Global staffing (rpo) business proposal


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Global staffing (rpo) business proposal

  2. 2. PI SOLUTIONS GLOBALPI Solution Global is serviced based company. Our businesses expertise’sare: Development Consulting Outsourcing Training & Development Corporate MarketingWe are in the RPO (Global business Model), we understand out Clientmanpower requirements and procuring the candidate with the desiredprofile and helping you recruit them with our industry expertise.We understand that companies today require more than a skilledcandidate. They reach for employees who are productive, exhibit apositive attitude and have the ability to become a member of their team.Apart from traditional practices to source candidates, we are also incorporate innovative means to procure right professionals. Our expertsleverage the power of technology-based recruitment andfocus on online media to make sure that our clients receive the mostsuitable candidates for their organization.BackgroundThe PI Solutions management team is a perfect blend of technology,management and business, which have driven the business in the dynamicand challenging environment. The delivering team comprises of individualswho have achieved significant success in their professional career and arebacked by the support of management by all aspects. The strength of PISolutions global stems from its efficient & effective top management. 2 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. VISION  To ensure clients identify PI Solutions as their preferred service provider by providing quality services.  To expand operations and to have Global & Pan India presence.MISSION  Provide diverse staffing services to corporate houses thereby achieving client and candidate satisfaction consistently.OUR ASSETS  A rich 360 degree profile that uses a researched model of effectiveness to give our clients a vivid snapshot in time of perceived team performance. Individuals rank the importance of task areas and indicate how well they think the team is doing in each.  PI Solutions is a leading end-to-end technology solutions provider to the IT and Non-IT industry. We specialize in providing “Total Solutions” encompassing technology and services combined with unparalleled domain knowledge that gives our clients a distinct advantage.OUR SERVICES:Our capabilities are completely scalable and our processes provideindustry-leading results, regardless of the size of your company or theproject in question. Some of the areas where we assist our clients are:Facilitating Your Global Reach:Transcending the gender and geographical barriers,we identify the potential candidates from local,national or international locations, depending onyour requirements by industry, profession andprofile.Serving All the Industries and Corporate:We have a wealth of experience gained withinblue-chip and high-tech organizations as well as SMEs segment, of all thepossible sectors. We specialize in finding and placing workforce,professionals and senior management for companies across all industrysectors. 3 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  4. 4. Searching For the CandidateWe know where to locate the key people of your interest and how togenerate their interest in your job opportunity. We work to ensure theperfect match.Short Listing the CandidateIf required and on clients request, we conduct a full search for the bestcandidates for your open position and then interview & pre-qualify them.This round is taken by industry specialists as well as HR consultants toevaluate the candidate on dual criteria of professional knowledge (likeprofessional expertise and employment goals) and individual fit in theprospective organization.Efficient and Cost Effective ServicesWe provide a list of qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. By leveragingour world-class facilities, recruiters and advanced recruiting technology, wehelp you meet the recruiting goals from an investment that is lesser than theindustrial average.Online TestPI Solutions global provides online test facility for candidates to helpcompanies screen candidates through technical or non-technical online testand get automated results. 4 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  5. 5. OUR SPECIALIZED SOLUTIONS FOR CLIENTS:Direct & Turnkey Recruitment PI Solution’s team of consultants is dedicated to helping your company success fully achieve its business goals in todays dynamic environment. We are completely process driven and ensure that we offer our clients the best candidates in the Fastest Turnaround Time & at the best Conversions Ratios. We first study your requirements, undertake extensive research which helps us to map out the relevant industry, identify potential job seekers, create interest about your company and finally recommend interested and suitable profiles to you through a set, pre-defined process. By tailoring our search to your unique needs we are able to shortlist the individual or team most capable of handling the challenges that lie ahead.Temporary Staffing Service PI Solution’s temporary staffing services help employing organizations to meets the short-term needs. Temporary staffing services helps companies fill in for positions made vacant by their absent employees or helps in supplementing the existing staff during times of high workload. 5 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  6. 6. Long-Term Staffing / Project Staffing / Contract Staffing Services PI Solutions Global provides skilled and trained professionals for a fixed or flexible contract period at Client locations. This provides an opportunity for the client to control their head count and ensure in time recruitment for critical requirement avoiding the overheads of a full time employee. On an average, we can present 10+ qualified applicants to close a single position.Temp-to-Perm /Contract-to-hire Staffing services PI Solutions also provides contract-to-hire services & helps a company to take an employee on a temporary basis for purpose of evaluation and should the employee meet their satisfactory requirements After critical evaluation of consultants capabilities and managerial skills while on the job, the client organization may decide on absorbing the team deputed on their project, under mutually accepted terms. When you dont need to hire full-time experts in fields like development, database administration, project management, business analysis, ecommerce or network administration, contact PI Solutions to help you.Executive Search PI Solutions is dedicated towards the goal of finding the Best People- the ones who write the success of the company, for its clients for their most crucial positions. PI Solutions has a dedicated team of professionals having experience of more than 10 years, dedicated for Executive Search Business. We specialize in fulfilling the most critical and hard to source positions of the organizations like CEOs/ CTOs/ CFOs/ CIOs/ Country Heads/ Directors/ Vice Presidents & General Managers etc for almost all industries / domains (including IT, Telecom, Insurance, Retail, BPO, Banking, Auto, Power, Textile, Services, Consulting and other Manufacturing/ Engineering Industries etc). Our strong network of head hunters validate the candidates information and complete candidate profile with his/her job history. 6 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  7. 7. We also help our clients in Negotiating and Designing compensation which puts both, the Employee and the Employer in “Win Win” Situation. Matching candidates Follow-up / Feedback 1 Database, networks Referrals with job specificationsRecruitment Process Outsourcing PI Solutions recruitment process outsourcing helps organizations outsource recruitment and hiring practices and helps them reduce recruitment cost and time by 50%. PI Solutions have expertise in providing a range of professional RPO services India to staffing and consultancy firms in the India. RPO services unique sourcing, screening, negotiating, lead generation through opt-in email lists and campaigns. PI Solutions will be responsible for the end-to-end delivery of the recruitment process: liaising with hiring managers to decide what candidates are required, deciding on and developing the best routes to attracting these candidates, and setting up and facilitating interviews. PI Solutions unique combination of speed, efficiency, flexibility, professional service, and lower cost. With the latest technology it helps us to furnish the best candidates for employing organization.Domain SpecializationWe are specialized in following domains: Information Technology Banking Retail/FMCG Media BPO Oil and Gas Construction Infrastructure and Engineering 7 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  8. 8. Health Care Hostel & HospitalityPI Solutions Global has a team working full-time, across the country, to meetthe demands of the booming IT sector in India. Our staffing servicesencompass conducting campus recruitments to selecting fresh talent orlateral hiring at various levels within the industry. So, whether you are a newage IT company, setting up base in India, or an established company thatneeds to recruit new people for a particular project, our turnkey staffingsolutions provide you with highly specialized people.We expertise on following Technologies Java Technologies MS Technologies Internet Technologies Client Server Open Systems PHP Web Designing 8 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  9. 9. Software Testing Telecom OSS, BSS, NSS SAP (Technical & Functional) Oracle Apps & Oracle DBA Hardware & Networking Mainframes Data WarehousingIT Enabled ServicesThis sector has seen a spurt of growth in the last few years. PIS have risen tothe challenge in meeting the ever increasing demand for people in IT enabledservices. Our ITES team has successfully placed hundreds of candidates inleading BPOs in the country, including middle and senior level professionals.We have catered to MNCs in the fields of Banking, Wealth Management,KPOs, LPOs and Technical Support for various processes such as RetailBanking, Investment Banking, Asset Management, Accounting Process,Taxation, Analytics, Documentation Review, Contract Drafting andManagement, Legal Research, Editorial and Infrastructure SupportManagement.WHY PI Solutions? PI Solutions is a group of professionals, having professional experience with renowned corporate. PI Solutions wide service network with highly qualified, experienced and committed delivering team is another advantage. PI Solutions is headquartered in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India, with a vision to have global presence very soon. 9 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  10. 10. We make a promise to our customers - a promise to not only meet, but consistently exceed expectations. PI Solutions strives to find the right fit - both in terms of skills as well as work culture. PI Solutions team has the ability to conduct focused search for critical and key skill sets and positions. Turnaround Time of 24 hours. PI Solutions also conducts customized online test as per client’s requirement.Our Strengths Better understanding of HR requirement and implementation of process quality at the right time. Highly effective & efficient in our process. Identify and contact high-potential candidates faster than the competition. Provides cutting edge solutions through our vast network of professional references& quality head hunters. Striving for client-centric -solutions. Keep recruitment costs down & improve quality. On time and at an extra effort. Access to "best in class" expertise and technology.Unique ApproachWe publish the most critical requirements of our clients on Jobs sites &business job portal, a most powerful tool that would attract theattention of a prospective candidate from anywhere in the world.An intelligent tech savvy who is on the lookout for a job / change, will visitone of the most powerful portals. 10 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  11. 11. Alternatively, PI Solutions team keeps on sending web link of one particularjob requirement to the prospective candidate.Modus operandiPI Solutions, an executive search firm is established with specific focus onidentifying, assessing and recruiting business leaders with outstanding trackrecord.Planned as a matrix by geography and industry practices, PI Solutionsprovides a perfect understanding of client needs and offers speed, smoothflow of information and ensures consistent service across all levels.Recruitment StrategySelection process at PI Solutions is based on a structured and systematicapproach, which is proactive, detailed and target oriented. This processbegins with understanding the client’s requirements and goes all the way topost recruitment follow-up with both client and candidate. The key principalof our search methodology focus on: Understanding the client organization with regard to existing business activities, organization structure, culture and future growth plans. Mapping position specific competencies including job title, deliverables, principal accountabilities and other relevant details. Developing a Sourcing Strategy that draws up a target list of appropriate industries and / or companies from which to recruit and utilizing our network, along with our database to develop a list of most promising candidates within these companies. This is presented to the client as a comprehensive list of people we intend to approach. Establishing Contact once we have determined a mutual interest in pursuing specific candidates. Candidates are contacted and apprised of the opportunity for eliciting their interest in the position. Evaluating candidates with the aim of determining a profile match with the job, their career aspirations and suitability in the context and culture of client organization. In addition to personal interviews, we selectively use psychometric assessment tools suggested and recommended by our clients. Detailed Reference Checks on candidate who have been selected for 11 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  12. 12. hire, before the offer is formally extended. If required, we could also help conduct back ground check on these candidates. Negotiations for the final candidate’s compensation requirements and if required, assist in completing the hiring arrangements. Post joining follow- ups with the client and candidate ensuring smooth transition within the organization. We view every assignment as unique and adopt a flexible approach to attract and hire the best talent available in the market. We draw upon experience gained in previous searches and deliver not just a set of candidates, but also a discussion on market availability, comparative benchmarking and the best solution for our clients.Recruitment ProcessThe recruitment process at PI Solutions comprises of stages viz: Planning Strategy Development Searching Screening Evaluation and ControlPI Solutions Ideal recruitment program is the one that attract a relativelylarger number of qualified applications who will survive the screeningprocess and will accept positions with the organizations, when offered. PISolutions knows that the Recruitment program should not miss the ideal inmany ways by failing to attract an adequate application pool, by under/overselling the organization, or by inadequately screening applications beforethey enter the selection process.PI Solutions is master in Evaluation and control which is necessary asconsiderable costs are incurred in the recruitment process, viz. Salaries forrecruiters, management and professional time spent on preparing jobdescription, advertisements, agency liaison, and so forth.Phases of Successful Staffing Understanding The Company Assignment Specification 12 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  13. 13. Identification Progress Meetings Selection Progress Reference Checking Presentation Of Candidates Final Negotiations Integration Ensuring Quality13 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  14. 14. List of our reputed and satisfied clients:Domestic Clients Non IT / ITES International Clients L& T InfoTech Future Group Nityo InfoTech, Mind Tree Consulting Sify Technologies Singapore Altisource Inc. Kotak Life Insurance Jobster Pte Ltd, Microland Limited Kotak Mahindra Bank Singapore HCL Technologies Schneider Electric To The Point Pte Symphony Teleca IMI Ltd., Singapore Tecnotree RMZ Corp V-Tec Systems (Asia), Axa Technologies Max Life Insurance Hongkong Manthan Systems GKB Opticals Ciber 24/7 Customer Aditya Birla Minacs Wipro Infrastructure 14 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS
  15. 15. Business Proposal:EmailRequest you to send your business requirements mail to: hr@pisolutions.inContact No:Please feel free to contact us on the below numbers:International Client: + 91-9972249999 / 9986762390Domestic Client: +91-8042000699Skype ID:  SANDEEP_PISOLUTIONS  TRIPATHI.CORPORATEPlease visit us at for more details.Follow Us On:FACEBOOK - - - look forward to serve you as your needs change and we will always doour best to understand and evaluate your unique situation in order torecommend the most appropriate solutions.I would appreciate your immediate attention to this matter and hope to seea reply for the same.Thank you so much for spending your time on our business proposal. Anyreplies/suggestions will be greatly honored.Best RegardsPI Solutions Global 15 RECRUITMENT BUSINESS PROPOSAL | PI SOLUTIONS