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  3. 3. Fabric Of Life<br />My life is an weaving between me and my God.<br />I may not choose the colors; he knows what they should be.He can view the pattern upon the upper side,While I can see it only on this under side.<br />Sometimes he weaveth sorrow; which seems so strange to me.But I will trust his judgment and work on faithfully.Its he who fills the shuttle; He knows just what is bestSo I shall weave in earnest and leave the rest with him.<br />At last… When life ends I shall abide with himAnd I shall know the reason why pain was entwined with joy was woven…In the fabric of life that God designed.<br />
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  6. 6. Don’t Wait For Tomorrow<br />Gravity is not responsible for people to fall in love. It just happens.And when it does happen, don’t wait for the right time to express,because right time is when your heart beats faster.<br />If you love someone.. don’t wait for tomorrow, <br />or for the other person to make the move.Agreed ‘Tomorrow never dies’, but also remember… ’Tomorrow never comes, so live in today.’<br />
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  9. 9. If You Wish<br />If you wish to be respected, then be ever respectful.<br />If you wish to be understood, then sincerely understand others.<br />If you wish to be appreciated, then be ever grateful.<br />If you wish to be loved, then give love in each moment.<br />If you wish to be wealthy, then act to create real value.<br />If you wish to learn, then take time to teach.<br />If you wish to climb higher, then lift others up.<br />If you wish to be wise, then share what you know.<br />Whatever you wish, life will surely give it.<br />What you must do, though, is to truly live it.<br />There is so much to live for and so much to see.<br />You will have whatever you are willing to be.<br />
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  12. 12. Try Again<br />The little plans I tried to carry have failed, O Dear God.<br />But, I will not sorrow. <br />I will pause a little while and try again tomorrow.<br />
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  15. 15. Feel Every Moment<br />Life is like a rainbow, <br />Good from a distance as you enjoy;<br />But try to capture it, <br />And you have nothing to capture.<br />Don’t try to capture life, Feel every moment you live.<br />
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  18. 18. Time Doesn’t Wait<br />Time doesn’t wait.<br />If you think you might have found <br />the right one,treasure that person, <br />don’t let that person get away.<br />Don’t let fear hold you back. <br />Give it a try… else you might regret later…<br />No one other than ourselves know what can truly make us happy.<br />
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  21. 21. Give And Take<br />You have two hands. <br />Take with one and with other you give.<br />That’s the way life works out and that's the way to live.<br />What you get and what you give must balance up someday.<br />It’s give a little, <br />take a little,<br />all along the way.<br />
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  24. 24. Living In You<br />Some things in life never change, <br />Sometimes in life you don’t find reasons,<br />Some moments in life aren’t forgotten, <br />Sometimes you lose hope…<br />When time rolls by you,<br /> you try to forget What holds you on…<br />Some people in life are a part of you,<br />And when you let them go, You never lose them.<br />Because… you find them living in you.<br />
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  27. 27. Life Is An Echo<br />What you send out <br /><ul><li>-comes back.</li></ul>What you sow <br /><ul><li>you reap.</li></ul>What you give <br /><ul><li>- you get.</li></ul>What you see in others <br /><ul><li>- exists in you.</li></ul>Remember,… <br />Life is an Echo…It always gets back to you.<br />
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  29. 29. 2010<br />