber : SWA Within giving credit. Page 6
  • 7. Thus resulting in some business sectors are willing tolose a few percent profit in 2008. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7
  • 8. With see the condition of 2008, most of theplayers must be prepared for business in2009. Some market participants view thedata records Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8
  • 9. Business Challenges in 2009 70,59 Purchasing power down. Falling demand. 63,64 Higher capital costs 52,94 Source of funds 50 more difficult Export markets 26,47 weakened. Maintain The market 8,82 confidence and security. Uncertain of raw 8,82 items prices. Economic 8,82 uncertainty. Total developers 2,94 slightly Adaptation strategyof marketing, distributi 2,94 Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9SWA Sumber : on and production.
  • 10. Crisis experienced in nearly every developed countryand a developing country. Creating corporate leaders (CEO) review the strategies and policies in running the business. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10
  • 11. Solutions to overcome business challenges in 2009 70,59 Finding new markets. Providing products with 52,94 affordable prices. Looking for strategic 32,35 partnersReduced production 29,41 capacity Cost efficiency. 20,59 Reduce employee. 14,71 Merger. 8,82rovide better service. 8,82 Wait and see t he implementation 2,94 of development projects. The increase in equity 2,94 Free Powerpoint Templates Sumber : SWA by the shareholders. Page 11
  • 12. Implementation of the strategy will be executedby the CEO is to prioritize the allocation of Free Powerpoint Templatesbudget across multiple sectors Page 12
  • 13. Priority allocation 2009 1. investmen 2. People asset development 3. Accuisition and technology application 4. Remuneration of human capital 5. Marketing and promotion 6. Materials 7. Research and development 8. Fuel / energy / electricity 9. CSR Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13
  • 14. The solution to overcome the purchasing power in 2009 Giving discounts. 45,16 Increase promotion. 41,94 Selling products 22,58 with Bundling. Open a new 12,9 Distributor agent. Launching the 9,68 new model.Re-packaging product 9,68 to be smaller product Improve the quality 6,45 and range of services.more focused on The products 3,23 that affordable public Reaching new markets r esult of switching from I 3,23 mports to local products. Free Powerpoint Templates Sumber : SWA Page 14
  • 15. • Maintaining cash flow.• Focus on one area that has great potential.• Trying to expand into the country is not out of the country.• Enterprises UKM need to be developed. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 15
  • 16. "Solving the creative and outstanding, needed in the face of an abnormal condition."Free Powerpoint Templates Page 16
  • 17. 2009: Optimism, Hope, and Resilient ! Free Powerpoint Templates Page 17
  • 18. Thank You !Free Powerpoint Templates Page 18