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Habitat for Humanity Annual Report 2008


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This 52-page report was produced and published under my direction. I was responsible for the theme conception (which highlighted the organization's 25th Anniversary), writing and designing of the …

This 52-page report was produced and published under my direction. I was responsible for the theme conception (which highlighted the organization's 25th Anniversary), writing and designing of the report. A staff helped compile necessary information in the report. I worked with a print company to create a velvet and gloss cover to the finished product.

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  • 1. Dear Friends and Partners,This year, Habitat for Humanity of Lee County surpassed the construction of 900 homes sinceour beginning in 1982. Today, Habitat homes can be found in all parts of Lee County; HarlemHeights, Dunbar, Bonita Springs, Lehigh Acres, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, North Fort Myers,Pine Island and even in parts of Hendry County. We plan to continue our ambitious effortsin the area, building at least one hundred homes every year and offering family support to ourhome owners.Because of our local community interest in housing deserving families in Lee County, we cancontinue to help eliminate the sub standard living conditions right here in our communityby giving a hand-up and not a hand-out. When we evaluate our lives closely, we can see theblessings God has bestowed upon each of us; great and small. In this report, you will readthe stories from some of our friends who have partnered with Habitat over the years. Thesepartners have poured out their blessings generously to Lee and Hendry County families in manydifferent ways. I John 3:17-18 says, “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in needbut has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love withwords or tongue but with actions and in truth.”At Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, we are proud to say that our donors and volunteershave grasped this concept by giving of their time and resources. As we go forward, we know thatour donors and volunteers will continue supporting our needs in the community for those inneed. We are excited for what the future has in store for Habitat and know that our supporterswill be behind us.On behalf of Habitat, we would like to thank our friends and partners who have helped make adifference here in Lee County during the past two decades. We appreciate your commitment tothe community!With a Grateful Heart and In Habitat Spirit,Vern Archibald Charles K. IdelsonPresident/CEO Chairman of the BoardHabitat for Humanity of Lee County Habitat for Humanity of Lee County
  • 2. Table of 2Power of Partnerships: 4Power of Partnerships: 8Power of Partnerships: 122007 17Financial 41Habitat on the 46Board Members & Key 49 Page 1
  • 3. 1976 - Habitat for Humanity Habitat for HumanityInternational is founded founder Millard Fullerin Americus, Georgia by meets with Lee County’sMillard Fuller. mission board to share his vision of a housingFebruary 23, 1980 - Habitat ministry.for Humanity breaks groundon first Lee County home inHarlem Heights. The mission board, cityOctober 1982 - Habitat for officials and Millard FullerHumanity of Lee County break ground on the firstreceives its charter to be Lee County Habitat homean affiliate of Habitat for in Harlem Heights.Humanity International.1987 - 21 Habitat homeshave been completed inHarlem Heights area (located Millard starts thebetween the present-day groundbreaking ceremony offGulf Harbor and Healthpark with a prayer and a remindermedical complex). of Habitat’s mission.May 1990 - Vern Archibaldis appointed the firstExecutive Director positionat Habitat for Humanity of The Rivera family is theLee County. first family in Lee County to receive a hand-up fromOctober 16, 1993 - Habitat Habitat with a new home.for Humanity of Lee Countybreaks ground on the 75thhome in the community.March 1995 - 100th Habitathome is completed in LeeCounty. The week of thatdedication is proclaimed Beecher Village was one of the firstHabitat for Humanity Week projects that allowed Habitat to create anin Lee County and the City entire community of affordable housingof Fort Myers. in a safe, decent area.1998 - Construction beginson Habitat’s 73-homesubdivision named BeecherVillage. Page 2
  • 4. The Habitat warehouse is 1999 - Habitat forwhere the wall formation Humanity of Lee Countyhappens for our Habitat expands production intohomes. It is here where Hendry County.we preconstruct theframework for our 2000 - Habitat turns ahomes. warehouse into their wall- assembly unit. Production jumped from 40 homes a Habitat’s Board of year to 80. Directors and CEO break ground on January 2004 - Habitat the Senior Housing dedicates its 500th home. Complex. November 2004 - Habitat for Humanity breaks ground on its landmark In August 2005, Habitat senior housing complex. International names Jonathan Reckford as their new Chief March 2006 - Habitat for Executive Officer. Humanity of Lee County receives the “Affiliate of the Year” award from Habitat International. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County breaks ground on the first June 2006 - Habitat home on Pine Island. dedicates it’s first home on Pine Island. June 2006 - Habitat opens Habitat opens two additional a thrift store in Cape Coral thrift stores, one in Cape Coral off and one in Labelle. of Andalusia and Pine Island Road and the other in Labelle off of July 2006 - Habitat for Main Street. Humanity of Lee County opens it’s first-of-a-kind housing complex for senior citizens. 2007 - Habitat for Humanity of Lee County Habitat’s 60-units of rental is named the second largest senior housing is completed. affiliate in the country for Page 3 production.
  • 5. Families Power of Partnerships Ramon & Edith RiveraRamon and Edith Rivera were thevery first Habitat for Humanity of LeeCounty homeowners. “A city worker wasin the area and told our family about theHabitat program that was just startinghere,” says Ramon. The Rivera familymoved into their home in 1982 and paidtheir last mortgage payment in 2000.“We were so happy to just be in theprogram, it was something unexpectedand meant we didn’t have to pay rentany longer. And we were overjoyed when we made that last payment,” Ramon says. The family saysthey learned how to paint and lay tiles during their sweat equity. Today, the Rivera’s six childrenare all grown; Ramon, Jr., 54, Anna, 52, Ricardo, 44, Rueban, 42, Alicia, 41, Reynaldo, 34, asthey welcome the five grandkids into their home. “If Habitat gives you an opportunity to enter theprogram, take it, because it’s a good opportunity and it probably won’t come twice,” says Ramon. Shonda Batio It’s been 13 years now, since Shonda Batio first moved into her Harlem Heights Habitat home. “At the time I was a single parent and just got out of LPN school and I wanted affordable housing for my kids and me. It was one of my biggest blessings in my life. I remember being in disbelief when I got approved,” says Batio. With a full-time job, two kids and no family in the area, Shonda says the sweat equity hours seemed to take forever. “It was a long journey to where I am now. I’ve always been veryappreciative of my home. In fact, I remember it was theKiwanis Club on Sanibel Island that sponsored my home.I learned a very important lesson through that program,that if you really want something, you can do it,” saysShonda. Since then, Shonda has married, her son has goneoff to college in Virginia and also gotten married while herdaughter is a senior at the Cypress Lake Center of Arts.“The home is a reflection of yourself and your family andI’ve really taken pride in my home in everything I do,” says Shonda. Page 4
  • 6. Power of Partnerships Seferino & Paula Martinez Living alone as a widow wasn’t easy for Paula Martinez. So she opted to have her son, Seferino, share a mobile home with her in Bonita Springs. In 2002, the city decided to uproot the community of homes with a roadway passing through, thus forcing homeowners to find a new location. With prices out of reach for the widowand son, a friend recommended Habitat for Humanity.The two entered the program together and closed ontheir Bonita Springs home in October 2003. At the sametime, Paula’s 18-year old niece was living with in-laws andsharing a room with her husband and son. She also foundHabitat for Humanity as the only option for her family toown a home in Lee County as well. A month before Paulaand Seferino closed on their home, Alicia Garcia & Joel Rodriguez moved in next door. Jasmine Martinez Families Jasmine Martinez may be new in the Habitat family, but Habitat’s program has been a household name for years. “My grandmother (Paula Martinez) and uncle went through the program four years ago to get a home in Bonita Springs. My cousin also went through the program and got a home next door to my grandmother,” says Jasmine. Martinez closed on her Lehigh Acres home in November of 2007 after completing her sweat equity and homeowner classes in just under four months. “I like that Habitat worked with me a lot. It’s hard to find a place to livethat goes by your income and if you can find something, it’s usually not a safe place for kids,” saysJasmine. Before entering Habitat’s program, Martinez was sharing a room with her two and a halfyear-old son in Jasmine’s parent’s house. “I really wanted us to have a home of our own, but I was afull-time student and couldn’t afford the high prices here. My brothers helped me finish my hoursso I could be in my house by Christmas,” says Martinez. Page 5
  • 7. Power of Partnerships Raeshonda Williams FamiliesRaeshonda Williams was a single parent with four kids living in an apartment that was frequentedby crime. “The area just was not safe for my kids to be growing up in. I needed a place that wouldbe in a safe area and had a backyard for thechildren to play,” says Williams. Raeshonda’sLehigh Acres home was dedicated in December2007. “It was really a good experience for mebecause I learned a lot of things around thehouse that I can do on my own that I didn’tknow how to do before. Siding is one of them.If I ever want to change the color of my homeor need to put up new siding, I now know howto do it on my own,” Williams says. Raeshondasays the most trying part of the Habitatprogram was the labor put into building ahome and learning patience on the worksitesto get through her sweat equity hours, but today she’s all smiles as she’s finally earned the keys toher new home. “I feel really good and really proud to finally say that I’m a homeowner!” exclaimsWilliams. James & Tara Saunders James and Tara Saunders had only been married a couple of years in 1994 when a Habitat employee suggested Habitat for Humanity of Lee County as an option to stop renting. “We were renting an apartment here and there and it seemed like we were moving around a lot,” says Saunders. After applying for the homeownership program, Tara learned about the AmeriCorps Vista program with the organization as well and served for two years with Habitat. “I never knew a program like that existed that allowed me to give back while receiving a stipend and education award, it was what I needed at the time,” she recalls. The family moved into their new home in December of 1995. Since then, the family has rooted themselves in serving the community. James is a firefighter while Tara works for the Emergency Medical Services. Today, James and Tara and their three children; Allen, 17, Shea, 11 and Parker, 5 are grateful to have entered the Habitat programwhen they did. “It’s definitely helped us get to where we are today. When we started we had verylittle and today we have careers, a home we can afford and healthy children. Page 6
  • 8. Power of Partnerships Oleksanda &Valeriy VendenkoUkraine natives Oleksanda & Valeriy Vendenko migrated to the United States in the early 90’s insearch of job opportunities, but found prices unaffordable for their family to own a home. A long-time Habitat donor told the familyabout the organization’s program.In 2005, the family closed on theirNorth Fort Myers home. “It’s great!My mother is planting a lot of treesand my dad is putting up a fence,”says daughter Anastasia. “My fathereven turned the garage into a studiobecause he’s an artist and needed thespace,” she says. Anastasia finishedher last year at Wellesley College inMassachusetts and has since movedback to Lee County where she’sgetting clinical experience to enter themedical field. Meanwhile, Oleksanda has opened an ice cream shop on Sanibel Island. “Our family Familiesis so happy to have this house. We have lots of plans for landscaping and we’re very thankful to thisorganization for giving us the chance to have this house,” says Oleksanda. John &Lisa Trupo John and Lisa Trupo were fed up living in their small apartment with high rent, located behind a substation with heavy traffic in their backyard. The family of four was accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program and closed on their Cape Coral home in May 2007. “John and I were motivated to get our hours completed in just a few months so the girls could have their own rooms,” says Lisa. The Trupos now enjoy their quiet neighborhood and big backyard. “I have the best neighbors in the world I think. It’s been really good for us to have a home of our own wherewe can put up a fence in the backyard. In fact, we even got a dog for the girls and we’re working ongetting a swingset as well,” says Lisa. Page 7
  • 9. Power of Partnerships African Caribbean and American Catholic Center More than half of Habitat’s volunteers are under the age of 30. Habitat has been blessed to have had every Lee County high school partner with the organization in 2007. Plus, several elementary and middle schools as well as Florida Gulf Coast University and Edison College students pitched in as well. In addition to the local colleges, many students from all over the U.S. spent their Spring Break with Lee County’s Habitat affiliate this year, helping organization 70,000 volunteers. The African Caribbean and American Catholic Center, a mentoring program for teenage boys, is one of many Volunteersyouth groups giving back to the community through Habitat’s volunteer program. “It’s an excellantway to teach the boys about giving back to the community and family values. On top of that, theHabitat construction leaders have been great mentors to the kids,” says Dave Lyons, AFCAAM. Gartner, Inc.Gartner, Inc. has volunteered with Habitat for more than four years, choosing to work on buildsites for two weeks at a time. In 2007, the group sent 131 volunteers to the job site and racked up786 volunteer hours. This type ofcommitment is the driving force thatkeeps Habitat building. “Not onlydoes working with Habitat allow usto give back to the community, italso enables more team building andstronger relationships within our ownwork environment as we work side byside and get to know each other just alittle bit more,” says Judy Robertson,Sr. Sales Operations Mgr. “When wevolunteer on a housing site, everyonewalks away with a renewed outlook onlife and what truly matters – helpingothers whenever and wherever you can. It is an amazing feeling the impact of just one day ofvolunteering can make on someone else’s life,” says Robertson. Page 8
  • 10. Power of Partnerships Sanibel Congregational United Church of ChristSanibel Congregational United Churchof Christ has partnered with Habitatfor over 15 years, giving more than$167,000. “Most of our congregationis older and cannot volunteer on thesites, but they’ve been very good aboutgiving what they can,” says Sanibel-UCC member Brenda Tate. In the lasttwo years, the church has sponsoredtwo homes and is currently working ontheir third. And those who can buildare doing so. “Dick Travas is a memberof the church and volunteers weekly inHabitat’s warehouse preconstructingwalls. Donna Aldridge is an active Volunteersparticipant in the congregation and comes out at least three days a week,” says Tate. Dean DozierDean Dozier began volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Lee County in February 2007. “I had been familiar with their work and had recently returned from a missions trip. I was determined that I needed to get some building skills before my next missions trip and I thought Habitat would help me attain those skills for future trips,” Dean says. Since then, 75-year old Dozier has learned more than just building skills on Habitat’s construction sites; he’s learned how he can make a difference locally. “The thing that I’m impressed with about Habitat is the quality of their building standards. Habitat builds an outstanding house! It’s not justthrown together, there is a lot of work that goes into the building of those homes. The supervisorsare pros with a a lot of patience for the volunteers and they’ve helped me be more effective,” saysDozier. Page 9
  • 11. Power of Partnerships Gene Suggs VolunteersUnemployment rates went through the roof in 2007, settingsome all time highs. In his late 50’s, Gene Suggs is one of manylong-time construction workers laid off from the industry.“My severance package has run out, so now I’m collectingunemployment while I’m without a job,” says Suggs. After twomonths of struggling to find a job opening, Gene decided todonate some of his time and talent to Habitat. “I was sitting athome living off of savings. It wasn’t fulfilling. My life felt emptyand I needed a reason to get up each morning and continuedoing something and I wanted to do it in an area I’m skilled in,”he says. Gene considered leaving the Lee County area in pursuitof another construction job, but with family moving to the areain less than a year, leaving the community didn’t seem like afeasible option. Gene decided to spend three to five days a weekvolunteering “I’m just hoping the market comes back sometimesoon, but for now, I’ll continue volunteering my time to a worthycause and give back to the community with the time I’ve beengiven,” says Suggs. Cape Christian FellowshipCape Christian Fellowship first stepped foot on a Habitat for Humanity construction site becauseof a church member who had entered the homeownership program. The church helped Bill Watson and his two grandchildren achieve 500 sweat equity hours and own a home through Habitat’s program. “It’s our mission to give of ourselves and do what Jesus did. We’re all called to share our blessings and talents with others. It’s the story of the talents. Why bury a skill or talent when you can help make the world a better place,” says George Camargo, a Cape Christian Fellowship member. Since Watson, several others interested in homeownership through Habitat have approached the church for help with their hours as well. “It’s aboutbuilding relationships. This is what we should be doing everyday and by volunteering, it allowsus to build friendships with homeowners and other volunteers we may have otherwise never met.Everybody has something to offer regardless of their age or gender; it’s a team effort,” says Camargo.Cape Christian Fellowship volunteers work on Habitat construction sites every month. Page 10
  • 12. Power of Partnerships Pelican LandingPelican Landing residents, under the leadership of Gerry Lanois, have been fund raising and wallraising with Habitat for Humanity of Lee County for the past 5 years. In November 2007, thegroup constructed their sixth Habitat home inLee County. “Most of us feel we have gottenso much out of life and now that we’ve hitretirement, we want to give some of that back,”says Ted Smith, a Pelican Landing resident.Pelican Landing residents first got involved withHabitat because of the lack of affordable housingin their area. “Habitat really gets the results backinto the hands of those in need. There isn’t ahuge amount of administrative costs and youcan see the work and effort that goes into thesehomes,” says Smith. Since then, the group saysthey benefit greatly by being involved. “To see Volunteersthe joy and tears in the homeowners when they receive the keys, it’s priceless and that’s why wecontiue to do this,” says Smith. The Garden Club from Pelican Landing has also stepped in byplanting the trees and bushes for the homes. Bonita BayThe Bonita Bay Group and Bonita Bay Residents have also been instrumental in both fund raisingand volunteering with Habitat. The Bonita Bay Residents has been partnering with Habitat forfive years as well. Cal Walker and Tom Lammert organize and lead the volunteers on Habitat construction sites three to four times a week. The residents first decided to get involved with Habitat because of the growing need for affordable housing in Bonita Springs. “We live in Bonita Springs and are well aware that so many workers are traveling from Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Lehigh to come work in our community. We want to be able to provide housing for our workers here. It’s too expensive for an entry-level position to drive that far towork here and yet too expensive for them to live here, so we want to be part of a solution,” saysWalker. Since their first Habitat houseraising in the Rosemary Park area, the group has decided tocontinue a neighborhood ‘spruce up’ and has sponsored homes along the street. In 2008 the groupwill raise the first Habitat Twin Villa in Bonita Springs; a new design for the Lee County affiliate.“We have fun building houses. We get about 30 nailpounders together and go to work together,”says Walker. Page 11
  • 13. Power of Partnerships Biddy Lang DonorsIn 1999, Biddy Lang and her husband beganrenovating some apartments the couple hadinvested in. A Habitat employee suggested thetwo get materials to help in the remodeling fromthe Habitat Thrift Store. This was the couple’sfirst encounter with what would become a legacyof giving. Soon Biddy and her husband werevolunteering on construction sites and donatingto the cause. After her husband passed away,Biddy carried on their legacy of giving to Habitat’smission. In 2006, Lang was honored withHabitat’s Lifetime Achievement award. AlthoughBiddy cannot do much on the constructionsite, she continues to volunteer with Habitat bystuffing envelopes for Habitat’s bulk mailing a few times a year and giving financially to the charity. Bonita-Estero Association of Realtors In 2006, the Bonita Springs- Estero-Association of Realtors chose Habitat for Humanity of Lee County to benefit from their annual auction. In 2007, the group of realtors ramped up their involvement with Habitat by also contributing monies from a golf tournament and their 2007 annual auction. On December 15th, BEAR lifted the walls on a Fort Myers home to mark the first home sponsorship the group has contributed to. “We’re in thebusiness of selling homes and making dreams come true just like Habitat for Humanity. There wasan instant connection we saw between what we do and what Habitat does so we figured this wouldbe the best partnership for us,” says Nancy Martin, Realtor and Chairman of BEAR’s BanquetCommittee. Page 12
  • 14. Power of Partnerships Henry Camosse Donors It was 1997 when Henry Camosse first became acquainted with Habitat for Humanity of Lee County. At a fundraiser, Henry heard about the organization’s work in his backyard. “My dad was always the one who tried to support people who needed help and I guess he passed that on to me,” says Camosse. “There are a lot of charities out there and sometimes it becomes a big question as to who to give to, but when you see the results and the progress that Habitat continues to make in the community it makes you feel like your contributing so much. I wish I could actually be out there to build, but I’ve been blessed financially and I’m able to give back in that manner. I’m just a small part in the biggerpicture of Habitat’s work, but I’m glad I can be that part,” says Camosse. Wright ConstructionIn 2007, Habitat for Humanityannounced it’s Builder’s Blitz campaignas part of a nationwide effort toencourage local contractors to getinvolved in the local Habitat affiliate’smission. The Builder’s Blitz allowsHabitat for Humanity to increaseaffiliate capacity by continuingwith regular production scheduleswhile professional builders organizeand execute the blitz build. WrightConstruction, located in South FortMyers, was the first Lee Countyconstruction company to jump on board with the idea. Wright Construction will build a homefrom frame to finish in 2008 and get involved in fundraising for the materials. Since 1997, theconstruction company has been a proud supporter of the charity. The complete value of theirnewest contribution is over $150,000. Wright Construction is a Christian construction companythat provides full construction management and building services. Page 13
  • 15. Corporate Sponsor of the Year Colonial RoofingDonorsIn 2007, Colonial Roofing stepped up tothe Habitat plate by donating employeelabor to help build Habitat roofs. In ninemonths, the company donated $60,460.00in roofing expertise. As of December2007, Colonial Roofing employees haveshingled more than 35 Habitat roofs inLee County. “The roofing industry in thisarea has provided a good living for LeeCounty residents over the years and givingback to the community that has supportedus is important. For us, donating roofs isa direct result that we can see as we give,”says Colonial Roofing President GlennBailey. It is because of their generosity and diligence to continue building with Habitat that we havenamed Colonial Roofing as Corporate Sponsor of the Year. Individual Sponsor of the Year Duane & Cookie Swanson It wasn’t long after Habitat for Humanity of Lee County moved into their North Fort Myers location before Duane & Cookie Swanson became big supporters of the charity. Duane offered Habitat a deep discount on property near the office and thrift store locations. Today, Habitat’s Senior Housing Complex rests on that land surrounded by a roadway appropriately named Swanson Loop. Duane Swanson’s company, Raymond Building Supply, supports Habitat annually and the couple have become multiple year givers to the organization. “We’ve had friends get involved with Habitat and wanted to give as well. I think it’s a wonderful cause and I’m thrilled to help. Everyone needs a safe place to live and certainly these young families,” says Cookie. It’s because of this couple’s support in money and land thatHabitat for Humanity is pleased to name the Swansons as our Individual Sponsor of the Year. Page 14
  • 16. Faithful Giver Zoe Smith85-year old Zoe Smith has long been a supporter of Habitat’s mission.“Well, I suppose it was when they started building in Harlem Heightsthat I first started giving to Habitat,” says Zoe. Her name means ‘life’in Greek, a piece of heritage she’s proud of and hopes to extend toothers through Habitat. “I hope I can live up to my name by givinglife to others through these homes. I can only give a little, but I am mybrother’s keeper and regardless of what I have, it all comes from thegood Lord and there seems to always be enough to give,” says Smith.Smith heard about Habitat’s work through Zion Lutheran Church.Since then she has been giving five dollars a month to Habitat for wellover a decade. Over time, those donations have amounted to big moneyfor Habitat. “I have a small pension from social security that I get everymonth as income and I write out my Habitat donation the first of everymonth with all my bills,” says Zoe. It is because of Zoe’s pledge and continual support that Habitatfor Humanity of Lee County is pleased to name her the Faithful Giver award. Donors Faith-Based Sponsor of the Year Iona Hope Episcopal ChurchIona Hope Episcopal Church started financially giving to Habitat for Humanity of Lee County in1999. Four years later, the congregation picked up hammers and started sponsoring and building homes. “We had a couple of members attend the Habitat 101 class and caught the vision of a hand-up instead of a hand- out. They brought back the idea to the church to get more Episcopal churches involved,” says Debbie Prather, an Iona Hope member. In 2006, four other Episcopal churches in the area started fundraising and building together with Iona Hope. Independently, the Iona Hope Episcopal Church has given $89,782.79 so far and continues to fundraise and volunteer for the organization. In 2007, the church raised their sixth home withHabitat. This is why Habitat for Humanity of Lee County has named Iona Hope Episcopal Churchthe Faith-Based Sponsor of the Year. Page 15
  • 17. Donors Sustaining Sponsor Publix Supermarket CharitiesPublix Supermarket Charities startedcontributing to Habitat for Humanityof Lee County in 1996. Since then, theorganization has donated funds almostevery year totaling $349,000. In 2008, 28stores in the Lee County area will lift thewalls on a Publix-sponsored home andparticipate in the constructing of Habitat’shomes. “We’re going to get six stores ata time to supply workers who can workon the home. We want to be a part of theconstruction of the home we sponsoredfrom start to finish,” says David Waring, aDistrict Manager for Publix Supermarkets.Because of their continued efforts insupporting Lee County’s Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, we would like to present PublixSupermarket Charities with the Sustaining Sponsor award. Volunteer of the Year Harold Elsesser For almost 20 years, Harold Elsesser has spent at least four days a week volunteering with Habitat for Humanity of Lee County. In fact, he has turned his personal vehicle into a work truck; carrying tools to and from the Habitat build sites. Harold works alongside five others who pitch in on the projects and have become close friends over the years. His knowledge of the build process has been instrumental to those learning and working around him. And as 83-year old Harold Elsesser jumps from a scaffold or climbs up a ladder, he continues to prove to the youth that ‘volunteering will keep you young.’ It is difficult to calculate how many families Harold has helped house over the years, but Habitat has backtracked his peanut shells left at the job sites and at best estimate it covers more than 525 homes. This is why Habitat for Humanity of Lee County is proud to name Harold Elsesser as our Volunteer of the Year. Page 16
  • 18. DonationsThis reflects gifts received between October 1, 2006 & December 31, 2007. Page 17
  • 19. Home Sponsors $50,000 October 1, 2006 – December 31, 2007 Bill Branch Chevrolet Inc. Bonita Bay Group - Verandah Development Bonita Bay Residents Chico’s FAS Inc. Congress Jewelers David and Cheryl Copham Episcopal Churches: Saint Lukes Saint Michaels Iona Hope Saint Hillary Church of the Epiphany Fort Myers Lincoln-Mercury Inc. Gulf Coast Dodge Willis and Lura Judd Northern Trust Bank Pelican Landing Residents Publix Super Markets Charities Raymond Building Sam Galloway Ford Sanibel Congregational UCC Shadow Wood Residents Shell Point Residents Southern Trust Auto Thrivent Financial For Lutherans Val Ward Cadillac, Inc. WCI Communities Inc. Foundation Club $100 - $499 October 1, 2006 – December 31, 2007William and Mary Ann Abbott Roger and Sandra Alderink Joseph and Nancy AnthonyCharles Adair Rodney and Joan Alexander Richard and Mary AntonelliDonald and Louise Adams David and Marsha Allemong Victor ApaJuliette Adams Jeanne Allison Daniel and Sandra AppleDoris Adinolfi Ronald and Janet Allison Robert and Sue Armstrong * in memory of Emmett Adinolfi Altenbern Foundation Robert ArnoldRobert and Martha Agricola Margaret Altman Phillip and Sandra AshkettleLaverne Ahrens Richard and Jo Ann Ambelang Ronald and Julie AspegrenTeryl and Mary Beth Airsman Alfred and Violet Ames Robert and Betty AvantJohn and Susan Akitt Bruce and Ann Anderson * in honor of Bobbie and John LittleJeffrey and Ellen Albertson John Anderson Joseph and Barbara AveniIgnatius and Anne Alcamo W.T. and Linda Anderson Frederick and Lucille Avril Page 18
  • 20. Leonard and Mary Ann Avril William Bell Paul and Patricia BrinkRonald and Joanna Bach Alfred and Lenore Bennett Wesley BrodersenLouis and Jean Bacig William and Jean Bergold Michael BrookinsBacke Foundation Thomas and Terri Bernaciak Brett BrownDonald Bahash Richard Bertrand George and Janet BrownDeepchand and Dolly Bajpai Frank and Doris Betchkal John and Mary BrownArchie Baker Jean Bidwell Ronald and Jenny Brown * in honor of Ann Hermann and the Clement and Sandra Bieker William and Lois Brown Mad Hatters of Shell Point Covella Biggers Edwin and Joan BruningDaniel and Mary Baker Robert and Katie Biggs Edward BrunswickRobert and Roselyn Baker Duane and F. Jean Bingel David and Jill BugbyAshok and Fay Bakhru John and Phyllis Bitow Eric and Valerie BumsteadJohn and Andrea Balducci H Kenyon and Cornelia Bixby Roy and Patricia BumstedWilliam Baldwin Elliot and Barbara Blackman Troy BunchArmand and Beverly Ball Donald and Sharyn Blatnik Leonard and Barbara BungeMichael Baltosiewich Joseph and Jo Ann Blazek John and Barbara Ann BuntingJames Banahan Joan Board Ronald and Lynn Bunting *in memory of Larry Fried David Boardman John and Anne BurdenDonald and Anne Barber Jerry Bodar Jack and Pamela BurdettLaurielle Barker Cornelius and Janice Bodtmann Peter and Sally BurgessLarry and Linda Barnes Richard and Mariadee Boe Cindy BurkeRobert Barnes Dubby Bogdan * in memory of Patricia Perlman andJoan Baron James and Elaine Bolthouse Judith LindEdward and Nancy Barr Ric Bonasera Patrick and June BurnsDavid and Teresa Barry Richard and Carole Bondi Joan BurroughsPaul and Susan Barry Ren and Mary Bookman G. Roy and Patricia BurtonJohn and Shelly Barth Theodore and Nancy Boots Fred and Lois BuschStephen and Carol Bartholf William and Ann Borchert David and Ellen ButcherRay and Martha Bartholomew Nicholas Borusiewich Alvin and Sandra ButlerRobert Bartholomew Ted Bosgraaf Keith ButterfieldDavid and Patricia Barton Donald and Susan Boudreau Richard and Sandra ByingtonCarl and Karen Bartone Donald and Pamela Bouffard Norman and Rosemary ByrneLeon and Susan Bartos James and Doris Bovard Robert and Susan ByronDann and Jane Battina Dwight and Ellen Bowden Hunter and Anna-Mary CaffeeWilliam Baumgartner Nancy Lee Bowen Raymond and Mae CairnsHendry and Judith Bean * in memory of Louise Fry Myer Morris Joseph and Mary CalabresePhilip Beardslee Robert and Terry Bowen Tom and Carol CaldwellRobert and Beverley Beaupre Richard and Barbara Boynton Thomas and Patricia CallansBryan Becker Christopher and Pat Bracy Bruce and Joyce CampbellMichael and Nancy Beebe David and Marilyn Brannin Roland and Glenda CampbellBruce and Jeanne Beers Dick and Mary Ann Brashler Helen CampenLeland and Ann Behnken * in honor of Gladys Campbell Bunny CaravelloAndrew and Claire Behr Leon and Jan Brassard Judith CardinLeo and Sandra Behrens William and Delores Brecker John and Carolyn CarnevaliAlfred Beier John and Diane Breitengross Robert and Paula CarneyEdward and Joella Beimfohr James and Carol Brescoll Lawrence and Sandra CarrEdward Beitenman Patricia Briceland William and Eileen CarrJerome and Kathleen Bejbl William and Eva Bridge Ruth CarrellTodd and Jane Bell William and Viviane Briggs Bruce and Mary CarrollJoanne Bell Carolyn Brink Charles and Anne Carroll Page 19
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  • 22. Robert and Patricia Doragh DeWitt and Barbara Ezell B.M. and Patricia FrankelF.R. Dornburg Robert and Josiane Fabi Peter and Elizabeth FreedVickee Douglas Robert and Paula Fairfield * in memory of Roger WoodbyEric and Linda Dovman Grafton and Elaine Fanney Barry and Grace FreyJames and Annette Dowd Dan and Sharon Farrell Michael and Elverda FreyGary and Kathleen Downey William and Barbara Faude Walter FullerGeorge and Barbara Doyle Kenneth and Susan Feinthel James and Mary Lou FullertonRichard Joseph Doyle Frederick and Judith Feldkamp Terry and Ruth FurhovdenEldred Drescher Mary Lou Fenton Andy GagnonRichard and Patricia Driscoll Ronald and Carol Ferguson Harry GainesWilliam and Nancy Drum Miguel Fernandez Ralph and Jane GalanteClarence and Doris Duesing Peter and Ruby Ferro D.R. and Patricia GallagherJohn and Jill Dunn Francis and Kathleen Fetsko Marty and Dot GallagherBarbara Dupont Charles and Judith Fibbe Joseph and Judith GalloCarl and Amy DuRei Robert and Janice Fiedler James and Melinda GallowJohn and Nancy Duritsch * in honor of Doris Gilbert and Marjorie Eugene and Maureen GartlanRichard and Erna Durnwald Holmes John and Nancy GarveySamuel and Mary Ann Durso Barbara Field William and Nancy Gaus * in memory of Karen Archibald Barbara Findley Russell GeldmacherRichard Dutton John and Edith Finley Emory GellerEdwin and Mary Duvall Vivianne Finley Robert and Tarra GembarskiEdward and June Dwier John and Carol Finnerty Henry and Mary GempelerHenri and Josephine Dyner Dennis and Linda Finnigan Lawrence GentLouis Eason Bryant Fisher Paul and Marie GerwinDavid and Elizabeth Eastburn Michael and Carol Fisher John and Joanna GiampoliHoward Edison Kimberly Fisher Peter and Joanne GibbonsSara Edwards Richard Fisher Katie GiblinRaymond and Henny Eifler Louis and Delores Fisi Donald GiffinGeorge and Elizabeth Eiker Dean and Alice Fjelstul Thomas and Cynthia GilbertsonLester and Dorothy Elbon J.F. and Mary Flaherty Lewis and Jane GillJohn and Nelda Elliff Sue Flaherty George and Kathleen GillilandGerald and Donna Elliott Richard and Hazel Fletcher Donald and Patricia GillisJay and Jan Elliott Steve Fletcher Jean GilmanRuss and Mildred Ellis Michael and Janet Flexsenhar Jerome GirschThomas and Kristi Jo Emerson Michael Flood Robert and Connie GivensJames & Margaret Engelhuber Thomas and Patricia Flood Ralph and Alice GlassfordDavid and Ginger English John and Eileen Foley David and Jean GleitzLizan and Diane Englund Daniel Foote * in honor of Harry and Mona GleitzRuth Ensch Timothy and Deborah Forbes Harold and Mona GleitzDarcy Erdman Henry and Judy Ford * in honor of Richard and Donna AldrichLin Erdmann William and Kathleen Ford * in memory of Elizabeth Myers andKarl and Barbara Erickson Forrest and Effie Fordham Elizabeth GleitzSusan Erickson Joseph Fossella AW GoetschelWilliam Erickson Donald and Joann Fosselman Eugene GoetzJohn Ernst Diane Foster Kalman GoldRoger and Nancy Espe L.D. and Janyce Foster Alan and Loretta GoldenbergScott and Maria Estabrook Timothy and Teresa Foster Marvin and Adele GoldsmithStephen and Elaine Evans James and Margaret Fowler Timothy GoodingVictor and Tamra Everhart Kenneth and Sharon Francese Bernard GoodmanGeorge and Joan Exner Forrest and Sandra Frank William and Vivien Gorman Page 21
  • 23. Michael Gorno Diane Hanley Stanley and Shirley HochKathleen Goss JA and Darlene Hanley Lawrence and Betty HockRichard Goulazian Roger and Carol Hannigan Margaret Porter HoelMax and Bonnie Graff Herbert and Esther Hansen Jerold HoernerGail Graham Leo and Janet Hansen Lawrence and Terryn HofmannKim Graham Richard and Barbara Hansen William and Sherry HofmannAnthony Gramer Jane Hanzel Daniel and Melanie HoganBrian and Marilyn Grant Wayne and Nancy Haraldson Patricia HohmanVincent and Lillian Grattarola D.F. and P.J. Harden Jacqueline HohnDavid and Barbara Gray Gary and Therese Hardin Wayne HohnRhea and Sharon Gray Jo Hardwick Philip and Judith HollandGerald Gray Marguerite Hargrove Richard and Marcia HolmesGeorge and Patricia Green H.M. Harnar William and Joan HoltgreiveJeffrey Green and Susan Dunn Noreen Harrington Ronald and Carmen HolzhauerJoseph and Barbara Greenberg Harold and Delores Hartlaub James and Marianne HonohanJR and Roberta Greenland David and Mary Hartley Penny HookSteven and Amanda Greenstein Neal and Evelyn Hartman Linda HooperBeth Greenwald George and Sharon Hartmann Stephen Hooper * in memory of Paul Siciliani Cary and Marie Hatton James and Joy HoopesTheodore and Nancy Gregory Paul and Anjali Hawkins Barbara HopkinsAl and Felicia Grigaliunas Joseph and Marie Heard Terrance and Patricia HopkinsJames and Denise Grigsby Richard and Mary Lou Heberle David and Sandra HopperJames Grimstad Larry and Frances Heck Robert and Dian HornickDonald and Elizabeth Grosfield Larry and Sue Hedrick Arthur and Martha HorwitzClyde and Bessie Gross Gordon Heffern Robert and Mary Ellen HoschHarry and Carol Groth Kenneth and Mary Hehman Theodore and Shirley HostPatricia Guckert Elizabeth Heimburger Brian and Christine HotarekGerrit and Janet Gucky Vivian Heller Allen and Patricia HottJack and Rosemary Gulati Barry and Betty Helm Nicholas and Kathleen HotyDavid and Maria Gulotte Gordon Hendricks John HoughWilliam and Carol Gumerman Richard Hendricks Richard and Margaret HouldingJohn and Judy Gunderman Rodger and Patricia Hendricks Henry and Pat HousemanEd Guttery Leonard & Jeanne Hendrickson Timothy and Judith HowaldScott and Becky Guttery J and Donna Hendrix David and Beth HowardPaul and Diane Haagensen Raymond and Mildred Henning George and Constance HowardJohn and May Haarlow Jerome Henry Andrew HowieJohn and Maureen Haberkorn Karen Herbst Walter and Diane HoynoskiRichard and Barbara Hacker Robert and Marikay Herdman * in honor of Frances HoynoskiMarvin and Jane Hackman Arthur Herman Charles and Loretta HrdlickaJean Haffenreffer Ann Hermann Carl and Linda HuberErnst and Margarete Hagen Rodney and Prue Hermes Bubba HuetherJonathan Hague Frederic and Carolyn Hibbeln JD Huether * in honor of Robert Hague Terry Hiduke William and Diane HughesRobert Hague Gail Hill Kathy HuldrumRichard and Jane Hale Bruce and Gloria Hill R.M. and C.E. HultgrenClare Hall Jack and Beverley Hill Donald HuntClaudette Hallisey Richard and Roberta Hittinger Elmo and Betty HurstWM and Juanita Hamel Charles and Carole Hoch David HusseyRussell and Vici Hamm David and Julia Hoch John and Sara HustonTodd and Darlene Hammer * in honor of Shirley Hoch Mary Huttenlocher Page 22
  • 24. James and Mary Jo Hynden Donald Kaegebein Dallas and Lynn KnudsonJames and Patsy Ingledue Joseph and Judith Kahl Kenneth and Ann KnutsonGary Jaarda Martin and Heide Kamber Caryl KoenigBernard and Sharon Jackson James and Andrea Kane Mary KondashStephen and Barbara Jackson James and Sue Kaneaster Arthur KonigPeter and Jan Jacobsen A.P. and Sue Karlbergs Joyce KoonsRobert and Frances Jacoby Robert and Susan Karn Scott and Karen KoppaNirmal and Ute Jain B.J. and S.A. Karnas Glenn and Gail KorfhageEdward and Rose James Mark and Valarie Karp Ray and Polly KostelcSean and Catherine James Milton and Charlotte Katz Kingston and Judith KovacJohn and Mary Jarrell Dennis and Susan Kaufman Blaise and Karen KovacBarbara Jaskewicz Dennis and Lois Kavanagh John and Nancy KozackiWilliam Jaworski Patrick Keane Richard and Sharon KraftRichard Jaycox Philip and Florence Keating Gerald and Diane KralJohn and Delores Jazwa William and Joan Keck Joan KrallPaul and Debbie Jeffrey Arlene Keehan Gordon and Joanne KrethC.B. and Lucia Jenney Harry and Melissa Keel Ove KristensenColin Jensen Edward and Frances Keenan Robin and KrivanekDavid and Linda Jensen Laurence Keesey Kurt and Marion KrohneDonald and Jean Jensen Michael and Patricia Kell John and Janet KrolWayland and Barbara Jensen James and Brenda Kelley George and Susan KrouseSteven and Wendy Jess Eugene and Rita Kelly Charles and Zandra KrulakJoseph and Janice Joachim Joan Kelly Dale and Karen KruseGeorge & Philomena Johanssen Michael Kelly Willett and Beverly KubecGene and Jane Johnson * in memory of Sherrellynne Kelly Dennis KuesterHenry and Darlene Johnson Ronald and Phyllis Kelly J.A. KullHoward and Maureen Johnson Irene Kennedy John and Gail KunzJames and Karen Johnson Mary Kennedy William LamarraLouise Johnson Roger and Kristen Kennedy Jo Ann Landes-RossMargaret Johnson Peter and Joanne Kenny * in memory of Viola Hevener, ClarenceMarjorie Johnson Charles and Alice Kepler Thompson and Donna Thompson CasidyRichard Johnson Jack and Dawn Kerth Norman and Gynyth LandisRichard and Martha Johnson Malcolm Kessinger Paul and Lynn LangRichard and Jean Johnson Thomas and Janet Ketteler Bernie and Mary LangloisWilliam and Anne Johnson William and Katherine Kidd Arlyn and Marcia LantingJay and Christine Johnston Joseph and Elin Kiernan Kyle LantzPeter and Patricia Jokiel Dennis Killian Brian and Deborah LapelleThomas Jones Ronald & Rosemary Kilpatrick Edith LapiCecil Jones William and Christine King Jacques and Brigitte LapointeJanice Jones Jessica Kittel Norman and Doris LarosePaul and Carol Jones Dennis Klein Ronald and Margaret LarryPeter and Diane Jones Richard and Marian Klein Robert and Gwen LarsonRandal and Karen Jones Richard and Eleanor Klein Ronald and Jane LarsonThomas Jones William and Frances Klein * in honor of Judy NeherJon and Sue Jontz Richard and Martie Kline Walter and Lucille LasotaJames and Betty Jordan Karl and Devora Klinges Louis and Najla LataifJohn and Elizabeth Jordan John Klocko David and Connie LauderbackDonald and Diane Jorgensen Carol Kloster Jesse and Karen LawrenceRoger and Stephany Joslin Gerard and Frances Knechtges William and Rebecca LawsonEarleen Judy Gerald and Barbara Knight Henry and Louise Leander Page 23
  • 25. Scott and Helen Ledy Thomas and Susan Manuel Bernard and Nancy McNameeTom and Pat Leggett Richard and Joan Marilley Jay and Sharon McNultyRaymond Lenhardt Gregory and Donna Marquis David and Susan McPhersonR Dale and Phyllis Lentz William and Mary Marsh John and Johne McTavishAdele Leskera Eugene and Sally Martens Helen McVittyJack and Grace Lester Clair and Guenn Martin Patricia MeansHenry and Connie Liebel Jerry and Nancy Martin John and Karin MehrholzWilliam and Marilyn Lightner John and Joan Martin Carl and Gail MeierHarvey and Carol Lincoln Linda Martin Jennie Mello & Teresa CantrellLinkins Family Maurine Martin Derek and Kathleen MelvenJames and Patricia Linus * in honor of Phil and Mel Martin James and Joan MerrittMorris and Lois Lipnik Richard and Ruth Martin Stuart and Joanne MeshboumBelle Lipsky Geoffrey and Christyn Mason Richard and Virginia MesjakEdward and Susan Lode Richard and Suzanne Masters Frank and Tara MessanaLucilee Long Richard and Mary Masterson John MettlerGeorge Longtin Gerald and Theresa Matthews Harry and Donna MeyerFrank and Linda Lovejoy John Matthias John and Anna MilesJohn and Alice Lowman David and Marcia Maule Ben and Maxine Miller * in honor of Lee Kiesling Scott and Deborah Maurer Bertram and Lynsie MillerChristopher and Virginia Loyd Pamela May Dale and Susan MillerMichael Lubratovich * in memory of Karen Archibald Dale MillerPaul Lubratt William and Sharon Maybrook Edward and Nancy MillerDaniel Lucke Sharon Mayes Geoffrey and Louise MillerKenneth and Patricia Ludman Margaret Mayhew I.W. and Peggy MillerF.T. and Louise Ludwig * in honor of five grandchildren Paul and Judith MillerAlicia Lunay Rudy Mazza Peggy MillerJames and Jacqueline Lund Gerald and Carol McAndrews Robert and Denise MillerWilliam and Louise Lupski Michele McAteer-Velianoff Stuart and Stephanie MillerF.M. and Angeline Lusebrink Daniel and Judith McAthie * in memory of Wilson (Bud) MillerHarry and Linda Lusky Fred and Noreen McAuley Bruce MilliganGlen and Evelynn Lyall Julie McCarter Edward and Valerie MillikenJerry Lyons James and Margaret McCarthy Warren and Sandra MinerLarry and Lynn Lytle Jacqueline McCurdy Myrtle MitchellWilliam & Marianne Macauley Max and Linda McDade John and Mary MoffaAlan and Shirley MacDonald Michael and Irene McDougall Gerald and Judy MohanF. Scott and Linda MacFarlane Paul and Eileen McGrath Clarence and D.M. MoldenCarol Mackimm Harry and Beverly McGuire Joseph and Merrill MonestereSharon Maclean-Hart * in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Gleitz and Mr. Kathleen MontesanoConnie Maetzold & Mrs. McGuire Nancy MontgomeryGeorge & Elizabeth Maginness Gary and Judith McKindree Michael and Carol MontlackEdward and Coral Maglietta Joseph McKinney Jerome and Nancy MontopoliJan Mahal Arnold and Oriana McKinnon Betty MooreRobert and Anne Mahr Michael & MaryAnn McKoane Handy MooreKurt and Linda Mahrdt Janet McLaughlin Harold and Ann MooreJoseph & Mary Ann Maiorana Robert McLeish Robert MooreRaymond & Carolyn Malayter Jerome and Lucille McMahon * in memory of Richard Tunison andJoyce Maloney James and Robin McManus Lucian TurkWilliam and Mary Maltarich Mark and Sherry McManus Scott and Mary MooreMike and Laurie Mansfield John and Margaret McMichael Robert and Alys Morande * in memory of Karen Archibald Jack McNairy Robert and Irene Morello Page 24
  • 26. George and Cathleen Morgan Karen Nicholson B.K. PerryJohn and Jean Morgan Richard and Marilyn Nicklas Solon and Dyane PersonNancy Morgan * in memory of Leavitt Merrill and Karen Ralph and Olga PerssonAndrew and Kathleen Morrow Archibald Christine PetersJohn and Mary Jo Morrow Richard and Sydney Nicklas * in memory of John PetersLeslie Morse Richard and Marian Niehaus Donald and Virginia PetersJesse and Betty Mosheim Thomas and Cheryl Noll Robert PetersenGerald and Anne Moss Timothy and Michele Norbeck Everett and Marilyn PetersonEdward & Kathleen Moynahan Fred and Marjorie Nordstrom Daniel and Margaret PetriJames and Karen Muckerheide Philip and Joan Norris Daniel and Diann PetrovichShirley Mueller Walter and Deanna Norris William and Virginia PettineStephen Muller James and Sharon O’Brien William and Carolyn PettyMichael and Ann Mullinix Richard and Linda O’Brien Jeremiah and Patricia PhelanCharles and Carol Mund William and Mary Lynn Obrien J Terrille and Marlene PhillipsBalaji and Mohini Mundkur Joseph and Mary O’Bryan Lyman and Barbara PhillipsThomas and Suzanne Munroe Thomas and Roberta O’Dea Bruce and Kay PhilpAlbin and Suzanne Muren Angela O’Donnell J Raymond and Leslie PierceCecelia Murphy Richard and Marlys Ogle John PilarskiMary Murphy James and Suzanne O’Hagan Anthony and Dorrit PinoRobert and Karen Murphy Wayne and Victoria Ohlandt Steven and Irene PiresRichard Murray Thomas Ohradzansky Francis and Catherine PirogRodger and Nancy Murtaugh Thomas O’Leary Marcy PlantRonald and Susan Musick Paul and Gayle Oleff James and Joan Plesh * in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Downs Bill and Judy Oliver Mike PlotzHugh Myers John and Beverly Oliver Robert and Nancy PoggiStanley and Grace Nahigan * in memory of Elizabeth Whalen and William and Barbara PollertBrian and Shona Nairn Robert Dunlap David and Lynne PollifroneJean Bush Nankivell Mark and Linda Olson Stewart and Xandra PoolGuy Napier Robert and Nicole Buckmaster Elsie PorterJohn and Lucia Nastasi Patrick and Sue O’Neil Roger and Larue PorterJohn and Suzanne Natale Barbara Orpin Ronald and Shirley PorterJohn Naughton Charles and Shirley Osborn Allen and Margaret PostGerald and Karen Nelson Buzz Osterbush Charles and Linda PotterMiles and Nancy Nelson Philip and Margaret Otero Richard and Patricia PotterackPeter and Gloria Nelson Douglas and Elizabeth Otto Richard and Lynne PowellWilliam Nelson Donna Overly James and Joanne PowersJohn and Donna Nemsick James and Nancy Papandrea Richard and Marilyn PowersRobert and Mary Jo Nero David Pape Anne PriceDavid and Katherine Ness E.T. and Joyce Pappert Thomas and Carol ProvostJoseph and Lorraine Neubauer George and Ann Parke Ernest and Marit PuschaverRichard Neville Clifford and Christina Parker Gary and Diane QueenDavid Newman Diana Parker Patrick and Lynn Quigley * in memory of Shirley Newman Neil and Aline Parker James and Patricia QuigleyHamilton Newsom David and Katharine Parkinson Helen QuimbyPeggy Newsome John and Mary Ann Paskus Woodrow and Ann Quimby * in honor of her kids for Christmas William Pease Michael and Jeanne QuinlanDonald and Phyllis Neyer William and Carolyn Peet Carol RademacherKaren Nicholaides Richard and Janice Penland Kay RainesDavid and Jean Nichols Richard and Laura Penton Dennis and Susan RajtoraHeather Nichols Peter Perkins Steve and Amy Rakouskas Page 25
  • 27. Paul and Linda Ramsey Michael Rolland David and Joyce SchafferRichard Raney Don Rolley Arthur and Joan SchalkDean and Jeane Rankin Richard and Barbara Romano June SchanbacherThomas and Florence Raser Mark and Virginia Rometty James and Jean SchillBetty Rash John and Rhoda Rose Roy and Peggy SchillerFrank and Ursula Rauch Frank and Bird Rosen Jack and Mildred SchindlerJanie Rauh Jack and Phyllis Rosenstock Pam SchmidtJoseph and Susan Ray Lyle and Gloria Rosenzweig Dale and Gladys SchneiderGeorge and Mary Raymond Harold and Francine Ross Walter and Mary ScholerRobert and Vivian Reardon Joseph Ross Richard and Nadene SchultzGordon and Carol Rebresh Joseph and Barbara Ross William and Edith SchultzJames and Geraldine Redding Raymond and Donna Ross Dennis SchutzWilliam and Carol Redeker James and Catherine Rossi F.J. and D.M. Schwab * in memory of Wanda Slayton and Richard Rossi Mark and Kathleen Schwehr Dorothy Beeker Richard & Christine Rothschild Kenneth and Susan SchwinnDonald Reece Lex and Eileen Roulston Samuel and Nancy ScialabbaGary and Sandra Reep Don and Nancy Rowe William ScollardMike Reese Ralph Royer Robert and Helene ScolnickHoward Reeves Denis and Suzanne Roza Brian ScottWilliam Regan Gerald and Marjorie Rubacky * in honor of Thomas and Marjorie ScottFrank and Susan Reid Martha Rudd Thomas and Marjorie ScottDorothy Reighard James and Margaret Rudolf Timothy ScottDennis and Cindy Reilley Edward and Jeanne Rudolph * in honor of Thomas and Marjorie ScottPeter and Kathleen Reines Robert and Joan Rudolph Thomas ScovilleCynthia Reisenfeld Vernon and Betty Rudolph Ron and Carol SeagerJames and Ann Reutter LC and Patricia Russell Philip and Patricia SeamonRay and Candance Rezner Stephen Russian Rhoda SegalFrank and Rosa Rhodes John and Debra Ryan Randolph and Mary SegerJeffrey and Barbara Rice Thomas and Donna Ryan Robert and Janet SeidellLarry and Kathy Rice Thomas and Susan Ryan Tom and Maggie SeitzJames and Jean Richards Frederick and Susan Ryckman Frank and Mary Jane SemcerMichael and Roberta Rickey Donald and Mary Anne Ryks Walter and Catherine SerafinDick and Debbie Riley Peter and Marjorie Rzasnicki Fred and Catherine ShafferJack and Ginny Riley Ricky and Victoria Sadler Paula ShambergJohn and Lee Riley Klaus and MaryAnn Saegebarth David ShaneSamuel and Kim Rinella Barbara Salter John and Elizabeth ShanklinJohn and Jeryl Risk Carl Salyers Harold and Mary ShannonJane Ritchie Richard and Gail Sampson Bruce and Holly ShareRichard and Mary Jo Roane Joseph and Helen Sandza Alice SharpBruce and Jane Robert Peter and Katherine Sanger David and Mary SharpeNorman and Pauline Roberts Dennis and Ilene Sardello William and Carol ShawThomas and Susan Roberts Raymond Sarlo Robert ShearerMarilyn Robertson Frederick Sauer Thomas and Kathleen ShearerRichard and Barbara Roch Leonard and Shirlie Saulter Robert and Grace SheldonJames and Patricia Roemer John and Jean Scanlon David and Mary ShellenbargerJohn and Barbara Roessner Carmen and Joanne Scarpa Phyllis SheltonJohn and Lynda Rogers Roy and Mary Scarpato Arun and Elisabeth ShenoyRonald and Helen Rogers Randy and Barbara Schaaf David and Frances ShepherdVirginia Rogers Thomas and Kheri Schaar Donald and Marilyn SherickWilliam and Janet Rogers Thomas and Loretta Schafer John and Mary Sheridan Page 26
  • 28. William and Marilyn Shroyer James and Eleanor Stack Jane ThomasRichard and Barbara Shull Mildred Stackhouse Joseph and Lynne ThomasHarvey Siegel Jean Staerker Kenneth ThompsonGerald and Marsha Sieve Paul and Joan Staley Graycia ThompsonEdward and Joann Sikorski Thomas Stang Joanne ThompsonHenry and Louise Sikorski Dean and Susan Stanton Michael and Mary ThompsonVerna Sikorski Daniel and Pamela Star Thomas and Mary ThompsonTom and Patricia Sills John Staub Gaylord ThormodsgardWayne and Cheryl Simpson Norman and Leah Staubesand William & Elizabeth Thorndike * in memory of Karen Archibald Scott and Elsie Stearns Barry ThrasherPaul and Jean Sims Roger and Noreen Stedronsky Phillip and Cori ThuneHerbert and Barbara Singer Paul and Carol Stefanik Celia and Marilyn TiberioLaurence and Jane Skelton Dennis and Kay Steffen Earl and Rosalie TimmonsRobert and Elizabeth Skribiski Shirley Steinmetz Dan and Marilyn TimmsCynthia Slack Curt and Joyce Stendahl Robert and Susan TolandShirley Sloper Donald and Judith Stenzel James and Pat TolsonEarl and Roseann Slusser John and Marilyn Sterni Anthony and Edna TomeiAudrey Smandra Karen Stevens E.B. TomlinWilliam and Patricia Smart * in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stevens Robert and Sandra ToneyBradford Smith John and Kathleen Stimpson Angela TothEugene Smith David Stith Timothy and Shaileen TracyCharles and Donna Smith Gene and Norma Stohler Stephen and Marie TranovichRobert and Karolyn Smith James and Sara Stokes Richard and Sandra TravasJohn and Dyan Smith Harold and Martha Straka Richard and Helen TreanorLionel and Etta Smith Jack and Loretta Strange Nicki TreatNancy Smith James and Theresa Strecansky John and Jacquelyn TrebourPeter Smith Ralph and Barbara Struzziero Frank and Nancy TuttleRandy and Lorraine Smith Harold and Frances Stuhl Jeanne TylerRaymond and Bernice Smith Jack Sturdevant William TylerStephen and Marlene Smith Donald and Martha Sullivan Tim and Mary Beth UngerRobert and Marilyn Smitson John and Alicia Sullivan Charles and Gretchen UrbanFrancis and Phyllis Snook Shawn and Jeanne Sullivan Thomas UsherSusan Snow Stephen & Betty Jane Sullivan Harry and Eugenia VafiadisDana and Mary Snyder Tom and Pamela Sullivan Gary and Margaret ValadeRichard and Iris Snyder Paul and Joanne Swain Paolo and Nancy ValenteRobert and Joyce Snyder Charles and Joan Swan James and Karen Van BurenPeter and Karen Soloman William and Marilyn Swanson Dorn and Judith Van CleaveRichard and Janet Somerlott John and Diane Sweeney David and Janice Van HorneTed and Martha Somes Catherine Swigart George & Marilyn Van IstendalR.W. Sommerhalter Robert and Joanne Syversen David and Elizabeth Van PeltKarl and Elizabeth Sorger Ronald and Gloria Tachuk Paul and Vallerie Van WyckJames and Cheryl Soucinek Milton and Gisela Taft Steven and Ellen Ney VandykeDean and Shirley Sova Donald and Iris Tanner Jack and Joann VanPeltWilliam and May Spane Richard and Anna Teerlink Louis and Patricia VarljenMyra Spangenberg Randall and Pamela Telman James and Susan VaughanDave and Margie Sparks Davis and Patricia Temple Annete VeseyWilliam and Bonnie Speer Gerald and Susan Tenser Suzanne VetoDavid and Pamela Spellerberg Wayne and Sara Jane Thein Hugo and Cornelia VifianJohn and Jane Spidel Carl and Lorraine Theorin Michael and Grace VinciCharles and Diane Spinner James and Ann Thomas Raymond and Diane Vinson Page 27
  • 29. Allan Vittum Richard and Eloise Wenz Donald and Marilyn WisnerJohn and June Vollaro Rae Ann Wessel George and Veronika WissJerry and Zola Von Deylen Arthur and Jane Weston Howard and Jo Ann WithrowGerald Votta Richard and Janice Weston Blair and Sharon WittAl and Jill Walker John and Betsy Wheelan A.E. WittmanCal and Judy Walker Michael and Susan Wheeler Robert and Joyce WitzmanMichael and Donna Walker Thomas and Connie Wheeler Mary WoeberEwart Walls Thomas and Eileen Whennen Hilary WoodRichard and Bette Walmer Bill and Betty Whitaker Phillip WoodMichael and Elaine Walsman Judy Whitbeck Sarah Jane WordWilliam Walters * in memory of Gary Nederveld Curtis WrightFrank and Mary Ward Evelyn White John and Eileen WrightKimiko Ward James and Camille White Thomas YancyPeter and Nancy Ward Glenn and Grace Whitecotten Tony and Ruth YocumDon and Alice Wareing * in memory of John & Betty Whitecotten Charles and Marjorie YorkJohn and Delynn Warfel Robert and Jane Whitehead Ellen YorkeJohn and Margaret Warfield Gerald and Donna Whitmore Edward and Lillian YoungDavid and Grace Warne Joyce Whittaker Rich Young * in honor of Marilyn Nicklas * in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Barr Ted and Billie YoungerJeff and Bev Warren Wayne and Pamela Wickens Thomas and Nancy Yurco * in memory of Joseph Hoffmann Robert and Barbara Widmer Wayne and Virginia ZahnStuart and Nancy Warrington James and Carolyn Wier Patricia ZambutoThomas Wasserman David and Solange Wiest James and Gudrun ZandloT.D. and P.A. Wasson Bill Williams Sharon ZankoKenneth & Carol Watchmaker Clayton and Joan Williams * in memory of Michael ZankoTom and Janet Watermeier Herbert and Carol Williams Edward ZarickWilliam and Kristina Watts James and Joan Willis David and Joan ZaunGerald and Grace Weaver Clay Willman Michael ZbierajewskiJames and Comanche Weaver Robert and Marjorie Willover Arthur and Bernandine ZeisAnthony and Micheline Webb * in honor of Terri Rausch , Vera Suzanne ZelinkaLarry and Marcia Weber Hoover, Kimberly Taylor, and Vern Archibald George and Georgia ZellMary Webster Elwood and Eleanor Wilson Ronald ZerkelClifford and Lindsay Weidner Lawrence and Barbara Wilson William and Judith ZinserRichard and Claudette Weiss John and Doris Wilson Bruce and Callie ZintzEdward and Patricia Weissner K.B. Wilson Paul and Betty ZitkoGerhard and Todne Wellmann Richard and Dorothy Wines Ray and Judy Zitzloff Robert and Tracye Zlobl Framing Club $500 - $999 October 1, 2006 – December 31, 2007Evon Adams Antoinette Andrews Mary Ann BennettJames Adams Ronald and Sandra Baldwin Robert and Sara BerendtRichard and Carol Ahlborg Arthur and Joan Barron James and Marilyn BethkeAllen and Delida Alexander James and Maureen Barry Robert and Elaine BirrellStuart and Rosemary Alexander Clifford and Joanne Barthman Tim and Linda BlaicherRita Alperin-Cooper James and Dorothy Bashaw Alexandra BordiukJames Amann Allen And Grace Bassham Bill and Marilyn BrittEdwin and Wendy Amerman Donovan and Jean Beaver Richard and Diane Buechel Page 28
  • 30. William and Penny Burleigh James and Glenna Irwin Thomas and Pamela OuellettePhyllis Burlingame Robert and Nancy Jaycox Eleanor PeeblesTom and Maggie Butcher Mary Johnsen Grace PhippsDennis and A.H. Carlton-Jones Edwin Johnson Robert and Nancy PotterCharles and Kay Chitty Joe and Kay Johnson Douglas and Ann PovenzJohn and Marcia Coble John and Margaret Johnson William and Ellen PrittsWilliam Collins Larry Johnson Robert and Catherine RandlettRichard and Carolyn Connelly Andrew and Jane Kampf Robert and Nancy RappFranklin and Lee Corbin Wayne and Sharon Kaufmann Dorothy Richardson * in honor of Corbin & Pace Marriage Dean and Gail Kelly Christopher and Susan Riley * in memory of Lucien Turk Tracey King William RobertsChristopher & Diane Coughlin Georgie Knudsen Robert and Barbara RobisonRollie and Sue Crawford Frank and Joyce Kozlowski Richard & Charlotte RosenthalWilliam Crockett Martin and Alice Krebs Joe and Barbara RossGary and Judy Davidson Jerry and Joan Lane Sherwood & Dorothy SamuelsJeffrey Davies Kenneth and Barbara Larson Andrew and Kay SanfelippoWilford and Nancy Davis John and Suzanne Lawson James and D. ScartzLouis and Elizabeth DeAmicis Bill Lester Ralph and Florence ScearceAnn DeGrande Gerald and Claire Levesque Richard and Patricia SchachtRaymond & Virginia DeSteiger Robert and Hestor Lindberg George and Judith SchmidleWilliam and Nancy Delayo Ralph and Sally Lipsey Russell SchroppPamela Dennis Anthony and Patricia London Russell and Barbara SchroppDavid Doran Sandra Lurey Lee and Lynn SeidlerRon Ellingson Michael and Elanie Marchese Richard and Julie SheraCarol Ann Elliott Lowell and Elizabeth Mason * in memory of Karen ArchibaldJames and Lionelle Elsesser Charles Matheny Steven and Kathleen ShimpThomas and Patricia Ethier * in memory of Pauline Matheny Wilson SibleyHomer and Hazel Evans Brian and Mary McColgan Alan & Sherry ShirkRobert and Shari Faganel John and Jacqueline McDonnell Elliott and Judith SirotaMartin and Madeline Flynn * in honor of the Mudd Boys Charles & Elisabeth SlaterFrank and Rita Forsythe Gerald Meier Alan SmithMichael and Jean Fowler Wayne and Joyce Meredith James SmithDaniel and Vida Gabriel David and Shirley Michael Ted and Jean SmithBernard & Mary Ellen Gaffney Gayle Miller John and Judith SpoelhofMaurice and Wanda Gebhardt Howard and Barbara Miller Cliff and Peg SteinkrausRobert Gillette Jack and Diane Minish Clint and Jackie StencilJohn and Annette Gleason Thomas and Karen Moe Frederick & Barbara SutherlandRichard and Wanda Goodman Tom and Joan Moehring Charles and Elizabeth SweeneyRobert and Beverly Grappone * in honor of Lopes, Mustermann & King Elizabeth TaggartClifford and Holly Hall James and Dorothy Murphy Don and Kim ThomsonJoseph and Seanne Heffernan Richard and Roxanne Murtaugh Cashel and Lynda TraversoRichard and Kathryn Held Randolph and Jane Naylor Richard and Barbara TurnerJ Hermes James and Sara Neel Francis VandivierJohn and Donna Hindelong Jack and Alice Newsom Richard VerlegerChet and Nancy Hobert Chester and Maribeth Nielsen Charles and Jane VogtLloyd and Barbara Hochberg John and Carol Noblitt Chuck and Nancy Von MaurAlice Hoguet Ken and Cindy Novinska Robert and Shirley WadeMary Honsaker Lawrence O’Connell James and Sheila WareJohn and Cherie Hopson Richard and Noreen Oelkers Helen WattlesThomas and Kerry Howard JR O’Mara Page 29
  • 31. Richard Weber Robert and Marlene Wilson Gregory and Lorelei Zavaglia * in memory of Karen Archibald William and Marie Winter Joseph and Katherine ZinnThomas and Sandra Whatley Lothar and Alicia Witt * in honor of Dennis West and TheresaJason and Patricia White Jae and Vicki Wittlich StahlmanJames and Sara Wilcox Theodore and Pamela Woerner * in memory of Philip andDennis and Janice Wilkie Robert and Judith Wood Margaret StahlmanKathy Wilson John and Marlene Yasinsky Wall Raisers Club $1,000 - $2,499 October 1, 2006 – December 31, 2007T. Carl and Elizabeth Alderman Judith Finn Terrence and Lorraine MoganReynold and Betty Anderson Lina Fisher John and Lynne MonkTony and Ginny Aquino John and Avis Galleger Thomas and Sandra MoranMark Bagley Richard and Judy George Virginia MoriartyNorman and Nancy Beecher Chancey Graziano David MortonClyde and Pat Berger Fred and Maureen Hall Robert and Diane MurphyWilson and Lynn Berry John and Betty Hancock Nancy NearFred and Elinor Bertrand Richard and Barbara Hansen Gary and Barbara NeidhardBrian and Brenda Boor Kim Patrick Hart Roger and Nancy NemecChristine Brewer Robert and Sally Hebeisen Anthony and Marian NeuserB.F. Briggs Norman and Cleda Hedrich Renate NewlonDavid Browne Theodore and Jane Heidenreich Arthur and Susan NicolettiRoger and Dian Brownell Bill and Tina Hillebrandt Denis and Brenda NoahThomas and Sarah Burke Robert and Sara Horn * in memory of Karen ArchibaldDale and Anne Chorba Sadako Judd Edward OlsonRichard and Sue Cobbs Farris and Bernice Kalil John and Julia Opel * in memory of Al Riggin James Keller Robert and Marcia OswaldVincent and Fran Cucchiara William and Janet Kelly Robert and Jeanne OzmentMichael and Roberta Curtin Frances Kennedy Jerry and Dawn PeppercornJoseph and Kay Damato * in memory of Dr. James Kennedy * in memory of Jack PeppercornHerbert and Jean Damman Michael and Diane LaForte William & Bernice PescosolidoCarol Daniels and Dick Jacker Tom and Bert Lammert Ronald and Diane PierceDavid and Joan Davis * in memory of Karen Archibald Richard and Patricia PoterackHarold and Joan Davis Biddy Lang Michael and Kathleen PratkoSandra Dekker * in memory of Karen Archibald Kirk and Debbie RichmondTimothy and Suzanne DeVitt Gerald and Joan Lanois Ross and Donna RobertsLouis Dramicis Dean and Jane Lauritzen Alan and Fran RubinJack and Jean Dreyer Gaylord and Joan Lee Bill and Judy RummlerJohn and Gail Dupre Michael and Mary Lou Leyden James and Barbara SaitzDavid and Judy Eckrich Ralph and Pixie Livingston Donald and Alice SannemanJames and Sharon Eisenhart Richard and Beverly Mast Richard and Maureen SchulzeDavid and Jeanine Eklund John and Lisa McDermott Larry and Constance SchusterJames and Denise Englehart Douglas and Lynette Mehle Robert and Marianne SebesSusan English Frank and Patricia Middendorf Fred and Willodean SimonJohn and Sharon Felsenthal B.W. and Barbara Miller *in memory of Floyd Hall & Agnes SimonLee Ferguson Ron and Janice Miller Richard and Priscilla Singleton* in honor of the Junghans, Pelosis, Margery Mitchell Bart Smith Rowans and Fergusons Robert and Karin Moe Jerehmiah and Barbara Sullivan Page 30
  • 32. Duane and Carolyn Swanson Lee Tauch Amy Lou Waters * in memory of Karen Archibald William and Dian Taylor Claude and Yvette WeirWendel and Irene Swanson August and Donna Turturro Joseph and Jane WelleKathryn Swingle William and Shirley Tychsen Ronald and Rosalie Wesorick * in memory of Edward Swingle Bill and Eneida Valenti Albert and Margaret WhiteClara Szathmary Willard and Mary Valpey Jim and Natalie Wismar * in memory of B. Szathmary Clifford and Elsie Vaughan Everett and Virginia Wixom Scott Zinn Finish Carpenters Club $2,500 - $4,999 October 1, 2006 – December 31, 2007Vern Archibald George Herscher Donald and Patricia PetersonDavid and Susan Benson John and Gladys Jennerjohn Ray PopeThomas and Elisabeth Boyle J. Paul and Marianne Kadlic Tom and Debbie PratherDave and Marcia Courtney William and Suzette Lentz Richard and Margaret RomanoStan and Julie Culver Roberta Parillo John and Mary Jean RossGene and Elaine Deboef * in memory of Greg, Sybil and Anthony Charles and Elizabeth TheisenRobert and Dotti Fagan Parillo Rhoda ToddCharles and Kitty Green Valerie Van Note Hope Builders Club $5,000 - $9,999 October 1, 2006 – December 31, 2007Julie Campbell David and Lillian Momot Thomas and Janet ThomasJohn Doody, Jr. Dewey and Brenda Tate Jerry and Emily Welty Master Builders Club $10,000 - $49,999 October 1, 2006 – December 31, 2007Henry Camosse Claudia Frey John MarshallEileen Courtney Peter and Eleanor Kleist Craig and Beverly Miller * in honor of Donna Aldrich Brian and Melinda Lucas Dennis and Genie RehakHugh and Harriet Crawford David and Linda Lucas Scott RobertsonGeorge Ferris Richard and Marlys Lynch Page 31
  • 33. Legacy Club Those who have remembered Habitat for Humanity of Lee County in their Estate Plans October 1, 2006 – December 30, 2007 Listed Habitat as a beneficiary in their Wills and TrustsCharlotte Baker Mildred Ford Janie RowlandArmand and Beverly Ball Biddy Lang Ted and Martha SomesRoger Boggs Eugene Lavallee Selmajane StuchelJune Bridges Geraldine Moore ** Mildred M. Von Brock **Henrietta A. Crome ** Ann Moran Estate of Katharine E. Whitmans-WinansMartin and Sandra Dolence John and Dena O’Callaghan Lee and Janet WightWinifred Ehlers Thomas and Audrey Redford ** denotes distributions received this year Gift Annuities Established to benefit HabitatLester and Ethel Bishop Catherine Donalson Ronald and Pattie MolnarDonald and Marie Black William and Dot Farrington Emily Morse PalmerJohn and Dolores Blomquist Biddy Lang Charles and Donna SmithPhyllis Burlingame George and Marielle Magnant Donald and E. Jean SutherlandAdele Chesser Gene Majewski Carl and Muriel SwensonDavid and Joan Davis Thelma Maw George and Fay Williams Individual Donors October 1, 2006 – December 31, 2007Robert Ackert Jose Barcelona Peter BleauMary Adam Edward Barr * in honor of Caroline Hobson * in memory of Orval Adam Elizabeth Barrett Kenneth and Jan BlecherRichard Alliger Howard and Joan Beaufait Harold and Doris BockmanArvid Anderson Judith Beaumont Alan and Elizabeth BoersRuth Andreasen Erhart Becker Robert and Judi BoeskyHarold and Martha Anschuetz Richard and Mary Bell George and Anne BolandJohn and Eleanor Anundsen Roy and Thoretta Bellio * in honor of Frances San FilippoThomas and Danya Archbold John and Marianne Bempkins James and Sandra BolerRicardo and Maria Elena Arias Daniel and Patricia Bender William and Elaine BondPat Arner Warren Bender Robert and Caren BonnerNeil and Patricia Arnold Patricia Benner Virginia BordenVincent and Teresa Arrigo * in memory of Karen Archibald William and Anne BorhekRobert and Jill Augustine John and Jane Berberich Nadene BorsvoldWilliam and Lois Avery Don and Sharon Berglund Joseph and Shirley BoscovLionel and Norma Axelrod Sandra Bernard Clarence and Sharon BowmanWilliam Baer Barbara Bertman Tim BradyCarol Ball Richard and Linda Bilodeau Kevin and Dorothea BrenanDavid and Alyce Bamesberger Russel and Mary Binford James and Donna BrennaFerenc and Esther Bankuti Fred & Georgianna Bisplinghoff Herbert and Patricia BromanLucian and Marcia Barba Robert and Emily Blake Hanna BromileyAlfred Barbieri Eleanor Brown Page 32
  • 34. Nancy Brown Francis and Ann Dalton George FauserLynn Brueck Paul and Judith Davenport Paul FavaliRobert and Gloria Brugnoli Euan Davis Angela FayRobert and Elizabeth Buck Doug Davlin Joyce Fecko & Jimmy EichbauerRita Burg (Quero) Ruth De Simone Lawrence & Jeanne Fehrenbaker * in honor of Mrs. Marie Burg Kenneth Dean Richard and Marion FeldhausDonald and Margery Bush Daniel and Charlotte Decesare Barry and Monica FeldmanFred and Dorothy Cadby Janet DeFabio Jeffrey and Connie FenimoreW. Scott and Rhonda Cain Celia Deifik * in memory of Gerald FenimoreDarreld Calkins Richard and Margaret Delapp Carlos and Exzida FernandezWilliam and Linda Camp Patricia DeLisio Toni FerrellMartha Campbell Emily DeMello Joseph and Carole FestaJohn and Lynn Cantisano Debra Deming Bill and Nancy Filiowich * in honor of Bill and MC Wiltshire Tom and Susan Demogenes David FisherLeroy and Laura Carter Ronald and Nancy Den Besten Paul and Jean FisselGlenn and Linnie Cary Kenneth and Julia Denger Patrick and Genevieve FitzgeraldJames and Marilyn Casper Michael and Susan Denham John and Jeanne FlemingJames and Debra Chamberlin Stephen and Francesca Denman Dell Ann FletcherRichard and Bernice Cheek * in honor of Donna Kissack Rose FontaineF.E. and Barbara Chippendale Lee and Lia Denson Robert ForrestRaymond and Jean Chirnside Alan and MJ Destribats Harley and Marilyn FortierJoanne Cincotta Anthony and Elaine Di Biase Lida FosnaughPaul and Betty Cinquegrana Carol Diantonio La Vonne FoxJoseph and Peggy Cionni Maury and Angela DiDomenico Kenneth and Sharon FranceseJack and Marilyn Clark Walter and Carol Diggs John and Elizabeth FreemanLyle and Betty Clover Victor Dix Ronald FucciPatricia Cobb Robert and Susan Doing Walter and Mary Jean Fuehrer * in memory of Edward L. Cobb Walter and Susan Donnelly Colleen GallacherJerell and Donna Coffee * in memory of Timothy Donnelly, Elizabeth GandelotLorretta Coghlan Michael Smith and Jim Morgan * in honor of David CourtneyStuart Cohen John and Reta Dorsey Catherine GarnettKaren Coleman Sona Dowdy *in honor of Dede D’ArcyAngel and Patricia Colon Nancy Dross Ilona And Stephanie GarrepyMartin Colon Heather Drouin Richard and Faye GatesMarie Connolly Jeannette Drumm John and Carolyn GavinWarren and Bobbie Conrad Jane Dunk Salvatore and Beverly GentileEileen Conway Roland and Ethel Dunlop Beatrice GeorgeStephen and Heather Corbin Robert and Candice Dunn Shirley GerstenbergerEdward Cormier Duke and Shirley Durfee JV GiddensNicholas Cosmas Midge Ebben Mary GiddensElizabeth Cox Susan Elbert Peter GilliamShizuko Craig Linda Ellenbogen Robert GilliganArthur and Mary Cramer Lang and Marty Elliott Mari GimbelDon and Gail Creager Robert Erber Irene GiniatMargaret Crishal Joan Eschert * in memory of Karen ArchibaldTom Crosby Charles and Margaret Esterly Leslie GoldenbergKen and Jill Curran Dorothy Eulitz Maria GomezSalvatore and Barbara Cusseddu RJ and Mary Evans Joseph and Aileen GonzalesJulianna Da Frota * in honor of Alan and Esta Rubinstein Joyce GonzalezThomas Dalonzo Charles Farnum Barbara Goodwin Page 33
  • 35. Philip and Robin Goyette (Tuker) Donald and Joy Hope Patricia KlumppRichard and Susan Graffis Betty Hopkins * in memory of Robt. J. HempelRobert and Roberta Grayson William and Vivian Howes Spencer and Linda KnottDoris Grebenstein Catherine Hucke Arthur and Christie KnudsenCharles and Carol Green Jack Huddleston Sandra KoehlerDonald and Mariellen Greenbury Jorrelarian and Geraldine Hudson Herb and Carroll KoellingLeo and Gabrielle Gregory William Hughes Robert and Denise KofkoffJoan Greissing Larry and Dorothy Humm Doris KolberKeith and Clare Greuling Walter and Dorothy Huse Robert and Lorraine KolkDario Guernieri June Huss Linda KooglerMichael Guthrie Harold Hymon Leslie KowalskiScott and Debbie Gutterson Douglas and Lynn Ihlefeld * in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Winston WattsRichard Hacker Richard and Patricia Irving Georgia KoylJaon Hackle Gary Iverson & Linda Tanner Daniel KreinbrinkRichard and Sara Hadley Marilyn Jacobson Thomas and Joan KrickLois Haefner Tyran and Jodi Jacoby * in memory of Virginia JensenWalter and MaryJean Hagen Pierre and Silvia Jadoul Oscar and Elizabeth KruesiGeorge and Alice Hamoy Clarence Jahnssen Richard and Betty KruseJames and Joan Hampson * in memory of Karen Archibald Otto and Laurel KunstRichard and Carol Handly Frederick Jamsen Wendy KupsawRobert and Kathryn Hanley Daniel and Norma Jasper * in honor of Bernice and Murray KupsawCatherine Hardie Angie Jedlick Dave and Diana LaChanceJohn and Antoinette Harding Emilie Jobson * in honor of Kirstin and Mike SawickiDonald and Estelle Harrington Howard and Elizabeth Johnson Joseph and Kathryn LaduAlice Harris John and Louise Johnson William and Marilyn LagerLynne Haubenreich Ramon and Johana Johnson Kevin and Angela LamersElmer and Louise Hawk Stanley and Gaye Johnson Michael and Lucille LandinoThomas Heaton Lannon Jones Arnold and Martha LangboCharles Hehr Ray and Beverly Joselane Carl and Trudy LarsonHelen Heid Rick and Cheryl Joyce Arthur and Lois LebCarolyn Heim Walter Judd Audrey LeeJohn and Sandra Henderson Peter and Elaine Jurs Mary LeighLloyd and Kay Henderson * in memory of Philip Stahlman Roger LemkeJean Hener Barbara Kahn Ruth LeonardDavid and Sylvia Hengel Nancy Kelly Vito and Tami LeoneDouglas and Katherine Henricks Marjorie Kent Marion LepreeEsther Henriksen Bernadine Kern-Stewart Alan and Ann LevinsohnBetty Heuslein * in memory of Dale Kern Sam and Cherie LewisPeter Heyd David Keeney Roger and Susan LiddicoatGary and Muriel Higgins * in honor of Marie Keeney Otto and Joan LiepinGreg Hill Arlene Kerpscar Barbara LinderRosemary Ann Hill-Baitson Ronald and Marvlyn Kettwig Lorraine LindgrenEllen Hines Cross David and Trista Kincaid Ted and Trudy LingnauWilliam and Roberta Hobbs * in memory of Philip Stahlman John and Barbara LittlePaul and Margaret Hoefler Joseph and Margaret King Robert and Penny LomasMark Hoepfner Robert and Cathy King Robert and Theresa LombardoEdward and Patricia Hoover Peggy Kittle Pete and Elaine LongjohnHerbert and Barbara Hoover Mildred Klindworth Elaine LondonJamie and Vera Hoover Winton and Marilyn Kloosterman Russell and Christine Lord * in memory of Karen Archibald Jane Lowell Page 34
  • 36. Barbara Lucks Donald and Karen Miller Bruce PetersenJurgen and Marianne Ludwig Francis and Jean Miller * in memory of Karen ArchibaldFrances and AJ Luessenhop Harold Miller William PetersonWayne and Rebecca Lundy Harold and Cheryl Miller * in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Fred PetersonJames and Elizabeth Lustenader Tom Miller Nancy PetrieMichael and Carol Lutgen Cronan and Penny Minton Malcolm and Margaret PharesRobert and Donna Luttrell Barbara Mintz * in memory of Fritz CongdonLaura Lutz Charles and Katherine Mlakar Lou and Joan PiacenzaDouglas MacGregor Becky Montgomery Richard and Constance PicarielloBarbara Mack John Moore Robert and Marion Pierpont * in memory of C.R. Mack Eliner Moran Robert and Sandra PinnelNancy Mackin Roger and Mary Jo Morgan Richard and Judy PlowmanRobert and Patricia Maddock * in memory of Nathan Leaventhal Susan PlumleyChristopher and Alison Maeder Timothy and Cynthia Moriarty Harold Popp * in memory of Karen Archibald Wayne and Loretta Morley Richard & Mildred PoppenhouseGeorge Magee and Alwine Sass Robert and Stephanie Morse Christine PorchedduDouglas and Joanne Mair C Mosher * in memory of Jim BuskeyCressida and Raymond Maloney L. and K.N. Mottice Robert and Suzanna Porter * in memory of Karen ArchibaldRichard and Dorothy Mann David and Patricia Moyer Hollis PowersMarvin Marcus Nancy Mulholland Richard and Denise PrazThomas and Lois Markarian * in memory of John Mulholland D.S. and B.G. PregontLeokadia Marshall Christine Mullen Warren and Helen PrescottEnrique and Angelica Martinez Rosanna Murphy William and Joyce PreussnerMary Martino Zack Murphy Mark and Suzanne ProwatzkeSteve and Belinda Marud Ronald and Sally Muschong Clifford and Mary RaberJames and Karen Mason Alfred Musci Richard and Abigail RadeyJennifer Massing John and Mary Musto Harold and Dwella RagerJohn and Shirley Masuka Raymond Muth Natalie RauClarence and Iva Mausteller Shobhana Naik Mary Elizabeth RaughleyJohn McAllister Jared and Florence Nemnich Richard and Terri RauschCarol McCarthy John and Joanne Nesteruk * in memory of Karen ArchibaldMarjorie McChesney Doris Neuman Nancy ReaVirgil and Doris McConnaughey Robert Newman William ReadBarbara McConville Robert and Joan Newman John and Linda RedickGerard and Marie McCrea Gerald and Angela Nichols William and Terry ReelShirley McDonald Amy Nowacki Joanne RehmusJulie McDowell Brent and Karen Obrien Jeffrey and Jacqueline ReichartDawn McLean Doris Ogletree George and Cynthia ReiffJoanne Mcleod John and Joanne O’Hara F.A. and M.M. ReisCheryl Mease Karen O’Neil Bonnie RettewDonald and Barbara Meckler Vincent and Mary O’Rourke Pete RialsChristine Melnik * in memory of Karen Archibald Alice RichardsLois Messler Joann Orr Edward and Claudette Richards * in memory of loved ones Joyce Owens Lawrence and Jo Anne RickertFred and Alice Metry Edgar and Ruth Parks Paul and Mary Jane RileySteen and Eileen Metz Elizabeth Parry Richard and Gloria RittenbergMyron Meyer James and Alice Patterson Betty RoberdeauxTearle and Nancy Meyer Nancy Pauer James and Margery RobertsBarbara Michel Melvin and Jeanne Pelletz Margaret RobertsDavid and Donna Michie Page 35
  • 37. Marilyn Roberts Logan Shown Betty StrodeHarold and Peggy Robeson Charles and Joan Siciliano *in memory of Robert StrodeAlan and Virginia Roessler Richard and Rita Sick Shirley StrongFred and Louise Roessler William and Janet Simpson Allen and Barbara StrusThomas and Eloise Rogers Nona Sims David and Nancy SullivanThom and Judith Rohde Alouise Skehan Irving and Elizabeth Summit * in honor of Fullilove and Wagner families William Skinner Louise SwainRichard and Elizabeth Roman Jan and Eva Skold Harry and Dolores SykesJoseph and Jean Romano Dolores Slagle James SykesAnthony and Sue Romanovich John and Michelle Slobodzian Frank and Trudy SzelestRichard and Bebe Roosa Dale and Roberta Smith Christine TaylorBrooke Rotinghaus George Smith Jean TaylorLynn and Lisa Rowe Matthew and Theresa Smith Jim and Joan Taylor * in memory of Courtney Cahill Ralph and Nancy Smith * in memory of Fritz CongdonSue Rowls Zoe Smith Nancy TaylorWalter and Danielle Ruth Henry and Claire Smythe John TempletonMartha Ryckman Charlotte Snead Victoria TestermanThomas and Cynthia Sadler * in memory of Karen Archibald Bob and Barbara ThamertDavid and Rosemary Sageser Mary Jane Snow John and Jean ThomasJan Sagett Carole Snyder James and Betty ThompsonGloria Sajgo John and Sylvia Snyder Lawrence and Deborah Tihen * in memory of Karen Archibald Andrew and Jane Soffel Mary TobinJames and Betty Salter Jason and Tanya Soholt Jack and Kathy Topliff * in memory of Karen Archibald * in memory of Karen Archibald Terry TorbertJim and Cheryl Samples Robert and Margaret Sommer Marianne TorglerRichard and Judith Santoro Charlene Sonderfan David TorresMilton and Shirley Schiffman Victoria Soto Don and Connie TuckerGerald and Valerie Schmidt August and Patricia Spagnolo Robert and Elsie TudekGordon Schopfer Nick Speach Jerry and Sally TuttleGeorge and Gail Schriefer Ernest and Ann Spey Louise Tuttle * in memory of Ken Small * in memory of Annabelle Burkins Thomas UllmanPaul and Bev Engel Schrodt Theresa Stahlman-West Andrew and Mary UlsamerJB Schuetz * in honor of Dorothy Ahl Bernie and Audrey UsseryCarl Schuller Peter and Phyllis Starmer Frank and Goldie UvegesBob and Barbara Schultz * in memory of Dr. John Bukovnik Nina Van ZyleGeorge and Janet Schwartz John and Diane States William and Patricia Vance * in memory of Evelyn Streiff & Ruth Close * in honor of Glen Hildebrand Kathleen VandevereFred and Deborah Schwarzer Joseph and Janie Steamer George and Nancy Vernay * in honor of Anne and Dick Robbins Michael and Susan Steele Barkley and Barbara VineyardDiana Scott Sidney and Ruth Steiner * in honor of family membersThomas & Marjorie Scott Sally Sterwald Harry and Lucinda Von RomerJames Seeley * in honor of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Madzar Bill and Sarah VosneyEvelyn Seymour Gordon and Bernadine Stewart Charles and Cynthia WainrightLawrence Shafer William Stickney John and Ruth WatsonBernice Sheldon Peter and Patricia Stiles * in honor of their parents * in memory of Raymond Sheldon Jr. Raymond and Estelle Stockard Richard and Pamela WeaverSarah Shelley Suzanne Stockin Andrea WeglarzRobert and Patricia Sherry John and Mary Storer Russell and Ruth WeintraubMike Shevlin Shirley Straffon Albert and Patricia WeissBrett Shirema John and Margaret Strawser John and Cheryl Weliver Page 36
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  • 42. Financial StatementOctober 1, 2006 - September 30, 2007 Page 41
  • 43. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. Condensed Un-Audited Statements of Financial Position Years Ended September 30, 2007 and 2006 ASSETS 2007 2006Cash $ 4,101,039 $ 3,893,068Notes receivable 2,135,779 2,410,670Charitable annuity split-interest agreements 411,175 411,175Building materials inventory 155,800 213,678Mortgage receivable First Mortgages 3,864,874 4,815,698 Second Mortgages 5,748,959 4,690,547Land held for home sites 3,256,380 1,847,474Commercial property held 470,480 467,410Construction in progress 5,666,847 8,845,784Property and equipment 8,697,233 3,181,101 Total Assets 34,508,566 30,776,605 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETSLiabilities Accounts payable, accrued liabilities and escrow accounts payable 115,451 140,229 Annuity obligations payable 125,690 178,839 Long-term debt 1,898,958 1,148,436 Second mortgage receivable reserves 5,748,959 4,690,547 7,889,058 6,158,051Net Assets 26,619,508 24,618,554 Unrestricted 26,619,508 24,618,554 Total Liabilities and Net Assets 34,508,566 30,776,605 For copies of our Audited Financial Statements, please visit our website after February 15, 2008. Page 42
  • 44. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. Condensed Un-Audited Financial Statements for Years Ended September 30, 2007 and 2006 2007 2006CHANGES IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS Revenue and Support Contributions Cash Contributions 2,637,483 $ 3,728,921 Materials and Services 378,658 263,217 Land Donations 125,708 268,718 Grants and subsidies 1,218,725 426,019 Retail Store sales 530,691 542,675 Special Events 306,787 246,243 Amortization of mortgage discounts 1,390,494 640,438 Rental Income 135,024 75,351 Miscellaneous revenue 372,511 796,777 Gain on sale of mortgage receivable 1,586,883 1,251,711 $8,682,964 8,240,070 Transfers to homeowners for mortgage loans 4,148,929 6,011,732 Total Unrestricted Revenue and Support 12,831,893 14,251,802 Expenses Program Services Construction 2,741,837 8,914,599 Retail Store 393,174 325,408 3,135,011 9,240,007 Administrative and General 653,428 586,820 Fundraising 223,460 171,834 Total Expenses 4,011,899 9,998,661Payments and change in value of charitable annuities split-interest agreements 27,513 29,223CHANGES IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS 2,000,954 4,282,364UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS - BEGINNING OF YEAR 24,618,554 20,336,190 UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS - END OF YEAR 26,619,508 24,618,554 For copies of our Audited Financial Statements, please visit our website after February 15, 2008. Page 43
  • 45. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY OF LEE COUNTY, INC. Condensed Un-Audited Statements of Functional Expenses Year Ended September 30, 2007 with 2006 Comparative Totals 2007 2006 Program Administrative Services and General Fundraising Total TotalConstruction costs $ 1,325,052 $ 1,325,052 $ 7,355,871Direct Program Expenses Volunteer Department 228,399 228,399 280,511 Family Services Department 127,878 127,878 28,318 Other Direct Program Costs 447,557 447,557 574,785 Tithe to HFHI 612,951 612,951 675,114Program Indirect Expenses Development and Communications - 223,460 223,460 171,834Cost of Retail Store Sales 393,174 393,174 325,408Administrative Indirect Expenses Office and Other Salaries - 313,307 313,307 188,020 Insurance - 32,056 32,056 30,799 Mortgage interest - 20,368 20,368 20,180 Legal and Accounting - 34,217 34,217 106,483 Office Operations - 26,512 26,512 13,304 Maintenance - 10,543 10,543 66,661 Utilities - 15,615 15,615 33,952 Miscellaneous - 46,775 46,775 22,412 Total Functional Expenses Before Depreciation 3,135,011 499,394 223,460 3,857,865 9,893,652Depreciation - 154,034 - 154,034 105,009 Total Functional Expenses $ 3,135,011 $ 653,428 $ 223,460 $ 4,011,899 $ 9,998,661 For copies of our Audited Financial Statements, please visit our website after February 15, 2008. Page 44
  • 46. Why should you support Habitat for Humanity of Lee County? Habitat for Humanity of Lee County was founded in 1982 and since then has built more than 900 homes. Habitat plans to build another 100 homes each year for the next five years. The affiliate is the second largest producer of Habitat homes. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County raises all funds locally—neither HFHI or the government provides funding. 2006 Revenue Sources 2006 Expenses Depreciation 1.1% Misc.11% Contributions- Fundraising 1.7%Mortgage Payments Individuals, 22% Administrative Businesses, & General Churches 52% 4.8%Special Events 3% Program Services Retail Stores 7% 92.4% Grants & Subsidies 5% In March 2006, Habitat for Humanity of Lee County was awarded the Sam Mompongo Award for its tithing efforts. Lee County’s Habitat affiliate tithes 10 percent of every mortgage dollar paid by the homeowners for their homes. That tithe goes into building homes overseas. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County gave more than a million dollars in tithe which paid for the construction of 500 homes overseas in 2006. In March 2006, Habitat for Humanity of Lee County was also awarded the Affiliate of the Year award. This award is based on how fiscally responsible an affiliate is, innovation, creativity and productivity. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County has been recognized for being financially faithful. Charity Navigator awarded Habitat with four stars out of a possible four stars for its fiscal responsibility. This is the fifth consecutive year Habitat for Humanity of Lee County has been recognized with the top honor. Charity Navigator is America’s largest charity evaluator and rates charities worldwide based on how efficiently the organization uses donated funds. The navigator looks at accountability, transparency and quantifiable results from the charities rated. “Habitat of Lee County has earned a fourth, consecutive 4-star rating for its ability to efficiently manage and grow its finances. Only 3% of the charities we’ve rated have received at least five consecutive 4-star evaluations, indicating that Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Florida outperforms most charities in America in its efforts to operate in the most fiscally responsible way possible,” says Trent Stamp, Executive Director of Charity Navigator. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County was awarded with the 2007 “Excellence in Construction” trophy for the innovation of Habitat’s Senior Housing Complex located in North Fort Myers. Owen-Ames- Kimball Company nominated Habitat’s 60-unit project for the award through The Florida Gulf Coast Chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. The Habitat Senior Housing Complex is a first- of-its-kind project for any Habitat affiliate. It tackles the affordable housing crisis for senior citizens in the area. This $5 million dollar project provides 60 units of rental housing to seniors who cannot afford the price of living in our community. Owen-Ames-Kimball Company constructed Habitat’s Senior Housing Complex at a reduced fee as part of an ongoing community service commitment. Also, The Florida Planning and Zoning Association awarded Habitat for Humanity of Lee County, Florida with the 2007 Award of Distinction, Private Study. A plaque was awarded at the 55th Annual State Conference in Sarasota earlier this month. The award was given for a project study addressing the challenge of workforce housing for the city of Bonita Springs. Page 45
  • 47. Habitat on the Map Overseas building“A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the LORD; it is holy tothe LORD.” - Leviticus 27:30Habitat for Humanity is in 90 countries worldwide. Every 20 minutes a new family receives the keys to a Habitathome somewhere in the world. In 1988, Habitat for Humanity of Lee County began tithing ten percent of everymortgage dollar to go towards overseas building; extending the hand up into other nations in need of safe anddecent housing. In almost two decades, the Lee County affiliate has tithed more than two million dollars; buildingalmost 650 homes in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Central America, El Salvador, Europe, Guatemala, India, LatinAmerica, the Caribbean, South America and many others. Every local dollar Lee County receives is making a globalimpact for families around the world. Here are just a few of the families your dollars have helped: Habitat homeowner Latabai Ram Sable (2nd from left) with her mother (left), mother-in-law (3rd from left), her husband Ram (right), daughter Niti (2nd from right), and a relative stand in front of their new home.Jayshree Ananta Shelar (center) andher daughter Paurima and son Satishoutside of their new Habitat home inIndia. Habitat homeowner Doina Herman smiles in front of her home in Romania. The retiree lives here with her three children; her oldest son works in a factory that makes heating stoves and helps to pay the mortgage. By June 2008, Lee County’s Habitat affiliate will have housed 37 families in this country.Yussef Usupov and wife Kholniso pay their Habitat mortgage by sellingthe furniture they construct together at the local bazaar in Khujand,Tajikistan. Two earthquakes hit this country in 2006, leaving more than16,000 people homeless. Habitat for Humanity is now rebuilding thearea with earthquake resistant structures. Page 46
  • 48. Habitat volunteers tile the roof of a Habitat house in Urubamba, Peru that was funded by Habitat for Humanity of Lee County. After more than 4,700 homes were built in Peru, efforts moved to parts of the Caribbean and Latin America where more than half of the residents live without decent housing.At right, a Habitat house is completed in Nicoya, Costa Rica fromHabitat for Humanity of Lee County’s tithes. 35 percent of the CostaRican population lives in substandard housing. The housing deficitcontinues to increase due to the aggravating migration. Macedonia is considered the second poorest country in Europe and has one of the most severe housing needs in the region with every fourth home considered substandard. Habitat for Humanity of Lee County contributed $55,000 in 2007 to help 12 families move into a safe home and improve their living conditions.At right, a volunteer works on a home in Khujand, Tajikistan that was funded byHabitat for Humanity of Lee County in 2007. Thirteen new houses are underconstruction in this development, the first in 263 planned homes for the area.More than 200 families have already been selected to be recipients of the homes.Habitat homeowner Madou Manzon, who is blind, and her daughter,sit in front of their new home in the rural village of Goda. Among theworld’s largest producers and exporters of coffee and palm oil, WestAfrica once boasted the strongest economy. Now, due to a devastatingcivil war and global economic pressure in 2002, the area contendswith extreme poverty and its exhausted infrastructure struggles tomeet the growing needs of the people. Page 47
  • 49. Habitat in Lee CountyFort Myers Pine Island Hendry CountyNorth Fort Myers Lehigh Acres Cape Coral This grid was made to show the area Habitat for Humanity of Lee County has coveredBonita Springs since 1982 with building projects. Each colored point is an address of a Habitat home. Note: Some points on the grid map are not clearly visible to the eye. These are areas where Habitat built many homes side by side and a single point may lay on top of another. Page 48
  • 50. Board of Directors Debbie Prather Mercedes Vergne Charles Idelson Diane Englund Brian Lucas Denis Noah Brian Crowley Donny Andrews Katherine Green James AdamsNot Pictured Above: Roger Brownell, Willie Green, Shawn McIntyre, Scott Robertson, Steven Shimp, KC Stanley-Lynn, Bill Valenti, Janet Watermeier Department Heads Richard Shera, Jr. Brenda Powell Mary Moore Tanya Soholt Vern Archibald CFO VP of Construction VP of Development VP of Administration CEO
  • 51. Mission Statement Habitat for Humanity of Lee County is a charitable, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing housing for those who cannot otherwise afford a decent place to live, with the ultimate goal of eliminating substandard housing in Lee County, contributing to family and community stability. A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out1288 North Tamiami Trail * North Fort Myers * Florida * 33903 * Ph: 239.652.0434 * Fax: 239.652.0386