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Geo-Scaled Photosynthesis Driven Scrubbers

Geo-Scaled Photosynthesis Driven Scrubbers






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    Geo-Scaled Photosynthesis Driven Scrubbers Geo-Scaled Photosynthesis Driven Scrubbers Presentation Transcript

    • Geo Scaled Synthetic Photosynthesis 
    • Can we make a more efficient scrubber before these types of scrubbers come online?
    • Can chloroplasts and the electron transport chain of high functioning bio-mass such as giant sequoias be manipulated through genetic enhancement?
    • Corn and soybeans have undergone successful genetic enhancement why not chloroplasts and electron transport chains? 
    • Can we clone high functioning bio-mass , and utilize it's genetic propensity to perform continuous photosynthesis ?
    • Can we bridge the gap between organic and inorganic photosynthesis ?
    • Can this bridge be integrated into the national energy infrastructure while at the same time scrubbing CO2 from the atmosphere?
    • Comparison I
      • Proposed Carbon Scrubber:
      • Estimated Removal to Remission Ratio:
      • 1000kg carbon units removed to 
      • 200kg re-emitted = 
      • 800kg total carbon units removed per cycle
    • Comparison II
      • Genetically Enhanced Photosynthesis Based Scrubber:
      • Estimated Removal to Remission Ratio:
      • <=1000kg carbon units removed to 
      • 0kg re-emitted due to the ability to produce self sustaining energy .
      • =1000kg carbon units removed per cycle
    • Types of Advanced Scrubbers
      • My Proposal Type I
      • -Fully Synthetic Filament    Material
      • -Photosynthesis Operations
      • -CO2 Scrubber 
      My Proposal Type II -Organic/Synthetic        Combination Filament Material -Genetically Enhanced -Photosynthesis Operations  -CO2 Scrubber  Note: Need for autonomous regeneration of organic material for continued operation.  This need might be addressed by  replicating bio-nanotechnology
    • The Basic Idea
      Can we extract the photosynthesis process of  high functioning bio-mass, genetically enhance it, and then integrate it into proposed chemical CO2 scrubbers?
    • Energy Production
      • The energy released by the splitting of water molecules, the creation of hydrogen ions, and carbohydrates should be enough to at least power individual scrubbers. 
      • As a global society we are hard pressed to split water molecules for the time being which makes this endeavor quite complicated...
      • There also lies the potential to exploit the energy levels created by photosynthesis which lie in the terawatt range .
    • Energy Production
      • Synthetic trees have already been proposed;
      • http://susty.com/carbon-extracting-trees-synthetic-natural-co2-sequestration-capture-synthetic-biological/
      • My idea is to combine the energy production of photosynthesis for use on the grid and the scrubbing of CO2 at the same time
      • I believe this is a win-win proposal when proposed in the context of the Obama administration's green jobs push, the Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the blatant need for a more robust U.S. energy infrastructure, and the dire consequences of global warming. 
    • Take a Poll on this Technology Proposal 
    • Rough Draft References
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