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Lapsed Donor Letter 2011
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Lapsed Donor Letter 2011


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In an effort to renew support from lapsed donors, I wrote a letter highlighting a testimonial of the organization's work and an invitation to be join in the work. I also created Easter cards and …

In an effort to renew support from lapsed donors, I wrote a letter highlighting a testimonial of the organization's work and an invitation to be join in the work. I also created Easter cards and included them with the letter as a gift to the donor. As Development Director, I was able to secure more than 10% of lapsed donors with this letter appeal.

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  • 1. Dear Friend,It’s been quite a while since we last heard from you. We’re sending you these beautiful Easter greetingcards in the hope that you’ll recall how good it once felt to help families who need a safe and healthyhome.Families like Gatluak and Nyabiel’s.The Sudanese couple inherited three children after Gatluack’s sister passed away; making it nine kidstotal to care for!Seven years ago, the family of eleven moved to the United States, sharing only two bedrooms in a tinyapartment. The family was already spending more than $800 on housing – more than half the monthlypay for a full-time minimum wage worker.For families who have to spend so much of their income on housing, there’s next to nothing left forother essentials like food and health care, or to save for the future. They become trapped in a viciouscycle of poverty. Even with two jobs, Gatluack and Nyabiel couldn’t find another apartment the familycould afford to rent.Families living so close to the edge are especially vulnerable… and perhaps just one illness or accidentaway from homelessness. But Habitat for Humanity has a uniquely effective formula that has alreadyhelped more than a dozen Siouxlander’s escape poverty housing.Please let me briefly explain how we are getting such incredible results.It all starts with kindhearted friends like you who give families the opportunity to succeed in the stable,nurturing environment that is safe, decent home of their own – while sharing God’s love in the wholeprocess.But please understand. This is not charity. A Habitat house is not a giveaway. What Habitat extends tofamilies in need is not a handout, but an opportunity.In addition to qualifying for a no-profit loan that they’ll pay back, every Habitat family is required tomake a modest down payment and to invest several hundred hours of “sweat equity” labor in theconstruction of their own house and the houses of other families in need of decent shelter.So by the time the final nail is pounded, the sawdust is swept up and the paintbrushes are washed, aHabitat family has already invested quite a lot in their new Habitat house.It’s not fancy, but it’s theirs.With housing costs that are affordable for low-income families, Gatluak and Nyabiel no longer have tochoose between putting food on the table and paying the rent. Gatluak’s family is now lifting themselvesout of poverty.
  • 2. How many more families throughout Siouxland and around the world are hoping and praying right now- for just a spark of hope to boost their spirits? By joining us in partnership today, you can help familieslike Gatluak’s celebrate the simple joy of living in a safe, decent and affordable Habitat home!With a gift of only $20, you can help purchase a 50-pound box of nails to finish a Habitat house.Or, your gift of $35 could help purchase roofing materials.And a $50 gift from you can help pay for a kitchen door.Please help. Renew your support for Habitat’s effort to bring more families – more children – into ahome of their own. It will only take you a minute. And it will make you feel so good. That’s why theunique greeting cards I’ve enclosed for you are so special. As you use each, I hope it remind you of howmuch your generosity means to a new Habitat family like Gatlauk and Nyabiel’s.Thank you so much for reading this letter. We really miss having you with us and hope to hear from youagain soon. May God bless you.In Habitat Spirit,Siouxland Habitat for HumanityP.S. The Easter greeting cards are yours to keep, with no obligation, as a reminder of the wonderfulchanges that are being made in the lives of families in need of safe, decent, healthy places to live.Please renew your support today.