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Great Books Jean M. Auels Earths Children Series

Great Books Jean M. Auels Earths Children Series






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    Great Books Jean M. Auels Earths Children Series Great Books Jean M. Auels Earths Children Series Presentation Transcript

    • Earth's Children Earth's Children is a series From Wikipedia, the Free of historical Encyclopaedia fiction novels written by Jean M. Auel. She is an American writer, better known as Jean M. Auel. She is best known for her Earth's Children books, a series of historical fiction novels set in prehistoric Europe that explores interactions of Cro- Magnon people with Neanderthals. Her books have sold 34 million copies world-wide in many translations. There are five novels in the series so far. 4/3/2009 1
    • Ayla-the brave & unconventional heroine 4/3/2009 2
    • 4/3/2009 3
    • The setting As the stories take place during the Würm glaciations, populations are small in number, surviving mostly in sedentary hunter-gatherer fashion. Prior to the discovery of metal, flint is the primary medium for the creation of tools. Cro-Magnon flint tools Neanderthal stone tools 4/3/2009 4
    • People Two primary cultures vie for resources, space and survival: the Clan, which is what Neanderthals call themselves, and Cro-Magnon (whom Ayla, with her Clan upbringing, generally referred to as the Others). Both races are fairly different in culture, society and technology, but with some overlap: both depend on flint for their tools, both recognize the importance of fire; both hunt and gather. Neanderthal Cro-Magnon 4/3/2009 5
    • The series is set in Europe during the Upper Palaeolithic era, and focuses on the period of co- existence between Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals. It tells the story of Ayla, a Cro-Magnon girl who is adopted by a tribe of Neanderthals, but who later embarks on a journey where she meets up with various cultural groups of Cro-Magnon humans. The series has a highly detailed focus on archaeology and anthropology, but also features substantial amounts of romance and poetic license. 4/3/2009 6
    • As with many series of speculative fiction, there is a substantial fan base that organize websites, hold meetings, and write fan fiction. The author's treatment of unconventional sexual practices has earned the series a place on the American Library Association's 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000. 4/3/2009 7
    • Book 1 The Clan of the Cave Bear was released in September 1980. It introduces Ayla, the main character of the series, a Cro-Magnon child orphaned in an earthquake and wounded by a cave lion who is adopted by a group of Neanderthals who call themselves 'the Clan of the Cave Bear'. 4/3/2009 8
    • 4/3/2009 9
    • A brief summary of the first book-the best T he wonderful novel by Jean Auel: quot;Ayla in the Clan of the Cave Bearquot; is about a Cro Magnon woman who has been found by a horde of Neanderthals at the age of five orphaned and wounded. The medicine woman adopts her as her daughter but - like in the story of quot;the ugly ducklingquot; - all her higher developed abilities and properties are regarded as morbid and of lower quality because they are different. Though she already had been able to speak she now learns to communicate with grunting noises and gestures and to behave humble like a slave towards every man of the tribe. 4/3/2009 10
    • Hunting is a holy privilege of the men. Women are only allowed to collect plants and herbs. When it gets known that Ayla has secretly learned to skilfully kill small game with a slingshot, she is quot;banned to deathquot; and expelled by the tribe. She manages to stay alive though for one month all on her own in a small cave in the woods. No other outcast before her has ever succeeded to do so and the clan has to accept her back after that. 4/3/2009 11
    • Every woman has to give herself to every man at his will and so Ayla is made pregnant by the son of the chieftain because he hates her and wants to humble her. Her newborn son appears to the tribe as a monster unfit to live because of his long neck and would have been killed. But Ayla runs away with him and hides in her cave, where she manages to survive a whole winter alone with her baby. When spring comes, both of them are received as members of the tribe and Ayla is granted a special privilege, she becomes quot;the woman who huntsquot;. Nevertheless on the long run she can't bear living in the Clan of the Cavebear any longer. When her son is old enough, she leaves him with one of the Clan women and sets out all on her own into the steppe, sets out to search for people of her kind, for big fair people with long streight legs, for people who are able to form words with their lips, to reckon with two hands and whose eyes water like hers when they are sad ... 4/3/2009 12
    • The Clan of the Cave Bear 4/3/2009 13
    • 4/3/2009 14
    • Book 2 The Valley of Horses was released in September 1982. Ayla, cast out of the Clan, goes in search of the Others— or people like herself. She settles in a small valley for the winter and lives alone there for three years. During that time she is free to give into innovative and creative impulses, including raising and training animals. At the same time, a Zelandonii man by the name of Jondalar begins a long Journey with his brother. Ayla and Jondalar eventually meet 4/3/2009 15 and fall in love.
    • 4/3/2009 16
    • Jean Auel after her big success wrote three more books about the fate of Ayla, the quot;Earth Childrenquot;- Cycle. In the second volume quot;Ayla in the valley of horsesquot; the young woman lives all on her own for quite some time and tames a wild horse and a young lion for companions till in the end she meets Jondalar, a Cro-Magnon man who has roamed the steppe all alone on a long trip and who later (in the third book) takes her back with him to his tribe to quot;the mammoth huntersquot;. With him ,who had often been selected by the old women to introduce young girls to the quot;delights of the big motherquot;, she finally experiences tenderness for the first time of her life. Marvellous descriptions of landscapes and sensitive representation of the quot;Mother -Worshipquot; and of life in the stone ages as it might have been make up the special charm of this grat series of novels. 4/3/2009 17
    • The Valley of Horses Ayla’s ‘Whinny’ & ‘Baby’ 4/3/2009 18
    • The ‘Donau’(Danube), Mother river Descendents of pre-historic Horses, wooly rhinoceros- Like the one which gores Thonolan 4/3/2009 19
    • Book 3 The Mammoth Hunters was released in Fall 1985. Ayla and Jondalar visit a tribe known as the Mamutoi, or Mammoth Hunters, who live near Ayla's valley. The Mamutoi adopt Ayla, and her and Jondalar's love is threatened by Ayla's brief affair with Ranec, a member of the camp, which she engages in after a misunderstanding leads her to believe that Jondalar no longer loves her. Her history with the Clan, ability to train animals and talent for invention make for many surprises for her new community. 4/3/2009 20
    • A Mamutoi Earthlodge Mammoth bone hut 4/3/2009 21
    • Book 4 The Plains of Passage was released in November 1990. Ayla and Jondalar travel west, back to Zelandonii territory, encountering dangers from both nature and humans along the way. Her interactions often force the people around her to take a broader view and be more 4/3/2009 22 accepting of new ideas.
    • 4/3/2009 23
    • The Plains of Passage The Chamois Hunted by the Shamudoi Giant sturgeon –staple of the Ramudoi Sharamudoi boats Ayla’s ‘Wolf’ 4/3/2009 24
    • Sacred Root- hallucinogenic Golden thread-prevents pregnancy 4/3/2009 25
    • Book 5 The Shelters of Stone was released on 30 April 2002, and is the most recent novel of the series. Ayla and Jondalar reach the Ninth Cave of the Zelandonii, Jondalar's home, and prepare to marry and have a child. Unfortunately, nothing is ever simple, especially for a woman with Ayla's background. 4/3/2009 26
    • 4/3/2009 27
    • The Shelters of Stone 4/3/2009 28
    • 4/3/2009 29
    • Cro-Magnon life was not all that different from the lives of earlier hominids. They lived in caves, or temporary structures, and spent their lives hunting and gathering in small groups. As food sources increased humans settlements became more permanent. Many groups began building homes out of logs or stone. Smaller groups joined together forming larger groups. 4/3/2009 30
    • Hunting scenes 4/3/2009 31
    • 4/3/2009 32
    • Pre-historic cave drawing –Cro -Magnon man Cro-Magnon bone tools 4/3/2009 33
    • THESE ARE SOME OF THE WEBSITES YOU CAN VISIT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE EARTH’S CHILDREN SERIES http://www.geocities.com/Athens/6293/auel.html http://kaleidoscope.bitter-tears.net/earthschildren/ http://ecfans.com/ I have read all the five books in the series and I personally recommend the Earth’s Children saga--- its got all the elements for great reading ---adventure,romance,thrills,tragedy,comic situations, plus information about things--- Herbs, plants and their uses, animals, landscape, lifestyles, pre-historic places, way of life, and many, many other things-Its really great reading! 4/3/2009 34 Trinity.