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SI 622 - CCDA Final Presentation
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SI 622 - CCDA Final Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Self Improvement
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  • Interviewed 5 current CCDA usersCreated 3 personas to represent those usersCrafted a map of the websites’ main pathwaysCompared CCDA with 4 highly used childcare web applicationsTested strengths/weaknesses of the site as a team using Jakob Nielsen’s Heuristic MethodAdministered a survey to 54 parents using daycareHad 5 parents test the CCDA web application, recorded their pain-points, and made recommendations
  • 1.) Users need a product that will supplement, but not attempt to replace the value of in-person communication with care providers2.) Parent information needs change with the ages of their children; but overall – parents care most about their children’s health, eating habits, and educational activities
  • Transcript

    • 1. April 19, 2012Andrea Barbarin, Kyongho Kim, Stephanie Soule, & Sara Sterkenburg
    • 2. Product Overview The Child Care Daily App (CCDA):  Is a web-based system intended to connect working parents with their children during the day  Supports different users: Administrators, Teachers/care providers, & parents  Our focus = parent users  For parents, the application’s main activities include accessing updates about their children’s activities, logging information, and communicating with care providers  CCDA is currently running in Beta form
    • 3. Methodology6 Different Analyses were used to evaluate CCDA5 Current CCDA users Interview for needs assessment4 Competitor products were compared with CCDA10 Heuristic principles were used to evaluate the site54 Parents responses in a survey were analyzed5 Non-current system users tested the CCDA web application
    • 4. Primary Persona Jill Merriweather Fiscal Policy Analyst, JP Morgan Chase Mother of two (6 mos& 3 yrs) Goals & Needs:  Stay connected with her children during the day  Find out about her children’s daily lives, interests, and activities at daycare  Wants in-person communication  Needs different information for each child“There is no such thing as too based on their age much information about my children.””
    • 5. Finding OneCCDA has strengths that should be leveraged.Interviews  Comparative Analysis  Heuristic Evaluation  Survey  Usability Testing Accessible via a broad range of devices Polished, attractive interface inspires confidence Short task flow
    • 6. Finding TwoCCDA meets needs of daycare providers first, parents second.Site Mapping Heuristic Evaluation Usability Testing Misleading placement of Decentralized parent user icons on Child View screen functionsRecommendations: Eliminate sections intended for the daycare provider. Convey button functions to parent users.
    • 7. Finding ThreeInconsistency in CCDA’s interface confuses parent users.Heuristic Evaluation  Usability Testing Some icons are clickable, others are not Inconsistent use of terminology Recommendations:  Make button functions and terminology usage consistent
    • 8. Finding FourCCDA’s data is not fully ascertainable by parent users.Interviews Heuristic Evaluation Usability Testing Unclear log metrics No automated search options available Recommendations:  Use meaningful data metrics Provide options to generate data line graph format and text search of logs and messages
    • 9. Finding FiveCCDA doesn’t provide enough systeminformation for parent users.Heuristic Evaluation  Usability Testing No system feedback when retrieving data No guidance for parent users Recommendations:  Provide system feedback and FAQ section targeted at parent user needs
    • 10. Summary Improved Parent User CCDA Strengths Needs & Weaknesses Parent User Experience
    • 11. Please Ask Questions Andrea Barbarin Stephanie Soule Kyongho Kim Sara Sterkenburg