Quarterly newsletter Summer 2010


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This quarterly newsletter was sent by mail to more than 20,000 recipients with a donation envelope.

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Quarterly newsletter Summer 2010

  1. 1. Habitat Non Profit Org. US POSTAGE F MILY FOUNDA IONS Fa i t h , Fa m i l y, Fr a m e wo r k for Humanity of Lee County, FL PAID 1288 N. Tamiami Trail Ft. Myers, FL North Fort Myers, Florida 33903 Permit #406 Summer 2010 www.habitat4humanity.org Current Resident or MAILING LABEL MUST COVER THIS TEXT Features: Still A Need For Habitat page 2 BOA Benefits Habitat page 3 They’re GRRREAT! page 4 Trywanda Johnson had never fallen has been very successful, and to date well, we set them up with smaller They’re GRRRREAT! behind on her Habitat mortgage. But when the bill came for an unexpected medical procedure, for the first time, 198 families have gotten back on track with their payments. “This program is designed to put pro-activity into the payments made bi-monthly so that by the end of the month, they’ve make their entire mortgage payment in full. Then Winn Dixie and Kellogg have been supporters of Habitat’s affordable housing Trywanda found herself faced with a hands of our homeowners. It only works there’s others who need help finding a mission since 2005. Over the years, the tough reality. “I was scared. If I paid for if they are willing to work for it,” says Lucy. job, so we put them in touch with the partnership has included a sponsorship of 16 my medical, I wasn’t going to be able to opportunities we know are hiring,” Keys homes, including their most recent here in make my mortgage payment. I didn’t Ken Carrion is one of those homeowners replies. Lee County. know if I was going to lose my house,” willing to work for it. “When you have a says Johnson. stressful situation and you don’t know Today, Ken and his family have a new The team of Winn Dixie, Kellogg and Habitat how to handle it, it can make your mind budget they live by, based on the family’s staff joined future homeowner Leshaun in Between the deteriorating economy and go crazy. I remember my kids crying, fewer dollars until Ken goes back to celebrating the rehabilitation of her future homeowners experiencing unexpected asking if God put us in this house, why work. “My family can’t thank Habitat home. Tony the Tiger himself even made an issues like Trywanda’s, in early 2009 would he take us from it. The stress enough. They helped us stay in our home appearance! Habitat saw significant increases in from my wife and kids was making me with pride. They didn’t let us off the homeowners’ falling behind in their stressed,” Carrion shared. hook, they showed us those resources mortgage payments. Rather than let the that are available to homeowners who inevitable Ken notified Habitat when are experiencing a hardship,” Carrion occur, the “They helped us stay in he realized he wasn’t going exclaimed. “Habitat for Humanity is the decision was made to be our home with pride.” to have the income to pay his mortgage. Lucy assessed best thing that has ever happened to us. They’re not giving away anything.”After the celebration and a prayer, Kellogg and Winn Dixie staff picked up hammersand paint brushes to begin the renovations. Excitement continued to build about proactive in helping homeowners stay the situation with Ken and determinedHabitat’s mission and the opportunity to serve not only financially, but with in their homes, and a staff member was with better budgeting, this could be The program was designed undervolunteer hours as well. dedicated to work with homeowners a one-time concern for the family. Habitat’s model of providing working to help them find assistance, improve “Habitat showed me what agencies in homeowners with the tools necessary toThe Cape Coral home will be dedicated in early summer. Both companies as well budgeting skills, and catch up on their the community would help with some of be successful. Keys added, “This doesn’tas Habitat staff and friends and family of Leshaun and her two children will come mortgage payments. my expenses. That freed up money in our mean we do the work for them. It meanstogether for a dedication ceremony of the family’s home. When you are in Winn Dixie budget to stay in our home,” he says. we educate those in need on what isstores or buying a box of Keebler cookies please thank the great staff at Winn Dixie Thanks to the disciplined but available and we put the work in theirfor their support in the community! compassionate implementation of Habitat has a different approach with hands.” ▲ ▄ staff member Lucy Keys, the program each case. “For some who don’t budget Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FL | Summer 2010 Newsletter | Page 4
  2. 2. Contact Us There’s Still a Need For Habitat President & CEO Kitty Green president@habitat4humanity.org Executive VP & CFO L ike many interested in homeownership today, Misty Gaillardetz wanted to have a place for her three kids to call home. But even with home prices within reach and a stable job, Misty had been denied a conventional mortgage by several lenders. “There’s so much research and studies out there on how it’s important for your children to have a home instead of renting. It’s Bank Of America Benefits Habitat Richard Shera, Jr. Bank of America provided a multi-million better for their upbringing and for their future if they have that stable environment. But every lender cfo@habitat4humanity.org dollar grant to Habitat International I applied with basically said I would never be able to make that happen,” Gaillardetz expresses. targeting affordable housing throughout Executive VP & COO Unfortunately, for low-income families, Tanya Soholt the United States. Habitat for Humanity even deeply discounted foreclosures coo@habitat4humanity.org of Lee County, Inc. was selected as one of are out of reach and applications from VP of Communications the recipients of this grant. In addition to potential homeowners for Habitat homes Trisha Goins the grant, local Bank of America branches publicrelations@habitat4humanity.org are up this year over 2008 and 2009. have contributed financially while Habitat’s model combining volunteer VP of Construction providing volunteers to renovate a home. Jackie Williams labor with a no profit and no interest vpconstruction@habitat4humanity.org mortgage brings homeowners within This was the first home sponsorship reach. VP of Development where Bank of America rehabbed a I Karen Quanstrom development@habitat4humanity.org home instead of building from the n Misty’s case, lenders claimed she ground up. Bank employees expressed VP of Finance didn’t make enough to support a Clara Sanchez overwhelming support for Habitat’s mortgage and three children. Friends finance@habitat4humanity.org decision to rehab in the community’s of Misty suggested Habitat’s homeownership program. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve made current economic state. These individuals VP of Resale & Maintenance Division for my life. Habitat is there to help you, but it’s not a hand out, it’s a hand up. You have to be willing Roger Waltrip understood Habitat’s overall mission to to work for homeownership,” adds Gaillardetz. thriftstore@habitat4humanity.org provide families with a safe, decent place partner! creating a more stable economy for I to live, while continually evaluating the VP of Volunteer Services n the end, Misty found she was better off owning a home through Habitat for Humanity. “If you residents. We need you now more than Terri Rausch the process used to complete that goal. vpvolunteers@habitat4humanity.org add up the interest you’re paying on your mortgage throughout your life with a bank, it’s crazy If you or your company are not partners ever! Call us today to find out how you how much you’re actually paying on your home after the fact,” Misty states. “And I don’t have with Habitat’s work in the community, can get involved by investing in your Family Services Habitat anticipates dedicating the home familyservices@habitat4humanity.org to worry about that. I have a zero percent interest mortgage! Zero is my favorite number when would you consider a financial future through Habitat for Humanity of to a deserving family in early summer. it comes to that. I love my children and I can now provide them with a home. I couldn’t ask for contribution to our mission? Your Lee County, (239)652-0434 ext: 1677. ▲ ▄ Habitat Senior Housing Thank you Bank of America for being a anything better.” ▲ ▄ dollars impact Lee and Hendry families, information@habitatseniorhousing.org Habitat Office Renovations Are Vital To Community Stabilization Housing is Still Too Expensive 1288 North Tamiami Trail North Fort Myers, FL 33903 • According to the National Low Income Housing Council’s April 2010 report, a worker needs to earn $20.29 per hour in order to Take one look at Misty’s picture above. She and financially, putting families back into homes Ph: 239-652-0434 Fax: 239-652-0386 afford a modest rental home. But the average renter in Florida earns $13.23 per hour. This leaves the average renter either living her three children just closed on their home abandoned serves to revitalize neighborhoods www.habitat4humanity.org in substandard housing or directing a greater proportion of wages to housing - leaving less for food, health care, education and with Habitat for Humanity of Lee County. Misty’s and stabalize property values. other basic needs. smile leaves us with a sense of joy because a Habitat Thrift Store mother’s dream to provide for her family has In fiscal year 2009/2010, Habitat expects 1288 North Tamiami Trail • 22,844 rental households in Lee County are considered “cost-burdened”, meaning they pay more than 30% of their gross income come true. Would your feelings change if we to complete 60 homes, 57 of which will be North Fort Myers, FL 33903 for housing. told you the house Misty and her three kids now remodeled existing homes, with only three Ph: 239-652-0388 own is not a newly built Habitat house? In fact, built new. The rehabbed homes will get new • Home prices are currently low in Lee County. But for the same $85,000 home purchase: its previous owners donated the vacant home to appliances, flooring and paint, as well as • a Habitat family will pay $1,200 down, versus $17,000 or 20% down for a conventional loan; Habitat and volunteers renovated the interior for cabinets and any other improvements needed. • make principal payments of $283/month versus $457/month;Board of Directors Misty and her family. Rehabbing requires fewer volunteers and different kinds of work, but most volunteers • and pay at 0% interest over 25 years compared to a 5% interest over 30 years (that’s if the buyer even qualifies for 5%). James Adams Over the last few years, Lee County and many understand it’s currently the best way to put Over the life of their mortgage, Habitat homeowners will pay $85,000; a family using a conventional loan will pay $165,000. Donny Andrews - Secretary other communities across the nation have families in homes. “Prying up old floor tiles experienced a glut of unsold homes on the isn’t as much fun as raising walls, but we know SHOP with us Glenn Bailey Brian Crowley market. The increase in foreclosed properties it’s what’s needed right now, and it won’t be Dave Dale Miguel Fernandez III has further reduced the need for new housing. that way forever,” said Bob Syverson, a regular Joann Golden Habitat volunteer. Willie Green Habitat for Humanity’s mission has always been Charles Idelson - Chairman to provide families with an affordable, safe and At a recent planning meeting, Habitat’s Board of Brian Lucas Denis Noah - Vice Chairman decent place to live. In the past, this could only Directors acknowledged that rehabbing existing Debbie Prather be achieved by building homes with Habitat’s homes will likely be the most efficient use of George Reider volunteer crew to cut costs. Today, that financial resources for at least a couple more years. In the Find new and used furniture, household items and construction materials in Habitat’s Scott Robertson equation has changed. It now costs less to rehab meantime, they directed staff to evaluate the Thrift Store for a low price while helping a good cause. Try our store for your next Sandy Robinson Duane Swanson, Jr. an existing abandoned home. non-profit’s land holdings in preparation for the remodeling project! 1288 N. Tamiami Trail Evette Teal-Richardson future, to potentially take advantage of the low North Fort Myers, FL 33903 Sharon Thompson - Treasurer In addition to being the most prudent option land values in Lee and Hendry counties. ▲ ▄ Every dollar you spend with us provides affordable housing for those in need. Recycle Ph: 239-652-0388 Bill Valenti your stuff by donating it to our store! And ask us about free donation pickups on large Mon.-Fri., 9am - 5pm items! Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FL | Summer 2010 Newsletter | Page 2