opening new doors: recent initiatives in open data at National Library of Scotland


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Presentation given at IFLA 2012 (Helsinki) on National Library of Scotland's low cost initiatives and developments with open data and linked open data. Includes loading of data and resources to Flickr and Youtube. Work with Open Knowledge Foundation on how to publish open data. Licensing open data as CC.0. Work with to learn how to use Google Refine for URI resolution. Work with Metadata Management Asssociates to model structure of the Library's Digital Object Database as RDF.

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opening new doors: recent initiatives in open data at National Library of Scotland

  1. 1. opening new doors recent initiatives in open data at National Library of Scotland Gill Hamilton Systems Librarian
  2. 2. agenda o "widening access to knowledge" o opening data to social media services o the move to open data o finding our way with linked open data
  3. 3. widening access to knowledge"we will make digital resources accessible through communications media which are effective in promoting the use and discovery of our collections."
  4. 4. widening access to knowledge"we will improve access to our collections by finding new ways for our users to interact with us and others."
  5. 5. social media servicesFlickr • 2,500 images • 1,500 views per day • 1.8 million views in total • 10% have comments
  6. 6. social media servicesFlickr 52,000 views 114 favorited 20 comments "It is a Lee Enfield gun .." "Im doing a presentation, may I use the image?"
  7. 7. social media servicesYou Tube 102 videos 300,000 views 186 comments "Fab wee motor." "My parents had one of these"
  8. 8. social media servicesLicensing, copyright and rights• out of copyright and/or copyright owner• to gain benefits you must give away some or all control• Flickr The Commons
  9. 9. social media servicesLessons learned....• minimal investment for improved access• taster of the Librarys collections• the world is full of knowledgeable people• to gain benefits you have to give something up• findability beyond the Library website• open ... but not open enough
  10. 10. open datais the concept that data is made available so others can use and re-use it without restrictions of copyright or control mechanisms
  11. 11. open dataif you created the metadata then you can license it as you wishif you create or own the resource then you can license it as you wish
  12. 12. open data CC.0
  13. 13. open dataThe 5 easy steps to open data 1. licensed 2. structured 3. documented 4. published 5. publicised "Give us raw data and give it to us NOW!"
  14. 14. open dataThe 5 easy steps to open data• licensed  CC.O• structured  Solr XML, MARC21, Dublin Core• documented  dont make assumptions• published  thedatahub• publicised  twitter, blog, conference
  15. 15. open data
  16. 16. linked open dataWhat we dont have .... experience skills resourcesWhat we do have ... great data lots of enthusiasm friends to help
  17. 17. linked open dataWhat we did until April 2012stop ... start ... stop ... start ... stop ... start • went to school to learn RDF • tried mapping our data to DC Terms • tried to discover URIs • created RDF for a single resource • wondered what to do next • wondered if it was worth our while
  18. 18. linked open dataAnd then we spoke to our "you should use Google Refine to discover URIs"Open Knowledge Foundation "use for publishing & use CC.0"Metadata Management Associates "let us help you model your data because we have a theory ..."
  19. 19. linked open datalocal & closed global & open X DOD S LOD in data L DC TstructureDOD.titleDOD.keywordDOD.who
  20. 20. linked open datalocal global & open& closed DOD in LOD DOD data structure DOD.title DOD.keyword DOD.who
  21. 21. linked open datalocal global & open& closed R ISBD DOD in D LOD MARC DOD F data DC structure m DOD.title DOD.keyword a BBC DOD.who p
  22. 22. linked open data
  23. 23. linked open data
  24. 24. linked open dataNext steps .... • keep learning .... keep asking! • publish structure and data to theDataHub o Forth Bridge o Haig photos o Everything! • record URIs at metadata creation • address licensing issues with vocabularies • hope someone uses it!
  25. 25. Thank you ....References Me• NLS at Flickr & YouTube Gill Hamilton o o• NLS at thedatahub o• NLS DOD at The Open Metadata Registry o• Open Knowledge Foundation o• Metadata Management Associates o••