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360 d

  1. 1. 360D 22/6/2013 1
  2. 2. Introduction1)Company Profile2)Existing System3)Introduction of Project4)Objective of Project5)Scope of work6)Operating EnvironmentAnalysis and DesignDiagrams1)ERD2)DFD3)Use Case Diagram4)Class Diagram22/6/2013 2360D
  3. 3. 5)Sequence Diagram6) Module hierarchy7)Data DictonaryUser Interface ScreenLimitationsConclusionProposed Enhancements22/6/2013 3360D
  4. 4. 22/6/2013 4360D
  5. 5. Company Name: Treesha Desire InfoTech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.Year of establishment: 2006Website: www.treeshadesire.comAbout Organization: Treesha Desire is one of the offshore service providers in India,offering a range of web designing , Software development andInternet marketing services to organizations across the world. Treesha Desire Infotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is founded to addressthe need of cost effective yet powerful and user friendly systems,the software systems that don’t only help to the business but alsoestablish a level of trust between our clients and their endcustomers. The company has employed high qualified technical team withengineering and computer application education that canunderstand the customer requirements and convert their vision intoreality.22/6/2013 5360D
  6. 6. Treesha Desire deals with following: Microsoft .Net Development. Software Process Consultancy Java / J2EE Development. E-Commerce Solution. Search Engine Optimization S/W Quality And Testing services Open source tools development22/6/2013 6360D
  7. 7.  Existing System consist of manual work which results in errors andloss or delay of work. Even if the systems are automated andcomputerized they are all separated through different managementsoftware. Each one of these software has different set of requirementsand different databases resulting in need of more space and time towork on them. The existing system basically produces following problems: Loss or delay of work. Redundancy. Need of more storage. More time required. Different set of requirements for each software. More manpower. Less privacy of data. Etc.22/6/2013 7360D
  8. 8.  The proposed system is an automated software that removes the problemsof existing system and help the user / employee in a variety of ways. The system is indented for a small scale organization with 200 to 250employees.It gives the user ease of accessing all the different software’s used in anorganization at one place.22/6/2013 8360D
  9. 9.  There is a module for almost every work done in a company, such as,Employee Management, Leave Management, Attendance Records, PayrollManagement. Apart from the usual work 360 D also helps the organization in 2 moreways, Appraisal and Project Management. Appraisal Management helps HR manager to appraise the employees. Project Management works as an ERP s/w, and automatically allocates anew project to the desired department and further to respective employeesaccording to their skill sets and project requirements22/6/2013 9360D
  10. 10. 1)To develop a system that is hassle free for the team that is dealingwith the appraisal of employees. 2)Although every organization has Appraisal system in place butthe attractive feature of 360D is that it brings all aspects of appraisalat one place n makes it convenient for the HR’s to appraise by justbrowsing through some forms and decide on the basis of that.22/6/2013 10360D
  11. 11. 360 D can provide you with ease of accessing differentset of software’s at one place with ease and efficiency. The key attraction of this software is the automation ofproject allocation to different employees in a companyaccording to their skill, experience and qualification.22/6/2013 11360D
  12. 12. Servers:Operating System Server : Windows Server 2003Database Server : SQL server 2005Client : Windows XP or higherCode Behind : C#.Net, ADO.NetHardware Specification:Processor : Intel core2 2.66 GHZRAM : 2 GB, 960 MB of RAMHard Disk : 500 GBSoftware Requirements:Operating system : Windows XP or higherBack End : SQL Server 2005 or higher22/6/2013 12360D
  13. 13. 22/6/2013 13360D
  14. 14. ERD22/6/2013 14360D
  15. 15. Entity Relationship Diagram1 M 1 MM1 M MM 1 MM MMM1 MEMPLOYEEDECISIONSAPPRAISEAPPRAISERQUESTIONSAPPRAISALCOMMITEECOMPANYCREATESHASCREATESAnswerBUILDSDescriptionNameIdCommitteeIdWORKSUserIdfirstNameMobileNoCommitteeNameCreateDateBUILDSHASActivestatusAppraisalIdAppraisalnameHASDesignationQuestionTypeQuestionIdCommitteeIdAppraiseidAskedDecisionIdDecision22/6/2013 15360D
  16. 16. DFD22/6/2013 16360D
  17. 17. 13/6/2013 16360D9 Save LoginLogin Information ReportsEmployee Data Save Employee InfoDepartment DataLeave Data Save DepartmentProject DataQuestions for AppraisalSave Leave MasterSave Leave TransactionReports Save Master RecordsLogin Information Save SalaryDaily Attendance Record Save ProjectLeave Application Save AppraisalAppraisal Information of Employee Save Decisions360 DADMINEmployee0.0
  18. 18. 13/6/2013 17360DLoginADMIN1.0LoginEMPLOYEEUsername&PasswordUsername&PasswordAuthenticateLogin
  19. 19. 13/6/2013 18360DReport GenerationAdds data of NewEdits data of OldEmployeeAdd/Edit DepartmentInformationView PersonalInformationEmployee InfoDepartment2.0EmployeeSystemAdminEmployeeSaveSave
  20. 20. 13/6/2013 19360DFIRST LEVEL DFDMuster recordsADMIN3.0AttendanceSystemEMPLOYEEView AttendanceReportEdits DailyAttendanceView AttendanceReportSave
  21. 21. 13/6/2013 20360DLeave_MasterLeave_TransactionADMIN4.0LeaveSystemEMPLOYEEApprovesLeaveApply forLeavesViewLeaverecordsofemployeeEditsLeaveallowedforemployeeSaveSave
  22. 22. 13/6/2013 21360DView Employee SalaryReportSaveView Salary ReportAffects SalaryAffects SalaryAffects SalarySalary5.0Salary SystemAdminEmployeeLeaveAttendanceProject
  23. 23. Report GenerationAdds Appraisal Questions SaveCreates New Committee SaveAdds Employees to Committee SavePerforms Appraisal of Colleagues SaveTakes Decisions onanother EmployeeView own AppraisalAnswersQuestionsDecisionsAppraisal7.0AppraisalSystemAdminEmployee
  24. 24. Use Case Diagrams13/6/2013 22360D
  25. 25. Class Diagram13/6/2013 23360D
  26. 26. Sequence diagram13/6/2013 24360D
  27. 27. Admi13/6/2013 25360D
  28. 28. HR13/6/2013 26360D360D 13/6/2013 26
  29. 29. Module Hierarchy13/6/2013 27360D
  30. 30. 13/6/2013 28360D
  31. 31. Data dictionary13/6/2013 29360D
  32. 32. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionEIN numeric 6,0 Foreign Key UniquelyIdentifies auserUserName varchar 10,0 Not Null Username forloginPassword varchar 15,0 Not Null Password13/6/2013 30360D
  33. 33. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionEIN numeric 6,0 Primary Key Uniquely identifies an employee. AutomaticgeneratedFirstName varchar 10 Not Null Employee First NameLastName varchar 10 Not Null Employee Last NameMiddleName varchar 10 Employee Middle NameAddress varchar 50 Not NullPhoneNo numeric 11,0 Phone NumberMobNo numeric 10,0 Not Null Mobile NumberQualification varchar 10 Not Null Highest QualificationDOB datetime Not Null Date Of BirthDOJ datetime Not Null Date Of JoiningDesignation varchar 30 Not Null DesignationDeptId varchar 5 Foreign Key Defines the departmentStatus char 1 Not Null Temporary or PermanentGender char 1 Not Null Gender Of Employee13/6/2013 31360D
  34. 34. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionDeptID varchar 5 Primary Key Uniquelyidentifies thedepartmentDeptName varchar 30 Not Null DepartmentNameDeptLevel char 2 Not Null Defines thelevel of workperformedDeptType varchar 10 Not Null Defines typeof department13/6/2013 32360D
  35. 35. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionEIN numeric 6,0 Foreign KeyBasic Pay numeric 8,2 Not NullHRA numeric 6,2 Not NullDA numeric 7,2 Not NullIT numeric 6,2 Not NullOther Ded numeric 7,2month datetime Not Null Month forwhichsalary iscalculatedPAN no varchar 10 Not Null13/6/2013 33360D
  36. 36. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionEIN numeric 6,0 ForeignKeyIdentifiesEmployeeDate datetime Not Null AttendanceDateInTime datetime Not Null Shift startOutTime datetime Not Null Shift ends13/6/2013 34360D
  37. 37. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionDesignation varchar 30 Not Null Leave forwhichdesignationCL numeric 2 Not Null Casual LeaveEL numeric 2 Not Null Earned LeaveML numeric 2 Not Null Medical LeaveLWP numeric 2 Not Null Leave withoutPay13/6/2013 35360D
  38. 38. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionLeaveId varchar 5 PrimaryKeyEIN numeric 6,0 ForeignKeyEmployeeIdentificationNumberMonth datetimeCL numeric 2 Not Null Casual Leave Takenin a monthEL numeric 2 Not Null Earned Leave Takenin a monthML numeric 2 Not Null Medical LeaveTaken in a monthLWP numeric 2 Not Null Leave without PayTaken in a month13/6/2013 36360D
  39. 39. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionAppraisorEIN varchar 10 Foreign Key Who isAppraisingAppraiseeEIN varchar 10 Foreign Key Who isAppraisedTimes_Allowed Char 1 Not Null No of timesappraisal isallowed (1 or Mfor many or 0which isdefault )Session numeric 1 Not Null 1 for monthly, 2for any numberof times and 0 isdefault.13/6/2013 37360D
  40. 40. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionAppraisorEIN varchar 10 Foreign Key PersonappraisingAppraiseeEIN varchar 10 Foreign Key Person to beappraised.Appraisal_date datetime Not Null when appraisedCount numeric 2 Not Null no of timesappraised in amonth. (Max30)/Auto13/6/2013 38360D
  41. 41. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionAppraiseeEIN varchar 10 Foreign KeyPoints numeric 3 AutomaticallygeneratedMonth numeric 2 AutomaticallygeneratedDescription varchar 20 Automaticallygenerated13/6/2013 39360D
  42. 42. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionEIN varchar 10 Foreign Key Decisionmaker IDAppraiseeEIN varchar 10 Foreign Key Appraisee IDDecision varchar 20 Not Null what decisionis madeMonth numeric 2 Not Null Decision forwhich monthDescription varchar 30 anyDescriptionforimprovement13/6/2013 40360D
  43. 43. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionCommitteeId varchar 5 Foreign KeyEIN numeric 6,0 Foreign Key13/6/2013 41360D
  44. 44. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionCommitteeId varchar 5 PrimaryKeyYear datetime start ofappraisal cycle13/6/2013 42360D
  45. 45. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionQuestion_ID varchar 30question varchar 30 question to beasked13/6/2013 43360D
  46. 46. Name DataType Size Constraint DescriptionAppraiseeEIN Varchar 30 ForeignKeyAppraisorEIN Varchar 30 ForeignKeyMonth datetimeScore numeric 3,0Description Varchar 3013/6/2013 44360D
  47. 47. User Interface Screens13/6/2013 45360D
  48. 48. 13/6/2013 46360D
  49. 49. 13/6/2013 47360D
  50. 50. 13/6/2013 48360D
  51. 51. 13/6/2013 49360D
  52. 52. 13/6/2013 50360D
  53. 53. 13/6/2013 51360D
  54. 54. 13/6/2013 52360D
  55. 55. 360D 13/6/2013 53
  56. 56. 13/6/2013 54360D
  57. 57. 13/6/2013 55360D
  58. 58. 13/6/2013 56360D
  59. 59. 360D 13/6/2013 57
  60. 60. 360D 13/6/2013 58
  61. 61. 360D 13/6/2013 59
  62. 62. 360D 13/6/2013 59
  63. 63.  REPORTS360D 13/6/2013 59
  64. 64. 360D 13/6/2013 59
  65. 65. 360D 13/6/2013 59
  66. 66. 360D 13/6/2013 59
  67. 67. 360D 13/6/2013 59
  68. 68. 360D 13/6/2013 59
  69. 69.  There are following drawbacks and limitations in the proposedsystem: Works only on intranet Requires more storage space because of heavy SQL Serverdatabase. Less interactive in terms of User Interface Design. Many modules are still in the development phase. Organization Specific. Used for small and middle scale firms. 13/6/2013 60360D
  70. 70.  The project 360 D is a new way of working in today’sera where we use different set of softwares for everypurpose. 360 D promises to bring it all in 1 place with ease ofaccess to the company as well as employees.13/6/2013 61360D
  71. 71.  The above proposed system can be enhanced in a variety ofways such as: Use lighter versions of software such as MySql Make the system large enough to handle data formultinational companies Make the user interface more interesting and interactive Turn the system into web based application so that it can beaccessed through anywhere in the world.13/6/2013 62360D
  72. 72. THANK YOU