Habitat for Humanity Annual Report 2010


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This 44-page report was produced and published under my direction. I was responsible for the theme conception, writing and designing of the report. A staff helped compile necessary information in the report. I worked with a print company to create a velvet and gloss cover to the finished product.

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Habitat for Humanity Annual Report 2010

  1. 1. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, FL H ME ... is where our heart is. Annual Report 08-09www.habitat4humanity.org
  2. 2. Our VisionHome. There’s really no place like it. And whether it’s building new Charity Navigator, the nations most utilized and recognized charitystructures or rehabbing existing houses, this year we’ve learned evaluator gave our chapter the highest degree of financial fitnessmore than ever what counts is that we continue to provide decent, allotted, for the seventh year in a row.affordable homes for deserving families. Today, more than a billion and a half people around the world continue With our community leading the nation in to live in substandard and unaffordable housing with some 100 million foreclosures in 2009, Habitat for Humanity left homeless. In FY2009, Habitat for Humanity served 72 families restructured its operations to make in Lee and Hendry County and marked a major milestone with our economical use of the housing plight. A affiliate’s 1,000th home in early March. On top of this, we also raised new vision was cast for the immediate another 40 rooftops in undeveloped nations in need; and yet, there is future of Habitat’s local ministry to extend much work still to be done to eliminate the the hand-up to neighborhoods suffering problem shadowing families everyday. from abandonment by filling these empty homes with deserving families. This logic This year, the Habitat family lost two paved the way for Habitat for Humanity important faces in advocating the affordable affiliates nationwide to absorb their local housing cause; our founder Millard Fuller President & CEO Vern Archibald housing supply and make a positive impact and Habitat board member Jack Kemp.on the negative conditions. Every day, we’re looking for new names and new champions to take on the advocacy ofAnd the gloom didn’t stop there. Statistics also showed this area affordable housing.contained one of the highest unemployment rates in the country; Board Chairman Charles Idelsonreaching more than 14%. These numbers sent Habitat for Humanity Habitat’s mission is more than just buildingof Lee County spurring for another solution to ‘save’ hardworking and refurbishing houses. It’s the partnership that happens withhomeowners who could soon fall prey to the cycle. This crisis sparked individuals, faith communities, corporations, non-profits, and otherthe creation of Habitat’s Maintenance Division. Miguel Velez was just institutions. Together, this is what makes a house a home, and there’sone of several Habitat homeowners hired to do professional lawn care really no place like it.and cleaning in the community. An electrician by trade, Velez and hisfamily of five had been paying on their Habitat mortgage for nearlyfive years. After seven years with his company, a job layoff forced Velezto find an alternative to paying his mortgage. “Bills don’t stop and Istarted to get scared with what could happen,” said Velez.This year, Habitat for Humanity of Lee County was recognized as beingin the top two percent of charities worldwide for fiscal responsibility.
  3. 3. Habitat Table of Contents for HumanityOUR INFO of Lee County, FL Annual Report 2008-2009 2Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Inc. Features1288 N. Tamiami Trail 2 PARTNER FAMILIESNorth Fort Myers, FL 33903 7 REFOCUSING OUR EFFORTSPHONE: 239-652-0434 8 VOLUNTEERSFAX: 239-652-0386EMAIL: administration@habitat4humanity.org 10 DONORS 8WEB: www.habitat4humanity.org 14 SPOTLIGHT AWARDS 15 DONATIONSEXECUTIVE LEADERSHIPVern Archibald, President & CEO 35 BALANCE SHEETTanya Soholt, Chief Of Operations 39 ON THE MAPRichard Shera, Jr., Chief Financial Officer 40 TITHE 10Board of Directors • Glenn Bailey • Donny Andrews • Sharon Thompson • Duane Swanson, Jr. • Willie Green • George Reider • Katherine Green • Bill Valenti • Dave Dale • Charles Idelson • Sandy Robinson • Debbie Prather • Scott Robertson • Denis Noah • Roger Brownell • Judge James Adams • Brian Crowley • Brian Lucas
  4. 4. Focusing HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 2Every partner famiy entering Habitat’s on the desired neighborhood and availability. homeownership come true.homeownership program is required to havean income sufficient enough to support Labelle Suzanne, Aniel, 16, and Kishauna, 10 areHabitat’s zero-interest mortgage for less than the proud recipients of Habitat for Humanitya 30-year term. This is to ensure a family isn’t Maria is a grandmother of four and a mother of Lee County’s 1000th build. In March, thestuck paying for more house than they can of eight children. She picks tomatoes for a family was on site to help raise the walls onafford. living while continuing to raise four of her their four-bedroom home. Habitat built the eight children still living at home. When Maria milestone home in Labelle to raise awarenessAccording to the U.S. Census, more than half came into Habitat’s program, she needed to the continued need for affordable housingof all Florida renters spent over 30% of their a larger, affordable space for her growing in this community. Susanne is a manager forincome on housing in 2008. About 40% of all family. Her desire was to continue living in Handy Food Stores. At the dedication of hermortgage holders devoted at least a third of Hendry County. It took only weeks for Maria’s home, Suzanne’s boss came out to celebrate intheir income to house payments. Habitat’s 250 sweat equity hours to be completed. At the manager’s accomplishment. The build wasmonthly mortgage payments are set at less the dedication of her home, Maria’s family also commemorated in the name of Habitat’sthan 30% of the homeowner’s income; this is barbequed a feast under an outdoor tent for founder, Millard Fuller. Fuller passed away justwhat the state of Florida considers affordable. Habitat’s construction crew and volunteers weeks before the houseraising.Habitat homes are assigned to families based who helped her dream of affordable This year Habitat for Humanity housed a total of 83 children in Lee & Hendry Counties.Cape Coral Arizona a few years ago. While working at two sons after a divorce left the single mom Lee Memorial Hospital, Susan says all she without decent, affordable housing for herMaria and her son have seen their share of could afford is an apartment that had leaky children. She completed her sweat equitystruggles. By the time the two found Habitat, windows and only one exit; the other exit hours in Habitat’s thrift store and helped sellMaria says she and her son had moved was padlocked and no one can find the key. playhouse raffle tickets for Habitat’s Christmasfrom Colombia and lost all hope in human “My youngest daughter has so many scars fundraiser. While going through Habitat’skindness. Her biggest concern was finding from spider and insect bites due to a lack program, Shannon struggled through aa safe place for her son to grow up in. Maria of extermination where we currently live,” custody battle and loss of income. With thehelps people day in and day out through Susan said, “but I don’t make enough to afford help of her family, friends and faith, sheher job at Hope Hospice, so when she came anything else.” Finding Habitat, Susan says she pressed on and received the keys to her veryto Habitat and found others wanted to help has started a new path for her life; she has a own four-bedroom home. When Habitat toldher through the homeownership program, new house and is now studying to become a her how much her mortgage was going to be,Maria says she found a new hope in God and nurse. she started jumping up and down and crying, on Familiesmankind. and thanking God for Habitat and the support Shannon came to Habitat for Humanity with that helped her achieve her dream.Susan and her two daughters moved from great enthusiasm to begin a new life with her
  6. 6. Helping Dreams HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 4Bonita Springs a decent place for her and Carlos. When put a pinch on her relatives, Sonia was faced Refugio came to Habitat, she had a very clear with an ultimatum; move out or be kicked24-year old Refugio and her baby boy Carlos dream; to become a homeowner and give her out because relatives were moving back in.rented a room in a Bonita Springs house lived growing son some stability, space and a place Sonia heard about Habitat on t.v. By workingin by four other family members. Because of their own. She asked friends to help her in ER registration at Lee Memorial Hospital,of overcrowding, she started to scout out a with sweat equity hours and consequently, she was able to afford a Habitat mortgage inplace of her own. But during the economic finished the program very quickly. Bonita Springs and today pays almost half ofspiral, her relatives lost their home and left the what she was paying on rent each month; thatarea; leaving Refugio and her son homeless. 37-year old Sonia and her four children were includes taxes and insurance!Although she worked for the Hyatt Regency renting a 3-bedroom house from a relativeHotel, her monthly income couldn’t afford and paying $800/month. When the economy Families entering Habitat’s program in 2009 made an average salary of $26,239.79.Fort Myers Habitat’s Thrift Store putting in sweat equity In 1998, Habitat built Beecher Village, a hours. In the midst of working toward their 73-house subdivision located off Veronica22-year old Jessica and 25-year old Issac have dream of homeownership, Gabriel lost his job, Shoemaker. While the homes filled up fast,two four-year old boys and a three-year old and the family’s dream started to fade. Habitat over time vacancies have given other familiesgirl. The family of five shared one bedroom renewed that dream through the Habitat a chance at a new life of homeownership.in Issac’s mother’s house, which also housed Maintenance Division. Gabriel was offered Christal has three children all under thetwo of Issac’s siblings. In return for the room, a temporary position while he searched age of 10, two of them with disabilities. Herthe couple paid the electric bill each month for a new job. Today, the couple’s dream of biggest concern was having more space forwhile looking for a house they could afford homeownership is a reality. the children’s medical equipment and a spacewith enough bedrooms for everyone. A friend where her kids could feel safe and she couldreferred the couple to Habitat’s program. With 25-year old Ashley and her two children; become more independent as a single parent.Isaac’s landscaping income and Jessica’s work Jenissa, 7 and Dominick, 6 were living inat a car rental service, the two found Habitat’s an apartment with one simple wish, to be 78-year old Genola made her final paymentmortgage for a 4-bedroom home within able to call a place home and have a yard to to Habitat this year and officially is the proudreach. play in. Although Ashley worked full time owner of a mortgage-free home. “This has as a housekeeper, her wages couldn’t afford been a dream to make that final payment,”Gabriel and Otilia, a young couple with a more than their rent. That’s because Ashley’s she says. “I made sure my first payment everythree-year old daughter and another child on daughter has a prosthetic leg, which creates month was my mortgage and I didn’t worrythe way, shared a one-bedroom trailer that costly medical bills. Today, Ashley’s monthly about decorating or buying a bunch of thingswas deteriorating quickly. The growing family mortgage payment, plus insurance and taxes, for my house until I had it paid off. Now, I’m Become Realityof four needed more space, but something is almost half of what she was paying for rent planning to get a new roof after I pay off thethat would fit within their budget. After each month and she has a place to call home. furniture I just put on layaway.”finding Habitat, Gabriel spent every Friday in
  7. 7. Lehigh Acres 3-bedroom house with Patricia’s parents for Habitat’s program and became a homeowner the last two and a half years. “It’s hard with on the school district’s income. Today, Patricia,Patricia is a bus driver for the Lee County what I get paid to afford even food, let alone Jonathan and Ethan each have their ownSchool District. She and her two sons, a place of our own,” she says. Patricia heard bedroom in a Lehigh Acres home of their own.Jonathan, 16 and Ethan, 3, have shared a about Habitat from a co-worker who joined Dear Sir or Madaam: My name is Shawnda. I am a wife and mother of five. I am in desperate need of a Habitat home due to the fact that my family and I currently have only one income in the household and the home that we are renting is currently in foreclosure. It’s very stressful as parents not knowing where your next home will be. Our family is too big to move in with family members while we save money to move. To come up with the first, last and security deposit to rent another home big enough for our family is impossible right now. We are praying that things will turn around soon so that we can have another income in the home. We are willing to do whatever necessary procedures to help our family have a secure home. Thank you. Sincerely, ShawndaShawnda and Reginald and their five children upon. On top of that, Reginald was laid off office assistant, the family qualified forfound themselves caught in the middle of the from his job and the couple didn’t qualify for a Habitat’s program. Today, Shawnda andforeclosure crisis and they didn’t even own conventional mortgage. A friend of the family Reginald pay a monthly mortgage (includinga house! The couple was notified that the had gone through Habitat’s homeownership taxes and insurance) equal to a third of their3-bedroom house they had rented for almost program and recommended the organization. rent.2 years was in the process of being foreclosed Because Shawnda was still working as an
  8. 8. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 7Refocusing Our Efforts months until they could find steady work. The Fuller’s took the idea to Zaire. Within a More than 30 homeowners took part in the few years, the simple concrete block homesHabitat for Humanity of Lee County has been program and were able to make their monthly replaced unhealthy mud-and-thatch homes.building houses in partnership with low- mortgage payments to Habitat at a time whenincome families for almost 30 years. While many banks and mortgage companies were It was a simple call to action that generatedmore than 1,000 families have turned their closing their doors. Millard’s vision for the future and has inspiredhomeownership dreams into a reality through millions to jump on board. Today, thatHabitat, thousands are still paying more than Within a year, Lee County had become one vision has spawned two internationalhalf their income on housing; while hundreds a community devastated by escalating ministries, housing more than 1,500,000more are being forced to live in substandard foreclosure rates and job losses. But because people in 3,000 communities globally.housing because prices are out of reach. Habitat had already put into place practices for the future plight, we were able to absorb On February 3rd, at the age of 74, MillardDuring Fall 2008 Southwest Florida home the shockwave with less impact than most. unexpectedly passed away after a briefprices plummeted to a historical low. Habitat’s illness. While many mourned the loss of hisboard of directors predicted the classic Today, dozens of Habitat chapters around the leadership, hundreds celebrated the fullnessHabitat model of building single-family country have adopted Lee County’s housing of his life. Locally, Habitat for Humanity of Leehouses on infill lots would no longer fully methods. County dedicated it’s 1000th house in Millard’saddress the community’s most urgent needs. honor and legacy.Habitat began a shift in how the organization Habitat Founderprovided homes. Millard was once quoted as saying, “We know The first seeds of Habitat for Humanity from experience that when we move on faith,Habitat started to purchase vacant and were sown at Koinonia Farm, a Christian God moves with us and by doing what we can,foreclosed properties in the community, farming community. In 1965, financially we make a difference.”rehabbing the structures and placing families successful Millard Fuller had made his livingback in these empty homes. The new model as an attorney and entrepreneur, but moneytook advantage of existing infrastructure couldn’t buy its way out of the troubles he wasand renew the neighborhoods where these having in his marriage. The couple gave awayhouses stood. everything they owned and decided to start over at Koinonia. While there, founder of theUnemployment numbers started to climb farming community, Clarence Jordan, askedas well. Board members predicted Habitat Fuller for help in housing the workers onhomeowners would not be exempt Koinonia’s plantation; families were too poorfrom layoffs. The group came up with a to qualify for conventional home loans. Built‘maintenance division’ that employed current on the teachings of Jesus Christ, the two cameHabitat homeowners who had fallen victim up with partnership housing and built theirto the economic downturn. Homeowners first house in 1969 using this method.were temporarily employed part-time for six Between January 1 and December 31, 2009, Habitat’s average house price sale was $60,974.36
  9. 9. A Heart HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 8Volunteers are the heart and soul of Habitat. Fort Myers Beach group reported a total ofThe construction sites are only one of the 683 hours helping Habitat. In fact, 94-year old Summit Church provided over 100 ‘nailmany ways individuals and groups get Alex Brown, a member of Chapel by the Sea, pounders’ in April 2009 to raise the walls ofinvolved with our organization. Through was a part of Habitat’s building efforts in the four homes in Labelle. This equates to 714Habitat’s thrift store, special events, bulk early days. volunteer hours on a single day! It was amailing, technical needs, committee activities, significant accomplishment for both the Southadvocacy efforts and fundraisers, volunteers This group not only supports Habitat on the Fort Myers church and Habitat for Humanity offrom all walks of life step up to the plate and jobsite, but also financially. Every Christmas, Lee County.give their talents selflessly. the church holds a fundraiser that nets about $800 for Habitat’s cause. Chapel by the SeaCurrently Habitat chapters collectively see volunteers say they volunteer because it feelsmore than 750,000 volunteers annually good to help others. “We love helping thosepartnering around the globe. The goal is to in need and feel a real Christian satisfactionraise that number to a million by the year from it,” says Ron Buss, Chapel By The Sea crew2013. leader. “It also helps,” he says, “that the entire group enjoys each other’s company and the Habitat challenged local churches to an inter-Habitat for Humanity was built on the camaraderie.” faith build in February. Ten congregationsfoundation of local churches. So it comes answered the call, with more than seventyas no surprise that some of Habitat’s most First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs volunteers on site. Walls and trusses werededicated volunteers today stem from its is another congregation with consistant raised by the end of the day for two partnercornerstone. For over a dozen years, Chapel volunteerism on Habitat’s build sites. In 2008, families in Lehigh Acres. Even more volunteersby the Sea has consistantly volunteered on a group of five men from this church recorded took part in the build by providing lunch forHabitat for Humanity work sites. In 2009, the over 450 hours for the year. the group of builders. Lee County Habitat volunteers logged a total of 150,000 hours of service in 2009.Southwest Florida has the privilege of Some of these dedicated “snowbirds” include volunteer hours in their first year alone.welcoming thousands of northern residents the Sanibel men, who have put in over 500every year. Without the “snowbirds” who call hours on Habitat’s jobsites, the Summerlin The Cape Coral Construction IndustryLee County their second home, Habitat for Women, who have logged dozens of hours in Association (CCCIA) extended a hand-up inHumanity would not be as successful. In fact, Habitat’s paintshop alongside Peace Lutheran 2009 by offering to rehab a house purchasedbecause of the generous time, talents and Church members. from foreclosure inventory by Habitat fortreasures shared with us by those individuals, Humanity. Dozens of professional contractors of VolunteerismHabitat for Humanity of Lee County is the Since 2007, the Landings bring a small group volunteered three days and used some of theirsecond largest affiliate in the nation. of men to join Habitat’s efforts. This team own excess building materials to accomplish of “nail pounders” put in more than 300 the goal.
  10. 10. 1. college kids close upHeart joy people givingfamily love
  11. 11. A Spirit HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 10 Students from twelve colleges and universities some even made additional cash donations. Viking Craftsman Companies donated a spent their spring break building houses The club gave remaining clothes to Habitat’s playhouse themselves, buying the materials in Lee County. The students traveled from Thrift Store and donated entry fees in the and building it. The house appeared at the Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, New amount of $101.49 toward Habitat’s mission. Orange Grove Publix in North Fort Myers. Hampshire, Ohio, Massachusetts, Vermont, Colorado, Connecticut and Florida. More than The 3rd Annual Playhouse Christmas A third house was paid for by a Chico’s 33,000 High School and college students Fundraiser brought in variety this year, in employee. The company then arranged for actively support Habitat through campus terms of builders involved and the style of Renaissance Homes to build a whimsical, Dr. chapters. playhouses. An anonymous donor bought a Seuss style house. Chicos housed the home at playhouse kit and volunteers Bob Syversen, their Metro Parkway headquarters. Florida Gulf Coast University Anthropology Tom Fitzgerald, Jay Harper and Jim Grier Club helped raise funds for Habitat’s cause assembled the unit. Customers got a sneak To kick off the event at Publix, Habitat helped through a Clothing Swap. Clothing swappers peak of what was to come at the Holiday Art the Harry Chapin Food Bank collect canned were asked to contribute garments in good Market in Harborside. The house went on goods in Habitat’s thrift store delivery truck. condition and pay a fee to rummage through display in mid-November in Habitat’s North When playhouse tickets were sold and food piles of donated clothes brought in by others. Fort Myers Thrift Store. was donated, bells jingled and horns honked. Both staff and students took part in the swap; The average volunteer served 9.6 hours with Habitat in 2009. The average individual donor gave $696.79 to Habitat during that same time period. Each year, a few of Habitat’s corporate donors The Minnesota Twins players donated their the partnership surpassed the milestone stand out amongst the rest. Here are the celebrity status and time during Spring of 100,000 donated appliances, serving stories of those who brought enthusiasm Training 2009 to bowl with the community more than 50,000 Habitat families. By 2011, from their employees as volunteers, gifts of and help Habitat raise another roof. This was Whirlpool plans to support every Habitat products and services and essential financial the second year for the Twins & Pins event, home built globally. support in FY09. which brought in $7,000. The Minnesota Twins organization have been proud supporters of Some of Lee County’s services and retail Publix Super Market Charities raised a ninth Habitat for Humanity of Lee County for 5 years stepped up to Habitat’s plate this year by Habitat home in Lee County this year! The now. contributing what they do best to Habitat’s organization provides a grant to pay for their special events: Bob Evans Restaurant, Sanibel projects, while local Publix employees get In 2009, Habitat for Humanity and Whirlpool Bean Island Coffees, Cape Coral Chik-fil-a, involved in the building. Publix already has celebrated a full decade of partnership. Since Starbucks on Pine Island Road, Miss Lucy’s of Giving given the thumbs up to Habitat in support of 1999, Whirlpool has supported Habitat by House of Holidays in South Fort Myers, a tenth project next year. donating a range and refrigerator for every Denmark Interiors and HoneyBaked Ham in new home built in North America. In 2009, Fort Myers.
  12. 12. A Legacy HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 12During 2008-2009 the support from local leadership of John Felsenthal and Cal Walker, families over the last six years.gated communities and local businesses the group spearheaded committee meetings,continued in spite of harsh economic times. scheduled volunteers and designated Pelican Landing, led by Gerry Lanois, isThrough committee meetings, food prep, golf neighborhood captains for their golf another long standing gated community oftournaments and road races, volunteers and tournament and raffle fundraisers. Habitat supporters. The group mails an appealfinancial support provided seven families with letter every year to raise funds and holds aa safe, decent place to live. Shadow Wood residents also have a ladies tea luncheon. Pelican Landing raised committee. Under the leadership of Bill Lentz, the walls on their seventh Habitat home thisBonita Bay Residents have sponsored the gated community held auctions, raffles year.19 Habitat homes since 1996. Under the and golf tournaments to house 15 HabitatMiromar Lakes residents put their tastebuds appeal to neighboring residents. The group sneakers for the fundraiser.to the test for Habitat. The group prepared sponsored their second Habitat home thisspecial dishes for a Taste of Miromar fundraiser year and rehabbed a house bought out of Thanks to these organized efforts, manyand held their own golf tournament and foreclosure for a deserving family! families are reaping the benefits of theauction to help raise money for housing. The benevolence of these neighborhoods.group also took part in building efforts. The Verandah Community and 1st Bank Habitat hopes to involve more communities partnered to sponsor home together through in partnership to provide decent, affordable of PhilanthropyShell Point Retirement Community helped “Race the Roof”, an 8K race in the Verandah homes for hardworking partner families in ourHabitat raise funds by making a letter- community. Nearly 200 runners laced up their program.
  13. 13. Heart joypeople giving family love
  14. 14. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 14Community SponsorGerry Lanois has been a supporter of Habitat for Humanity of Lee County since 1995. In 2002, as a residentof Pelican landing, Gerry spearheaded a community-wide fund raising campaign. Using a direct-mail piece,Gerry asked residents of Pelican Landing to make donations to underwrite building materials for a single-family home. In his first year, as a committee of one, Gerry raised $35,000. Since then, Gerry has rallied otherPelican Landing residents to help raise over $330,000; including private donations and the Pelican LandingLadies Tea. Together, these dollars have sponsored seven Habitat homes. In addition to fundraising efforts,Gerry is a Habitat “nail pounder”; raising the walls he helped fund. Last year, the Pelican Landing sponsoredhome was built in record time—less than 2 months. It typically takes a team of volunteers 4-6 months tocomplete the task. The legacy of one individual committed to a mission is priceless. At the end of the 2009season Gerry retired as the primary fundraiser in Pelican Landing. A committee of 10 will replace him.Corporate PartnerRobb and Stucky Furnishings has contributed to the mission of affordable housing in a couple of ways.Through Habitat’s Thrift Store, Robb and Stucky has donated couches, chairs, tables, lamps, beds,dressers, night stands, patio chairs and tables, accessories…and the list goes on. These donations haveallowed homeowners and the general public to purchase high-quality goods at affordable prices.In turn, the revenue from Habitat’s store has built dozens of homes in the community. It’s businesspartners such as Robb & Stucky Furnishings, donating literally thousands of dollars in merchandise,that has allowed Habitat to house even more families. Further, Robb & Stucky Furnishings hassponsored Habitat homes through the State of Florida Tax Credit Program.Faith-in-ActionHabitat’s Faith Relations Committee serves as a common ground for all faiths to join hands in the name ofHabitat and the affordable housing mission in Lee and Hendry counties. Without the dedicated individualson this committee, it would be impossible to have Building on Faith; an annual build with volunteers ofmany faiths. It would also be difficult to encourage prayer support and fundraising efforts, through churchgoers and congregational mission committees. Joanne Landes-Ross has been a member of the committeesince its inception in 2003. Joanne rarely misses a meeting and dedicates herself to the mission of the group.If there is a need, Joanne is willing to implement a plan. She diligently searches out opportunities to shareHabitat’s cause with other congregations in hopes that all faiths can meet on Habitat grounds.
  15. 15. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 15 Home Sponsors ($50,000) January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009 Mr. & Mrs. David Copham Publix Super Markets Charities Val Ward Cadillac, Inc. Bank of America Raymond Building Supply Corp Golf & Electric Vehicles, Inc. Coconut Point Ford Sam Galloway Ford Auto Fin. Of SWFL, Inc. Home-Tech Services, Inc. Sam Galloway Mazda Master Builders Club ($10,000 - $49,999) January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009Three Anonymous Donors Mr. & Mrs. David E. Momot Valspar CorporationMr. Michael P. Armenia Mr. Gary Miller Whirlpool CorporationMrs. Jane H. Berktold Fernandez FoundationMr. Henry J. Camosse First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Springs Hope Builders Club ($5,000 - $9,999) January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009Anonymous Donor Ms. Ira Miller Platinum Builder of Central FLMr. & Mrs. Enoch Cantebury Mr. & Mrs. David Momot Schrock Investors RealtyMr. & Mrs. Hugh W. Crawford Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Thomas Square D/Schneider ElectricMr. & Mrs. John Felsenthal Mr. & Mrs. John E. Walker United Subcontractors, Inc.GE Foundation Bonita Springs-Estero Realtor Association Winny Lups TrustMr. & Mrs. John J. Grisik DuFrane Jewelers, Ltd. Yale Residential Security SystemsMr. & Mrs. David H. Hardwick Faith Presbyterian ChurchMr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Lane First Bank Finish Carpenters Club ($2,500 - $4,999) January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009Mr. Vern E. Archibald Ms. Roberta Parillo Craig & Beverley Miller Family Fdn.Mr. & Mrs. Gerald G. Benson In Memory of Anthony and Sybil Parillo Minnesota Twins Community FundMr. & Mrs. Gene R. Deboef Mr. & Mrs. William Pugh Sanibel Community ChurchMs. Lina C. Fisher Mr. John T. Ross, Jr. Sanibel Congregational UCCMr. George S. Herscher Abooma Technologies Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. SeidellMr. & Mrs. Andrew S. Kampf All Florida Appraisals St. Michael & All Angels EpiscopalMr. & Mrs. William B. Lentz Captiva Chapel By The SeaMr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. Maurillo Christian Stewardship Foundation
  16. 16. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 16 Wall Raisers Club ($1,000 - $2,499) January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009Ms. Evon Adams Mr. & Mrs. James H. Keller Mr. & Mrs. E. Joseph WelleAnonymous Donor Mr. & Mrs. Mike LaForte Mr. & Mrs. Ganesh K. VatthyamMr. & Mrs. Edward E. Barr Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lawless Mr. & Mrs. Jerry H. WeltyMr. & Mrs. Geoffrey M. Becker Mr. & Mrs. E. Gaylord Lee Mr. Robert J. WigleyMr. & Mrs. Owen Berg Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Leyden A.O. Smith Water ProductsMr. & Mrs. Clyde Berger Ms. Kate B. Luzius All American Dance StudioMr. & Mrs. David H. Benson Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lynch Backe FoundationMr. & Mrs. L. Wilson Berry, Jr. Mr. Brian M. Megibow Badcock CorporationMr. David P. Browne, P.A. Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Miller Bill Smith, Inc.Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Burke Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Moe Cape AppraisalsMr. & Mrs. William H. Burleigh Mr. & Mrs. John H. Monk, Jr. Cape Christian FellowshipMr. & Mrs. Charles Chadwell Ms. Virginia H. Moriarty Chapel By The Sea PresbyterianMr. & Mrs. Dave W. Courtney Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Murphy, Jr. Christ United Methodist Church ofMs. Eileen A. Courtney Mr. & Mrs. Denis H. Noah David Plummer & Associates, Inc.Mr. & Mrs. Tom Dawson Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Oswald Dominion Foundation - MatchingMr. & Mrs. Jack W. Dreyer Mr. Alvin L. Park Dow Chemical CompanyMr. & Mrs. John L. Dupre, III Ms. Eleanor F. Peebles Encore BankMr. & Mrs. Warren H. Durling Mr. & Mrs. Tom R. Prather Eyetopian OpticalMr. & Mrs. Ron Ezerski Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Pratko Gulfshore InsuranceMs. Gail E. Graham Ms. Karen Quanstrom Hansen Charitable FundMr. & Mrs. Charles F. Green Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Rehak Hunter DouglasMr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hebeisen Mrs. Dorothy J. Richardson Kohl’s Cares for KidsMr. & Mrs. Theodore E. Heidenreich Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Schulze Merck Partnership For GivingMr. & Mrs. Jack J. Hewes Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Shera, Jr. Mondo UomoMr. & Mrs. Larry J. Hinman Family Mr. & Mrs. Fred V. Simon Owen-Ames-Kimball CompanyMr. & Mrs. Lloyd Hochberg Mr. & Mrs. Ted (Dale) Smith Sam’s Club FoundationMr. & Mrs. Charles Idelson Ms. Mary L. Sparkman Watermeier Property Services, LLCMs. Carol Daniels & Dick Jacker Mr. & Mrs. William E. Taylor Wesley Memorial United Church In Memory of Millard Fuller Ms. Rhoda ToddMr. & Mrs. Wayne C. Kaufmann Mr. & Mrs. Albert W. White, Jr. Framing Club ($500 - $999) January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Tod E. Bayne Mr. & Mrs. Ron BajkowskyMr. & Mrs. John Albritton Mr. & Mrs. Tim Blaicher, II Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. BoyleMr. & Mrs. Reynold M. Anderson Mr. B.F. Briggs Mr. & Mrs. John Burden, IIIMr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Aveni Mr. & Mrs. David E. Barry Mr. & Mrs. Harold W. Davis
  17. 17. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 17Mr. & Mrs. Jack S. Dibie Mr. & Mrs. Larry Loder Mr. & Mrs. August B. TurturroMr. & Mrs. Martin J. Downey Mr. & Mrs. Larry Levey Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Theisen, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Fred H. Bertrand Ms. Ellen Lysik Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. ThomasMr. & Mrs. Roger E. Brownell Mr. & Mrs. Brett T. Lemmon Mr. & Mrs. William A. TychsenMr. & Mrs. F. John Bunting Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Loftus Mr. & Mrs. Louis C. VarljenMr. & Mrs. James E. Bedenko Mr. & Mrs. Dale E. Lintner Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. VogtMr. & Mrs. Richard J. Cavuto Mr. & Mrs. Bill R. Lester Mr. Richard D. VerlegerMr. & Mrs. Gary R. Davidson Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey S. Mason Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. WilsonMr. & Mrs. William J. Delayo Mr. & Mrs. John P. Mettler Mr. & Mrs. Edward YoungMr. & Mrs. Timothy W. DeVitt Mr. William J. Murphy, III Mr. & Mrs. John B. YasinskyMr. & Mrs. Eric M. Dovman Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Martin Ms. Patricia WelchMr. & Mrs. David G. Daly Mr. & Mrs. Douglas C. Mehle Mr. Robert A. WheelerMr. & Mrs. David A. Eckrich Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Marriott Mr. & Mrs. Theodore P. WoernerMr. & Mrs. James R. Elsesser, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. McAuliff Ms. Cynthia S. ZimmerMr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Ethier Ms. Mary E. Nesi Mr. Joseph A. Zalenski, Jr.Mr. Ron Ellingson Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Nicoletti ABC Liquors Employees CharityMr. & Mrs. Peter Ferro Mr. John R. Noblitt Agostino’s Fine Furnishings ofMs. Judith M. Finn Mr. & Mrs. Chester I. Nielsen, III Armstrong Pest Control, Inc.Mr. & Mrs. William T. Gaus Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence T. O’Connell Bank of America FoundationMr. & Mrs. Maurice R. Gebhardt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. O’Dea CPH Engineers, Inc.Mr. & Mrs. John S. Gleason Mr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Philp Dance Life of SWFLMr. & Mrs. Charles R. Hrdlicka Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Peppercorn Denmark InteriorsMr. J. Michael Hillard Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Pierce Estero Bay Chevrolet, Inc.Mr. & Mrs. Chet A. Hobert Mr. & Mrs. James H. Richards Faith United Methodist ChurchMs. Patricia J. Huber Mr. & Mrs. Lex W. Roulston Fort Myers Congregational UCC In Memory of William Huber Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. Romano H2O RestorationMr. & Mrs. Thomas Howard Mr. & Mrs. Bill R. Rummler Iona-Hope Episcopal ChurchMr. & Mrs. Donald L. Jorgensen Mr. & Mrs. Richard Singleton Johnson & Johnson/Matching GiftsMr. Gary L. Jaarda Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Sandza Middleton’s One Hour AirMs. Sadako K. Judd Mr. August V. Seibel Pat Bracy & Friends MusicMr. & Mrs. Farris G. Kalil Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Shimp The Umbrella GroupMr. Charles L. Kitchen Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd R. Stallings Tractor SupplyMr. & Mrs. Kingston Kovac Mrs. Kathryn A. Swingle Tween Waters InnMr. & Mrs. Gerald D. Lanois In Memory of Tom Harney Wachovia BankMr. & Mrs. Charles E. Legette Mr. & Mrs. Ralph D. Scearce Wachovia FoundationMr. & Mrs. Robert R. Lindberg Mr. & Mrs. Ronald K. Sperling Worldwide Religious Services, Inc.
  18. 18. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 18 Foundation Club ($100 - $499) January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009Twelve Anonymous Donors Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Becker Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd G. BarbaraMr. & Mrs. Weston W. Adams Mr. & Mrs. William J. Bergold Mr. & Mrs. Leon BartosMrs. Alfred M. Ames Mr. & Mrs. Henry D. Bean, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Elliot S. BlackmanMr. & Mrs. Donald L. Andrews Mr. David M. Boardman Mr. & Mrs. Howard G. BeaufaitDr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Allenburg Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Beirne Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. BrenanMr. & Mrs. Vincent Arrigo Dr. & Mrs. Andrew E. Berkow Ms. Joan A. BaronHonorable James R. Adams Ms. Sanchen B. Barnum Mr. & Mrs. C. Douglas BallingerMr. Lawrence J. Alves Mr. Steve Begyr Mr. & Mrs. James R. BondMr. & Mrs. Ronald Allison Mr. & Mrs. Roy Burton Mr. & Mrs. Dennis R. BarberMr. & Mrs. Bruce P. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas I. Betts Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. BeauregardMr. & Mrs. David F. Allemong Mr. & Mrs. Michael Beebe Dr. John H. BellewMr. & Mrs. Richard W. Ahlborg Mrs. Monica Billings Mr. & Mrs. Richard BoyntonMr. & Mrs. Robert Avant Mr. & Mrs. Clement A. Bieker Ms. Virginia V. BrodbeckMr. Michael A. Aznavorian Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Buscher Mr. & Mrs. Christopher W. BracyMr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Ainsworth Mr. & Mrs. Francis V. Breeze Mr. & Mrs. Richard P. ByingtonMs. Laverne B. Ahrens Mr. & Mrs. John Balducci Mr. & Mrs. Fred W. BuschMr. & Mrs. John Attwood Mr. & Mrs. John S. Bitow Mr. & Mrs. Alvin O. ButlerMr. & Mrs. Phillip G. Avery Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Boudreau Mr. & Mrs. Jerome E. BurnsMr. & Mrs. Daniel R. Apple Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Betchkal Mr. & Mrs. Bill A. BaldwinMr. & Mrs. Robert M. Armstrong Mr. & Mrs. Peter A. Bouyea Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. BeasleyMr. & Mrs. Karl Aulbach Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Bacig Mr. & Mrs. John R. BrownMr. & Mrs. Jeffrey G. Albertson Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Bartholomew Mr. & Mrs. Ronald T. BuntingMr. & Mrs. John K. Anundsen Mr. & Mrs. James P. Barry Dr. & Mrs. Donald S. BlatnikMr. & Mrs. Ignatius Alcamo Mr. & Mrs. Carl R. Bartone Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. BaltosiewichMr. Dominick V. D’Acunto Mr. & Mrs. David I. Barton Mr. & Mrs. John S. BarthMs. Jeanne R. Allison Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Bowden Mr. & Mrs. William BarbreMr. & Mrs. William Andres Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Biggs Mr. & Mrs. James BellMr. & Mrs. Richard C. Ambelang Mr. Edward B. Brunswick Ms. Mary Ann BennettMr. & Mrs. Roger L. Alderink Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Beaupre Mr. & Mrs. David S. BugbyMr. John R. Anderson Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. Bouffard Mr. Harvey M. BujoldMr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Avril Mr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Beers Mr. & Mrs. Edward BukovskyMr. & Mrs. Richard J. Antonelli Mr. & Mrs. William L. Bridge Mr. & Mrs. William R. BriggsMr. & Mrs. Anthony A. Achkio Mr. & Mrs. E.J. Boyle, III Mr. & Mrs. Dann W. BattinaMr. & Mrs. Wendell F. Allen Mr. & Mrs. Daniel W. Brady Mr. & Mrs. David C. BowersMs. Sherrie Adam Mr. Willis P. Blackwood Mr. & Mrs. Patrick A. BurnsMr. Robert L. Adams Mr & Mrs John D. Bowlin Mr. & Mrs. Eric L. BumsteadMr. & Mrs. Robert A. Adams Mr. & Mrs. James Biehl Ms. Covella H. BiggersMr. Thomas L. Arnold Mr. & Mrs. David W. Beckley Mr. & Mrs. Jackson J. BooneMr. & Mrs. Robert A. Birrell Mr. C. Paul Barmore Mr. & Mrs. Brian M. BoorMr. Walter Bourne Mr. & Mrs. Anthony W. Bour Mr. Philip Beardslee
  19. 19. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 19Ms. Patricia A. Briceland Ms. Camille Cotran Ms. Ruth M. CarrellMr. & Mrs. Stephen R. Bright Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Cookson Dr. & Mrs. Richard R. Curtin, M.D.Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Bernaciak Mr. & Mrs. Robert O. Cooling, Jr. Ms. Amanda B. CrossDr. & Mrs. William J. Brown Mr. & Mrs. John F. Casey Mr. & Mrs. James R. CoteMr. Richard R. Bertrand Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Carroll Mr. Werner ChristingerMr. & Mrs. Jack C. Burdett Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Castrogiovanni, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent J. CorboMr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Behr Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Cerullo St. Leo Catholic ChurchMr. & Mrs. Peter S. Burgess Mr. & Mrs. Chauncey R. Charlson, Ms. Patricia CobbMr. & Mrs. Nicholas W. Borusiewich Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth M. Cyrus Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence P. CarrMr. & Mrs. Russel H. Binford Mr. & Mrs. Dominick F. Carbone Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. CelibertiMr. Bryan A. Becker Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Clay Mr. & Mrs. William A. CarrMr. & Mrs. Norman Beecher Mr. & Mrs. Dale C. Chorba Mr. & Mrs. Mark J. CocozzaMr. & Mrs. James Burg Ms. Patricia D. Cunningham Mr. James H. ChisholmMr. & Mrs. Roger Barna Mr. & Mrs. Edmund J. Corvelli, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. CallansMr. & Mrs. John R. Byrd Mr. & Mrs. Howard K. Cohen Mr. & Mrs. George M. CorreiaMr. & Mrs. Stanley Bagan Mr. & Mrs. Stan C. Cramton Mr. & Mrs. J. Douglas CourtMr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Bell Mr. & Mrs. G. Mark Curry Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Copeland, IIIMr. & Mrs. James J. Bongard Mr. & Mrs. Ralph J. Carsillo Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. CherubinoMs. Gene Bacon Dr. John F. Crowe Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. CraverDr. & Mrs. Charles W. Bartholome Mr. & Mrs. Harvey G. Cleland Mr. & Mrs. Harry F. ClaytorMr. Dana S. Briggs Mr. & Mrs. Daniel H. Conroy Mr. & Mrs. Gerald N. CorcoranMr. & Mrs. David H. Bryan Mr. & Mrs. Nelson B. Cooney, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rinardo ConstantinoMr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Bucciarelli Mr. & Mrs. Christopher J. Coughlin Mr. & Mrs. Michael CapozziMs. Joan Bulvanoski Mr. & Mrs. Gerald J. Cassidy Ms. Eileen A. ChittickMr. John A. Beach Mr. & Mrs. William Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Michael CavanaughMr. & Mrs. Gary J. Brooks Mr. & Mrs. George W. Crothers Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. CechMs. Susan Blumenkrantz Mr. Michael S. Collins Mr. John Christopher In Honor of Bob and Sally Horn Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Caffrey Mr. Howard F. CampbellMr. & Mrs. Vincent R. Beasley Mr. & Mrs. Jack P. Carey, M.D. Mr. & Mrs. James B. Coffey In Memory of Harold Ruth Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cavanaugh Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. CerulloBalzer Family Fund Mr. & Mrs. Anthony L. Craig Mr. & Mrs. Clark A. ColbyMr. & Mrs. Jerry Craft Mr. & Mrs. Larry Courtnage Mr. & Mrs. David Y. CurtinMr. & Mrs. Vincent D. Cucchiara Mr. & Mrs. Thomas B. Curlin Ms. Dolores A. CariMr. & Mrs. Robert A. Culberson Mr. Roger Cassin In Memory of Harold RuthMr. & Mrs. Rollin H. Crawford Mr. David F. Carberry Mr. & Mrs. Frank D. DellaquilaMs. Lynn Cooper In Memory of Harold Ruth Mr. & Mrs. Francis A. DaniherMr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Calabrese Ms. Joanne Cincotta Mr. & Mrs. Martin E. Dolence, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Carlton-Jones Ms. Margaret T. Carroll-Reeves Mr. & Mrs. Herbert H. DammanMr. & Mrs. Bertrand Couture Ms. Candace Cresswell Mr. & Mrs. Jerry E. DruenMr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Costello In Memory of Janice Oles Mr. David A. DoranMr. & Mrs. Stan Culver Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Conner Dr Frankie G. DupreMr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Clarke Ms. Norma Anne Crawford Ms. Robin Driskill
  20. 20. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 20Capt. & Mrs. Walter W. Doescher, Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Dries Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. FiducciaMr. & Mrs. Thomas G. Dignan, Jr. Nancy A. Derose Mr. & Mrs. Thomas G. FlynnMs. Sandra J. Dekker Mr. & Mrs. Ed J. McDonald Mr. & Mrs. Allen C. Finatri In Memory of Harry Dekker Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Dunn Mr. & Mrs. Dale J. FrostMs. Elizabeth H. Davidse Mr. & Mrs. William J. Demmert Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. FranceseMr. & Mrs. Paul Danco Mr. & Mrs. James A. Dechaine Mr. & Mrs. Chuck FrederickMr. & Mrs. Raymond De Steiger Mr. Frederick K. Dean Mr. Ken ForgeyMs. Doris W. Duesing Mr. Jerome A. Diamond Mr. & Mrs. Donald FosselmanMr. & Mrs. James Deneffe Mr. & Mrs. Karl H. Erickson Mr. & Mrs. E Michael FlynnMr. & Mrs. Anthony P. D’eramo Mr. Raymond J. Eifler Mr. & Mrs. Richard V. FletcherMr. & Mrs. DeWitt Ezell, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George L. Eiker Mr. & Mrs. Frank S. ForsytheMr. & Mrs. James Dauwalter Mr. & Mrs. Roger Espe Ms. Mary Lou FentonMr. Dennis Daigneault Mr. John C. Ernst Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Flaherty, Jr.Mr. William V. Drew Ms. Sara O. Edwards Ms. Barbara FindleyMs. Barbara A. Dupont Ms. Susan M. English Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth K. FeinthelMs. Dorothy L. Daly Mr. & Mrs. Stephen B. Evans Mr. Daniel FooteMr. & Mrs. James C. Donnelly Mr. & Mrs. Rick Eudaley Mr. & Mrs. Henry R. FordMr. & Mrs. Holland H. Donaldson, Ms. Elizabeth M. Eastburn Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey S. FenimoreMs. Graham N. Dare Ms. Ruth H. Ensch Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. FiedlerMr. John P. Dasilva Mr. & Mrs. James Engelhuber Mr. & Mrs. John A. FazackerleyMr. Richard Dutton Mr. & Mrs. Jim Eibel Mr. & Mrs. Jerry l. FournierMr. & Mrs. Mark F. Dunn Mr. & Mrs. John B. Elliff Ms. Paulette T. FieldsMs. Donita Dobson Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Egan Ms. Beliza FurmanMs. Maura Deparolis Ms. Madeline Ells Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J. FinertyMr. & Mrs. Richard Dana Mr. & Mrs. Frederick A. Eisner Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. GrenoldsMs. Sharon L. DeSpain Mr. L.A. Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Harry H. GainesMr. & Mrs. John B. Dunn Mr. & Mrs. John G. Moffa Mr. & Mrs. John P. GarveyMr. & Mrs. Carl Duveneck Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. David C. GrayMr. & Mrs. James L. Dandurand Mr. Joseph Fossella Mr. & Mrs. Gerald C. GoldmanMs. Mary K. Dice Mr. & Mrs. Terry Furhovden Mr. & Mrs. Donald R. GrosfieldMr. & Mrs. Roger E. Davis Ms. Mildred L. Ford Mr. & Mrs. Vincent C. GoliaMr. & Mrs. Arthur D. Kerr Mr. & Mrs. Dean M. Fjelstul Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. GerwinMr. & Mrs. William J. Dalton Dr. & Mrs. Dick Fullerton Mr. & Mrs. Richard GeorgeMr. & Mrs. Bill A. Darin Mr. & Mrs. Martin E. Flynn Mr. & Mrs. Bill L. GaddisMr. & Mrs. Joseph Davi Dr. & Mr. Robert A. Fabi Mr. Michael J. GornoMr. & Mrs. Bruce E. Deschryver Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Faganel Mr. A W GoetschelMr. & Mrs. Robert A. Doragh Mr. & Mrs. Louis S. Fisi Mr. & Mrs. J R GreenlandMr. & Mrs. Robert D. Dacks Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Finnigan Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. GrapponeMr. & Mrs. Derick L. Driemeyer Mr. & Mrs. John P. Foley Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. GulatiMr. & Mrs. William E. Drum Mr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Foster Mr. & Mrs. John E. GundermanMr. & Mrs. Graham Dunbar Mr. & Mrs. L. D. Foster, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James R. GrigsbyMr. & Mrs. Randy E. Diener Dr. Kevin M. Fee Mr. & Mrs. Joseph I. GalloMr. & Mrs. Robert J. Deputy Mr. & Mrs. Barry Frey Mr. & Mrs. Pat J. Geary
  21. 21. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 21Mr. & Mrs. Bill K. Gard Ms. Ellis K. Gery Mr. & Mrs. David HerringMr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gadus Mr. & Mrs. David M. Griffith Mr. & Mrs. John HarlowMr. David F. Gerarduzzi Mr. & Mrs. Porter J. Goss Mr. & Mrs. Lee R. Hively, Jr.Ms. Helen Gareau In Memory of Richard Hale Ms. Kathleen A. HynesMr. & Mrs. Michael L. Grimes Mr. & Mrs. Ed Grant Mr. & Mrs. Rick HoakMr. & Mrs. Harold D. Gleitz Mr. Richard Gerstein Mr. & Mrs. Timothy E. Hoeksema In Honor of Harold and Mona Gleitz Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. Griffin Mr. & Mrs. James M. HutchinsonMr. & Mrs. Joseph I. Greenberg In Memory of Harold Ruth Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Heard, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Chancey Graziano Mr. & Mrs. Douglas M. Gerdon Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd and Janet HagedornMr. G.F. Gowan Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gartland Mr. & Mrs. William A. HoltgreiveMr. & Mrs. Robert A. Graham Mr. & Mrs. James P. Honohan Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth J. HalpinMr. J. Gerald Gray In Memory of Harold Ruth Ms. Gail H. HillMr. & Mrs. Clyde G. Gross, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rod E. Hermes Mr. Jerold K. HoernerMr. & Mrs. Stephen V. Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hague Ms. Michele HastingsMs. Jean C. Gilman Mr. & Mrs. Michael L. Hendershot Mr. & Mrs. William C. HollisterMr. & Mrs. Marty J. Gallagher Mr. Robert H. Horn In Memory of Bruce Munhollen’s FatherMs. Kathleen G. Goss Mr. Kim Patrick Hart Mr. George F. HartmannMr. & Mrs. J. Brian Gilmer Mr. & Mrs. William C. Hillemeyer Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. HindmanMr. & Mrs. Richard G. Gettinger Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Host Mr. James S. HamiltonMr. Richard Goulazian Mr. Lawrence L. Hock Mr. & Mrs. James R. HyndenMr. & Mrs. George R. Green In Memory of Wife Ms. Jane A. HanzelMr. & Mrs. H. Rhea Gray Mr. & Mrs. H. Russell Hamm, Jr. Ms. Hilda Jane HaleMr. & Mrs. Terence F. Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Elmo J. Hurst In Memory of Richard HaleMr. & Mrs. Lewis M. Gill, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Jack I. Hill Mr. Andrew R. HowieMr. & Mrs. Vincent J. Grattarola Mr. Donald F. Hunt Mr. & Mrs. John E. HopsonMr. & Mrs. Donald G. Gillis Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Holmes Mr. & Mrs. Terrance M. HopkinsMr. & Mrs. George S. Gilliland Mr. & Mrs. Leo B. Hansen Mr. & Mrs. E. Clifford HallMr. & Mrs. Bernard Gaffney Ms. Noreen Harrington Mr. & Mrs. Walter T. HoynoskiMr. & Mrs. Al A. Grigaliunas Mr. & Mrs. R. Bruce M. Hill In Honor of Frances Hoynoski In Memory of Elena Zukaitis Mr. Arthur T. Herman Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. HolzhauerMr. & Mrs. Henry A. Gempeler Mr. & Mrs. Wayne L. Haraldson Mr. & Mrs. William B. HofmannMr. & Mrs. Steven E. Gifford Mr. & Mrs. David A. Hopper Ms. Mary E. HuttenlocherMr. & Mrs. Max H. Graff, Jr. Mr. Jerome F. Henry, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rodger P. HendricksMr. Anthony S. Gramer Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Howald Mr. & Mrs. Victor H. HerberMr. James C. Grimstad Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence T. Hofmann Ms. Diane HanleyMr. & Mrs. Robert W. Gembarski Ms. Dawne Rene Hilliard Mr. Daniel J. HerbstDr. Kalman Gold Mr & Mrs. R. David Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Marvin L. HackmanMr. & Mrs. James C. Gallow Mr. & Mrs. George J. Hubert, Jr. Mr. Wayne F. HohnMr. & Mrs. Ralph T. Glassford Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Harrison Ms. Jacqueline HohnMr. Robert T. Griffore Mr. David P. Hamacher Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. HerdmanMr. Grant R. Garritson Mr. Ronald Herbert Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. HoschMr. & Mrs. Richard M. Gershon Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Hiatt Dr. & Mrs. Brent J. HolleranDr. & Mrs. William M. Gardner, MD Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Heffernan Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Hoch
  22. 22. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 22 In Honor of Shirley Hoch Mr. Colin C. Jensen Ms. Carol G. KlosterDr. & Mrs. John S. Harding Mr. & Mrs. John W. Jarrell Ms. Arlene H. KeehanMr. & Mrs. Douglas G. Henricks Mr. & Mrs. Rod P. Jackson Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence KitsbergMr. & Mrs. Roger A. Hannigan Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Jaycox Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. KempMr. & Mrs. Larry S. Hedrick Mr. Duane E. Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. KarnMr. & Mrs. Leonard L. Hendrickson Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Johnson Ms. Irene P. KennedyMr. & Mrs. Larry L. Heck Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Jackson Ms. Irene M. KievatMr. & Mrs. Paul E. Haagensen Ms. Mary Jaqua Mr. & Mrs. James R. KahlMr. & Mrs. Herbert Hoover Mr. & Mrs. Randal M. Jones Ms. Robin C. KrivanekMr. & Mrs. Mark G. Hoepfner Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Johns Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. KettelerMr. David B. Van Horne Ms. Nancy L. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. KeplerMr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Horwitz Mr. & Mrs. Jon P. Jontz Mr. Richard C. JohnsonMr. & Mrs. William G. Hawkins Mr. & Mrs. John M. Joyce Mr. & Mrs. John A. KrolMr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hornick Mr. Thomas G. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. KleinMr. & Mrs. Wayne R. Huey Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. James Mr. John J. Klocko, IIIMr. & Mrs. David G. Hakes Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. KeenanNeely Bonita Bay Household Mr. & Mrs. James R. Julow Mr. & Mrs. Allen KarpMr. & Mrs. Jerome Houlder Ms. Margaret Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. KotulaMr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Harris Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Jaffer Mr. & Mrs. Eugene W. KellyMr. Keith Hill Mr. & Mrs. George R. Krouse, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald C. KellyMr. Larry Halpin Mr. & Mrs. John H. King Mr. Donald R. KaegebeinMr. & Mrs. D. Michael Hartley Ms. Judy Keefe Mr. & Mrs. John P. KunzMr. Yank Heisler Mr. Gordon G. Kreth Mr. & Mrs. Jack D. KerthMs. Myra J. Heil Mr. Martin J. Krebs Mr. & Mrs. B.J. Karnas In Memory of Harold Ruth Mr. & Mrs. David P. Jansen Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. KeatingMr. & Mrs. James W. Innes Mr. & Mrs. Ray J. Kostelc Mr. Dennis S. KillianMr. & Mrs. Gary R. Ingersoll Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Kahl Mr. & Mrs. Dallas L. KnudsonMr. & Mrs. James R. Irwin Mr. & Mrs. James A. Kaneaster Mr. Ove K. KristensenMr. & Mrs. Robert P. Iorizzo Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Kline Mr. & Mrs. David H. KleinMr. & Mrs. David A. Ingrassia Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Kell Mr. & Mrs. Arthur D. KatzMr. & Mrs. Steven F. Jess Mr. & Mrs. Dean A. Kelly Mr. Kenneth L. KwiattMr. & Mrs. Gene H. Johnson Mr. & Mrs. Gerald W. Kral Ms. Karen KraussMr. & Mrs. Jeff Jordan Mr. Malcolm A. Kessinger Mr. & Mrs. Edwin P. KuhnMr. & Mrs. Wayland E. Jensen Mr. & Mrs. Dale Kruse Mr. & Mrs. Norman D. KurlandMr. & Mrs. Joe L. Johnson Ms. Joyce C. Koons Mr. & Mrs. Oswald S. LowsleyMr. & Mrs. Roger Joslin Ms. Angela Kaiser Mr. & Mrs. Michael LondonMs. Karen S. Nicholson Mr. & Mrs. Ronald L. Kilpatrick Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. LindgrenMr. & Mrs. John J. Jazwa Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Kuester Mr. & Mrs. Anthony R. LondonMr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Joachim Mr. & Mrs. Dennis M. Kavanagh Mr. & Mrs. Sam D. LittlepageDr. & Mrs. C.B. Jenney Mr. & Mrs. Mark E. Karp Mr. & Mrs. Vito S. LeoneMr. & Mrs. George F. Johanssen, Mr. & Mrs. Lee Koenig Mr. Paul LubrattMs. Janice M. Jones Mr. & Mrs. William R. Kelly Mr. George LongtinMr. & Mrs. William J. Jaworski Ms. Constance C. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lyons
  23. 23. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 23Dr. & Mrs. Morris J. Lipnik Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Lenzo Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. MundMr. & Mrs. Arlyn Lanting Ms. Marlene E. Leckie Mr. & Mrs. George D. Morgan, IIIMr. & Mrs. Philip E. Lippincott Mr. & Mrs. Edmond L. Lambert Mr. Anthony V. ManleyMr. & Mrs. Brian Lapelle Mr. Keith LeBlanc Mr. & Mrs. Angelo A. MartiniMr. & Mrs. Kenneth R. Larson Mr. & Mrs. Tom J. Moehring Dr.& Mrs. James A. Malayter,Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lode, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Albin Muren Ms. Jean M. MuenchenMr. & Mrs. Paul F. Lang Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Mast Mr. & Mrs. James MercerMr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Lachapelle Mr. & Mrs. John A. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. MelchertMr. & Mrs. Paul Lavins Mr. Jack Minish Mr. J. Haydn MatthewsMr. & Mrs. David Leichtman Mr. James Murphy Mr. & Mrs. James E. MarchessaultMr. Barry Liff Mr. John Moore Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. MalloyMr. Raymond A. Lenhardt In Honor of Pam Galyean Ms. Janet L. McKinneyMr. & Mrs. Scott Ledy Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Maier Mr. & Mrs. Michael H. MontlackMr. Thomas A. Lisle Mr. & Mrs. Peter W. Magrino Mr. & Mrs. Eugene H. MarkhamMr. William A. Lamarra Ms. Betty A. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Harold D. MooreMr. & Mrs. William F. Lupski Ms. Phyllis W. Minott Osterhout & McKinney, P.A.Mr. & Mrs. Siggi Landes-Ross Mr. Robert D. Moore Mr. & Mrs. Rodger W. MurtaughMs. Linda R. Lucks Mr. David S. Newman Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. MurphyMr. Craig Lance Mr. & Mrs. Warren P. Miner Ms. Maurine L. MartinMr. & Mrs. Paul L. Liberman Mr. & Mrs. James J. Murphy In Honor of Riverwalk Physical Therapy In Honor of Janis Wolfson’s Birthday In Honor of Jim Stack Mr. & Mrs. Eugene B. Martens, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. Jesse W. Lawrence Mr. & Mrs. Eric Michiels Ms. Kathleen Morris MayoMr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Lipsey, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. David Machamer Mr. & Mrs. Wayne MeredithMr. & Mrs. Frank H. Lovejoy Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Morris Mr. & Mrs. Thomas A. ManuelMr. & Mrs. Jacques R. Lapointe Mr. & Mrs. Andrew B. Morrow Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. McAuleyMr. & Mrs. Ronald C. Larry Mr. & Mrs. Ronald E. Musick Mr. & Mrs. David F. MichaelMr. & Mrs. William R. Keener Mr. & Mrs. David E. McPherson Mr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Matthews In Memory of Harold Ruth Mr. & Mrs. Terrence J. Mulligan Mr. Stephen A. MullerMr. & Mrs. Harvey M. Lincoln Mr. & Mrs. Ron Miller Mr. & Mrs. Leslie G. MeyersMr. & Mrs. John C. Lowman Ms. Kathleen M. Montesano Mr. & Mrs. Liberatore P. MonacoMr. & Mrs. Gerald Knight Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Mahrdt, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George H. Miller, Jr.Mr. & Mrs. David R. Lauderback Mr. & Mrs. Ben Miller Mr. Charles F. MurphyDr. & Mrs. Larry H. Lytle Ms. Shirley A. Mueller Mr. J. Handy MooreMr. & Mrs. Robert N. Luba Mr. & Mrs. Dan Morrissey Ms. Betty MosheimMr. & Mrs. R. Dale Lentz Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. MagliettaMr. & Mrs. Dean G. Lauritzen Mr. Bruce L. Milligan Mr. & Mrs. Edward T. Moynahan,Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Lienesch Ms. Carol A. Mackimm Mr. & Mrs. Gerald L. MossMr. & Mrs. James N. Lund Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Malmstrom Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. MicioniMr. & Mrs. Pete C. Longjohn Ms. Linda C. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Douglas D. MairMr. & Mrs. Norman A. Landis Mr. & Mrs. Sol C. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Derek G. MelvenMr. & Mrs. Robert R. Leinwand Ms. Gayle M. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Gerald F. MohanMr. Rodney T. Liddle Mr. & Mrs. David E. Maule Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKoaneMr. Jeffrey T. Lentz Mr. & Mrs. WM J. Hamel Ms. Connie F. Maetzold
  24. 24. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 24Mr. & Mrs. Balaji Mundkur Ms. Mary B. Muno Mr. & Mrs. David L. OistadMs. Julie M. McCarter Mr. Dominic Nelson Mr. & Mrs. Neil W. ParkerMr. & Mrs. Mike W. Melnik Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Nero Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. PetersonMr. & Mrs. Michael Matoian Mr. & Mrs. Miles A. Nelson Mr. Hollis W. PowersMs. Nancy F. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Randolph S. Naylor Mr. & Mrs. Ralph E. PerssonMr. & Mrs. David R. McMahon Mr. & Mrs. Rufus A. North Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. PaulMr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Malayter Mr. Gary Nelson Mr. & Mrs. J. Raymond PierceMr. & Mrs. Gerald E. McAndrews Mr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Newman Mr. & Mrs. Larry G. PickeringMs. Sharon L. Maclean-Hart Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Neil Ms. Grace A. PhippsMs. Carol A. McCarthy Mr. Robert K. Niles Mr. & Mrs. Stanley M. ParmerterMr. & Mrs. Jay J. McNulty Mr. & Mrs. Richard H. Niehaus Mr. & Mrs. J. Roger PorterMr. & Mrs. Gerard J. McCrea Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Nicklas Mr. & Mrs. E. T. PappertMr. & Mrs. James R. Muckerheide Mr. & Mrs. John J. Nemsick Mr. & Mrs. Paul H. MitchellMr. & Mrs. Gary L. McKindree Mr. & Mrs. Bernard M. McNamee Mr. & Mrs. Ronald V. PorterMr. & Mrs. Mark A. McManus Ms. Jean Bush Nankivell Mr. & Mrs. William E. Pritts, IIMr. & Mrs. John E. Mehrholz Mr. & Mrs. Jack Newsom Mr. & Mrs. Mike PlotzMr. & Mrs. Geoffrey W. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Ken H. Novinska Mr. & Mrs. David L. PollifroneMr. & Mrs. Stuart Meshboum Mr. & Mrs. Timothy B. Norbeck Ms. Julien G. PattersonMr. & Mrs. Charles P. Miller Mr. John M. Naughton Mr. & Mrs. Matteo PecorellaMr. & Mrs. Walter T. McCormick Mr. & Mrs. Gary Neidhard Dr. & Mrs. Guy Pierret, M.D.Ms. Anne Michaud Mr. & Mrs. David M. Nichols Mr. & Mrs. Gregg S. PetersonDr. & Mrs. Frank J. Messana Ms. Sarah G. Newi Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. PaganoMr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Monaghan Mr. & Mrs. William H. Newcombe Mr. & Mrs. Donald G. ParkerMr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Moe Ms. Margery F. Nickel Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. PolyschukMr. & Mrs. Fred E. Metry Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Ozment Mr. Jim PickensMr. & Mrs. Michael J. Mullin Mr. & Mrs. Stephen M. O’Hara Mr. Roger C. ParsonsMr. & Mrs. James A. Merritt Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Ouellette Mr. & Mrs. James G. PerryMrs. Diana B. McClay Dr. & Mrs. H. Douglas Otto Ms. Marcy H. PlantMr. & Mrs. Sandy A. Montclare Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Ogle Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. PipherMr. & Mrs. Ralph Millerbernd Mr. & Mrs. Richard G. Oelkers Mr. & Mrs. Daniel S. ParentMr. & Mrs. William J. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Osborn, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. PenlandMr. & Mrs. Charles D. Mercer Mr. & Mrs. William F. Obrien Mr. & Mrs. Bill B. ProkopowMr. Thomas Mogren Ms. Barbara A. Orpin Mr. & Mrs. Clifford J. ParkerMr. & Mrs. Keith G. Minton Mr. & Mrs. David Overheul Ms. Judy PrinceMs. Patricia J. Messana Ms. Karen O’Neil Ms. Pati PatrickDr. & Mrs. Frank J. Messana Mr. & Mrs. Donald H. Olivieri Dr. William E. PeaseMr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Monaghan Mr. & Mrs. John Oliver, III Mr. & Mrs. J Terrille PhillipsMr. & Mrs. Thomas O. Moe In Memory of Olaus Audet Mr. & Mrs. A. Robert PoggiMr. & Mrs. Fred E. Metry Ms. Judith A. Orgell Mr. B.K. PerryMr. & Mrs. Michael J. Mullin Mr. & Mrs. Paul K. Oleff Mr. & Mrs. Daniel L. PetrovichMr. & Mrs. James A. Merritt Mr. & Mrs. Philip V. Otero Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. PoterackMrs. Diana B. McClay Mr. & Mrs. George A. Owens Mr. & Mrs. Daniel C. Petri Mr. & Mrs. Eugene M. Ohara Mr. & Mrs. J. Richard Powell
  25. 25. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. | ANNUAL REPORT 08-09 PAGE 25 In Memory of William Seminsky Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Rinella Mr. & Mrs. Bruce P. RobertMr. & Mrs. J. William Petty Ms. Jane M. Ritchie Mr. & Mrs. D. C. RackiewiczMs. Mary Ann Pathy Mr. & Mrs. Scott Rued Mr. Christopher T. RichingMr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Paliganoff Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Rickey Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. RademakerMr. James T. Prokopanko Mr. Michael J. Rolland Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. RischMr. & Mrs. James D. Preston Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ryan Ms. Lana S. RovinelliMr. Robert E. Petersen Mr. & Mrs. William E. Redeker Mr. Michael RubensteinMr. William B. Parker Mr. & Mrs. Derek Ridout Mr. & Mrs. Larry FrankMr. & Mrs. James R. Paquette Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. Resch Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. RegenfussMr. & Mrs. Michael J. Pasquinelli Mr. Bob Rinaldi Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. RaineyMr. & Mrs. John J. Petronio Mr. & Mrs. D. Scott Roach Mr. & Mrs. Ronald M. RepiceMr. R. Peter Prokop Rev. Richard E. Raney Mr. Clifton RandallMr. & Mrs. M. Steven Potash Mr. & Mrs. Pat J. Reidy Ms. Donna G. RiceMs. Lynne A. Portnoy Mr. Alan F. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. C. Richard RobertsMr. David Poile Mr. & Mrs. Monty H. Robson Mr. & Mrs. Scott RamsayMr. & Mrs. Richard J. Pagliaro Mr. & Mrs. Jack Riley Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. RutledgeMr. & Mrs. Paul R. Zitko Ms. Betty Rash Mr. & Mrs. Clint A. StencilMr. & Mrs. Robert R. Randlett Col & Mrs. Alan J. Rubin Mr. & Mrs. Jason SoholtMr. & Mrs. Dennis H. Reilley Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. Rebresh Mr. W.T. StewartMr. Thomas J. Reaser Mr. & Mrs. Lyle A. Rosenzweig Mr. & Mrs. James G. StorchMr. & Mrs. Dave M. Russell Mr. & Mrs. Robert S. Rapp Ms. Shirley R. SloperMr. & Mrs. Robert W. Robison Mr. & Mrs. James A. Rossi Mr. William T. SpaneMs. Linda Ritchie Mr. & Mrs. Thomas S. Roberts, Jr. Mr. F. Bart SmithMr. Rick Reynolds Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Reardon, Mr. & Mrs. Edward SikorskiMs. Martha T. Russell Mr. & Mrs. George F. Raymond Mr. & Mrs. Harry W. ShortMr. & Mrs. Christopher M. Riley Mr. & Mrs. John H. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Charles T. SpinnerMr. & Mrs. W. Patrick Riley Mr. William C. Roberts Mrs. Doris ShadingerMr. & Mrs. Alexander Robinson Mr. & Mrs. John D. Rittenhouse Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. SkribiskiMr. & Mrs. John J. Riley Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Ryan Ms. Jane C. StogsdillMr. & Mrs. Denis J. Roza Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Ray Mr. & Mrs. Stephen R. SouthardMr. & Mrs. James L. Reutter Mr. & Mrs. John Rogers Mr. & Mrs. David W. SpellerbergMr. & Mrs. James P. Roemer Mr. & Mrs. Peter Reines Dr. & Mrs. Thomas L. SchaarDr. & Mrs. Gerald E. Rubacky Mr. Scott Robertson Mr. & Mrs. Dick SimsMr. & Mrs. Duane W. Ring Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ross Mr. David L. StithMr. Donald B. Reece Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rzasnicki Mr. & Mrs. Robert SebesMr. & Mrs. H. Bruce Russell Mr. & Mrs. Ray G. Rezner Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. StolzMr. & Mrs. Robert R. Rudolph Mr. & Mrs. Jack I. Rosenstock Mr. D.H. Snyder, IIIMr. & Mrs. Ross H. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Harold Ross Mr. & Mrs. L. Gene StohlerMr. John K. Roessner, III Mr. Harold A. Rose Mr. & Mrs. John W. SpoelhofMr. & Mrs. John W. Risk Mr. & Mrs. Harry T. Rose Ms. Catherine A. SwigartMr. & Mrs. James A. Rudolf Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Reid Mr. & Mrs. J. Tom SillsMr. & Mrs. Ronald G. Rogers Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Risso Mr. & Mrs. James B. StokesMr. & Mrs. Norman M. Roberts Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Rios Mr. & Mrs. James F. Stack