"Learning to ride Trinity Transit" - travel training slide deck
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"Learning to ride Trinity Transit" - travel training slide deck



Travel training presentation for Trinity Transit in Trinity County, California. This slide deck presents instructions for how to use local and inter-county Trinity Transit services and travel ...

Travel training presentation for Trinity Transit in Trinity County, California. This slide deck presents instructions for how to use local and inter-county Trinity Transit services and travel resources/information/



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"Learning to ride Trinity Transit" - travel training slide deck Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Learning to Ride Trinity Transit Your Route to Safe,  Independent, Economical  Independent Economical Transportation
  • 2. Today’s AgendaSystem Overview▪ Where you can go on Trinity TransitPlanning Your Trip▪ Online Trip Planner▪ Reading SchedulesTaking Your Trip▪ Three Regional Trip Plans – To Weaverville – To Willow Creek and the Coast – To Redding …And Returning
  • 3. System Overview Oh, the Places You’ll Go on Trinity Transit!
  • 4. System Overview:Intercity and Local Service Weaverville to Willow C k Will Creek Lewiston to Weaverville Hayfork to Weaverville Weaverville to Reddingg
  • 5. System Overview: Local CirculationWithin Weaverville, allroutes circulate stoppingat a variety of keydestinationsWeaverville Shuttle alsoprovides circulation onMon, Wed, Fri 11-2.The schedule includes adetail map and completelist of bus stop locations
  • 6. System Overview: Regional Connections K/T Net: 530.629.1192 Travel to Hoopa ValleyRedwood TransitSystem: 707.443.0826 yA&MRTS: 707.822.3775 RABA: 530.421.2877Eureka Transit: 707.443.0826 Greyhound andAmtrak and G Greyhound Amtrak▪ Travel further North or Travel to South to San Francisco Sacramento
  • 7. System Overview: Trinity Transit FaresFares are based on distance Complete f C l t fare charts included i schedule h t i l d d in h d lDiscounted rates (25% off) available for: Seniors (60+) Children 5-11 years ADA qualified individualsChildren under 5 ride free with a parent pExact fare required
  • 8. System Overview: Trinity Transit FaresCalculating your fare▪ S l tf Select fare chart for your route h tf t▪ Select starting point▪ F ll Follow chart t end point / destination h t to d i t d ti tiEx: Hayfork toWeaverville = $4 00W ill $4.00Reduced Fare - $3.00
  • 9. System Overview: FaresTrips within Weaverville are $1.50/$1.00Trinity Transit 20-Ride PT i it T it 20 Rid Pass▪ Hayfork to Weaverville & Lewiston to Weaverville routes W ill t▪ $60 for 20 rides (on designated route) –S Save up t $100 per month on gas to th▪ Available from the bus driver
  • 10. System Overview: Service Days and HoursHayfork Route▪ Monday –Friday▪ Two Round Trips per DayRedding and Willow Creek Routes▪ Mon, Wed and Fri (Mon-Fri starting Dec 2011)▪ Two Round Trips per DayLewiston Route (Mon, Wed and Fri – 1 round trip) ( , p)Weaverville Shuttle (Mon, Wed and Fri – 11 am-2 pm)No service on Holidays
  • 11. Planning Your Trip What You’ll Need to Get Started
  • 12. Planning Your Trip: Information You ll Need You’llWhere▪ Starting and ending locations g g▪ Address or landmark▪ Closest bus stopWhen▪ Day of week▪ Time arrive / time departOther▪ Walking time/distance▪ Fare▪ Return Information▪ Transfers / Connections
  • 13. Planning Your Trip: Information Sourceswww.trinitytransit.org▪ O li T i Pl Online Trip PlannerTrinity Transit GuideTrinity Transit Contact Info▪ (530) 623-LIFT (5348)5-1-1▪ Transit and traffic information
  • 14. Planning Your Trip Using the Trinity Transit Website
  • 15. Planning Your Trip:Using the Trip Planner www.trinitytransit.org
  • 16. Planning Your Trip: Using the Trip PlannerEnter Select S l t▪ Starting Location or ▪ “Arrive by” or “Leave at” Address ▪ Date of Travel ▪ Time of Travel▪ Destination Location or Address (B)
  • 17. Planning Your Trip: Using the Trip PlannerClick “Plan Your Trip”Suggested routes ppwill appearSelect preferred route tohighlight and view details
  • 18. Planning Your Trip: Using the Trip PlannerTrip overview and map will appearClick on steps to highlightand show detail
  • 19. Planning Your Trip: Using the Trip PlannerReview your trip▪ L Locate: t – Walking distance – Travel time – Fare information *fares will appear next to travel timeCompare tC toprinted schedule
  • 20. Planning Your Trip: Using the Trip Planner Click reverse button for return trip Change return time
  • 21. Planning Your Trip Using the Trinity Transit Guide
  • 22. Planning Your Trip: Trinity Transit GuideUsing the Trinity Transit Schedule
  • 23. Planning Your Trip: Trinity Transit GuideHow to read:▪ Routes R t are color coded l d d▪ Days of service displayed next to route name▪ Times listed =time of d i Ti li t d ti f designated b stops t d bus t▪ Boldface type = pm times▪ Bold italic type = transfer point to another route▪ F Fares listed b di t li t d by distance – Select start and end points to determine
  • 24. Planning Your Trip:Trinity Transit Guide
  • 25. Planning Your Trip: Trinity Transit GuideLewiston to Weaverville1) Locate route on schedule2) Check days of service
  • 26. Planning Your Trip: Trinity Transit Guide3) Select Start location - Community Center4) Check time bus arrives at that stop5) Read down to find time ) bus arrives at destination
  • 27. Planning Your Trip: Trinity Transit GuideReturning▪ R t Return t i i li t d i reverse order trip is listed in d – Select start location and check time – Repeat for destination
  • 28. Taking Your Trip How to Get Where You Need to Go
  • 29. Taking Your Trip: Finding the BusLocating the bus stopIdentifying th bId tif i the bus▪ Destination on Headsign
  • 30. Taking the Trip: Paying the FareHave exact change ready▪ Di Driver d doesn’t carry change ’t hInsert your fare in the fareboxI f i h f bPaying with a 20-Ride pass – give pass todriver to punch
  • 31. Taking Your Trip: BoardingTips for Traveling Safely:▪ Plan for your return trip▪ Be alert while traveling▪ Do not run to catch a bus▪ Wait on the sidewalk away from the curb▪ Wait for the bus to stop completely▪ Have your exact fare ready when you board▪ Take a seat, as soon as possible▪ Let the driver know where you would like to get off▪ Be ready to exit when you arrive at your stop▪ Step away from the bus after exiting
  • 32. Taking Your Trip Three Regional Trip Plans
  • 33. Regional ConnectionsHayfork and Lewiston toWeavervilleWeaverville to ReddingWeaverville to WillowC ee and on o eCreek a d o to theCoast
  • 34. Trip Plan From Hayfork or Lewiston to Weaverville
  • 35. Getting to WeavervilleFrom Hayfork – Fare: $4.00 $4 00 Trip Length: Approx 55 min Approx. min.▪ Board Trinity Transit bus – Hayfork Library 6:45 am – Frontier Fuel 6:48 am▪ Exit in Weaverville – Douglas City Store 7:24 am – Top’s Market 7:33 am – Weaverville Library 7:40 am
  • 36. Getting to WeavervilleFrom Lewiston – Fare: $4.00 $4 00 Trip Length: Approx 37 min Approx. min.▪ Board Trinity Transit bus – Maxwell’s Maxwell s Hometown Market 6:44 am – Community Center 6:56 am▪ Exit – Top’s Market 7:21 am – Weaverville Library 7:26 am
  • 37. In WeavervilleWhat to do in Weaverville▪ E it b at W Exit bus t Weaverville Lib ill Library t explore to l Downtown – Restaurants & Coffee Shops – Fine Art Galleries – Antiques, Beads, and other shops q , , p▪ Exit at Library or Top’s Market for connections to Redding or Willow Creek buses g▪ Additional stops throughout Weaverville including hospital and doctor’s offices
  • 38. Returning from WeavervilleTo Hayfork – Fare: $4.00 $4 00 Trip Length: Approx 55 min Approx. min.▪ Board Trinity Transit bus – Weaverville Library 11:10 am – Top’s Market 11:21 am▪ Exit in Hayfork y – Frontier Fuel 12:06 pm – Hayfork Library 12:10 pm
  • 39. Returning from WeavervilleTo Lewiston – Fare: $4.00 $4 00 Trip Length: Approx 37 min Approx. min.▪ Board Trinity Transit bus – Weaverville Library 5:54 pm – Top’s Market 6:06 pm▪ Exit – Community Center 6:30 pm – Maxwell’s Hometown Market 6:36 pm
  • 40. Trip Plan Weaverville to Redding
  • 41. Getting to ReddingBoard the Trinity Transit Eastbound bus to Redding▪ Weaverville Library 7:35 am▪ Top’s Market 7:40 am » Fare $10.00 Trip Length: Approx. 1 hr 16 min▪ Douglas City Store 7:48 am » Fare $8.00 Trip Length: Approx. 1 hrArrive Redding▪ RABA Downtown Transit Center 8:43 am▪ C b R dT Canby Road Transfer C t f Center 8:54 8 54 am at Mt. Shasta Mall
  • 42. In ReddingTransfer to RABA routes for▪ M di l D ti ti Medical Destinations▪ Shasta College – RABA F Fare: $1.50 / Z $1 50 Zone Ch Change: $0 75 $0.75RABA information▪ 530 421 2877 option 530.421.2877 ti▪ www.rabaride.com – Online Trip Planner
  • 43. Returning Same Day from Redding Board the Trinity Transit Westbound Bus to Weaverville ▪ Canby Road Transfer Center 3:00 pm ▪ Turtle Bay 3:05 pm ▪ RABA Transit Center 3:10 pm p Exit in Trinity County ▪ Douglas City Store* 4:10 pm - Fare: $8.00 ▪ Tops Market 4:18 pm - Fare $10.00 ▪ Weaverville Library 4:23 pm Connect to Hayfork or Lewiston Bus ▪ Hayfork at Tops Market at 5:15 pm ▪ L i t at Tops Market at 6:06 pm Lewiston t T M k t t 6 06
  • 44. Trip Plan Weaverville to Willow Creek
  • 45. Getting to Willow CreekWeaverville to Willow Creek Route▪ B d T i it T Board Trinity Transit bus t Will it b to Willow C k Creek » Fare $10.00 Trip Length: Approx. 1 hr 30 min. – Top’s Market Top s 7:50 am – Weaverville Library 7:55 am▪ Exit Highway 299 & 96 g y 9:18 am
  • 46. Returning Same Day from Willow Creek Board Trinity Transit Eastbound bus to Weaverville at 4:30 pm Fare $10.00 Trip Length: Approx. 1 hr 30 min. Exit: ▪ In Weaverville – Weaverville Library 5:54 pm – This bus continues to Lewiston – Top’s Market 6:06 pmNote: You cannot travel from Hayfork to and fromWillow Creek in the same day.
  • 47. Trip Plan To the Coast
  • 48. Beyond Willow CreekConnect in Willow Creek to:▪ Redwood Transit System: – To Arcata and Eureka▪ K/T Net: – To Hoopa Valley One ride: $2.00 / Day Pass: $3.00 – To Weitchpec One ride: $3.00 / Day Pass: $4.00
  • 49. Getting to ArcataFrom Willow Creek▪ Board Redwood Transit System Willow Creek Route to Arcata Transit Center – Routes at 6:25 am / 9:35 am / 4:30 pm / 6:35 pm » Fare: $4.00 Trip Length: Approx. 1 hr▪ In Arcata connect with Greyhound and Amtrack Arcata,▪ Connect with A&MRTS for Local Travel▪ Continue to the Coast on RTS
  • 50. Continuing to the CoastGetting to Eureka from Arcata Transit Center▪ Board RTS Southbound Mainline Bus – Buses every hour from 6 am–9 pm and Twice per hour 7 am 10 am / 11 am 2 pm am–10 am–2 » Fare: $2.75 Trip Length: Approx. 20 min.Exit at 4th and H for Old Town Eureka▪ In Eureka: Explore historic Old Town, shopping, dining, and day beaches▪ C Connect to ETS f local travel S for
  • 51. Returning Same Day to Willow Creek From Eureka: ▪ Plan to arrive in Arcata by 3 3 p y 3:30 pm ▪ Take RTS Northbound Mainline to Arcata Transit Center – Fare: $2.75 $2 75 From Arcata: ▪ Leave Arcata Transit Center by 3:32 pm y p ▪ Take RTS Eastbound Willow Creek bus – Fare: $4.00 Arrive in Willow Creek (Hwy 299 & 96) by 4:30 pm Transfer to Trinity Transit’s Willow Creek to Weaverville Bus 4:30 pm p – Fare: $10.00
  • 52. Intercity Schedule
  • 53. Thank you for joining us today! For more information: www.trinitytransit.org (530) 623-LIFT (5348)