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A Javanese Wedding Album
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  • 7. SOLO BASAHAN is different from Solo Puteri in costume.
    The costume is actually only a wide cloth without knit,but it enhances the elegance of the bride and the groom instead.
    The wide cloth is worn uniquely with a special-trained technique.
    The pattern of the cloth will make the bride and groom look enchanting.
  • 8. Traditional Javanese wedding ceremony couldn’t be done without the role of Pamaesan. She is responsible to dress up the bride and the bridegroom properly. She also should lead the ritual ceremonies.
  • 9. The following photo shows the Pamaesan helping the mother of the bride cover the couple’s shoulders with some kind of cloth, during the SindurBinayang ceremony.
    Then the father of the bride led the couple to the wedding chairs while holding the corners of the cloth.
    It symbolized the ways of happiness.
    While the mother of the bride who walked behind the couple, gave moral support.
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  • 11. The following ritual is WijiDadi.
    The bridegroom crushed a chicken egg with his right foot.
    Then the bride washed his feet using water mixed with several kinds of flowers (seven kinds of flowers).
    It showed that the bridegroom is ready to be a father – a head of the family , and the bride should submit and serve him faithfully.
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  • 13. The King and The Queen of the day!Dressed in a special dress for the special day. Wearing shiny , golden jewellery.
  • 14. Bride in waiting -- An elegant traditional ceremony & reception is held at the bride's family home.
  • 15. The groom arrives for the "adat" (traditional) ceremony.
  • 16. Bride: "Now I have come to the end of all my troubles."
    Mother: "Yes, but you don't know which end.“
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  • 20. Happy grooms
    Make happy brides…!
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  • 24. Trinity