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Ask anybody what part of business they most dislike and they will almost universally answer with two words: business development (in other words prospecting and networking).
No matter the overall business experience or training or overall capabilities, business development is viewed as a necessary evil and typically disliked. Not only is it difficult, but many of the processes or actions used can actually be detrimental to the business....So, many banking and insurance salespeople with big numbers to hit are uncomfortable and are therefore searching for a comfortable way to help forge quicker relationships, to increase business.

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Trust Edge Business Development Programme For Banking Insurance Sales Egyii

  1. 1. The Trust Edge Business Development Programme for Banking and Insurance Salesp Salespeople The art and science of business development; from the initial contact to meet and greet. Ask anybody what part of business they most dislike and they will almost universally answer with two words: business development (in other words prospecting and networking networking). No matter the overall business experience or training or overall capabilities, business development is viewed as a necessary evil and typically disliked Not s disliked. only is it difficult, but many of the processes or actions used can actually be detrimental to the business. This dislike for developing business reflects (or perhaps causes) one of the most troubling and intractable problems in business: despite spending time, effort and money encouraging, supporting and demanding that salespeople maintain a decent pipeline, these efforts can produce low returns and poor morale. So, many banking and insurance salespeople with big numbers to hit are uncomfortable and are therefore searching for a comfortable way to help forge quicker relationships to increase business. relationships… The Trust Edge: Business Development Programme : Business development from a trust perspective perspective. Target Audience Banking and insurance salespeople or teams: • With little to medium experience in sales (.5 years) (.5-5 • Who feel uncomfortable with business development • Who need to build their business by acquiring new clients • With goals of a long term, ongoing personal relationships for business success Programme Objectives At the end of this program, the participants will be able to: • Walk away feeling confident and comfortable in the art and science of business development with simple tools and concepts that can be applied immediately • Forge quicker relationships (and therefore and business) with prospects by differentiating through the Trust Engagement Model and real client focus
  2. 2. • Increase their overall business through new skill sets and perspectives in overall the initial contact to meet and greet phase by leveraging off medium/long term relationship building techniques • Get “unstuck” on at least one difficult prospect issue using the tools learned Ongoing Themes • You can be more confident and comfortable and therefore get better results • Engaging and Listening (as part of the Trust Engagement Model) are crucial and can make or break your efforts • Business development is personal, risky and potentially fearful ess • What are your differentiators? How is this programme different? Overall Programme Goal The programme, customised for relevancy, will allow participants to learn , new trust-based skills and techniques to become more confident, based comfortable and aligned with prospects in order to forge quicker relationships and increase overall business. It will complement your current sales methodology with a trust based attitude/intention/approach to working with prospects. The programme is based on The Trusted Advisor and Trust-based Selling™ based programmes by Trusted Advisor Associates Associates. What is Trust-based Selling? based • It is not a sales process o Process-neutral neutral o Compatible with most sales models, processes • It is relationship-driven driven o Based on commerce, not competition o Inherently medium to long long-term focused o Links seller and buyer client focus buyer- o Brings high impact results based on low impact techniques • It is an economic model based on collaboration, psychology o Buying, and therefore selling, is personal o The dynamics of reciprocity govern commercial success How Will it Be Done The programme will be executed by utilising the three Trusted Advisor Associates Trust Models as the base tools combined with the specific tools, challenges/needs of your team and aligned with your messaging to develop messaging, and deliver an interactive, rea programme that focuses on mindset as well real mindsets as skill sets.
  3. 3. Outline The 1 day programme (prese (presented here in a 1 X 8 hour session) can also be ) broken into 2 sections of 4 hours over a week’s period of time or longer longer. (outline is subject to change) change): TIME/ CONTENT (Subject Matter Title and Notes) ONTENT OUTCOMES/SUM DURATION MARY Pre-work 25 mins • Trust quiz measuring trustworthiness quiz- Participants obtain • One difficult prospect issue to resolve initial knowledge Pre-work during or after programme on trust. The trust • Write ““ELevator” pitch application • Trust Core Concepts article- read process begins. 10 min Business Development Overview • Instructor led story “first prospecting call” story- Instructor led 9:00-9:15 and the power of fear personal story- • Business development is personal, risky and makes it real. fearful fearful (it doesn’t need to be this way!) yet Overview of rewarding business • The importance of the engagement (Trust development in Engagement Model) general, touching • Being confident and comfortable on key themes of • Be yourself you are the differentiator yourself- programme. 20 Participant Intros (with a Twist) • Participants reveal data and one Interesting facts 9:15-9:35 interesting fact/story and stories are • Stories/factoids make it personal, are a more important differentiator and are risky than data in • How to use stories to calm the atmosphere building and engage your prospect relationships and • Ask participants for “One big thing” (what are more is your goal/takeaway for programme?) memorable. • “Buddy up” with your neighbor Establish workable takeaway. 20 Welcome/Objectives
  4. 4. • Course objectives Small group 9:30-9:50 • Reinforcement overview exercise gets them • Why is business development is perceived thinking/going. as being difficult(triad group exercise) • House rules 20 One Difficult P Prospect- Top Challenges From pre-work. Discussion piece. • Share with buddy and group write up on group- Interactive. 9:50-10:20 board 60 A Primer on Trust • Primer Trust and Sales Sales-“Sales has a bad Trust overview and 10:20-11:20 reputation” and “Why trust is rare?” how it applies to • Trust Equation trust model=measure of business trustworthiness development and • ngage Engage Listen Frame Envision Commit participant’s “one ELFEC Trust Model (with emphasis on E and difficult prospect” L) A simple yet powerful way to engage ) scenario. comfortably with your client. Overview of 2 of • Meet-Your first meeting with a prospect- Meet the Trust Models. overview. Making the most impact and continuing on the path to success • Exercise on how trust relates participant’s “one difficult prospect” (Buddy exercise) 10 min Break 11:20-11:30 5 min Energizer 11:30-11:35 TBD or “Name everything white…” 50 min Trust Based Selling • How buyers buy aligning the buyer and buy- How trust links to 11:35-12:25 the seller buying with real • Paediatrician story examples. If you • A medium to long term perspective why it perspective- focus on short term works only, may kill all • Relax- Relax you may actually not get the sale. If opportunities. so what are the ramifications? 60 min Lunch 12:30-1:30
  5. 5. 75 min Trust Foundations Influence Foundations- • Robert Cialdini principles of influencing Cialdini- Trust and 1:30-2:45 • John Gottman Gottman-the principles of long term influence. partnerships (empathy) Long term • Three levels of listening partnerships and • Three level listening role role-play empathy. How to listen? With practice. 60 min Contact and meet ELFEC meet- • The initial impression is the most important. How to engage 2:45-3:45 How to capitalize using the Trust Equation and differentiate. • Contact-Email and cold call techniques Contact First impressions. that will catch their attention. Preparation- the • Meet Elevator pitch examples, throw away Meet-Elevator importance of it the standard pitch. Use a story or pinpoint and anticipating a need with a question. Make it easy and client problems, say it with confidence. opportunities and • Exercise-Practice introductions and Exercise solutions. “elevator pitches” no product pitch pitches”- What to say? approach (in buddy groups x2). How to listen, to influence. Leaving that final impression. Very hands on. 45 min Travel Agent Exercise (in groups of 3) • Highlight the importance of contact to Role play to bring 3:45-4:30 meet and greet reality. Emphasise • Realise the importance of being personal themes and and intimate (part of Trust Equation), and learnings so far. listening • How would this be different on a phone vs. face to face? 15 min Re-thinking challenges thinking 4:30-4:45 • Summary of the list of tools for a future Integrate & difficult prospect summarize • Continuous accountability learning. Transfer learning to “real world.”
  6. 6. 40 min Key Takeaways from Programme and Closing • Summary: Recipe for increasing trust The trust- Summarising. 4:45-5:25 Trust Equation Reviewing • Summary: Recipe for engage to commit commit- objectives and ELFEC Engage and Listen FEC- outcomes of • Journaling and challenge: How did you programme. Lots achieve your “one big thing?” of individual and • Your next actions: Minimum of 3 (one group discussions. client, one colleague, one continuous Final tid bits as accountability) takeaways. • Buddy accountability for actions written actions- and agreed to • Top takeaways: 1. Always add value to the equation 2. Keep it personal 3. The rewards are bigger than the risks 4. Engage and listen 5. Trust is a differentiator. 6.Relax and be yourself 7) Know your client client-before, during, after. • All of this will allow you to feel more confident and comforcomfortable in order to forge quicker relationships and increase their overall business Reinforcement Prior to the programme, a one hour session overview will be held with e management for management “buy in” so that they become responsible stakeholders. This would also include any management input on personal and company messaging, to make it a “top down” approach approach. During the programme, simple yet effective methodologies will be used to amme, initiate and encourage the use of the tools and learning as it applies to the programme objectives and real situations that the participants are facing. This is then extended through the “buddy” prog hrough programme establish established during the programme. Following the programme, there will be a 30 minute coaching session with he each of the participants as follow up after each session. Facilitator and Developer: Trip Allen Trip Allen is founder and director at Egyii and has over 25 years of successful business development, sales and senior sales management experience in Fortune 500 technology companies (Anixter and Gartner) and in the sales learning & development field (ASK Learning and Huthwaite SPIN)SPIN).
  7. 7. He has worked with hundreds of salespeople and thousands of clients in Asia and North America and has a keen awareness of what makes salespeople and clients tick. At a young age, Trip overcame many of his fears through extreme sports: skateboarding, climbing and later mountain biking and adventure racing. He is currently training for the upcoming Crossfit Games. Early in his business career (similar to his sports efforts), he overcame the fear of business development by developing proven methodologies and has proven since polished his skills and techniques using the models from The Trusted Advisor and Trust-based Selling ™. based Company Information Egyii is a Singapore based learning and development consultancy that helps your business achieve better results by strengthening your people’s relationship skills. Egyii is licensed to develop and facilitate for Trusted Advisor Associates programmes in Singapore and Asia. Trusted Advisor Associates is a US based company led by Charles H. Green the author of Trust-based Selling and co- based author of The Trusted Advisor Advisor. Centring on the theme of trust in business relationships, Trusted Advisor Associates works with complex organizations to improve trust in sales, internal trust between organizations, and trusted advisor relationships with external clients and customers. For articles on trust Egyii Blog- Trusted Advisor Associates Associates- Contact Information Egyii Pte Ltd, Singapore Trip Allen: Mobile +65 91891967