Conference Calls

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Brief introduction to effective conference calls.

Brief introduction to effective conference calls.

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  • 1. Meeting Basics Conference Calls
  • 2. It is a meeting
    • Standard rules for attendees
      • be on-time
      • no phones
      • come prepared
      • listen
      • discuss
      • take effective notes
  • 3. It is a meeting
    • Standard rules for organiser
      • start on-time
      • have a purpose
      • invite the right people
      • publish an agenda
      • have a facilitator
      • sse the time effectively
      • have concrete actions
      • publish minutes
      • finish on-time
  • 4. No multitasking
    • Even if you are at your desk you should not be trying to catch up on your email or otherwise working on something else.
    • You should be giving the meeting 100% of your attention.
  • 5. No sub-meeting
    • Don’t put the call on mute this interrupts the natural flow of discussion and encourages people to make comments for the local audience excluding the rest of the call.
  • 6. Know who is who
    • People joining the call should announce themselves as they join.
    • The first and perhaps second time each person speaks they should state their name but not every time.
  • 7. Make it effective
    • Conference calls are more difficult. Everyone on the call needs to work extra hard to make sure the time is as effective as it could be.
  • 8. Make it effective
    • Actively listen to what is being said, ask for clarification when necessary and discuss the points raised.
  • 9. Use technology wisely
    • Have a really clear need before considering the use of video conferencing, desktop / document sharing tools, shared whiteboards, etc.
  • 10. Conference Calls
    • It’s a meeting
    • No multitasking
    • No sub-meeting
    • Know who is who
    • Make it effective
    • Use technology wisely