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My Norway Power Point for my Geography class.

My Norway Power Point for my Geography class.

Published in: Travel
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  • 1. Norway A Power Point on the Country of Norway By: Ian El-Habre
  • 2. Physical Geography of Norway
  • 3. Where is Norway?
    • The Country of Norway lies along the rocky and mountainous coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Northern Europe and is bordered by the countries of Sweden, Finland, and Russia. All of central and northern Norway is dominated by the Scandinavian Mountains, while the Southern part of Norway is mainly plains and rolling hills, and also the site of Norway’s capital, Oslo.
    An aerial view of Oslo, Norway
  • 4. The Fjords
    • Along the coast of Norway the Scandinavian mountains leave little coast area and through the ages massive moving glaciers have carved paths through these mountains leaving what we know today as fjords. The fjords can stretch into the mainland for as long as 50 miles. Many of the fjords are found in Northern Norway where it is closest to the North Pole. The beautiful fjords attract many tourists from around the world.
  • 5. The Rivers in Norway
    • There are three rivers that run through Norway.
    • Two of the three rivers are located in Southern Norway. The Lagen River which dumps into the North Sea is one of Norway’s important trading rivers and the Glama River which flows through Sweden and also ends in the North Sea. The rivers flow on either side of Oslo with the Lagen to the West and the Glama to the East.
    • In Northern Norway lies the Tana River which flows along the Finnish-Norwegian border and ends up in the Barents Sea.
  • 6. The people of Norway
  • 7. The Indigenous People of Norway
    • In the North lies about 80,000 of the Sámi people of Norway. This group of people have been living in Norway for over 11,000 years and to this day still keep the traditions practiced long ago. The Sámi people lived in tents and turf huts that were transportable while following the Reindeer herds.
    • Roughly 3,000 people live in the Sámi capital of Karasjok. The Sámi people even have their own holiday on February 6 celebrating the First Sámi congress in 1917. Some activities in these festivals include Reindeer racing and lasso throwing competitions.
  • 8. The Culture of Norway
  • 9. May 17 th
    • May 17 th is Norway’s Independence Day. Every year on this date millions of people line up on the streets of Oslo, Norway and parade down the streets and eventually pass the king and queen sitting on their balcony over looking the enormous amount of people.
    • Norwegian Independence day came about in 1814, started by high school and college students. Norway was ruled by Sweden at the time and both the Swedish and Norwegian kings refused to hold the celebration. Although 13 years later on May 17 th 1829 after the Battle of the Square the king’s opinion was slightly changed. The celebration that year was official and a late politician Christian Krogh, claimed to stop the King from gaining to much personal power.
  • 10. Norwegian Music
    • Norway’s musical background dates back to the Viking age where folk music has and is playing a big part in the culture of Norway. Many of the most prominent Norwegian folk musicians include Olav Jørgen Hegge and Vidar Lande Edvard Grieg’s classical music has become renown worldwide for his romantic compositions. Jazz and hip-hop have thrived in Norway as well including many rap artists like Supersilent and Jaga Jazzist. Below is one of the famous Sámi musicians in Norway
  • 11. Norwegian Politics
  • 12. The Government
    • Norway is a constitutional monarchy. The executive power is controlled by the King’s council, the cabinet, led by the Prime Minister of Norway. Legislative power is maintained by the government and the Storting, or the Norwegian supreme legislature. The Judiciary however as no influence in the executive branch or the legislature.
  • 13. The King and Queen
    • The Royal house is a branch of the family Glücksburg from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. The King is the High Protector of the Church of Norway, Grand Master of The Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav, and the Supreme Commander of the Norwegian Armed Forces. Jens Stoltenberg has been Prime Minister of Norway since 2005 while Harald V has been king of Norway since 1991.
    Jens Stoltenberg
  • 14. The Political Parties
    • Siv Jensen is the leader of the Progress Party,
    • Norway's largest opposition party.
    • Erna Solberg is the leader of the 
    • Conservative Party
    • Dagfinn Høybråten is the leader of the Christian Democratic Party.
  • 15. Slutten (The End)