About OCLC WorldCAT; a presentation to National Library of Scotland staff


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A presentation I gave to colleagues at National Library of Scotland on the uses of OCLC WorldCat and the Library's inclusion in the service. The presentation was part of the Library's Learning at Work week.

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  • Click photo -> has worldcat URL embedded Worldcat.org > everything > horseradish > results list Lemony snicket -> book cover -> book 3. Play -> manuscript 4 files / electronic -> OMG Horseradish society 5 -> NLS copy 6 -> image 9 -> thesis manuscript Shows wide range of formats Then click Format menu to show Braille DVD – oooh martha Sound record -> Horse radish rag -> move to next slide
  • Still in format show -> Newspaper -> Cayman islands -> baked muscrat Next slide
  • Search for fausto coppie Correct spelling Click top one Type Enter your location -> post code Shows NLS is close. Ask a librarian -> can I borrow that No -> they say ECL -> shame ECL isn’t on worldcat! Oh but look -> its on Amazon -> and has a review I buy it – kaching I read it But in the meantime I look for other sutff Click bicycle racing subject at side 8 -> tour de france > at NLS - > Preview item (below image) -> Google Books 8 -> TOC, Biographical stuff in detail section Click authors name in details section (DO NOT click Go) Some authors not him -> issue 10 -> dissertation I like these things -> how can I save them join worldcat top right [email_address] Make a list cycling Add dissertation Add tour de frace Add coppi last leave on screen Jump forward slide-> use cite (top right) t
  • Add coppi last leave on screen I like coppi so much that I write an essay on him > use cite (top right) -> Harvard Back to lists -> userlists > triptropic Other lists -> also show We read Add rating at top Add tags at top Il campionissimo Share (top right) to twitter Jump to next slide
  • Still on Coppi record Click Add to fvaourites beside NLS Look at library info Recent books -> look at K2 -> then BACK RSS Subscribe to this list (of recent items) Click see all Check some and create new list at top I ♥ NLS Click My WorldCAT top left and show list They are public Show citation view Show detail view Click Search (at top left drop down) Lists -> cycling -> history of omen cyclists
  • Click image -> worldcat identities Jesus Christ is most popular author in WorldCat > really > click Show publication time line -> jesus wrote 66 books 1990-1999 (church of later day saints) Most widely held book about Jesus christ Most widely held book by Jesus christ His alternate names Related identities Useful links Associated subjects Do another search (click identities logo ) Robert burns 2 entries Show languages Names Is useful for research (curators) Ask if they want to search another author
  • World cat is a global union catalogue Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Tamil and Thai Cataloged works span thousands of years and nearly every form of human expression Click stats for general stats Click gold for millionth records
  • 150 million records, 1.477 billion holdings 50 % non-English -> now global resource Includes library catalogues, abstract and indexes, digital resources from OAISTER (23 million records from 1100 contributors) Thousands of public and university libraries > 71,000 Global network of library content and services Higher visibility (unlocking the data) Not just books, ebooks, digital, DVDs, CDs, articles bib definitions
  • Why is NLS involved? Member Connexion We use records We contribute records It's what national libraries are for 3.94 million records loaded early 2009 now 4,045, 909 records from main catalogue only Updates and creates every week At time was about 4.15 million recs in nlsdb Future -> load SSA. Mssdb, Digital archive
  • When you have services like WorldCAT with so much data you can do more. This is how world cat identities work Data mining. Get much richness from the data
  • But so much more …. Click world cat to watch it grow About connexion Widget to show the widgets to embed in websites Viaf Put on your phone – show iPhone About connect
  • Research -> scottish collections on publications by or about authors Our data is out there with our customers We particpate on global scale Our data is connected to other services We can take advantage of such a huge data store -> 1/3 have no subject headings we can get these subject headings Tools and widgets embed in our website
  • Enough of the Cats -> let’s have a dog
  • About OCLC WorldCAT; a presentation to National Library of Scotland staff

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    13. 15. Thank you Gill hamilton [email_address]